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Jorge Valdano: "Cada año Messi tiene una sabiduría mayor del juego, no necesita correr"

Jorge Valdano analiza en El Transistor la vitoria del Barça en el Wanda gracias al gol de Messi. Y comenta el gran nivel de juego del Real Madrid.

Jordi Lardin: "La situación del Espanyol es complicada y tendrá que afinar con los fichajes en invierno"

El ex del Espanyol, Jordi Lardín, habla en El Transistor de la situación del Espanyol en LaLiga Santander. Comenta que "me duele ver a mi equipo así". Y añade que "la situación es muy complicada y tendrán que afinar mucho el tiro con los fichajes en el mercado de invierno". Además opina que "antes de la primera vuelta hay que sumar 14 o 15 puntos y LaLiga no está tan barata como antes"

Price Drop: Transistor (Games)


Transistor 2.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $4.99 -> $.99, Version: 2.0 (iTunes)


** App Store Best of 2015 Selection **

*Transistor requires at least an iPhone 5, iPad 4, or iPad mini 2.*

FROM THE CREATORS OF BASTION: Experience a science fiction action RPG like no other! Wield an extraordinary weapon of unknown origin as you fight through a stunning futuristic city.

BUILT FOR TOUCH: Transistor for iOS features the vibrant presentation and deep combat that Transistor is known for, with an intuitive new touch interface -- or switch to Classic Controls with optional gamepad support.

IT'S YOUR TURN: Transistor seamlessly integrates thoughtful strategic planning into a fast-paced action experience.

FIGHT YOUR WAY: Configure the powerful Transistor with thousands of possible Function combinations to overcome any obstacle.

UNRAVEL THE STORY: Piece together the Transistor's mysteries as you pursue its former owners through a rich and atmospheric story.

INFINITE RECURSION: 'Recursion' option introduces all-new battles after finishing the story.

UNIVERSAL APP: Play on iPad, iPhone, or the new Apple TV with save data stored via iCloud.

- Voice-over: English
- Text and subtitles: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese (based on language setting)

What's New

+ Improved support for iPhone X and iPad Pro
+ Bug fixes and general improvements



Veilingkast Amersfoort weer gevuld met nieuwe items


We hebben weer een aantal mooie items voor onze veiling! Zoals bij elke veiling zijn deze items vanaf het begin van de veilingperiode te vinden in de veilingkast bij de ingang. Als u interesse heeft in één van deze items kunt u bij de kassa een veilingbriefje vragen waarop u het bod kunt uitbrengen. Hierbij vermeldt u uw naam, telefoonnummer, het kavelnummer (die bij het item te vinden is), en natuurlijk het bod dat u wilt uitbrengen.

Items waar u deze periode op kunt bieden

  • Kavel 1:           Mini Drieluik Kerst
  • Kavel 2:           Oude Poster Philips
  • Kavel 3:           John Bunyan - De brede en de smalle weg (poster)
  • Kavel 4:           Zweedse Designstoel Yngve Ekstrom (jaren 70)
  • Kavel 5:           Treinsetje
  • Kavel 6:           Transistor Radiootje
  • Kavel 7:           3 Nintendo Games
  • Kavel 8:           Beeldje Maria
  • Kavel 9:           Zwaard
  • Kavel 10:         Antiek Bestek Set
  • Kavel 11:         Servies Villeroy & Boch (Geranium)
  • Kavel 12:         Reeks Bruintje de Beer (2001)
  • Kavel 13:         Antieke Stoel (Thonet)
  • Kavel 14:         LP John Denver - Rocky Mountains Christmas
  • Kavel 15:         LP Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas
  • Kavel 16:         LP Elvis Presley - I wish you a merry Christmas
  • Kavel 17:         Retro Radio (Spirit of St. Louis), met cassette-speler (jaren 80)
  • Kavel 18:         Vintage Kastje
  • Kavel 19:         Oude schoolplaat (Krijgsraad Zeeslag)
  • Kavel 20:         Groot Houten Beeld (maker niet bekend)
  • Kavel 21:         Model Bakfiets
  • Kavel 22:         Kerstverlichting
  • Kavel 23:         Viool (opknapper), Tsjechië, ca 100 jaar oud
  • Kavel 24:         Figuren voor in de kerststal
  • Kavel 25:         Speeldoos Lourdes


Als u een bod uit wilt brengen zal deze hoger moeten zijn dan het laatste bod (welke dagelijks in de veilingkast ingevuld wordt). U kunt uw bod op de huidige items in de veilingkast uitbrengen t/m zaterdag 7 december 17:00 uur. Let op: vanaf donderdag 5 december is de veiling blind, d.w.z. de hoogste biedingen worden in die week niet meer bekend gemaakt. Maandag 9 december wordt contact opgenomen met de hoogste bieders!

Veilingbriefjes zijn verkrijgbaar bij de kassa; vermeld duidelijk uw naam, E-MAIL-ADRES (in blokletters), telefoonnummer en natuurlijk het kavelnummer!

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Sanyo Log 831b Portable Transistor Radio Schematic Diagram Manual

Sanyo Log 831b Portable Transistor Radio Schematic Diagram Manual

Solid State Technology and Devices Seminar, Dec 6

This talk will present recent highlights from our research on two-dimensional (2D) materials including graphene, boron nitride (h-BN), and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs). The results span from material growth and fundamental measurements, to simulations, devices and system-oriented applications that take advantage of unusual 2D material properties. We have grown monolayer 2D semiconductors over large areas, including MoS2 [1], WSe2, and MoSe2 [2]. We also uncovered that ZrSe2 and HfSe2 have native high-κ dielectrics ZrO2 and HfO2, which are of key technological relevance [3]. Improved electrical contacts [4] led to the realization of 10 nm monolayer MoS2 transistors with the highest current reported to date, near ballistic limits [5]. These could play a role in 3D heterogeneous integration of nanoelectronics, which presents significant advantages for energy-efficient computation [6]. In less conventional applications, we utilized 2D materials as computing fabrics for analog dot product circuits [7], as highly efficient thermal insulators [8], and as the basis of thermal transistors [9]. The last two examples could enable control of heat in “thermal circuits” analogous with electrical circuits. Combined, these studies reveal fundamental limits and some unusual applications of 2D materials, which take advantage of their unique properties.

Refs: [1] K. Smithe et al., ACS Nano 11, 8456 (2017). [2] K. Smithe et al., ACS AMI 1, 572 (2018). [3] M. Mleczko
et al., Science Adv. 3, e1700481 (2017). [4] C. English et al., Nano Lett. 16, 3824 (2016). [5] C. English et al., IEDM,
Dec 2016. [6] M. Aly et al., Computer 48, 24-33 (2015). [7] N. Wang et al., Symp. VLSI, Jun 2016. [8] S. Vaziri et
al., Science Adv. 5, eaax1325 (2019). [9] A. Sood et al. Nature Comm. 9, 4510 (2018).

Achieving short high-quality gate-all-around structures for horizontal nanowire field-effect transistors


Achieving short high-quality gate-all-around structures for horizontal nanowire field-effect transistors

Gluschke, J. G., Seidl, J., Burke, A. M., Lyttleton, R. W., Carrad, D. J., Ullah, A. R., Fahlvik, S., Lehmann, S., Linke, H. & Micolich, A. P., 8 Feb 2019, In : Nanotechnology. 30, 6, 8 p., 064001.

Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

Original languageEnglish
Article number064001
Issue number6
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 8 Feb 2019

Bibliographical note



Potential Astron power supply failure solved!

One of my blog readers informed me regarding the Astron linear power supply that the outer case on the pass transistors at the rear of the supply are live with about 24 volts.  These pass transistors are isolated from the case and the heat sink so...

Panasonic to Sell Semiconductor Business to Nuvoton


Panasonic has announced plans to almost completely withdraw from semiconductor business and sell all of its related assets to Taiwan-based Nuvoton Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of Winbond Electronics. Under the terms of the deal, Nuvoton will get Panasonic’s semiconductor manufacturing assets, chip & product development units, contracts, and sales assets for about $250 million. Following the transaction, the only semiconductor-related property that Panasonic will have will be its 20% stake in Socionext.

Panasonic started its semiconductor business back in 1957 and was once a leading designer and maker of chips. As competition in the industry intensified early this decade, the company adopted an asset light strategy and started to gradually withdraw from both the development and manufacturing of semiconductors. In 2014, it sold a 51% stake in its chip manufacturing assets (consisting of one 300-mm and two 200-mm fabs) to TowerJazz, then Panasonic sold off its assembly/test facilities to UTAC. Finally, the company outsourced production of advanced SoCs to Intel Custom Foundry, which symbolized their withdrawal from development of leading-edge process technologies.

It did not take long for the company to realize that the design of complex SoCs was getting too expensive, which is why in March of 2015 it transferred its SoC development assets to Socionext, a joint venture between the Development Bank of Japan, Fujitsu, and Panasonic. Recently, Panasonic sold its diode and transistor business to Rohm Semiconductor. All told, Panasonic's chip business has been on a downward spiral for quite a while now.

By contrast, Nuvoton, which was established in 2008 by Winbond to produce microcontrollers, power management ICs, and other similar devices, has been quite a success. It has numerous clients and it looks like its 200-mm fab is not enough for the company. Under the terms of the agreement with Panasonic and TowerJazz, through acquisition of Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Co. (PSCS) it will get all three Japanese fabs which originally belonged to Panasonic. Meanwhile, the sum that Nuvoton will pay to TowerJass is unknown.

Furthermore, Nuvoton will get Panasonic’s business and R&D operations related to power-management ICs, sensors (for smartphones, vehicles, and various types of cameras) and other types of products by taking over Panasonic Industrial Devices Systems & Technology (PIDST), Panasonic Industrial Devices Engineering (PIDE), and Panasonic Semiconductor Suzhou (PSCSZ) companies.

As a result of the business transaction, Nuvoton will own four semiconductor manufacturing facilities: one 300-mm fab and three 200-mm fabs. Moreover, it will get a rich portfolio of products, customers, and contracts. However it will also be inheriting the debts of the aforementioned companies. Ultimately this will allow Panasonic to exit the semiconductor business, improving its own financial position.

Related Reading:

Sources: Panasonic, Nuvoton. Taipei Times, Reuters


Comment on Working of Transistor as a Switch by Anusha

Got the subject and need more information

November 30, 1959: $2.9 Million IBM 7090 Mainframe

1959 – Want to see a 2.9 million dollar computer? That was the IBM 7090 – a transistorized mainframe computer that was designed for scientific research and tech applications. It replaced the 709 series, which used vacuum tubes. The first two were delivered – one of the 7090’s would be used for the Mercury and […]

November 26, 2001 Intel at TeraHertz

2001 – One problem with technology is that you hit limitations, mostly due to materials used or how small machines can make parts like transistors. For instance, today’s multi-core x86 processors will eventually be replaced because we won’t be able to put anymore transistors on the die – It’s called “Moores Law“. Intel and AMD […]

Comment on Steam Discoverability Update Causes Mixed Responses from Indie Devs by glider521al

The vast majority of reports are of severe loss of sales: Here are some more sources * Spark Chronicles reports on the effects of the algorithm. * While Steam likely has a considerable department of data scientists, BurakTezateser raises an excellent analysis of the stakeholders on the platform * A discussion about releasing indie games under the altered algorithm. * Developer MKSchmidt wrote an open letter to Valve HQ on how the changes are negatively impacting sales and crushing smaller developers: * There's over 650 posts on the Steamworks developer forum (most of them complaints) Additionally * Steam likes is a website that shows how many recommendations a game has and where. The number of recommendations to the few top sellers have doubled, while other games vanish. * Kotaku on the effects on the algorithm: Additionally here's some examples of the loss of relevance in recommendations: * Bastion/Transistor: No isometric RPGs besides each other (and maybe Omensight) * Terraria/Starbound: No sandbox platformers besides each other, all AAA 3D games. * Vagante/Dead Cells/Downwell /Towerclimb/Eagle Island: Few procedural platformers shown overall. * Monaco: No top-down stealth games (Besides Escapist 2)

ChangXin Memory Technologies (CXMT) is Ramping up Chinese DRAM Using Qimonda IP


ChangXin Memory Technologies (CXMT), previously known as Innotron, has started production of computer memory using a 19 nm manufacturing technology. The company has a roadmap for at least two more 10 nm-class fabrication processes and plans to produce all types of DRAM in the future. Not only this, but CXMT has plans to build two additional fabs to boost its output.

Chinese authorities nowadays invest heavily in various high-tech companies as part of the country’s Made in China 2025 project. Because China consumes about a half of the global DRAM output, it makes a great sense for the government to develop the country’s own memory production industry, which is why numerous DRAM companies were established in the recent years. Innotron was among the first memory producers to be founded in 2016 and since then the company has worked hard on multiple projects.

Based in Anhui, Hefei, CXMT currently has over 3,000 employees and runs a fab with a 65,000 sqare meters cleanroom space that by the end of 2020 will have 120k wafers starts (12-inch) per month using 10 nm-class process technologies (for now), which is comparable to production capacity of SK Hynix's fab in Wuxi, China. At present, the fab’s output is around 20,000 wafers starts per month, but it will increase as the company lands more orders and ramps up the fab.

According to the CXMT, 77% of its employees are engineers working on various R&D-related projects. Given recent news about certain Chinese companies potentially being involved in memory IP theft, it should be noted that CXMT has licensed IP originally designed by Qimonda. This means that it has ties with Micron, which owns that intellectual property, or just acquired it from Xi'an UniIC, which also has it. Micron's Investor Relations is involved with CXMT, so we suspect the former.

At present, CXMT uses its 10G1 process technology (aka 19 nm) to make 4 Gb and 8 Gb DDR4 memory chips with the aim to ship them commercially in Q1 2020. The same technology will be used to manufacture LPDDR4X memory in the second half of 2020. The company’s technology roadmap includes 10G3 (aka 17 nm) for DDR4, LPDDR4X, DDR5, and LPDDR5 as well as 10G5 for DDR5, LPDDR5, and GDDR6.

Right now, CXMT cannot rival established players either in terms of technological prowess or manufacturing capabilities. Despite this, the company is very serious about development of new fabrication processes as well as expansion of production capacities. The company’s 10G5 process will use HKMG and air-gap bit line technology, whereas technologies to be used in longer term future will use pillar capacitors, gate all-around transistors, as well as extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL). Not only this, but as mentioned previously, there is a plan to build two more DRAM fabs.

One thing to keep in mind about CXMT’s roadmap is that the company originally planned to start production of DDR4 memory in early 2019, but it looks like it is a year behind its original plan.

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Source: CXMT Presentation


Introducing the Abbey Road Saturator Plugin


Waves Abbey Road Saturator is the most musical sounding analog saturation plugin available. Combining the classic overdriven tube and transistor sounds from Abbey Road’s fabled consoles, the Saturator also models the original TG12321 Compander feeding the two desks for a one-of-a-kind ‘excited saturation’ effect.


Saturation Redefined: Behind the Abbey Road Saturator Plugin


Waves Abbey Road Saturator combines the musical analog saturation sounds we love from the REDD valve and TG transistor consoles with excitement from the ultra-rare EMI TG12321 Compander module. Abbey Road’s Mirek Stiles takes us through the classic technique revived by the plugin.


First Christmas song played in 2019

At around 10.50 pm on Wednesday 27th November 2019, I heard my first Christmas song of the season - I was in the bath listening to Gold on the transistor radio and heard Lonely This Christmas by Mud which took me a bit by surprise. I actually thought that they wouldn't start until next Monday to be...

HOTEL ARIZONA programa # 537 (09.11.2019)

Plásticos de la semana "Days Of The Bagnold Summer" BELLE AND SEBASTIAN (matador-2019) y "Love Is Alright" SASHA BELL (Both Sides Now Records-2019).
"The Colours Gonna Run" BELLE AND SEBASTIAN (sintonía)
"Did The Day Go Just Like You Wanted?" BELLE AND SEBASTIAN
"Another Day, Another Night" BELLE AND SEBASTIAN
"Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying" BELLE AND SEBASTIAN
todas extraídas de la banda sonora original de "Days Of The Bagnold Summer" (2019)
"Pack Up Your Sorrows" THE ESSEX GREEN
extraída de "Everything Is Green" (1999) "Hangin' On The Line" THE LADYBUG TRANSISTOR
extraída de "The Ladybug Transistor" (2003)
"Seventh Avenue" GUPPYBOY
extraída de "Jeffersonville" (1997)
extraída de "Destination Girl" (2003)
"Candy Mountain" SASHA BELL
"Icy Hands" SASHA BELL ambas extraídas de "Love Is Alright" (2019)
extraída de "Prospect Park" (2003)
"Love Is Alright" SASHA BELL
"Molly's Got A Talent" SASHA BELL ambas extraídas de "Love Is Alright" (2019)
extraída de "If You Take Your Magic Slow" (2014)
extraída del EP "Spooky Love" (2019)
extraída de "Bavarian Fruit Bed" (2001)
"Bringin' Me Home" MOJAVE 3
extraída de "Excuses For Travellers" (2000)
"Juanita" TRUMMORS
extraída de las "Lagniappe Sessions de Aquarium Drunkard" (2019)
"Everybody Loves" THE SIXTH GREAT LAKE
extraída de "Sunday Bridge" (2004)
Discoteca esencial del Hotel Arizona "Up The Country" THE SIXTH GREAT LAKE (Kindercore-2001)
"Across The Northern Border" THE SIXTH GREAT LAKE
todas extraídas de "Up The Country" (2001)
"Monday's Blues" PACIFIC RANGE
extraída del EP "Pacific Range" (2017)
"Lovely New York" TARKA AND FRIENDS (Feat. Evan Dando)
extraída de "Life" (2013)
"Bullfrog Blues" THE DONKEYS
extraída de "Born With Stripes" (2011)
extraída de "Rise & Shine" (2008)
"Donut's At Bill's" GABBARD & PERKINS
adelanto de "Gabbard & Perkins" (2019)
extraída de "The Quarter After" (2005)
"The Dawn" THE TYDE
extraída de "Once" (2001)
"Unswung" GOSPELBEACH extraída de "Let It Burn" (2019)
extraída de "Berryland" (2019)


Potential Astron power supply failure solved!


One of my blog readers informed me regarding the Astron linear power supply that the outer case on the pass transistors at the rear of the supply are live with about 24 volts.  These pass transistors are isolated from the case and the heat sink so the potential is there to inadvertently via a PL259 connector, USB cable or any other conducting item at the rear of your setup to short the pass transistor and destroy them.  This morning I once again was searching the internet to see if anyone had devised a solution for this very issue. I came across a web page . This individual has the RS-35A power supply and came up with a great solution using a 3D printer. Now I am not at all up on the whole 3D printer thing but click on the link  above (web page) and have a look at the pictures they posted. The covers look great and are very professional looking. It would look to me the plans are available to those who have access to a 3D printer to produce the guards them self.  I would really like a set of these for my RS-25 but just short on the 3D printer part of things.
To my fellow bloggers have a look at the above link and do post any 3D printer info you may have as well.

As a side note below are some links to great information regarding Astron power supplies.



하늘을 본다.

구름이 아름답다.

마치 깊은 동굴로 들어가듯,

그 깊이를 가늠할 수 없도록,

무한의 지평으로 펼쳐지는 저 아름다움의 비밀.

문득, 저 비밀의 화원으로 자맥질하여,

영원 속으로 빠져 드는 순간,

나는 내 몸에 갇혀 있는 슬픈 죄인임을 깨닫고 만다.

사람이 만든 것도 미치도록 아름다운 것이 있지만,

저것은 사람의 손이 타지 않아,

그 너머, 무한의 세상으로 우리를 이끈다.

나는 양자역학(quantum mechanics)을 정식으로 배운 사람이다.

지금은 온전한 이해를 지속하고 있다 자신할 수 없지만,

그 요의의 기초 골격은 아직도 뇌리에 남아 있다.

quantum은 양자(量子)로 번역되는데,

이는 세상을 量으로 분절하여 이해하고 있음을,

저 단어로도 단박에 엿볼 수 있다.

지금 세상이 디지털(digital)로 지배되고 있듯,

똑똑 끊어진 양으로 마치 징검다리 건너듯,

세상을 건너 띄며 관찰한다.

아니, 세상이 그리 만들어졌다고 저들은 본다.

헌데, 어디 우리의 감정도 이리 또박또박 나눠져 있는가?

감정은 연속체(continuum)이지,

어느 지점을 두고 좌우로 나눠 끊을 수 있도록 결절이 있다 할 수 없다.

저 하늘에 떠있는 구름을 보면,

자(尺)를 들고 어느 한 부분의 경계를 나눌 수 없다.

저들은 연속적인 무한 변화상을 그려내고 있어,

그 연속성(continuity)을 누군들 감히 훼방하며, 나서 특정 부분을 두고 칼로 나눌 수 없다.


베이스 측에 입력된 전기 신호가, 컬렉터 또는 에미터의 출력 측으로 나온다.

이 때 입력된 신호는 제어, 증폭되어 원하는 결과를 얻게 설계된다.

전형적인 analog 입출력 신호 장치이다.

아무리 증폭이 된다한들,

신호 자체는 여전히 연속적인 아날로그 상태이다.


그런데, 전자공학내지는 디지털공학에선 교묘한 장치를 고안해내었다.

앞서 이야기한 트랜지스터 두 개를 두고,

입출력을 상호 교차 되먹이는 형식으로, 얽어내어,

어떤 한 상태를 지속적으로 유지할 수 있는 단위 소자를 만들었다.

이로써, 한 비트의 정보를 저장할 수 있게 되었다.

이젠, 전자적으로, 기술적으로,

세상을 어둠과 빛, 있음과 없음, 흑과 백 ....

그래 바로 음양으로 나눠 취급할 수 있는 길을 열었다.

그래, 이젠 구름조차,

0과 1의 나눔으로 낱낱이 쪼개어,

지상으로 끌어내 팽개쳐 버린 것이다.

이 폭력성을 시인은 가슴 저린 아픔으로 운다.

저 야만의 디지털 기술이 온 세상을 덮자,

사람들은 이제 익숙해져,

더 이상은 구름을 구하지 않으며,

꽃을 노래하지 않는다.

세상은 이제 디지털적으로 분절된 것으로 알며,

더 이상, 무한 영원의 세계를 꿈꾸지 않는다.

사람이 열 손가락을 가졌기에,

열 단위 십진법을 고안하고,

역으로 그에 갇혀 세상을 조망한다.

나는 이와 마찬가지로,

우리가 동원 가능한 수학, 물리학적 구속 조건 때문에,

양자역학적 물리 구조를 그 한계 안에서, 그만의 방법으로 구축하였을 뿐,

그 밖의 시도는 할 수도, 꿈도 꾸지 않게 되었다 믿는다.

구름을 벗으로 하는 이들은,

수학을, 양자역학을 믿지 않는다.

시인은 오동나무로 만든 흉통(胸桶)으로,

별을 느끼며, 달을 그린다.

하늘의 구름을 보며,

나는 문득,

양자역학, 디지털 세계란 실로 끔찍하구나 하는 생각을 해보았다.

이 폭력적 세계관으로 구축된 오늘의 세상은,

진실이 억눌려진 것을 느끼지 못하고,

천둥벌거숭이가 되어, 모두들 다 잘난 체,

교만을 떨고 있다.




“도는 통하되, 나눠져 이뤄지고(成), 이뤄져(成) 허물어진다(毁).

나누는 것이 나쁘다는 것은, 나눠진 것으로 다 갖추어진 것으로 여기며,

갖춰진 것이 나쁘다는 것은, 갖춰진 것으로써, 모든 것이 다 된 것으로 여기기 때문이다.

그런즉, 나가(出) (제 본성으로) 돌아오지 않으면 귀신이 될 것이며,

밖으로 나가 얻는 것이 있다면, 바로 죽음을 얻었다 하겠다.

이리 (본성이) 멸절되면, 살아있다 한들 귀신과 매한가지다.

형체가 있는 몸으로써 형체가 없는 도를 본받아야만 안정되게 되는 것이다.

형체가 있는 자가 무형을 추상할 수 있다면 안정이 된다.

나오지만 그 본은 없는 것이며,

들어가지만 구멍이 없는 것이다.



장자의 저 글은,

마침 내가 문득 고개 들어 치어다 본 구름을 두고,

얻은 깨우침과 다름이 없구나.

저기 장자의 分은 오늘날처럼 디지털 기술로,

세상을 나누고 있는 사태를 지적하고 있음이다.

그럼으로써, 사람들은 온 세상을 마치 다 갖춘 양 여기고 있으며,

그 갖춤으로써, 천하를 거머쥔 양 거드름을 피우고 있다.

헌데, 장자는 여기서,

돌아와야지(反, 返) 그렇지 않으면 바로 귀신과 다름이 없다고 이르고 있다.

이는 천하를 깨우는 천둥 소리다.

하늘에 떠있는 구름이,

저 홀로 아름답구나.

저 구름을 배워야 한다.

종국엔 저리로 귀의하여야 한다.


Semiconducteurs Diodes Transistors Et Autres Applications

Semiconducteurs Diodes Transistors Et Autres Applications

Smaller, faster, more energy-efficient – high-performance devices for the digital transformation

Joint project “power transistors based on AlN (ForMikro-LeitBAN)” launched

Se entrega el súper ordenador unidad central IBM 7090


IBM entrega el primero de dos súper ordenadores IBM 7090, una de los primeros computadores totalmente transistorizados.

La entrada Se entrega el súper ordenador unidad central IBM 7090 se publicó primero en Social Futuro.

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