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Senior Infrastructure Engineer - Viamo - Saskatoon, SK   


Mastery of web application development using PHP. Develop scalable web application backends using modern PHP frameworks and queueing engines.
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Saving Money by Switching from PHP to D – The D Blog を 許可を得て 翻訳しました。 誤訳等あれば気軽に Pull requestを投げてください。 2nightは イタリアのナイトライフと


Creating A Custom Docker Image For Your Drupal Website   


Creating A Custom Docker Image For Your Drupal Website

Previously I shared how to get started with Docker and Docker Compose to start hosting your own projects, but what if the project you want to host is your own custom code? If you want to host your own code in a Docker Image that means you will need to create your own Docker Image for that. I will discuss how to do this with your own Drupal site, but for all other things you'd want to create a Docker Image for Docker has more than enough documentation out there to help you do it for whatever you'd need.

Into To Dockerfiles

What even is a Dockerfile? A Dockerfile is a text document that contains all the commands a user could call on the command line to assemble an image. It's a plain text file that on each line (called a layer in Docker terminology) is a different command Docker needs to run to build the image.

A very basic Dockerfile example is the following:

FROM ubuntu:18.04
COPY . /app
RUN make /app
CMD python /app/

Each instruction creates one layer:

  • FROM creates a layer from the ubuntu:18.04 Docker image.
  • COPY adds files from your Docker client’s current directory.
  • RUN builds your application with make.
  • CMD specifies what command to run within the container.

On the first line we have a FROM this is important and very useful, you don't need to create everything from scratch but can start with a base and build your image on top of that. The colon 18.04 refers to what tag of Ubuntu we are using, which is a lot of times used to choose a version number or a flavor of the image. So we are starting with Ubuntu version 18.04. Then COPY all files in the current path on our system into the /app path in our image, this is used to take your code and put it into the image. After that we RUN a make command in the /app directory which will build whatever is needed and defined in that makefile. Finally we run CMD which is executing a bash command of python /app/ which is starting up our code making it run.

That's a very basic sample but shows you everything you need to build upon making more complicated Dockerfiles. Whenever you're starting see if there is a good base to build upon, if you cannot find one Ubuntu server is probably a decent starting place.

Creating A Dockerfile

Luckily for us trying to build a custom image for Drupal there is a Drupal Docker image that already has everything we need installed to run Drupal. Much like the Ubuntu Image you can use the tag of what version of Drupal you need to run. The image itself doesn't have any code for Drupal in it, it's just a setup server with everything needed to run a Drupal site. Depending on your needs you can probably get away with doing a FROM on Drupal COPY in your files and then CMD apache2-foreground and be done. The Dockerfile I normally run does a little more than that as we found we like to modify the image a little bit more. Our finished Dockerfile is below (Also available as a Gist):

FROM drupal:8.7

RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y libxml2-dev imagemagick mysql-client --no-install-recommends

RUN docker-php-ext-install mysqli && docker-php-ext-enable mysqli

RUN { \
    echo 'memory_limit = 196M'; \
    echo 'display_errors = Off'; \
    echo 'post_max_size = 64M'; \
    echo 'file_uploads = On'; \
    echo 'upload_max_filesize = 64M'; \
    echo 'max_file_uploads = 20'; \
} > /usr/local/etc/php/conf.d/codekoalas-settings.ini

RUN sed -i 's/\/var\/www\/html/\/var\/www\/html\/docroot/g' /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf

RUN rm -rf /var/www/html/*

COPY ./ /var/www/html

RUN apache2-foreground

What this Dockerfile does layer by layer

  • FROM Drupal:8.7 to get a base server that has PHP and other dependencies needed to run a Drupal site
  • RUN running an apt-get update and install of a couple extra packages we run into needing beyond what the base Drupal image gives us.
  • RUN that command tells Docker to install and enable mysqli, that's needed if you want to run any Drupal or Drush commands on your server ever, the command line needs to know how to talk to mysql.
  • RUN We are creating a php conf file with some settings we like over the default php settings. If you ever need larger file uploads or more memory you could edit this line right here.
  • RUN We are taking the default Apache site conf and changing the path from /var/www/html to /var/www/html/docroot as we build all of our sites in docroot.
  • RUN We are deleting any files currently in /var/www/html as Apache normally gives you a plain index.html and we don't want that.
  • COPY Copying our Drupal site into /var/www/html
  • RUN starting Apache so the site will be served.

Once you have that file created you should run the docker build command locally to test it and see what happens. The Docker Build command will be docker build -t user/project:optionaltag . ran from inside your directory with the Dockerfile. That -t part is you naming your image, like how we are calling drupal in the from layer we need to name our image so we can reference it later when telling Docker to spin it up. After running that command if it doesn't fail you should be good to go!

From there you could move that build off to a pipeline by setting up some pipeline config with your repo or you could create a cron that pulls your repo and rebuilds every so often, whatever works for you. You can see the Dockerfile we run for our Drupal sites at Code Koalas on our Github repo Koality Drupal.

Spinning up your image

In my last post I showed you how to get started with Docker Compose to host your projects. Using that knowledge to get your new site setup using that image your new docker-compose.yaml file will look like the following:

version: '2'
    container_name: nginx-proxy
    image: jwilder/nginx-proxy:alpine
      - "80:80"
      - "443:443"
      - /var/run/docker.sock:/tmp/docker.sock:ro
      - /home/joshfabean/letsencrypt/certs:/etc/nginx/certs
      - /etc/nginx/vhost.d
      - /usr/share/nginx/html
      - ./nginx-proxy/nginx.tmpl:/app/nginx.tmpl
    image: jrcs/letsencrypt-nginx-proxy-companion
    container_name: letsencrypt
      - nginx-proxy
      - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock
      - /home/joshfabean/letsencrypt/certs:/etc/nginx/certs:rw
    container_name: mydrupalsite
    image: fabean/mydrupalsite:latest
      - DATABASE_NAME=default
      - DATABASE_HOST=db
    restart: always
      - ./mydrupalsite:/var/www/html/docroot/sites/default/files

The main thing to notice is on the line for image we put in what we typed in on the docker build command in the -t section. If you have an image with that name locally it will just pull that image, if not it will check other docker registries your are logged into or dockerhub for that image.

Wrapping Up

Building your own docker images isn't that hard and is super powerful. You are now no longer restricted to only hosting pre-built services in Docker but now you can host anything you can dream up in Docker. If you have questions or need more help Docker has great documentation or you can reach out to me on Twitter and hopefully I can point you in the right direction.

Josh Fabean Mon, 11/04/2019 - 13:30


status changed; owner, resolution set   


  • owner set to ryan
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In [20757]:

Use correct translation function. Props kobenland, SergeyBiryukov. fixes #20646


App Engine ประกาศรองรับรันไทม์ Node.js 12 LTS, Python 3.8, PHP 7.3   


กูเกิลเพิ่งประกาศ App Engine รองรับรันไทม์ Java 11 LTS ไปหมาด ๆ ล่าสุด App Engine ประกาศรองรับภาษาโปรแกรมเวอร์ชันใหม่ๆ อีกชุดใหญ่ดังนี้

ปัจจุบัน App Engine รองรับรันไทม์ทั้งหมด 6 ภาษาคือ Java, Python, Node.js, PHP, Go และล่าสุดที่เพิ่งประกาศเมื่อเดือนสิงหาคมคือ Ruby โดยแต่ละภาษาก็รองรับหลายเวอร์ชันที่แตกต่างกันไปด้วย (รายชื่อทั้งหมด)

ที่มา - Google

No Description


PHP Developer   


ON-Markham, Our client who is a leading appraisal company in Canada is currently seeking an outstanding PHP Developer for a exciting 6 month contract opportunity! Located in the GTA. This role will be reporting to the IT Development Manager/Lead. This role will be responsible for the delivery of well designed, testable, efficient code for PHP application development projects. The developer will also maintain


PHP programátor moderního CMS - nadšenec (45.000 - 75.000 Kč)   


* rozvoj propracovaného systému pro tvorbu webových aplikací
* práce na optimalizaci a zkvalitnění jednotlivých aplikací
* komunikace se zkušenými nadšenci do frontendu, backendu a designu aplikací
* pravidelné meetingy v moderních kancelářích s lidmi, kteří svou prací žijí a…


PHP vývojář v oblasti e-commerce (35.000 - 45.000 Kč)   


* agilní vývoj e-shopů pomocí nejmodernějších technologií
* programování jednotlivých součástí e-shopu
* úprava a přizpůsobení některých projektů
* implementace nových funkcí
* optimalizace stávajících funkcí
* komunikace s týmem
* práce s nástrojem JIRA


IT Programme Support Technician - Fast Genetics - Saskatoon, SK   


Experience on at least one programing or scripting language such as Perl, C++, Python, PHP or Java; This position will report to the Senior Software.
From Fast Genetics - Tue, 01 Oct 2019 01:11:47 GMT - View all Saskatoon, SK jobs


Senior PHP Developer (Job ID 10675)   


BC-Vancouver, On behalf of our client in Vancouver, Ignite Technical Resources is looking for a Senior PHP Developer for a 6 month contract opportunity. Role Description: The PHP developer designs and programs computer application solutions for existing complex or campus-wide computer systems. The PHP developer will play an important role in the design, development, and implementation of one of the organization


מחפש מתכנת PHP עם נסיון רב בהפקת PDF   


שלום,למערכת קיימת ב-CodeIgniter דרוש פרילנס עם נסיון בהפקת מסמכי PDF, עדיפות ליכול HTML TO PDF,מסמך A4, עם רקע.תודה.


תוכניתן/ית Magento   


דרוש/ה תוכניתן/ית Magento מנוסה למשרה משולבת בראשון לציון והוד השרון.דרישות:לפחות שנה ניסיון ב php - חובהלפחות שנה נסיון במג'נטו בכתיבת מודלים - חובהידע ב Drupal - יתרוןניסיון וידע בטכנולוגיות client side , js,css,html


Como mostrar un dato de un archivo JSON en un HTML actualizable   


Como mostrar un dato de un archivo JSON en un HTML actualizable

Estoy buscando la manera de recuperar un dato dentro de un archivo JSON y este poder mostrarlo en un HTML y que se actualice cada que recibo el JSON otra vez, estoy recuperando el JSON con un codigo php lo muestro abajo, alguna recomendacion de como manipular el codigo con php?, estuve investigando y una opcion es utilizar javascript y ajax, pero en realidad son temas nuevos para mi, por eso pido ayuda, saludos.

<?php $_id = $_GET["id"...

Publicado el 25 de Octubre del 2019 por fernando


Comment on How to Configure PHP-FPM with NGINX by Paklah    


Thank you for your tutorial. I am plan to install Nginx server separately with PHP server. Meaning Nginx in one server and PHP is in another server...And the NGINX server will located at DMZ zone and will face the internet. My question is: 1) Which server we need to install PHP-FPM? In Nginx server or in php server? 2) And how these two server will communicate? Which confuguration files need to alter? Sorry if my question is sound silly :). I am new to php-fpm and still in the midst of understanding it. Thank you.


Drupal voor Gemeenten: Deprecations since simplesamlphp 1.17.x   


Due to the update to simplesamlphp 1.17 we have some deprecation warnings in dvg_digid and the contrib dvg_authentication.
We should fix those.

See also: #3092770: Deprecations since simplesamlphp 1.17.x


Components!: [meta] Automatically build theme hooks and libraries for Twig files   



When building components in Drupal it is common to just "include" them from existing Drupal Twig files. Since Twig's include won't run Drupal preprocess functions or find theme suggestions, there is ZERO reason for theme developers to register those "include"d Twig files. Plus, it's hard to do; you have to write a [themeName]_hook() function in a [themeName].theme PHP file and write a template_preprocess_[HOOK]() and register the CSS and JS in a YML file.

The new template() function added with #2821512: Create alternative to Twig include function to improve Drupal integration changes the landscape a bit. The template function requires that the Twig file have a theme hook, or the function can't even be used with that Twig file.

Proposed resolution

Given a Twig file in a folder, Components should look for optional files for JS, CSS, PHP (for preprocess), and YML (for advanced library definition).

The default organization of a components directory should make sense. And the names and locations should be 100% configurable via the theme's .info.yml file.

Remaining tasks

  • Finish describing the solution.
  • Create sub-tasks for the implementation.

User interface changes


API changes

Proposed .info.yml syntax:

  path: components # Path to the directory of component Twig files.
                   # If this path is not specified, this entire feature is not enabled.
  theme-hook-prefix: components # We'll need to prefix all theme hook names; this may
                                # be an internal name that won't be exposed to .info.yml
    auto-generate: true # The auto-generation of the library can be enabled 
                        # separately from the auto theme hook generation.
    css-source-path: [twig-path]/[twig-name].css # The expected name/location of the CSS/Sass/etc file.
    css-build-path: '' # The expected name/location if the CSS is built.
    js-source-path: [twig-path]/[twig-name].js # The expected name/location of the JS/TS file.
    js-build-path: '' # The expected name/location if the JS file is built.


DvG Authentication: Deprecations since simplesamlphp 1.17.x   


In 1.17 of the simplesamlphp library some classes were deprecated.
We should replace those.

Some I've come across.

  • SimpleSAML_Auth_Source -> SimpleSAML\Auth\Source
  • SimpleSAML_Auth_State -> SimpleSAML\Auth\State
  • 'SimpleSAML_Auth_State_exceptionId' -> \SimpleSAML\Auth\State::EXCEPTION_PARAM


Config single export: PHP Code Sniffer issues.   


First of all, thank you for this module. It really helps during development phase. While reviewing the module, I found a lot of PHP code sniffer issues in the code.
I have tried to fix them, attached patch file has fix for those issues. Please review and commit those changes in next release.

Thank you


Drupal voor Gemeenten: Critical SimpleSAMLphp security release 2019-11-06   



We have been made aware of a security issue affecting all SimpleSAMLphp instances deployed as a service provider (basically, using SimpleSAMLphp to protect access to your application). This issue has been deemed critical, and will therefore need an urgent update. We will be releasing SimpleSAMLphp 1.17.7 during next Wednesday the 6th of November, at a time yet to be determined. We urge all SimpleSAMLphp users to make sure they are running the current stable version, so that upgrading to the new release doesn’t have any side effects, and to be prepared to upgrade their deployments as soon as the new stable release is published.

The details of the issue are embargoed for the time being, but will be made public after the bugfix release has been published. CVE 2019-3465 has been assigned to this issue.

The issue may not apply to 1.16.x


Config partial export: Deprecated Code Report   


php drupal-check.phar modules/contrib/config_partial_export/
 4/4 [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] 100%

 ------ ------------------------------------------------ 
  Line   config_partial_export.module                    
 ------ ------------------------------------------------ 
  12     Call to deprecated function file_uri_scheme().  
 ------ ------------------------------------------------ 

 ------ ------------------------------------------------------ 
  Line   src/Form/ConfigPartialExportForm.php                  
 ------ ------------------------------------------------------ 
  90     Call to deprecated function drupal_set_message().     
  166    Call to deprecated function file_unmanaged_delete().  
 ------ ------------------------------------------------------ 

 [ERROR] Found 3 errors  


Advanced queue: Remove usage of deprecated code   


------ --------------------------------------------------- 
  Line   src/Form/DeleteJob.php                             
 ------ --------------------------------------------------- 
  72     Call to deprecated function drupal_set_message().  
 ------ --------------------------------------------------- 

 ------ --------------------------------------------------- 
  Line   src/Form/QueueForm.php                             
 ------ --------------------------------------------------- 
  170    Call to deprecated function drupal_set_message().  
 ------ --------------------------------------------------- 

 ------ --------------------------------------------------- 
  Line   src/Form/ReleaseJob.php                            
 ------ --------------------------------------------------- 
  72     Call to deprecated function drupal_set_message().  
 ------ --------------------------------------------------- 

 ------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
  Line   src/Plugin/AdvancedQueue/Backend/BackendInterface.php                                                                                                           
 ------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
  18     Interface Drupal\advancedqueue\Plugin\AdvancedQueue\Backend\BackendInterface extends deprecated interface Drupal\Component\Plugin\ConfigurablePluginInterface.  
 ------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 


Sales Promoter For SM Seaside Cebu [Food Supplements] - Prime@Technology Specialists, Inc. - Talisay   


At least college graduate or undergraduate of any business course. Must good in communicating in English. With pleasing personality, has good customer service… PHP 11,000 - PHP 15,000 a month
From Indeed - Mon, 21 Oct 2019 02:54:05 GMT - View all Talisay jobs




Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's/College Degree in Engineering (Industrial) or equivalent. Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply. PHP 386 - PHP 400 a day
From Indeed - Fri, 18 Oct 2019 06:52:07 GMT - View all Talisay jobs


Branch Manager - Powerhouse Distributor, Inc. - Victorias   


Prepares financial statements and analysis for branch. Manages and supervises department employees; Responsible for day-to-day supervision and leadership. PHP 15,000 a month
From Indeed - Tue, 05 Nov 2019 07:32:13 GMT - View all Victorias jobs


Branch Manager - Motortrade Nationwide Corporation - Victorias   


The # 1 Motorcycle Dealer in the Philippines is looking for. Graduate of any business-related course. With at least 4-5 years Supervisory and Managerial… PHP 18,000 - PHP 23,000 a month
From Indeed - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 08:16:50 GMT - View all Victorias jobs


Desenvolvedor(a) PHP Full Stack Júnior - A Taba - Queiroz, SP   


Nossa equipe é formada por um grupo independente de especialistas em literatura infantil e juvenil, professores, pais, bibliotecários e contadores de histórias… R$ 3.000 por mês
De ProgramaThor - Tue, 01 Oct 2019 18:54:15 GMT - Visualizar todas as empregos: Queiroz, SP


PB saisie nouvelle cotisation. - par: ptibogxiv   


Ça sent l'erreur php ou sql, il faut activer les messages d'erreurs dans dolibarr pour nous aider plus à résoudre ce problème.


Surcharge du hook "pdf_build_address" - par: venizia03   


le .php manquant ne l'est pas en vérité ... oubli de ma part dans mon message :P

Sinon c'était effectivement la désactivation/activation du module, le souci à mon problème. Je le faisais au mauvais endroit :huh:



[Doli 10.0.3] Bug à la génération de fichier xlsx - par: Sylvain.Legrand   



Oubliez Doliwamp !
Installez Wamp + Dolibarr : vous aurez des versions à jour d'Apache, MySQL et PHP !

Sylvain Legrand.


TRANSFORMER ENGINEER - Newton Electrical Equipment Co., Inc - Valenzuela   


Bautista St., Ugong Valenzuela City from Monday-Saturday betwen 9:00am-3:00pm*. Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree , Professional… PHP 18,000 a month
From Indeed - Tue, 05 Nov 2019 10:32:19 GMT - View all Valenzuela jobs


Web Designer - Chenvel Services Inc. - Valenzuela   


To be disclosed upon interview. Good starting point of your career. Yearly company outing (Domestic or International). C, C#,C++, MySQL, Java, Visual Basic etc. PHP 15,000 - PHP 20,000 a month
From Indeed - Fri, 01 Nov 2019 05:24:18 GMT - View all Valenzuela jobs


Computer Programmer - Chenvel Services Inc. - Valenzuela   


To be disclosed upon interview. Good starting point of your career. Yearly company outing (Domestic or International). C,C#,C++, MySQL, Java, Visual Basic etc. PHP 60,000 - PHP 80,000 a month
From Indeed - Wed, 30 Oct 2019 09:29:16 GMT - View all Valenzuela jobs


Sales Associate - SM Valenzuela - Onesimus Corp. - Valenzuela   


Head office is located at 592 Cordillera St., Brgy. Is the Company's Frontline Representative to its valued customers. _Minimum rate with monthly incentives_. PHP 537 a day
From Indeed - Mon, 28 Oct 2019 02:51:40 GMT - View all Valenzuela jobs


Accounting Supervisor - Pointman Management Specialist, Inc. - Valenzuela   


Final Interview will conduct to 118th Floor, Unit 1803-1804, World Trade Exchange Condominium, Juan Luna St. Don't miss a Career Fair!*. PHP 14,000 - PHP 17,000 a month
From Indeed - Thu, 17 Oct 2019 02:58:59 GMT - View all Valenzuela jobs


Human Resource Officer - Pointman Management Specialist, Inc. - Valenzuela   


Final Interview will conduct to 118th Floor, Unit 1803-1804, World Trade Exchange Condominium, Juan Luna St. Don't miss a Career Fair!*. PHP 15,000 - PHP 17,000 a month
From Indeed - Thu, 17 Oct 2019 02:39:30 GMT - View all Valenzuela jobs


Re: am nebo fm   


Jendo zdravím. Co se týče VKV, to tě musím pochválit - to je skutečně to nejlepší, co si můžeš vybrat. Pokud potřebuješ nějakou radu, s důvěrou se obrať na stránky - dalo by se říci, nejlepší v oboru. Například takový OK1VPZ je z nich nejlepší a velice příjemný.


Zabbix 4.2.6から4.2.8、4.4へアップグレードするとダッシュボードでエラーが表示される   



CentOS 7.7.1908
mariadb 10.2.27
PHP 7.3

zabbix .2.4くらいからずっとアップグレードして使っているのですが、4.2.6から4.2.8や4.4.xにアップグレードすると

- パラメータ "ホストグループ/1"が正しくありません:数字で指定してください。
- パラメータ "除外するホストグループ/1"が正しくありません:数字で指定してください。
- パラメータ "ホスト/1"が正しくありません:数字で指定してください。
- パラメータ "深刻度/1"が正しくありません:an integer is expected。
- パラメータ "/1"が正しくありません:配列で指定してください。





ZabbixServer:CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)


PHP Warning: require_once(/etc/zabbix/web/ failed to open stream: Permission denied in /usr/share/zabbix/include/classes/core/ZBase.php on line 278





Important Note from HR : # Eligible candidates apply quickly as per given instructions.


APPLY6 - (FRESHERS / EXPERIENCED) 'APPSOURCE SERVICES' : Walk-In : Developers : On 4-8, 11-15, 18-22 November 2019 @ Bangalore   


(FRESHERS / EXPERIENCED) 'APPSOURCE SERVICES' : Walk-In : Developers : On 4-8, 11-15, 18-22 November 2019 @ Bangalore Appsource Services Pvt Ltd. - Exclusive Job for Chetanaites... Dear ChetanaS, We would like to publish below job requirement in your (Freshers / Experienced) Walk-In : Developers @ Bangalore Note from Company: This is a direct job. There will NOT be any Training/ Recruitment/ Registration/ Consulting fees collected from candidates before/after the placement. Greetings to ChetanaS from Appsource Services ! We have below job openings for our organization. Job Position : Developer Job Category : IT | Software Walk-In Location : Bangalore, Karnataka Job Location : Bangalore, Karnataka Qualification - Eligibility Criteria : Any Graduate Desired Experience : 0 to 2 Years Skill Set : # Software Testing # .NET # JAVA # PHP (HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Jquery) Please Carry below documents (mandatory) : # Updated Resume Copy # Permanent Address Proof # Passport Size Photo - 2 # A printout of this ChetanaS job posting # Photo ID Proof (Passport/PAN-Card/Aadhar-Card/Voter-ID/Driving-License/College-ID) Note: You can mention the reference as 'ChetanaS'. Walk-In Date(s) : # From 04th to 08th November 2019 # From 11th to 15th November 2019 # From 18th to 22nd November 2019 Walk-In Time : 10:00 AM to 12.30 PM and 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM only Walk-In Venue : Appsource Services Pvt Ltd., No.12, Ramanuja Plaza 1st Floor, Malleshwaram 5th Cross, Bangalore - 03 Landmark: Next to Indian Bank Contact Person : HR Contact Number : +91-80-41280490


Как добавить проверки в NoVerify, не написав ни строчки Go-кода   


В статическом анализаторе NoVerify появилась киллер-фича: декларативный способ описания инспекций, который не требует программирования на Go и компиляции кода.

Чтобы вас заинтриговать, покажу описание простой, но полезной инспекции:

/** @warning duplicated sub-expressions inside boolean expression */
$x && $x;

Эта инспекция находит все выражения логического &&, где левый и правый операнд идентичны.

NoVerify — статический анализатор для PHP, написанный на Go. Почитать о нём можно в статье «NoVerify: линтер для PHP от Команды ВКонтакте». А в этом обзоре я расскажу о новой функциональности и том, как мы к ней пришли.

Читать дальше →


Defender Pro found a vulnerability in your code…   


A security check on Defender Pro add-on found a vulnerability in you code: Details below

Is it safe to use?

evalmath.class.php Suspicious function found
We’ve identified some code in evalmath.class.php that could be a potential security weakness. We recommend you take a look to be sure everything is OK and contact your developer if you need help fixing the issue. Sometimes these checks are false positives, so if you know the code is harmless you can ignore this warning. Alternately you can choose delete this file, but be sure to perform a backup and double-check the file isn’t required by a plugin or theme to run correctly.

File Location: /home/gidid/public_html/wp-content/plugins/tablepress/libraries/evalmath.class.php

Found 1 issues.

The function eval called at line 502 column 6, which should be avoided whenever possible.


Web Developer (PHP / Drupal / Git)   


GA-Atlanta, Web Developer (PHP / Drupal / Git) - Contract or CTP - Atlanta, GA - $45.00-$50.00/hr The end client is unable to sponsor or transfer visas for this position; all parties authorized to work in the US without sponsorship are encouraged to apply. Role Description Provide high-quality development and support. It covers both maintenance work and new features for the ecosystem, Web application. It will


Offer - Affordable PHP Web Development services | Adixsoft technologies - INDIA   


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Fehler bei Action - Zeitüberschreitung bei der Anforderung   


Ich als PHP und Programmier Laie wäre froh um Unterstützung. Untenstehender Code in meinem Skript führt zum Fehler im Titel. Der Code bezweckt zwei Lampen langsam hochzudimmen. Wie verhindere ich den Fehler? Code: --------- $maxDimValue = 80; //% Dimmwert


PHP-Funktion require_once und die Auswirkungen   


Hallo, ich habe eine Skript Funktion mit verschiedenen Funktionen. Dieses Skript ist in der Datei _autoload.php mit dem Befehl require_once eingebunden. Somit stehen die Funktionen in jedem Skript zur Verfügung. Nach jeweils einer Minute werden ca. 15 Skripte mit dem Befehl IPS_RunScript...


C Java PHP Perl Python 的程序代码美化工具   


C Java PHP Perl Python 的程序代码美化工具
(Pretty Print Program/Source Code Beautifier)使用

作者: 车东 Email:

写于:2002/04 最后更新: 02/22/2006 14:42:55
Feed Back >> (Read this before you ask question)
Creative Commons License


关键词:pretty print indent perltidy pydent astyle htmltidy source code beautifier


  1. 如果前任程序员缩进非常不整齐的代码非常影响现任维护者的代码阅读速度。
  2. 新的项目代码(无论在什么编辑环境下编写)都能够非常好的适应公司的缩进规范,可以便于开发者之间的交流。


c, c++ c# ==>   indentAstyle

java ==> astyleJalopyJacobeImportScrbber

php ==> phpCodeBeautifier

perl ==> perlTidy

python ==> Pydent

asp ==> VBSBeaut


有统计表明缩进良好的代码可以提高代码阅读的效率40%以上,而另一个统计是软件开发工作的70%以上是维护前人的代码,因此对以往代码的格式美化往往也是系统重构(refactoring)的第一步。代码美化工具(pretty print program)的使用可以使基本的代码缩进规范成为一种更容易执行的制度。



工具名称 适用语言 简介 安装/使用
indent c indent就是代码美化工具的代名词 indent是gcc附带的一个标准工具,
indent [options] [input-files]
indent [options] [single-input-file] [-o output-file]
perltidy perl
perltidy本身也是用perl写的 下载后: perl Makefile.PL;make;make install
perltidy [ options ] file1 file2 file3 ...
(output goes to file1.tdy, file2.tdy, file3.tdy, ...)
perltidy [ options ] file1 -o outfile
perltidy [ options ] file1 -st >outfile
perltidy [ options ] <infile >outfile
astyle c c++ java (php) 一个速度很快的C/C++/Java源代码美化工具。
astyle比indent好在有很多成套的的风格定义:ansi java linux...不必记住复杂的缩进具体选项。
下载源代码解包后,make, 生成astyle可执行文件
astyle [options] < Original > Beautified
astyle [options] Foo.cpp Bar.cpp [...]
astyle --style=ansi *.cpp
jalopy java 功能强大的JAVA代码格式化工具,除了标准界面外,命令行工具,还可作为ANT JBUILDER ECLIPSE JDEVELOPER等工具的插件使用,并提供API下载
pydent python pythius包含了2个工具:
pydent: 代码缩进工具
pystat: 代码统计工具
Run "python build"
Run "python install"
htmltidy html/xml HTML代码的纠错工具,可以帮助你的HTML代码更好的符合W3C规范,现在被称作tidy,因为它不仅只使用于HTML,也现在也适用于XHTML XML的格式化。

但JSP不适合ASP PHP JSP等嵌入式脚本的代码美化


下载源代码后 make 生成tidy可执行文件:
tidy file1 file2 ...
注意:对于含有中文的页面要使用 -raw选项
tidy.exe -raw -imuq -wrap 132 -f %f.err %f
-raw: 不修改中文字符 (output values above 127 without conversion to entities)
-i indend 缺省HTML按2个空格缩进
-m 覆盖原文件
-u 强制所有HTML标记大写(这个可以不加)
-wrap 页面代码宽度大于132行强制换行
-f %f.err 将错误输出到“相应文件名.err”文件中
tidy -xml -imq web.xml
tidy -xml -imq build.xml


phpCB: php code beautifier 有命令行版本,也有图形界面的代码查看器。


ImportScrbber: java import声明的整理工具,能够将import java.util.*这样的引用变成单条的引用,并且帮助删除已经不再需要的引用。

介绍这些工具的都可以在这里可以找到:Jacobe Jindent Jxbeautifier...


Windows 2000下:用for命令实现目录遍历和文件过滤及命令执行,例如:
for /R %f in (*.java) do astyle --style=java %f
for /R %f in (*.htm*) do tidy -raw -imq -wrap 132 -f %f.err %f
for /R %f in (*.asp) do vbsbeaut.exe -i -s4 %f

Linux:用find -exec 遍历执行,例如:
find ./ -name *.java -exec astyle --style=ansi {} \;



Jalopy: Java代码美化工具:
Eclipse plug-in:
CheckStyle: Java代码代码规范(缩进,命名)检查工具
Eclipse plug-in: Eclipse Checkstyle Plug-in


Jalopy: Windows ==> Jalopy Preference 配置的导入/导出在General选单中,
CheckStyle: Windows ==> perference ==> checkstyle 配置的导入/导出就在配置界面右侧

Jalopy: 在代码编辑界面点右键的选单中除了原有的Format选项外,还多出了Format with Jalopy选项,而Eclipse自身带有的Source=>Orgenize Imports也是能够达到Imports Srubber同样的功效。



GNU Coding Standards

Code Conventions for the Java(TM) Programming Language

PHP Coding Standard

Perl Style

pb: Perl/Javascript Beautifier


C-C++ Beautifier HOW-TO:






附:为什么HTMLTIDY的不适合重新格式化JSP PHP ASP等HTML嵌入式脚本语言


  1. JAVASCRIPT中的"<"
    for (i = 1; i<a; i++)
    for (i = 1; i < a; i++)
    ^ ^ "<"前后需要加空格,否则HTMLTIDY会把<a当成HTML标记
  2. HTML属性中包含JSP标记:

    比如: <input type=text size="9" name="alias" maxlength=20 value=<%=infoForm.getAlias()%> >
    <img border=0 src=/image/upload/content/<%=infoForm.getId()%><%=infoForm.getPhoto()%> width=120>
  3. HTMLTIDY缺省是将代码完全补齐的,而实际上很多HTML代码是在被包含文件中。而且HTMLTIDY对中文编码得识别还有一定问题(目前只支持BIG5)


<?php echo "<table>";?>

这样形式的代码,美化工具必须同时懂得HTML语法和PHP语法才行,所以大部分格式工具都是针对一种语言,或者针对嵌入脚本的程序部分的格式化,或者只对针对纯HTML格式化。只有少数Virsual Age, Forte等大型开发工具里包含了JSP的代码美化,另外就是SLICKEDIT这种大型商业文本编辑器等。

解决:对于包含程序的JSP ASP等文件的HTML部分的格式美化最好还是使用专门的HTML编辑工具Dreamweaver(≥4)和Frontpage(≥2000)中的格式化工具来实现。比如:对于FRONTPAGE从菜单的工具==>网页选项==>HTML源代码选单里选择“使用下面的规则重新格式化源代码”。


为了目前大量的ASP PHP JSP应用我还是通过Google上找到一些工具,相信HOMESITE等。其实前面提到的VBSBeautifier其实也是调用Perl 5.8在Windows上的


一个用于ASP JSP PHP编辑并带有代码美化功能的工具:BPHTML

一个基于Java的HTML编辑器,内嵌了C C++ Java JavaScript Perl等类C语言的代码美化器:

Beautifier highlights and indents source code using highlight configuration files (which are similar to Ultraedit highlighting files). As such, it supports C, C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Pascal, Lisp, Mumps, Eiffel, Euphoria, and x86 Assembler, amongst others.

Trita is a source code beautifier which learns your personal formatting style by examining examples of your code.
支持:Java, Javscript, CSS, JSP, HTML, ASP, Lisp, Delphi, C#, C++, PHP, Perl, Python, and SQL.

原文出处:<a href=""></a>


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Desenvolvedor PHP (Pleno) - Com inglês - S2 IT - São Paulo   


Ser um profissional com perfil T (conhecimento profundo em PHP , porém desejável no mínimo abertura para conhecer outras áreas de conhecimento).
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Ser um profissional com perfil T (conhecimento profundo em Node.JS e PHP, porém desejável abertura para conhecer outras áreas de conhecimento);
De S2 IT - Wed, 11 Sep 2019 17:15:06 GMT - Visualizar todas as empregos: São Paulo


Desenvolvedor Frontend/PHP Pleno - S2 IT - São Paulo   


Ser um profissional com perfil T (conhecimento profundo em Angular e React, porém desejável abertura para conhecer outras áreas de conhecimento).
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      No passado sábado abordamos, mais uma vez, a problemática da ADSE, com a publicação do artigo intitulado: “A ADSE é viável mas não assim como está”, tendo por base o relatório divulgado nessa semana elaborado pelo Tribunal de Contas.

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      Fonte: “SOJ”.



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Se busca persona con habilidades avanzadas en wordpress. Aparte también hace falta que sepa manejar servidores con plesk. Se valoran conocimientos de html, css, php y js. Tambien nociones de seo. Llamar en horario comercial. Preguntar por elian.


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Необходимые навыки

· 4+ года опыта разработки на PHP

· Знания php-фреймворков

· Опыт разработки сложных корпоративных приложений

· Опыт работы с Docker

Будет плюсом

· Опыт работы с учетными системами

· Опыт работы с RabbitMQ


· Официальное трудоустройство

· Конкурентную заработную плату (белая зарплата)

· График работы: пн.-пт. с 09:00 до 18:00

· Современный офис, который расположен в центре города (м.: Кловская, Арсенальная, бизнес-центр «Сенатор»)

· Карьерный и профессиональный рост

· Корпоративные курсы английского языка

· Тренинги, семинары, мастер-классы, курсы за счет Компании

· Чай, кофе для комфортной работы


Разработка архитектуры корпоративного веб-приложение (система учета):

· генератор классов и форма (карточка, лист, дерево)

· ролевая модель и безопасность

· логирование (ELK)

· маштабирование и отказоустойчивость (Docker Swarm)

О проекте

О проекте в деталях:

· Проект — «Новая архитектура РГК Биллинг»

· Разработка Биллинг-платформы. Платформа состоит с генератора форм и базовой логики

· Разработка базовой логики: безопасность, логирование, нотификация, валидация, кэширование, масштабирование, отказоустойчивость, производительность (построение некоторой абстрактной учетной системы)

Позже, с этой платформы разработают две системы — Биллинг поставщика и Биллинг оператора ГРС


PHP Opcache 工作原理   




PHP Summit vom 2. - 4. Dezember in Berlin   


Qafoo is organizing two workshops at the PHP Summit, a three day training event taking place in Berlin in December 2013. (German content)


PHP Unconference: JavaScript-Workshop   


By now, JavaScript is an essential part of web development. Thus we thought that it makes sense to organize a JavaScript training close to the PHP Unconference in Hamburg this year. Read more about the details…


RE:ejecutar php desde VB??   


RE:ejecutar php desde VB??

Respuesta a ejecutar php desde VB??

Que pésima respuesta. Da clara las respuesta,

Publicado el 4 de Noviembre del 2019 por Tuma


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Laravel6 で ユーザー認証(Auth)機能を作成する   


# ● Laravel 6では、昔ながらの php artisan make:auth コマンドが実行できなくなりました 代わりに **php artisan ui vue --auth** コマンドが追加されました。   # ● Laravel6 で ユーザー認証(Auth)機能を作成する ``` composer require laravel/ui --dev npm install php artisan ui vue --auth npm install && npm run dev ``` # ● 初期設定を行う [Laravel で最初にやっておいた方が良い初期設定|プログラムメモ]( # ● Auth用DBテーブルを生成する ``` php artisan...


Laravel や composer コマンドで 「PHP Warning: proc_open(): fork failed 」エラーとなるときの対処法   


# ● Laravel や composer コマンドで 「PHP Warning: proc_open(): fork failed 」エラーとなるときの対処法 調べたところ、EC2 の micro インスタンスだとかなりの高確率でなるようです。 ``` PHP Warning: proc_open(): fork failed - Cannot allocate memory in phar:///usr/bin/composer/vendor/symfony/console/Application.php on line 952 ``` **root*ユーザーから次の3つのコマンドを実行します ``` /bin/dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/swap.1 bs=1M count=1024 /sbin/mkswap /var/swap.1...


Junior Developer - Xi Tech Solutions - Kalyani, West Bengal   


ELIGIBILITY Candidate should have experience on ASP.Net, VB.Net, C# coding knowledge. Minimum Knowledge on PHP will carry extra advantage.
From Xi Tech Solutions - Mon, 05 Nov 2018 07:54:36 GMT - View all Kalyani, West Bengal jobs


Jr. PHP Developer - SkoolTree Technologies - Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal   


Demonstrated experience with PHP5, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Solid knowledge of object oriented programming (OOP). Knowledge of Linux OS preferred.
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Hallo Community, mein prod.log wird den ganzen Tag über vollgespammt. [2019-11-04 14:25:17] request.ERROR: Uncaught PHP Exception...


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Our web development service is 70-80% Cheaper than UK and USA based developers. Our web developers and programmers have good experience on HTML, PHP and MySQL, WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart and fully capable of learning new Internet technologies. These IT professionals are highly trainable, pro-active, open-minded and adaptable to change, their strong analytical and interpersonal skills make them a valuable asset to your business. Hire a Website Developer FREE for a week and see what they can deliver for you. We are sure you will not be disappointed with our cost-effective solution of virtual web developers. Visit our website for more information: Meuselwitz Jobs


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Best Computer Training Institute in Surat Have A Wide Range of Course. Computer Course Includes Android | iOS | PHP | Unity Game | SEO | Web Design And Web Development Training In Surat.

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Our web development team can help you design an elegant web design that suits your brand. We offer a surplus of web development services that include PHP web development, exclusive web design and graphic design solutions.


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Ladies and gentlemen, We offer you a professional online presence, a professional online store and many other services at a reasonable price. Do you have a business idea or just a need for your product / company the like? What should you do? Just send or write us your idea / concept, and we will immediately give you an idea of your future website! You will receive a direct evaluation with simple processing at a fixed price. We have more than 5 years experience as digital agency. Interest caused? Then immediately report and provide your own site in optimal conditions. If you have further questions, please contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible. service: - Web design - Web applications - Web projects - Web Stores - Individual applications in PHP and Javascript for the Internet Do you have any more questions? Please answer us with your phone number, we will immediately call you or send an email.


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Seawind Solution is providing its web design and development services having a good client base and do a lot more than a website work well and look great. Our expertise designers work as a team to fulfill the client requirements. Our developers are expertise in Custom Website Development, Bespoke Website Development, Flash Website Development, PHP Web Development, ASP.Net Development, E-commerce and Online Store Development, Web Portal Development, Wordpress, Joomla, Magneto, Moodle, and other Open Source Development providing best quality web services in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Bristol, Manchester, Leicester, Cardiff, Derby, England, Scotland, Wales, UK.


Why to choose Laravel framework?   


It is safe to say that you are searching for a PHP web application created for your startup and pondering which framework to choose? Indeed, Laravel is a decent decision which is an open source PHP framework. It is extremely well known and its imaginative highlights settle on it the most ideal decision for a powerful and responsive application development. Laravel offers various advantages to designers and devices to manufacture an assortment of web applications for little and huge measured organizations. If you are searching for best Laravel developers to boost your business, then you can get in touch with us.


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As a leading app development company » , Techugo team ensures to offer the tailored app solution for the different set of industries and the businesses across the globe. The only motive behind our dedication is to attain the client satisfaction, through every possible mode. We are a team of highly-skilled app developers and designers, who constantly upgrade their expertise to keep a pace with the on-going technological demands in the current tech-thirsty world. Website: – » Address:- Manama, Bahrain Email:- » Phone Number:- +91 966-713-4400


IT Programme Support Technician - Fast Genetics - Saskatoon, SK   


Experience on at least one programing or scripting language such as Perl, C++, Python, PHP or Java; This position will report to the Senior Software.
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PHP scripts mall like to introduce the new Codecanyon Clone Script template script for the users to develop the best websites with unique classy templates in quick time, this script is mainly developed for the user request to develop the site in shortening time with highly qualified custom templates. In this Codecanyon Script we likely introduce our customized templates with unlimited listings of categories, this script is highly recommended for the business or professionals who are like to develop the site for their business in leisure amount of time, it is the single store marketplace templates script where the users can get all the customized templates with their easy online payment transactions. In the Themeforest Clone Script, the new visitor can register their account by submitting the mail id and password, after successful log-in the user can find the unlimited listings of the templates with the category, the user can search their favorite one by entering the name on the advanced search bar filter, category etc. In the center of the Themeforest Script the total marketplace members, products for sale, market shop are visible, the user can make their favorite template by booking the script or ordering the template to the cart. Digital marketplace script the user can make the online payment through the secure online payment gateway, the admin can act as the master of managing the site with advanced management, the vendors, users account and management settings are can be viewed by the admin, in this Envato Script the user can make the membership plan and it is managed by the admin. The admin can add or decline the user accounts, products post, reviews, and ratings etc. Since we are providing the services all around the globe with the user fulfillment and requirement. It is a mandatory business portfolio site for the marketplace vendors to gain profit in the business which will help you the high return on investment. User Demo: Document Download: Mail id: Make free dial to us: (IND) – (+91) 9841300660 (USA) – (+1) 325 200 4515 (UK) – (+44)203 290 5530.


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~~~ Based in San Francisco: 44 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94104 Text: 1-415-617-9290 ~~~ Don't wait another minute and text your technical challenge to: 1-415-617-9290 No problem is too big or small. ~~~ Whether you want a website from scratch, need to make changes to an already existing website or need some other technical support. 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