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Worldwide spending on security products and services set to reach $151.2 billion in 2023   


"Considering there have been many attempts for hackers to acquire funds from banks, the banking industry is expected to spend the most on security solutions."


Hackers vinculados con China espían mensajes SMS con el malware MessageTap   


Hackers patrocinados por China están atacando las redes de telecomunicaciones para interceptar los mensajes SMS que contienen palabras clave que giran en torno a los disidentes políticos. Los investigadores han descubierto un nuevo malware para espionaje utilizado por el grupo relacionado con China APT41. El malware intercepta el tráfico del servidor SMS de telecomunicaciones y […]


Vacancy Ethical Hacker / Penetration tester   


Vacancy Ethical Hacker / Penetration tester


Backdoor Could Be Used On Microsoft SQL Without Detection   


If you haven't heard of Skip-2.0 yet, prepare to be dismayed. Security researchers have recently discovered an undocumented (until now) backdoor designed for Microsoft SQL servers. It will allow a hacker working ...


Sieht so iOS 14 aus?   


Ein Youtuber namens Hacker 34 hat sein Konzept eines iOS 14 verfilmt, das nicht nur eine überarbeitete Darstellung der Telefon-App zeigt sondern auch für das iPhone einen Split-Screen einführt, den es bisher nicht gibt.


Backdoor Could Be Used On Microsoft SQL Without Detection   


If you haven't heard of Skip-2.0 yet, prepare to be dismayed. Security researchers have recently discovered an undocumented (until now) backdoor designed for Microsoft SQL servers. It will allow a hacker working ...


Are Hackers Using Popular Assistant Devices To Listen To Users?   


The utility of virtual assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Google Home are undeniable.  They're just genuinely handy devices to have around. Unfortunately, they're also prone to abuse and exploits by hackers and ...


RobbinHood Ransomware Another Reason To Back Up Your Systems   


The creators of the dreaded 'Robbinhood' ransomware strain are putting their reputation to work for them.  The hackers have recently modified their ransom note in a couple of important ways. First and ...


Google asks mobile security vendors to help keep hackers out of the Play Store   


Google announced Wednesday it would work with multiple cybersecurity companies to better secure the Google Play Store, which hackers have repeatedly used to distribute malicious software. Google’s decision to collaborate with ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium is an acknowledgement of the challenges of securing the Play Store and the countless devices that interact with it. Each company has distinguished itself by releasing research detailing how hackers are using mobile apps to spread nefarious code. Google will integrate its Google Play malware detection systems with each of those companies’ anti-virus scanning engines. That will allow the companies to do an extra layer of vetting before an app appears in the Play Store. In announcing the App Defense Alliance, as the partnership is known, Google acknowledged that the current processes for reporting malicious apps in and out of the Play Store “aren’t designed to scale.” With over 2.5 billion Android devices in use, the scale […]

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Amid NSA warning, attacks on Confluence have risen in recent weeks   


The National Security Agency’s recent warning about nation-state actors exploiting a vulnerability affecting Confluence wasn’t merely a delayed confirmation of information that the cybersecurity community already had on its radar. It also appears to tip off new exploitation of the vulnerability — hackers have been dramatically stepping up the pace and persistence of their attacks on the popular workplace collaboration software in recent weeks, according to new private sector research obtained by CyberScoop. The attackers are using a vulnerability that Confluence warned about this spring, according to data from Trend Micro’s TippingPoint technology. And while the NSA issued an advisory last week about the bug, it only says nation-state hackers “have exploited” and “could” exploit the vulnerability, not going so far as to say there has been a recent uptick in attacks. New information suggests now that the agency had specific reasons to share the guidance this fall: Starting in late September, just weeks before the NSA made its announcement, hackers began exploiting the vulnerability […]

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Inside the FBI's quiet 'ransomware summit'   


In March, officials in sparsely populated Jackson County, Georgia, made a painful decision. Rather than rebuild their networks from scratch, they paid $400,000 to hackers to get the county’s data back. The six-figure amount — eclipsed by a nearly $600,000 payment made by a Florida city in June — is symptomatic of a much larger problem. Across the U.S., poorly secured businesses, local governments, and schools have lost millions of dollars to attackers who can cheaply buy access to ransomware-as-a-service kits on underground forums. The problem is by some measures growing more acute: Over 100 public-sector ransomware attacks have been reported in 2019 alone, double the amount in 2018. To help stem the tide of file-locking attacks, the FBI quietly convened the country’s top ransomware experts in an unprecedented, closed-door conference in September. The briefings, which occurred over two days, were a recognition by law enforcement officials that their ability to […]

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Fake ransomware named after Donald Trump tries to trick victims out of a buck   


Donald Trump can add ransomware to the list of things named after him, thanks to scammers who again have demonstrated how current events create opportunities to steal data. Security researchers from Cisco’s Talos threat intelligence team on Tuesday published findings explaining how hackers are using the likeness of the president, his predecessor and other political figures to dupe victims into paying up. Numerous ransomware attacks, screenlockers and remote access trojans are named after Trump, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin. It’s the latest evidence that digital miscreants will use any trending topics to woo potential victims. “One of the unexpected aspects of the investigation was the presence of lures that dropped malware associated with multiple nation-state attacks in the past, showing how even advanced, sophisticated adversaries will use any means to achieve their nefarious goals,” researchers wrote. The scammers’ emails mention the world leaders to catch victims’ attention, or […]

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Alleged Capital One hacker Paige Thompson to be released before trial   


Paige Thompson will be free to move throughout the Seattle area before her case goes to trial. The accused Capital One hacker is scheduled to be released from jail Tuesday after a judge determined the 33-year-old defendant does not pose enough of a threat to the community to warrant her incarceration. Thompson, who is transgender, was arrested in July for allegedly hacking Capital One to access information about 106 million people, and has been held in a men’s detention center in Seattle in the months since. U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik previously told attorneys he was “very concerned” about whether Thompson would receive adequate mental health treatment from the Bureau of Prisons, citing previous cases in which trans inmates have resorted to self-harm behind bars. The former Amazon Web Services software engineer is charged with computer fraud and abuse and wire fraud in connection with a breach at Capital One. Prosecutors say […]

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Shiv Sena leader said that Uddhav Thackeray hasn't received any proposal from BJP over government formation in Maharashtra   


Shiv Sena leader said that Uddhav Thackeray hasn
Reportedly amid reports of a BJP delegation meeting Maharashtra governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari on Thursday, sources said that a resolution to the BJP-Shiv Sena stalemate over government formation in Maharashtra is expected and a new dispensation may take office before the term of the outgoing Assembly ends on 9 November.


Florida officials remain mum on election security breaches. (AP)   


Florida officials remain mum on election security breaches. (AP)By BOBBY CAINA CALVAN
November 1, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida officials vowed transparency in securing next year’s elections but are continuing to shed little light on how Russian hackers infiltrated systems in at least two Florida counties .

During a news conference in Tallahassee on Friday with state and federal officials, Florida Secretary of State Laurel Lee again hoped to reassure Floridians of the integrity of the state’s voting systems.

The state launched — and completed — a review of its elections systems, she said, and poured millions of dollars into beefing up elections security leading into next year’s nationally crucial elections.

“We now have additional information, more thorough information and are prepared to bolster and support that infrastructure in any way that is necessary in advance of 2020,” she said.

However, lingering questions about Russian hacking during the 2016 election cycle continue to cloud those efforts.

Ever since special counsel Robert Mueller’s report mentioned that a server of at least one Florida county had been breached, questions have persisted about how the breaches occurred and which counties were infiltrated.

Subsequent reports, later confirmed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, indicate that hackers broke into voting systems in at least two Florida counties.

Lee and other officials have declined to identify those counties, as she did again Friday. Lee says precaution is being taken to protect against further vulnerabilities.

Federal investigators have ordered elected officials who’ve been briefed on the breaches not to publicly identify the counties.

Although the state’s review of statewide election systems have been completed, Lee said, her ability to share details may be limited.

“It is important to remember that specific information about defensive measures or cyberthreat indicators cannot be shared publicly, as that would weaken our security posture,” Lee said. “That is the type of information our adversaries could in fact use to attack our infrastructure.”

U.S. Attorney Lawrence Keefe, whose jurisdiction covers northern Florida, convened the news conference, allowing officials from various federal, state and local agencies to describe their role in the elections-security effort.

“Over the next 12 months leading up to the 2020 election, we will be working relentlessly together so the people of Florida can have faith that their votes will count,” Keefe said.

Keefe and other officials declined to answer questions at the news conference, leaving that task to Lee.


AD Season 4 Episode 3 - Kurtis plays Binding of Issac   


Jack and Joel host friend of the show Kurtis! We ramble about an amateur hacker up north, is Binding of Issac a bullet hell? Second half we talk about our D&D campaign and some other topics whatever we want!


Ce concept d'iOS 14 a de l'allure   


Entre les bugs et les fonctions manquantes, le lancement d'iOS 13 a été pour le moins compliqué. Pour son successeur, on aimerait qu'Apple prenne le temps de se retourner et d'investir des ressources dans la stabilisation et l'optimisation du système, plutôt que d'empiler les nouveautés n'importe comment. Une stratégie empruntée avec iOS 12 et cela lui avait plutôt bien réussi. Mais que cela n'empêche pas d'imaginer dès à présent quelques améliorations. Dans son concept d'iOS 14, The Hacker 34 n'a pas cherché à réinventer le système, mais plutôt à intégrer des fonctions attendues de longue date, comme la possibilité de choisir des apps par défaut, d'afficher l'heure et des complications en permanence, de passer facilement d'un utilisateur à un autre, ou encore de... Lire la suite sur MacGeneration


Q&A With Board Member Ron Alphin   


Continuing our Q&A series with members of the MPSA Board of Directors is Ron Alphin, ABM Federal.

Q: How long have you been involved in the MPSA and in what role/s?  

A: I first became a member of MPSA in 2009.  I immediately joined the newly formed Standards committee as the first group was formedI served as a member for the first four years, then as Chair for next two years, and have been its Executive Sponsor ever since.  This is my third consecutive term as a Board Member.

Q: What experience do you bring to this role?

A: I started in the in the imaging industry 12 years ago. The first two years were for a Canon dealership. I started there selling copiers, and then moved to their new roles selling managed print services and managed network services.

I then went to a national distributor, Supplies Network, for eight years.  They were just starting to build their MPS program and needed someone to build out sales and operational infrastructure. After we got the program established and growing, we migrated the sales to general sales members and focused them on just MPS, and I moved to fully build out efficiency and delivery of operational components of service, supplies, contracts, and software components. 

I then moved to a supplies and parts remanufacturer, LMI Solutions, for a year and a half to focus on their operational delivery solutions around their MPS program. 

Most recently I have taken on the buildout of the MPS solutions for a government-focused reseller, ABM Federal, where I am focusing on all services and solutions for the federal government.

Q: What changes or opportunities are you seeing in MPS that excite you the most?

A: In general, I love to see companies focusing more on the software and true solutions around managing documents and information. It’s exciting to see this evolution beyond the early days of just focusing on the devices and supplies. 

Specifically to my new role and company, I am very excited with the opportunity to bring MPS and other solutions to the government space.  Due to the strict requirements around information and security, and their very structure, they have been slow in their adoption of the type of efficiency and cost savings solutions like MPS can provide. They are where the commercial market was about eight years ago.

Lastly, I am excited with all the options that exist for providers today.  It is much easier to partner, or even build and deliver your own solutions today than it has ever been. 

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time when you're not at work?

A: As I grow older, it has become easier for me to understand the most important things in life, and time with my family and friends is very fulfilling.  However, those that know me well know I enjoy cigars, beverages, beach, and to chase my errant golf shots as a true hacker.


Thousands of QNAP NAS devices have been infected with the QSnatch malware    


Hackers have infected thousands of network-attached storage (NAS) devices from Taiwanese vendor QNAP with a new strain of malware named QSnatch. Over 7,000 infections have been reported in Germany ...


Evil:ONE #2 Continúa la aventura de hacking y superhéroes en @0xWord #Comics #armatura @calicooficial    


Como sabéis, desde hace un tiempo editamos y publicamos algunos cómics en 0xWord Cómics. Y dentro del Universo Armatura de Jerry Finger tenemos ya publicados el Tomo Recopilatorio del Universo Armatura, además de haber sacado el tercer número de La Elite hace poco. Pero también tenemos una miniserie de tres números llamada Evil:ONE en la que el protagonista, Ed, es un hacker que se topa con el mundo de los superhéroes en primera persona... en su propia ciudad de Móstoles.

Figura 1: Evil:ONE #2 Continúa la aventura de hacking y superhéroes en 0xWord

Pues bien, desde ayer por la tarde tienes disponible la segunda parte de esta miniserie publicada en 0xWord Cómics. Así que puedes comprar ya Evil:ONE #2 y continuar con la aventura que terminará en la siguiente parte.
Hacer cómics a esta escala es más un placer personal que otra cosa, así que la tirada que tiene este número es también pequeña, con 100 copias, así que si quieres una de ellas tendrás que darte prisa. Además, tienes la posibilidad de apoyar este proyecto comprándote alguna pegatina de Armatura, de Cálico, pósters, etcétera o la camiseta molona esa que utilizo yo de Evil:One y el gran Krespo en sus conciertos.

Además de estos cómics de superhéroes sabes que también hemos editado Hacker Épico Deluxe Edition, que es un cómic precioso que recoge toda la acción del "thriller" tecnológico que publicamos en el libro de "Hacker Épico".
Y nuestra última incursión en el mundo del cómic ha sido la publicación del tomo con todas las Tiras de Cálico Electrónico. Ayer nos fuimos a cenar Salva Espín, Arturo González Campos, Nikotxan y yo, y además de firmarle unos ejemplares a ellos nos dejó tres cómics firmados para los primeros que los compren hoy en 0xWord.

Y esto es todo. Gracias a todos los que habiendo crecido seguís manteniendo ese espíritu joven dentro que os permite seguir disfrutando de las viñetas de un cómic en las manos. Podéis contar conmigo entre vosotros.

Saludos Malignos!


Sena MLAs authorise Uddhav to take 'final call' on Maha govt formation   


The Shiv Sena MLAs on Thursday authorised party chief Uddhav Thackeray to take a "final decision" on government formation in Maharashtra. Thackeray c...


No talks between Bhagwat, Uddhav yet: Raut   


There have been no talks yet between Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat and Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray on government formation i...


Resort politics? Sena MLAs moved to hotel   


After the meeting of the Sena MLAs at Uddhav Thackeray's residence 'Matoshree', all the legislators went to Rangsharda Hotel, close to the party chief...


11/7/2019: News: Police sorry for privacy breach   


Police have apologised to blogger Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury after officers investigating hacker Rawshark used a loophole in the Privacy Act to access his private information. It is the third apology and settlement from police after the 2014...


Influencers Pay Thousands to Get Back Into Their Hacked Instagram Accounts   


A white hat hacker who used to help for free is now charging hacked influencers to help them regain access to their accounts.


Setback to BJP: Sena MLAs back Uddhav on power-sharing   


Setback to BJP: Sena MLAs back Uddhav on power-sharing   Mumbai:  In yet another dampener for the Bharatiya Janata Party, Shiv Sena legislators unanimously endorsed party President Uddhav Thackeray’s stand on government formation on the basis of 50:50 power-sharing formula, here on Thursday. The party’s legislators, who were summoned for an urgent meeting by Thackeray […]

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훌륭한 개발 문화의 이면(7) – 잉여력이냐 vs. 효율성이냐   


많은 분들이 며칠 전 글을 읽고서 나머지 새 이야기를 빨리 보여달라는 피드백이 있어서 3년만에(?) 연재를 마치려고 합니다. 연재 마지막 글도 많은 성원 부탁드립니다.

소프트웨어 개발이라는 일은 높은 생산성을 이루기 위한 다양한 고려 사항이 있습니다. 코딩 작업이 무작정 시간만 투여한다고 해서 훌륭한 결과물이 나오지 않을 뿐더러  기술 리더 및 관리자의 역량과 기술 도입 선택 과정에서 생산성의 차이가 확연하게 달라집니다. 뿐만 아니라 중요한 기술 변곡점을 파악하여 회사의 운명을 바꿀 최고 의사 결정자가 누구냐에 따라 기업의 운명까지 좌우됩니다.

우리가 시간과 비용 그리고 역할과 책임을 효율적으로 나누어서 하는 업무의 방정식이 개발 업무에는 해당되지 않는 경우가 많습니다. 어찌 보면 비효율적이고 중복으로 보이는 소위 잉여력(剩餘力)이라고 부르는 요소를 개발 문화에 적용했을 때, 반대로 개발 생산성이 높아지는 것을 목격할 수 있었습니다.

이번 글에서는 개발팀 업무 방식, 신기술 도입, 사내 CTO의 역할 등에서 어떻게 하면 장기적인 기술 변화에 민감한 조직을 생산성에 맞추어 운영할 수 있을지 살펴보겠습니다.

■ 관리자와 엔지니어 수평적인 경력 나누기
우리 나라 IT 기업에서는 관리자로서 우수한 역량을 가진 사람 보다도 개발 능력이 뛰어나 팀 내에서 존경 받는 사람을 개발 팀장으로 승진시키는 것을 자주 보게 됩니다. 스타트업이 회사 규모가 빠르게 커질 때, 외부 사람을 영입하는 부담이 있기 때문에 내부에서 해결하는 방편으로 이런 오류를 범하기도 합니다. 저도 첫 직장에서 2년만에 개발팀장이 되고, 그 이후 2년만에 기술 이사(CTO)의 역할을 하게 되었습니다. 제가 관리자로서 역량이 있는지 검증도 되지 않았고, 준비도 되지 않은 상태였지요. Daum 같은 큰 회사에서도 우수한 개발 능력이 있던 사람을 승진의 수단으로 팀장이 시키는 경우가 많았습니다. (최근에는 일정 규모의 스타트업에서는 경험 있는 관리자를 팀장 혹은 기술 임원으로 외부에서 영입하는 경우가 있습니다. )

개발 능력만 좋았던 초보 개발 팀장들이 겪는 많은 시행 착오가 있습니다. 가끔 과거에 하던 대로 코드를 계속 만져서 팀원과 불화가 생기기도 합니다. 팀원들은 팀장이 더 이상 개발에 관여하기 보다 팀원의 업무를 조정하고 외부 팀과 원활히 소통하며 의사 결정을 해서 효율적으로 팀을 운영하는 데 집중해 주길 바라기 때문입니다. 자신이 개발 능력이 뛰어났다 보니 외부에 안된다 라는 말을 못하고, 정작 일을 해야 할 팀원의 능력을 고려하지 않은데 그동안 해 오던 습관대로 업무 지시를 하달(?)하는 경우도 생깁니다. 이럴 때, 팀장 되더니 사람 변했다는 이야기를 듣게 되기 십상입니다.

대부분 글로벌 IT 회사는 개발자 경력 경로에 관리자(Manager) 트랙과 IC (Individual Contributor)트랙이 나눠져 있고, 개발팀에는 두 가지 역할 사이의 협력으로 운영됩니다. 매니저와 IC는 각 레벨에 맞는 독자적인 업무가 주어져 있고, 레벨 간 승진도 그에 따른 평가로 이루어집니다. 외국 회사에서 레벨이란 직무를 정하고 연봉을 나눠 주는 구간의 의미만 있지 수직적인 관계가 아니기 때문에 수평적인 협력이 일반적입니다.

즉, 팀 내에 개발 일정과 업무 조정 및 보고 등 일상 관리 업무를 담당하는 관리자와 기술적인 의사 결정과 팀원 멘토링, 코드 리뷰 등을 담당하는 기술 리더(Principal Engineer 혹은 Architect)를 두는 것은 매우 중요합니다. 이 두 가지 영역을 한 사람이 다 잘할 수 있을 것이고, 따로 두는 것이 비효율적이라고 생각하는 경우가 많습니다. 하지만, 둘 다 잘하는 사람은 거의 없고, 있더라도 여러분 회사에 없을 가능성이 훨씬 높습니다. 팀 내 리더쉽의 불일치로 인한 개발 생산력 저하는 꽤 치명적일 수 있습니다.

Daum에서도 팀 내에 개발팀장과 몇몇의 기술 리더를 따로 두도록 독려했습니다. 하지만, 수평 문화를 고수하기 위해 레벨 제도 없이 팀원-팀장-임원 등 직책을 단순화 해 두었기에 주로 시니어 엔지니어가 맡고 있는 기술 리더라는 자리가 팀원 중에 하나다 보니 직무를 수행해야 하는 동기 부여가 전혀 되지 않았습니다. 이 두 직군의 관계가 파트너 관계여야 하는데, 일부 팀의 경우 잘 동작하기도 했지만 수직적이 되는 경향을 막기도 힘들었습니다. 따라서, 중복적인 인력 배치처럼 보이지만 전사적으로 개발자 경력을 투-트랙으로 관리하는 것이 중요합니다.

■ 잉여력에 기반을 둔 유연한 신기술 도입
개발팀장들의 고민 중 하나는 팀 자원을 어떻게 효율적으로 배분하여 기존 업무를 하면서도 새로운 시도를 할 수 있도록 해 줄건가 하는 것입니다. 다른 팀이 보기에 새로운 시도는 남아 도는 것처럼 생각되니 마치 노는 것처럼 보입니다. 잉여력과 효율성은 보안성과 편의성처럼 트레이드 오프(Trade-off) 관계에 있다고 생각하기가 쉽습니다. 구글에서는 ‘직원 업무 시간의 20%를 창조적 프로젝트에 쏟도록 배려’하는 문화를 가지고 있다는 유명한 일화도 있습니다. (물론 구글 전 직원이던 마리사 메이어 야후! CEO가 허구라고 폭로를 했지만, 그녀의 엔지니어링 배경이 일천하다는 측면에서 CEO로서 차별화하기 위한 거짓이라고 생각합니다.)

출처: [Daum人 해커톤] “즐거운 상상의 나래를 펼치다” 블로터닷넷, 2012

저는 초보 개발 팀장들에게 개인이 아니라 오히려 팀 전체 자원의 20%를 여유롭게 운영하라고 조언해왔습니다. 팀원의 시간은 관리하기 어렵지만, 전체 팀의 자원은 관리할 수 있으니까요. 적어도 팀원 10명 중 2명은 여유롭게 서비스 운영 대신 신규 프로젝트를 하고, 개발 대신에 연구를 하도록 하는 것이죠. 외부의 어떤 압력이 와도 이 버퍼를 유지하는 것이 중요합니다. 팀장이 정말 중요하다고 판단됐을 때 이 자원을 활용할 수 있는 장점도 있습니다. 팀원들은 언젠가 그 20%의 업무를 하게 될 날을 기대하면서 재미없는(?) 운영 업무에 지치지 않을 수 있습니다. 유독 신기술을 미리 써보고 활용해 보길 좋아하는 개발자들에게 유용한 시간이면서 장기적으로 팀의 기술 선택에 도움이 되는 정보를 얻을 수 있기 때문입니다.

팀 내부 뿐만 아니라 Daum에서는 신기술이 어느 정도 궤도에 오르기 까지는 전사 콘트롤 타워를 만들지 않는 정책을 가지고 있었습니다. 개별 팀들이 특정 신기술을 스스로 공부하고 활용하여 이용하는 것을 막지 않았습니다. 어느 정도 규모를 가진 회사들은 사내 표준이라는 것을 만들고 이를 강제하는 것이 일반적입니다. 그게 개발 생산성을 높인다고 생각합니다. 공통 플랫폼팀이 제공하는 사내 라이브러리나 프레임워크의 권고안 정도는 제공하지만, 이를 강제하면 오히려 기술 유연성이 매우 낮아집니다.

Daum 내부 빅데이터 및 클라우드 기술 활용 사례- 윤석찬 (2012)

한참 하둡(Hadoop) 기반 빅데이터 플랫폼이 유행일 때, 다음 사내에서 하둡의 활용 빈도를 조사해 보니 20가지 이상의 프로젝트에서 다양하게 활용하고 있었습니다. 특정 팀에게 해당 기술을 총괄하도록 하기 보다는 팀간의 경험을 공유하는 사내 세미나를 개최하고, 사내 전문가 선정해서 도입하고자 하는 다른 팀에게 노하우를 전달하는 방식을 채택하였습니다. Daum 서비스는 주로 자바 플랫폼을 통해 개발하지만, 캘린더 서비스는 루비(Ruby)로 개발하였고 티스토리는 PHP를 통해 개발되고 있었습니다. 대부분의 백오피스 애플리케이션은 파이썬으로도 개발하며, 소스 콘트롤도 공식 서브버전 서버 뿐만 아니라 git를 함께 활용하기도 했습니다.

흔히 폴리그랏(Polyglot)이라고 불리는 이러한 개발 문화는 하루아침에 만들어 진 게 아니라 오랫동안 개발자과 그들의 업무 환경을 이해하고 성찰하는 과정에 나왔습니다. 아마존은 업무의 규모를 자체적인 운영이 가능한 도메인 단위로 잘게 쪼갠 후, 피자 두 판으로 한끼 식사를 할 수 있을 정도의 작은 개발팀을 구성하여 이들에게 모든 자율성을 부여하는 마이크로서비스(Microservices) 아키텍처와 투-피자(Two-Pizza)팀으로 조직 운영을 하는 것이 대표적이라 할 수 있습니다.

■ 비전가로서 최고 기술 임원(CTO)의 역할
기업의 최고 기술 임원(Chief Technology Officer, CTO)은 기술 직군의 꽃이라고 할 수 있습니다. 누구나 오르고 싶은 꿈을 꾸기도 하는 자리이기도 입니다. 대부분 CTO는 관리자 트랙으로 승진을 거쳐 오르거나 대규모 기술 조직을 이끈 경험이 있는 사람을 선호합니다. 그러다 보니, 기술적인 큰 그림을 그리기 보다는 일상적인 관리 업무가 대부분인 경우가 허다합니다. 팀이나 본부에서 해결되지 못한 많은 머리 아픈 복잡한 문제가 올라오는 자리이기도 합니다. 일반 개발자들은 CTO가 그런 일을 할거라고는 전혀 생각하지 못합니다.

스타트업에서 3년간 작은 조직의 처음 CTO 역할을 경험했는데, 회사의 사업에 변화에 영향을 줄 새로운 기술 기반 사업 모델을 구상하기 보다는 IT 기술 활용으로 빚어지는 법적 소송 부터 소소한 개발자들의 근태 및 불평 등을 계속 해결해야 했습니다. Daum으로 옮긴 후 11년 가까이를 CTO 직속팀으로 있으면서 총 5명의 CTO가 바뀌었는데, 그들의 일상 업무도 크게 다르지 않았습니다. 개발자로 시작해서 개발팀장, 본부장으로 승진한 새로운 CTO들은 반복되는 회의와 업무를 조정하는 관리자의 연장선에 있었습니다. (덕분에 기술적인 조언자 위치에 있었던 제가 사내 개발 문화와 대외 기술 전략 등을 고민하고 실행할 수 있었던 좋은 기회이기도 했습니다.)

앞서 말한 대로 글로벌 IT 기업에는 관리자와 개발자의 투-트랙으로 경력 관리를 합니다. 최정점에서는 VP of Engineering과 CTO가 존재하며, 이들은 전혀 다른 업무를 수행합니다.

클라우데라의 공동 창업자이자 CTO였던 Amr Awadallah의 What does a CTO do? (한국어 번역)라는 블로그 글을 보면, VP of Engineering이 통상적인 관리 업무를 맡는데 반해 CTO는 회사의 장기적인 기술 전략, 개발자들의 정신적 리더, 대외 에반젤리스트의 역할을 해야 한다고 합니다.  CTO는 내부 보다는 외부와 소통에 더 많은 시간을 쏟고, 사내 개발 문화의 건강한지 늘 확인하면서, 회사가 필요한 기술 변곡점을 적시에 확인하고 이를 다른 임원들과 공유하여 적절한 의사 결정을 내리도록 하는 것이 가장 중요한 업무입니다.

물론 회사에 따라 이러한 CTO 역할을 VP of Engineering의 다음 포지션으로 맡기도 하고, 엔지니어 트랙에서 명망을 얻은 사람이 수행하기도 합니다. (Amazon의 Werner Vogels 박사나 Microsoft의 Kevin Scott 등은 IC로서 일하는 대표적인 CTO 들입니다. 대형 행사의 강연과 팟캐스트, 유튜브 채널 등 다양한 외부 활동으로 회사의 기술 리더쉽을 전파합니다. )

출처: Defining roles: CTO and/or VP Engineering


사실 국내에서는 이러한 CTO 역할이 생소하여 쉽게 받아들이기 힘듭니다. 다만, 몇몇 IT 기업들이 개발자 관계(Developer Relations)의 중요성을 인식하면서 글로벌 개발 문화나 조직 운영 기법들을 이식하고 있는 경우도 많이 있기 때문에 변화가 있을 것입니다.

저는 많은 개발자들이 관리자가 아니라 별도의 트랙을 따라 수석 엔지니어나 아키텍트, 임원급에 해당하는 특임 엔지니어(Distinguished engineer), 펠로우(Fellow) 혹은 CTO의 역할을 수행하는 것을 보고 싶습니다. (물론 개발만 잘해서는 안되고, 기술적 배경, 트렌드를 보는 통찰력, 소통 능력, 프로젝트에 조언할 수 있는 능력이 함께 있어야겠지요.)

전통적인 IT 기업 뿐만 아니라 오늘날 대부분 일반 기업에서 IT와 기술을 중심으로 하지 않고는 변화하는 세상에 민첩하게 움직이는 비즈니스를 영위하기가 어려워졌습니다. 제조, 금융, 리테일 등 산업 분야의 강자들도 직접 SW 개발팀을 구성하는 일도 많아졌고요. 어찌 보면 개발 조직에 중복으로 관리 인력을 구성하고, 신기술 탐험을 위한 잉여 자원을 두고, 기술 비전을 보여 주는 롤 모델과 경력 트랙을 구성하는 것이 비효율적이고 이상해 보일 수 있지만, 초기에 훌륭한 개발 문화를 정착하는 데 중요한 초석이 될 것입니다.

이번 연재는 이것으로 끝내지만 개발자 비급(祕笈) – 1. 연봉은 실력의 결과가 아니다의 비급 시리즈는 계속 됩니다. 물론 언제 끝날지는 알 수 없지만…

연재 목차


מכללת האקריו, אקדמיה או לימוד עצמי? איפה כדאי ללמוד הייטק?   


מכללת "האקריו" תעזור לך להתקבל לעולם ההייטק. להלן 3 אופציות בדרך אל תחום ההייטק המתגמל – לימודים באקדמיה, לימוד עצמי או מסלול לימוד ב-HackerU הצומחת.


Una nueva generación de superhéroes llega con la novela póstuma de Stan Lee   


Carmen Naranjo

Madrid, 7 nov (EFE).- Una nueva generación de superhéroes está lista para luchar contra el mal y lo hace desde las páginas de la novela póstuma de la leyenda del cómic Stan Lee, 'padre' de personajes como Spider Man o Hulk, que llega a las librerías en España el próximo lunes, pocos días antes del primer aniversario de su muerte.

'Alliances. A Trick of Light', que llegará a Latinoamérica en la segunda quincena de noviembre, fue escrita por Stan Lee en colaboración con la periodista norteamericana Kat Rosenfield, antes de su fallecimiento a los 95 años el 12 de noviembre pasado en Nueva York.

Un mes antes de morir, Stan Lee sorprendió a los editores internacionales en la Feria del Libro de Fráncfort con el anuncio de su último proyecto, esta novela en la que aborda también temas que van desde las difíciles relaciones familiares a los riesgos de la tecnología invasiva, asegura la editorial.

La novela, cuya publicación en español forma parte de un lanzamiento mundial, incluye una introducción del creador de Marvel en la que recuerda cómo le fascinó la ciencia y los misterios 'del más allá' durante el proceso de creación de personajes como Los Cuatro Fantásticos y los X-Men.

Y despertó su curiosidad por la tecnología que permite jugar con la propia realidad y le planteó interrogantes que traslada a esta novela: '¿Qué es más real, el mundo en el que nacemos o el que nos creamos?'.

Al comenzar esta historia 'nos encontramos con una humanidad perdida dentro de su propia burbuja tecnológica, con la que cada ciudadano es el protagonista de su propia fantasía digital', señala Stan Lee en la introducción que escribió a este relato 'lleno de tentadoras tecnologías'.

En esta historia se presenta una nueva generación de héroes: son jóvenes y rebeldes, poseen superpoderes extraordinarios y no tienen miedo de usarlos.¿Su objetivo? Derrotar el mal que amenaza con destruir el planeta.

Nia y Cameron son estos héroes: Ella es una 'hacker' con mucho talento, pero se siente muy sola. Vive alejada del mundo con la sola compañía de un padre enigmático. El único modo que tiene para relacionarse con el exterior son las redes sociales pero la amistad virtual de un millón de desconocidos no llena ni de lejos el vacío que la envuelve.

Cameron tiene el sueño de triunfar en Youtube pero mientras graba un vídeo en un lago le sorprende un temporal que lo deja inconsciente. Y cuando despierta, ya no es el mismo porque tiene un sorprendente talento cibernético: la capacidad de controlar ordenadores y dispositivos electrónicos con la mente.

Ambos se unirán para usar sus poderes contra una oscura organización de recursos ilimitados que gestiona el mundo de la información desde la sombra.

Sus colaboradores en este proyecto, los escritores y cineastas Ryan Silbert y Luke Lieberman recuerdan también en el libro cómo Stan Lee dio el 'toque maestro' en la creación de 'Alliances', al decidir que aunque el mundo de ficción estaría repleto de tecnología del futuro, el núcleo de la historia sería 'tan humano y familiar al lector como un invitado a comer'.

Un nuevo universo de este creativo, editor y productor que en 1939 comenzó su carrera en el negocio de los cómics, con solo 17 años, en la Timely Comics, que más tarde se convirtió en Marvel Comics.

Fue en 1962 cuando Stan Lee y Jack Kirby crearon la familia de héroes compuesta por Los Cuatro Fantásticos y en los años siguientes fueron naciendo personajes como Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, los X-Men, Daredevil, el doctor Strange y el más famoso de Marvel, Spider Man. EFE


(Recursos de archivo en Código 9861609 y otros)


Certified Ethical Hacker - CEH V10 - Hippo Cyber Institute , Dubai    


Certified Ethical Hacker V10
A Certified Ethical Hacker is a skilled professional who understands and knows how to look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems and uses the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker, but in a lawful and legitimate manner to assess the security posture of a target system(s). The CEH credential certifies individuals in the specific network security discipline of Ethical Hacking from a vendor-neutral perspective.

Hippo Cyber Institute Premium CEH V10 Training program 
  • Officially EC-Council Accredited training Centre
  • Certified EC-Council Trainer with 8+ year of industrial training experience in more than 8 countries and delivered training to people from America, Canada, Brazil, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Angola, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Cameroon, Egypt, Syria, Australia, Hongkong, Mongolia, Philippines, Indian, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Argentine, Qatar, Tanzania, Lesotho, Seychelles, Afghanistan, Burundi, Sweden, Pakistan, Russia
  • Official EC-Council courseware material includes Book, Tools, & Exam Voucher
  • Official EC-Council Test Centre
  • Intense hands on training and demonstration
  • One free repeat training if not you are not ready for the exam
  • Exam tips, practice questions, and in-depth explanations
  • Post-training support
  • Exam Registration support
  • Exam cost of all the training are included
  • Refreshments
About the Program

Our security experts have designed over 140 labs which mimic real time scenarios in the course to help you “live” through an attack as if it were real and provide you with access to over 2200 commonly used hacking tools to immerse you into the hacker world.
As “a picture tells a thousand words”, our developers have all this and more for you in over 1685 graphically rich, specially designed slides to help you grasp complex security concepts in depth which will be presented to you in a 5 day hands on class by our Certified EC-Council Instructor.
The goal of this course is to help you master an ethical hacking methodology that can be used in a penetration testing or ethical hacking situation. You walk out the door with ethical hacking skills that are highly in demand, as well as the internationally recognized Certified Ethical Hacker certification! This course prepares you for EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker exam 312-50.

The Purpose of the CEH credential is to:
  • Establish and govern minimum standards for credentialing professional information security specialists in ethical hacking measures.
  • Inform the public that credentialed individuals meet or exceed the minimum standards.
  • Reinforce ethical hacking as a unique and self-regulating profession.
What is New in CEH Version 10 Course
  • Module 01: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Module 02: Footprinting and Reconnaissance
  • Module 03: Scanning Networks
  • Module 04: Enumeration
  • Module 05: Vulnerability Analysis
  • Module 06: System Hacking
  • Module 07: Malware Threats
  • Module 08: Sniffing
  • Module 09: Social Engineering
  • Module 10: Denial-of-Service
  • Module 11: Session Hijacking
  • Module 12: Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
  • Module 13: Hacking Web Servers
  • Module 14: Hacking Web Applications
  • Module 15: SQL Injection
  • Module 16: Hacking Wireless Networks
  • Module 17: Hacking Mobile Platforms
  • Module 18: IoT Hacking
  • Module 19: Cloud Computing
  • Module 20: Cryptography
About the Exam
  • Number of Questions: 125
  • Test Duration: 4 Hours
  • Test Format: Multiple Choice
  • Test Delivery: ECC EXAM, VUE
  • Exam Prefix: 312-50 (ECC EXAM), 312-50 (VUE)

Cost: 5000 AED

Duration: 40 Hours


Comment on Hackers For Hire by William Davidson    


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Nov. 6, 2019 HPI Daily Wire sponsored by Indiana Motor Truck Assn.   


INGOP TAKE RECORD 70 MAYORAL RACES: The Indiana Republican Party achieved a new record in this year’s municipal elections, ending the 2019 cycle with 70 Republican mayors throughout Indiana. This involved flipping 19 mayoral offices, including those in traditional Democrat strongholds Kokomo, Muncie, Logansport and Michigan City (Howey Politics Indiana). Some 17 mayors were defeated for reelection, joining three who lost in the primary.

DEMS HANG ON TO INDY, FORT WAYNE; MOVE IN SUBURBS: Indiana Democrats held on to the two largest city halls in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne where Mayor Tom Henry won an unprecedented fourth term with a landslide victory over Tim Smith, and picked up Elkhart with Rod Roberson’s defeat of former mayor Dave Miller. Joe Hogsett won a second term in the capital city, easily dispatching State Sen. Jim Merritt (Howey Politics Indiana). Democrats also made suburban gains with Emily Styron upsetting Zionsville Mayor Tim Haak, as well as picking up council seats in the Republican strongholds Carmel and Fishers.

PARRY UPSETS INDICTED MAYOR MEER: For the first time in 44 years, Michigan City has elected a Republican mayor. Duane Parry unseated incumbent Mayor Ron Meer in Tuesday’s election by just 76 votes (Mayes, Michigan City News-Dispatch). “It’s long overdue,” Parry said Tuesday while doing a victory lap at American Legion Skwiat Post 451.

LYNCH UPSETS MAYOR CANNON IN PORTAGE: Democrat Sue Lynch pulled ahead late in a tight race Tuesday night to unseat Republican Mayor John Cannon (Kasarda, NWI Times).

HENRY WINS HISTORIC 4TH TERM IN FORT WAYNE: In his biggest victory since 2007, Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry was elected to another four-year term Tuesday, making him the only mayor in city history to be elected to four consecutive terms in office (Gong, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette).

BENNETT STAVES OFF GOODWIN FOR 4TH TERM: Incumbent Republican Mayor Duke Bennett captured a historic fourth term in Tuesday’s Terre Haute municipal election, tying for the second-longest serving mayor in city history (Modesitt, Terre Haute Tribune-Star).

NEW HPI BUSINESS OFFICE CONTACTS: Howey Politics Indiana has new business office, subscription management and accounts payable/receivable contacts. Lisa Hounchell of 1up! is our new business manager. If you have subscription or account business with HPI, contact her at 765.452.3936 or via email at

BESHEAR WINS RAZOR THIN BOMBSHELL IN KY: Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear declared victory in Kentucky governor's race as he held a razor-thin margin over Republican incumbent Matt Bevin after Tuesday's election. But Bevin says don't be so sure (Louisville Courier-Journal).

DEMOCRATS PREVAIL IN VA LEGISLATURE: Republicans awoke Wednesday to a stark new political reality in Virginia after losing majorities in both chambers of the General Assembly, a sweeping defeat that solidifies Democratic control over the state capital for the first time in a generation (Washington Post).

SONDLAND CHANGES TESTIMONY; DESCRIBES QUID PRO QUO: A U.S. diplomat who is a key witness in the House impeachment probe told Ukrainians over the summer that aid to that country would continue to be held up until Kyiv committed to investigations that President Trump had been seeking, according to a revised statement to investigators (Wall Street Journal).

ELECTION EXPERTS FRET DEEP FAKE VIDEOS: Election officials and social media firms already flummoxed by hackers, trolls and bots are bracing for a potentially more potent weapon of disinformation as the 2020 election approaches — doctored videos, known as “deep fakes,” that can be nearly impossible to detect as inauthentic (Los Angeles Times).

HPI DAILY ANALYSIS: Some early take aways from the municipal elections: Across the small and mid-sized towns, the Indiana Republican Party remains very strong, with pickups in cities like Kokomo, Muncie, Logansport, and Peru. Democrats easily prevailed in the big cities, including a dominating performance in the Evansville council races despite Republican Mayor Winnecke's dominating win as well as Mayor Henry and Mayor Hogsett easily winning fourth and second terms. Democrats have to be buoyed by their encroachment in suburban Indianapolis, with that upset win in Zionsville by Emily Styron and winning council seats in Carmel and Fishers. We'll have the most comprehensive analysis you can find in Thursday's weekly HPI. Look for it around 9 tomorrow. - Brian A. Howey



FTC takes action against stalkerware company Retina-X   


[We've been covering the grimy, sleazy stalkerware industry for years, and so it's nice to see that the FTC is finally taking action against the worst of the worst actors -- pity that they're still getting it wrong, as EFF's Gennie Gephart and Eva Galperin explain in this Deeplinks post that I've mirrored below. -Cory]

The FTC recently took action against stalkerware developer Retina-X, the company behind apps Flexispy, PhoneSheriff, and Teenspy. The FTC settlement bars Retina-X from distributing its mobile apps until it can adequately secure user information and ensure its apps will only be used for “legitimate purposes.” But here’s the problem: there are simply no legitimate purposes for secret stalking apps.

Retina-X, and its own James N. Johns Jr., seem to have come to the FTC’s attention not necessarily for making stalkerware, but for making stalkerware poorly. The company has suffered multiple security breaches over the past several years, including attacks from “vigilante hackers” who deleted petabytes of the company’s data—essentially, data that stalking app users had collected through spying on spouses, children, employees, and other targets. The FTC alleged that the poor security was a deceptive practice, which the FTC has authority to regulate under Section V of the FTC Act.

In addition to requiring Retina X to demonstrate tighter security overall, the FTC alleged that the company violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which requires companies like Retina X to secure information—especially the kind of sensitive information Retina-X’s apps collect, like physical location and online activities—from children under 13. Read the rest


20 товаров с AliExpress, которые помогут создать новогоднее настроение   


20 tovarov s AliExpress, kotorye pomogut sozdat' novogodnee nastroenieСвитер с оленями, кружка-снеговик, миниатюрные ёлочки и другие крутые вещи, которые добавят в рабочие будни немного праздника.


Бешеные деньги и никакой личной жизни: как на самом деле живут стартаперы   


5 заблуждений о жизни предпринимателейСобственное дело меняет стиль жизни и даже мышление предпринимателя. Но не всегда таким радикальным образом, как кажется многим людям, далёким от мира бизнеса. Развеем основные мифы о жизни бизнесменов.


Netflix перестанет работать на некоторых телевизорах Samsung уже в декабре   


Netflix перестанет работать на некоторых телевизорах Samsung уже в декабреКак проверить, будет ли работать на вашем.


Как правильно: выберете или выберите   


Всё зависит от наклонения глагола.


AliExpress и не только: самые интересные находки дня   


В сегодняшнем выпуске — скидки на Xiaomi Mi 9T, Cubot Max 2, электронику, книги и другие товары.


8 блюд, за которые вам должно быть стыдно   


Продукты могут быть взаимозаменяемыми — но далеко не всегда. Рассказываем, почему лучше не добавлять помидоры в борщ, лазанью и другие популярные блюда, и как готовить их правильно.


В какое время года лучше покупать загородную недвижимость   


В какое время года лучше покупать загородную недвижимостьВыберите правильный сезон, чтобы сэкономить и как следует изучить особенности дома.


Как понять, что ваш ребёнок — гений   


Как понять, что ваш ребёнок — генийКакими бы хорошими ни были природные задатки, неправильное воспитание может их задавить. Что, если ваш ребёнок — будущий успешный предприниматель, экономист или IT-специалист? Почитайте про 10 признаков маленького гения, которые стоит развивать и поощрять.


Как понять, что вам пора заняться спортом   


Как понять, что вам пора заняться спортомНесколько простых тестов покажут, насколько вы себя запустили.


Как приготовить настоящий суп харчо   


Kak prigotovit' sup harcho kak v GruziiПопробуйте классическое блюдо или разнообразьте его вкус.


Подкаст Лайфхакера: 9 хитрых глаголов, которые выставят вас безграмотным   


Подкаст Лайфхакера: 9 хитрых глаголов, которые выставят вас безграмотнымЗапомните эти слова, чтобы не попасть впросак.


Как реагировать на негативные отзывы клиентов   


Как реагировать на негативные отзывы клиентов в соцсетяхДаже плохие отзывы можно обратить на пользу репутации компании, если правильно с ними работать.


3 совета для тех, кто стал слишком забывчив   


Советы для забывчивыхОтрывок из книги японского нейрохирурга Такаси Цукияма «Забывчивость — моё второе… что-то там» о проблемах мозга, связанных с современной жизнью.


Во сколько дети начинают говорить и как им помочь   


Когда дети начинают говорить и как им помочьЕсли ребёнку уже 15 месяцев, а первое слово так и не прозвучало, это тревожный сигнал.


Что подарить маме на Новый год   


Подарки для мамы на Новый годПодарки, которые порадуют самого дорогого человека и сделают жизнь проще.


Handelsblatt-Tagung Cybersecurity: Angriff auf Ransomware: Der Mann, der die Hacker hackt   


Attacken mit Schadsoftware nehmen rasant zu. IT-Spezialist Fabian Wosar erschwert Cyberkriminellen die Arbeit – dafür zahlt er persönlich einen hohen Preis.


Hacker B20 12L motor and g/box with Hacker/Jeti master 30-3p esc   


Hacker B20 12L motor with Hacker/Jeti master 30-3p esc in reasonable condition


Inside The Microsoft Team Tracking The World's Most Dangerous Hackers   


From Russian Olympic cyberattacks to billion-dollar North Korean malware, how one tech giant monitors nation-sponsored hackers everywhere on earth.


Most Common Industries Targeted by Phishing Attacks   


We hear about data breaches and hacks on big companies on a near daily basis and most people assume these cyber-attacks are being conducted by sophisticated actors using complex hacking tools. The truth is; most hacks are quite simple. Hackers…

The post Most Common Industries Targeted by Phishing Attacks appeared first on Alliant Cybersecurity.


Shiv Sena stays resolute in their demands: Uddhav Thackeray to take final call on Maharashtra government formation   


Thursday marks the 13th day of negotiations between the Shiv Sena and its ally BJP over the issue of government formation in Maharashtra, continuing a political deadlock in the state.


Backdoor Could Be Used On Microsoft SQL Without Detection   


If you haven't heard of Skip-2.0 yet, prepare to be dismayed. Security researchers have recently discovered an undocumented (until now) backdoor designed for Microsoft SQL servers. It will allow a hacker working ...


Are Hackers Using Popular Assistant Devices To Listen To Users?   


The utility of virtual assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Google Home are undeniable.  They're just genuinely handy devices to have around. Unfortunately, they're also prone to abuse and exploits by hackers and ...


RobbinHood Ransomware Another Reason To Back Up Your Systems   


The creators of the dreaded 'Robbinhood' ransomware strain are putting their reputation to work for them.  The hackers have recently modified their ransom note in a couple of important ways. First and ...


Mw3 Hackers! 60000 PUNTOS POR BAJA ! PS3   


Partida hackeada en dominio warfare 3 600000 por muerte, hackers de super salto, salir de mapa, Like y Fav si […]


National: Feds and police are war-gaming all the ways an election can be hacked | Joseph Marks/The Washington Post   


As voters head to the polls today in Virginia's odd-year contest, federal officials and local police are war-gaming how adversaries could disrupt next year's contest without hacking any election systems at all. Officials from the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Secret Service are working with cops in Arlington to game out how to respond if hackers from Russia or elsewhere in 2020 disrupt electricity at polling places, shut down streetlights, or hijack radio and TV stations to suppress voter turnout and raise doubts about election results. They'll also test how to respond if adversaries launch social media campaigns to incite fights at polling places -- or to spread rumors about riots or violence that deter people from going out to vote. Cybersecurity experts and academics will play the mock hackers, lobbing new challenges at officials throughout the day. The exercise underscores how hackers could destroy public faith in an election’s outcome without changing any votes. And that’s particularly concerning because many of these potential targets are far more vulnerable than voting machines. “If you can prevent people from getting to the polls … if you can effectively disenfranchise certain segments of the population, that's far more disruptive to the republic than taking out a few voting machines,” Sam Curry, chief security officer at Cybereason, the company organizing the war game, told me.


Illinois: State Elections Board: ‘We’re Under Constant Threat’ from Foreign Interference | Paris Schutz/WTTW   


The 2020 election is just under a year away, and both federal and state election authorities say the threat of foreign interference is ramping up. Illinois was one of several states whose election infrastructure was attacked by Russians in 2016, and officials say they’ve made big changes to make sure it doesn’t happen again. But can voters be sure the new measures will work? The Illinois State Board of Elections says it has received $13.2 million in federal aid since 2016 to deal with foreign interference. As outlined in the Mueller report, Russian hackers successfully breached an Illinois voter database that included information such as names, addresses and voter registration status. The breach affected 76,000 Illinois voters, but the board says there is no evidence that hackers manipulated any of that information to try and change voter registration status and, ultimately, impact the outcome of the election. But they say it was a wakeup call.


Europe: On the front line in Europe’s war against Russian election interference | Ellie Zolfagharifard/The Telegraph   


The hackers who fought against Russia in the first ever nationwide cyber attack are today hailed as heroes. “I’ve been to parties where people would discuss how they fought in the cyber war,” says Pactum’s Kristjan Korjus, with a combination of pride and envy. “They had to try to get to the main server rooms and hack for several days and nights… it was really cool.” It may not sound as dramatic as aiming a gun on a battlefield, but the work of these cyber warriors was crucial in thwarting a Russian assault that could have brought down a nation. Today, as the UK prepares for a General Election, Estonia believes Britain can learn from its efforts in defending against online attacks and misinformation. “This is a country that is on the front line of digital warfare,” says Scott Dodson, Lingvist’s chief growth officer, who moved from Seattle to Tallinn several years ago. “It’s kind of a fact of life that, you know, I don't think people in the UK or the US really appreciate... essentially this region is kind of a firewall [against Russian attacks].” That’s partly thanks to Nato’s Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, codenamed K5, which sits in the shadow of grey Soviet high-rises in the suburbs of Tallinn.   Surrounded by barbed wire and armoured trucks, K5 looks like something out of a spy film. "We get people asking if they can tour this as part of their stag party all the time," laughs Aari Lemmik, who heads up the centre's communications team. 


Virgin Media's deal with Vodafone highlights the opportunity 5G presents for MVNO deals   


UK communications company Virgin Media inked a five-year deal with Vodafone to transition its mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service, called Virgin Mobile, onto Vodafone's wireless network, per a company release. Global Mobile Network Peak Usage Timeline

Currently, Virgin Mobile uses BT Enterprise's network for its mobile service, but that deal will end in 2021, at which point the MVNO's 3 million customers will transition to Vodafone's network. As part of the new partnership, Virgin Media additionally plans to launch a 5G service with Vodafone before 2021. 

As an MVNO, Virgin Mobile relies on another telecom's network infrastructure to provide connectivity by leasing bandwidth. MVNO deals allow telecoms to derive additional revenue from their networks by leasing out unused network capacity. And for MVNOs, the deals allow them to offer competitive, lower-cost data and voice rates than their traditional telecom counterparts because they avoid the costs of maintaining their own network infrastructure.

This low-cost approach ultimately lets MVNOs sell mobile services to customers priced out of other telecom's offerings or who simply wish to pay less for services. The major drawback of this strategy is that MVNOs are reliant on partners — who are also competitors — for service provision and continuity.

The commercialization of 5G gives telecoms an opportunity to win over new MVNO deals as they reconsider their options in light of the next-generation networks. MVNOs are continuously on the lookout for the best deal that allows them to offer the widest reaching network for the lowest price. For instance, MVNO Ting Mobile decided to switch its US service from T-Mobile to Verizon after T-Mobile faced delays in its merger with Sprint, failing to offer the promised benefits of a combined network.

As telecoms begin to offer 5G services, it presents a natural stopping point for MVNOs to reassess carrier offerings. Telecoms that aim to attract or retain MVNOs should look to establish widely available 5G services to differentiate their networks from rivals. For instance, Virgin Media likely took into account Vodafone's wide international 5G presence that allows for 5G roaming, in addition to a likely lower price when switching from BT Enterprise.

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Kikkerland Webcam covers (set van 3)    


Webcam covers van Kikkerland. Set van drie covers om de webcam van computer, laptop of tablet af te schermen. Voorkom dat hackers meekijken. De webcamcover moet bevestigd worden over de webcam van het..


Amazon, Sony, Xiaomi, Samsung Devices Successfully Hacked at Pwn2Own Tokyo 2019   


A number of popular devices from the likes of Amazon, Netgear, Sony, Samsung, TP-Link, and Xiaomi were hacked by various white hat hacker teams as part of Pwn2Own Tokyo 2019 competition.


Un mystérieux hacker publie des profils d'utilisateurs du forum néonazi IronMarch   


Une aubaine pour les autorités de tous les pays, qui disposent désormais de plus d'éléments pour partir en chasse.


Russia and Iran: Beards (in the Medieval Sense) Are Back   


Here is a terrific example of how Russian cyber attackers skillfully sow confusion. The Financial Times reveals, “Russian Cyber attack Unit ‘Masqueraded’ as Iranian Hackers, UK Says.” A joint investigation by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre and the US’s National Security Agency reveals the espionage group first hacked an Iranian hacking group, then attacked […]


phillymike: BID whackers gone now, all of a sudden;   






敏腕クリエイターやビジネスパーソンに学ぶ仕事術「HOW I WORK」シリーズ。今回話を伺ったのは、米Lifehackerのスタッフ・ライター、ジョシュ・オカンポさんです。


#Amazon Ring doorbells exposed #Home Wi-Fi passwords to hackers    


Amazon fixed the vulnerability in all Ring deices in September, but the vulnerablity was only disclosed today. It’s another example of smart home technology suffering from security issues. As much as ...


Manual To Accompany Hacker Techniques Tools And Incident Handling Jones Bartlett Information Systems Security Assurance By Vlab Solutions   


Manual To Accompany Hacker Techniques Tools And Incident Handling Jones Bartlett Information Systems Security Assurance By Vlab Solutions


Are You Falling for the Myth of “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”?   



You probably heard the business advice of “failing to plan is planning to fail.” That phrase is a misleading myth at best and actively dangerous at worst. Making plans is important, but our gut reaction is to plan for the best-case outcomes, ignoring the high likelihood that things will go wrong.

A much better phrase is “failing to plan for problems is planning to fail.” To address the very high likelihood that problems will crop up, you need to plan for contingencies.

When was the last time you saw a major planned project suffer from a cost overrun? It’s not as common as you might think for a project with a clear plan to come in at or under budget.

For instance, a 2002 study of major construction projects found that 86% went over budget. In turn, a 2014 study of large IT projects found that only 16.2% succeeded in meeting the original planned resource expenditure. Of the 83.8% of projects that did not, the average IT project suffered from a cost overrun of 189%.

Such cost overruns can seriously damage your bottom line. Imagine if a serious IT project such as implementing a new database at your organization goes even 50% over budget, which is much less than the average cost overrun. You might be facing many thousands or even millions of dollars in unplanned expenses, causing you to draw on funds assigned for other purposes.

Moreover, cost overruns often spiral out of control, resulting in even bigger disasters. Let’s say you draw the extra money from your cybersecurity budget. As a result, you’ve left yourself open to hackers, who successfully stole customer data, resulting in both bad PR and loss of customer trust.

What explains cost overruns? They largely stem from the planning fallacy, our intuitive belief that everything will go according to plan, whether in IT projects or in other areas of business and life. The planning fallacy is one of many dangerous judgment errors, which are mental blindspots resulting from how our brain is wired that scholars in cognitive neuroscience and behavioral economics call cognitive biases. We make these mistakes not only in work, but also in other life areas, for example in our shopping choices, as revealed by a series of studies done by a shopping comparison website.

Fortunately, recent research in these fields shows how you can use pragmatic strategies to address these dangerous judgment errors, whether in your professional life, your relationships, your shopping choices, or other life areas.

You need to evaluate where cognitive biases are hurting you and others in your team and organization. Then, you can use structured decision-making methods to make “good enough” daily decisions quickly; more thorough ones for moderately important choices; and an in-depth one for truly major decisions.

Such techniques will also help you implement your decisions well, and formulate truly effective long-term strategic plans. In addition, you can develop mental habits and skills to notice cognitive biases and prevent yourself from slipping into them.

For instance, we can address the planning fallacy by planning around it. Such planning involves anticipating what problems might come up and addressing them in advance by using the research-based technique of prospective hindsight, by envisioning yourself in the future looking back at potential challenges in the present. It also involves recognizing that you can’t anticipate all problems, and building in a buffer of at least 40% of the project’s budget in additional funds. If things go better than anticipated, you can always use the money for a different purpose later.

Besides this broad approach, my consulting clients have found three specific research-based techniques effective for addressing the planning fallacy.

First, break down each project into component parts. An IT firm struggled with a pattern of taking on projects that ended up losing money for the company. We evaluated the specific component parts of the projects that had cost overruns and found that the biggest unanticipated money drain came from permitting the client to make too many changes at the final stages of the project. As a result, the IT firm changed their process to minimize any changes at the tail end of the project.

Second, use your past experience with similar projects to inform your estimates for future projects. A heavy equipment manufacturer had a systemic struggle with underestimating project costs. In one example, a project that was estimated to cost $2 million ended up costing $3 million. We suggested making it a requirement for project managers to use past project costs to inform future projections. Doing so resulted in much more accurate project cost estimates.

Third, for projects with which you have little past experience, use an external perspective from a trusted and objective source. A financial services firm whose CEO I coached wanted to move its headquarters after it outgrew its current building. I connected the CEO with a couple of other CEO clients who recently moved and expressed a willingness to share their experience. This experience helped the financial services CEO anticipate contingencies he didn’t previously consider, ranging from additional marketing expenses to print new collateral with the updated address to lost employee productivity due to changing schedules as a result of a different commute.

If you take away one message from this article, remember that the key to addressing cost overruns is to remember that “failing to plan for problems is planning to fail.” Use this phrase as your guide to prevent cost overruns and avoid falling prey to the dangerous judgment error of planning fallacy.

Key Takeaway


Because we usually feel that everything is going to go according to plan, we don’t pay nearly enough attention to potential problems and fail to account for them in our plans. This problem is called a planning fallacy. Click To Tweet


Questions to Consider (please share your thoughts in the comments section)

  • Do you agree that “failing to plan is planning to fail” is misleading? If not, why not?
  • Where have you seen the planning fallacy lead to problems for your team and organization?
  • How might you help your team and organization address the planning fallacy? What are some next you can take to do so?


Image credit: Pixabay/Rawpixel



 — -



Bio: Dr. Gleb Tsipursky is on a mission to protect leaders from dangerous judgment errors known as cognitive biases. His expertise and passion is using pragmatic business experience and cutting-edge behavioral economics and cognitive neuroscience to develop the most effective and profitable decision-making strategies. A best-selling author, he wrote Never Go With Your Gut: How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decisions and Avoid Business Disasters (2019), The Truth Seeker’s Handbook: A Science-Based Guide (2017), and The Blindspots Between Us: How to Overcome Unconscious Cognitive Bias and Build Better Relationships (2020). Dr. Tsipursky’s cutting-edge thought leadership was featured in over 400 articles and 350 interviews in Fast Company, CBS News, Time, Business Insider, Government Executive, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Inc. Magazine, and elsewhere.

His expertise comes from over 20 years of consulting, coaching, and speaking and training experience as the CEO of Disaster Avoidance Experts. Its hundreds of clients, mid-size and large companies and nonprofits, span North America, Europe, and Australia, and include Aflac, IBM, Honda, Wells Fargo, and the World Wildlife Fund. His expertise also stems from his research background as a behavioral economist and cognitive neuroscientist with over 15 years in academia, including 7 years as a professor at the Ohio State University. He published dozens of peer-reviewed articles in academic journals such as Behavior and Social Issues and Journal of Social and Political Psychology.

He lives in Columbus, OH, and to avoid disaster in his personal life makes sure to spend ample time with his wife. Contact him at Gleb[at]DisasterAvoidanceExperts[dot]com, follow him on Twitter @gleb_tsipursky, Instagram @dr_gleb_tsipursky, Facebook, YouTube, RSS, and LinkedIn. Most importantly, help yourself avoid disasters and maximize success, and get a free copy of the Assessment on Dangerous Judgment Errors in the Workplace, by signing up for his free Wise Decision Maker Course.

Originally published at on October 27, 2019.


11/7/2019: Times Nation: Day 14: BJP to call on guv, Uddhav to meet Sena MLAs   


Mumbai: With the term of the previous Maharashtra assembly set to end on Saturday, the yet-unreconciled allies BJP and Shiv Sena have announced independent moves for Thursday. While Sena president Uddhav Thackeray has summoned his party’s newly-elected...


Concepto de diseño de iOS 14   


Featured Video Play IconAunque hasta el próximo mes de junio aún falta mucho tiempo y hasta entonces no sabremos cómo es iOS 14, en the Hacker 34 se aventuran a dar ideas a Apple creando un concepto de diseño de iOS 14 con un buen montón de ideas interesantes. Estas son las novedades que se imaginan para esta […]

La entrada Concepto de diseño de iOS 14 se publicó primero en iPhoneros.


All Sena MLAs lodged in Mumbai hotel   


All Sena MLAs lodged in Mumbai hotel

MUMBAI: Not willing to take any chances of potential poaching, the Shiv Sena has decided to shift all its 56 legislators to a private sea-facing hotel in suburban Bandra till the political crisis in the state is resolved, party sources said here on Thursday. The legislators, who are from Mumbai and different parts of Maharashtra, are …

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Mumbai: Uddhav Thackeray meets Shiv Sena MLAs   


Mumbai: Uddhav Thackeray meets Shiv Sena MLAs

Mumbai: Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray held a meeting with party MLAs here at his residence on Thursday. The meeting comes amidst the reports that Shiv Sena MLAs are being shifted to a resort to prevent any attempts of poaching, which the party has brushed aside as “rumours” while asserting that Shiv Sena legislators are …

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Defence Insurance   


LegalShield is now available in the UK and requires associates to offer their two products. PrivacyDefence: Identity theft can be an easy problem to ignore until you experience it for yourself but you now have the means to beat the hackers at their game for just £7 per month. LegalDefence: members have access to unlimited legal advice calls for themselves and their whole family for just £19 a month. If you are an insurance agent, mortgage broker, property letting agent or a business owner with existing clients who would appreciate being informed of services to guard against hackers and to have qualified legal professionals on hand offering 24 hour guidance and support when needed then LegalShield has something you can offer.


THE COMPLETE SALES HACKER BUNDLE Coupon Discount Code @> $1571 Off Promo Special Offer   


“Become a Better Salesperson & Learn How to Scale a Business with 8 Courses on Sale Optimization & Modern Product Promotion”

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El ‘invent’ de un grupo de amigas sobre la vagina que Internet ha dado por bueno   


El ‘invent’ de un grupo de amigas sobre la vagina que Internet ha dado por bueno

Si encontrar el clítoris puede ser difícil, espera a que te hablemos del plítode. Esto es lo que tienes que saber sobre este músculo y la información que hay en Internet sobre él.

Hay quien ni siquiera sabe dónde está el clítoris, así que lo más probable es que tampoco sepa siquiera qué es el músculo plitodiano o plítode ni por qué se ha puesto de moda. No es por la llegada del satisfyer ni otro juguete sexual sino porque una usuaria de Twitter, Melisa, ha desvelado toda la verdad acerca de su existencia. No es un nuevo descubrimiento, en realidad es todo una broma que le gastaron a unos amigos que decían saber mucho sobre la anatomía femenina.

Esta broma que, buscando ser creíble, llegó hasta la Wikipedia en 2014 y hoy en día todavía sigue ahí, en medio de una cita correcta, excepto porque se añade el músculo plitoidal a la ecuación y que, en realidad, no existe. "Después de que aquellos chicos nos soltasen bastantes burradas paternalistas sobre nuestra propia anatomía sexual, decidimos gastarles una broma para demostrarles que estaban alardeando de su ignorancia", explica Melisa en su hilo de tuits.

Un día, en el tren, Melisa tuvo una revelación y se inventó el plítode o plitodiano, un músculo que supuestamente se encontraría "en la pared que separaba el ano y la vagina y que ayudaba a contraer/relajar". Para que la zona quedara mucho mejor delimitada, por si no estaban entendiendo el lenguaje común, les comentaron que era "donde pegan los huevines". Además, este supuesto músculo sería la causa de que algunas chicas tuvieran vaginismo. Sin embargo, nada de esto era verdad y tampoco se lo creyeron mucho estos amigos a los que intentaron engañar: "Como no nos creían, modificamos la Wikipedia, nos creamos perfiles falsos en foros, como enfemenino, y nos sentimos las más hackers del mundo por unos días", indica en el hilo.

La broma de Melisa y sus amigas ha sido pasada por alto en la Wikipedia posiblemente porque se encuentra en medio de una cita que ya habría sido revisada con anterioridad. Por este motivo, aunque la enciclopedia suele ser bastante fiable ya que cuenta con editores que revisan que la información nueva sea correcta, lo mejor siempre es recurrir a las fuentes primarias del texto o, lo que es lo mismo, los artículos y textos de los que se extrae la información. De hecho, los editores pueden suspender las cuentas de aquellos usuarios que no estén escribiendo información verdadera.

Esta enciclopedia online se basa en la "idea de que los escritores respalden los hechos que redactan con referencias comprobables y fuentes autorizadas lo más posible", es decir, que se utilizan textos académicos para escribir las entradas en Wikipedia. De hecho, las fuentes están señaladas en el texto con un número y al final de la entrada se puede comprobar de dónde viene esta información.

Si necesitas consultar la Wikipedia para realizar un trabajo, no hay problema con que la utilices, siempre y cuando compruebes que las fuentes citadas dicen exactamente lo que recoge el artículo. Además, en ocasiones, al consultar los textos primarios se puede encontrar más información de utilidad. Eso sí, mientras que la Wikipedia puede ser un hilo del que tirar, no hay que fiarse de la información que se puede encontrar en foros: hay que contrastarlo con fuentes fiables, como las que se pueden encontrar en Google Académico.


Data Safety   


Let’s talk about data safety. We have discovered a potential safety leak on our website which could have theoretically been used by an attacker to obtain some customer data, including names, addresses, and passwords. Payment and credit card details were never in danger.

Popular websites like are the target of hacker attacks every week, and usually they fail on our firewalls; in this case we cannot 100% guarantee that all attempts were unsuccessful. If we found the leak someone else might have found it as well.
There is no evidence that any data was stolen but due to the new data protection laws in Europe we want to be extra cautious and therefore are implementing a mandatory password reset. 

Here is the direct link to do so:

Of course we are now working hard to improve the security on our website. The new website with a state-of-the-art shop system will be launched in April/May. 

If you also want to improve your personal data safety, I would personally like to recommend a database for your passwords (Password Manager) which is convenient and 100% safe. I’ve used it for 2 years and couldn’t live without it anymore. This is a great solution for passwords on the internet because it is safe and very convenient.
• Use an individual and very complex password for every website you need to log-in.
• No need to memorize dozens of different passwords.
• All the passwords and website links are available on all your devices and in one place.
• Use it for all your website log-ins, credit card details, banking details, passport data, etc.
• Super convenient because you only need to memorize ONE password, and you can even log-in with your fingerprint. Auto-fill of forms on websites is also supported.
• The passwords are not saved in the browser or cloud (which is NOT safe) but locally on a super encrypted and personal database file on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC.
• The tool is free of charge and from a non-profit organization which uses open-source code. Your personal password database is protected with the same algorithm which is used by the NSA.

If you like to do this, you need to install two things:
1. A data cloud service like Microsoft OneDrive (free)
2. The database tool KeePass (free)

First you install OneDrive (or similar) on all your mobile phones, PCs, and tablets. There is now a data folder which is synced to all your devices.
Then you install KeePass on all your devices and create a new password database. Store this database file in your OneDrive folder so it will be available on all your devices.

You can now access all your passwords with one single master password, or your fingerprint, and don’t need to worry that your 12345678 password is used by a hacker to log-in to your iRacing account then drives like a maniac in your name.


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Libarchive vulnerability can lead to code execution on Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD   


A compression library included by default in Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Arch Linux, FreeBSD, and NetBSD distros, contains a vulnerability that can allow hackers to execute code on user machines. The macOS and Windows operating systems, where this library is also included and used as a default decompression utility, are not affected. The vulnerability impacts Libarchive,


日本医学; 和方❗; 三石分子栄養学➕藤川院長系; 代謝医学❗; 代謝外のリスクら❗   


☆ 代謝以前のリスクら❗ ;

☆ 日本医学 ; 和方 ❗ ;
三石分子栄養学➕藤川院長系; 代謝医学❗ ;

☆ 代謝員らの合体性の度合い、
による、 代謝ら、の、あり得る度合い ;

タンパク質な、 酵素 コウソ 、
補酵素 ホコウソ 、 な、
ビタミン 、か、
補因子 、な、 ミネラル 、
文字通りに、 『 合体 』、をする、
『 代謝 』、 な、 働きを成し合う、
代謝員ら、 であり、

が、 一定以下である場合らにおいては、
どの、代謝、も、成されない❗ 。

が、 異なる、 だけでなく、
その、 代謝員らごとに、
合体性の、 能く、成され得る、
異なり得る❗ 。

この、 三石分子栄養学➕藤川院長系 、
で、 言う所の、

代謝を成す上で、 必要な、
合体性 、での、 あり得る、 度合い、
『 確率的 親和力 』、
らにおける、 不足性、らを、
より、 埋め余し得るような、
度合い、ら以上の、 度合い、らで、

必ず、 その一方に、
タンパク質、らを、 含む、

あるべき、 代謝員ら、 への、
を、 成し付ける、
人々が、 その命と健康性とを、
より、 確かに、 より、 能く、
圧倒的に、 重要な事であり、

これの度合いを、 欠けば、欠く程に、
運動ら、や、 薬らに、
あり得る、 効果らの度合いらは、
より、 小さくなり、

それが、 一定度合い以上に、
何をしても、 助からない、
状態に、 誰もが、成る❗ 。

どんな健康法も、 どんな治療も、
どんな薬も、 どんな手術も、
『 確率的 親和力 』、 らでの、
あり得る、 不足性ら、を、
埋め余し得る以上の、 度合いらでの、
あるべき、 代謝員ら、への、
飲み食いなどによる、 摂取ら、の、
量としての度合い、 を、
欠けば、 欠く程に、
より、 その人々の命や健康性を、
能く、成さしめる、 その、 あり得る、
より、 小さくされ、
誰もが、 必ず、 死に至る、

癌 ガン 、などを、
再発させる人々が、 成る、のも、
この、 あるべき、度合いら
≒ つまり、
『 確率的 親和力 』、 らの、
あり得る、 不足性 、らを、
より、 埋め余し得る、 度合いら 、
より、 有り余らしめる、 のと、
より、 欠かしめる、 のと、の、
互いへの、 違いよう、 らに、
決定的な、 要因性ら、がある❗ 。

☆ ハゲてある人々が、
特定の、 代謝ら、か、
それらに類する、 代謝ら、を、
新たに、 成したり、する、
事が、 必要に成る。

ウィルス 、などによって、
その、持ち前の、 特定の、
細胞ごとに、 作らしめる、
能力性ら、を、 改変されていない、
その、細胞ごとに、 含まれてある、
必ず、 その一方に、
あるべき、 代謝員らを、
度合いら、で、 投与し続ける、
自然に生える、 髪の毛らを、

上で、 必要な事であり、

より、 得られ得ないものにされる❗ 。

現実に、 植物人間状態から、
人々は、 存在している、
欠かし得ない、 要因性を帯びて、
あり得ている❗ 。

☆ 赤ちゃん、との、添い寝は、
やめよう❗ 、
死亡リスクを下げるためにも ;
的野裕子 記者 ;


少しでも、 休息を取りたい親にとっては、
赤ちゃんが、 規則正しく、
眠ってくれることが、 重要です。

何でもやる、 という、
戦略を取るのは、 そのため。

しかし、 親が使っている製品や、
ときには、 愛情だと思って、
危険だ❗ 、と証明する、
履報 リポー ; レポート ;
、が、 次々と出てきています。

@ 赤ちゃんの死❗ 、
と、 ベッドインベッド、との関係 ;

ベッド・イン・ベッド ;
( 赤ちゃん用の、 辺床 ベト ; ベッド ;
、な、上で使える、 ベッド ) 、です。

態譜 タイフ ; タイプ ; 、の、
バウンサー ; ( 電動 ゆりかご ) ;
、 が、
多くの赤ちゃんの死❗ 、
と、関連がある、 ことは、

「 Consumer Report 」 ; 、の、
2012 〜 2018年に起こった、
少なくとも、 12件の赤ちゃんの死が、
と、 関連していた❗
、と、 断定しています。

これは、 親や保護者と一緒に、

現在にては、 ベッド・イン・ベッドには、
米国の安全基準が、 ありません。

潜在的な、 デザイン、 の、

特に、 中に、 詰め物がしてあり、
表面が、 柔らかいので、

通常は、 赤ちゃんとの添い寝で、
それが、 原因で、
増加しています❗ 。

小児科の准教授の、Roy Benaroch 博士は、
「 眠っている赤ちゃんの近くに、
詰め物があると、 窒息する❗
、 危険性がある、 ということは、
わかっています 」 、
と、 言っています。

推奨された状態で、 常に、 もしくは、
頻繁に、 別々に、 眠っている、
と、 答えた母親は、
31 % 、しか、 いない❗
、 という、 研究が、
「 Pediatrics 」、 で発表されたのと、
同じ時期に、 流れました ;

( 対象が、 女性だけだったので、
父親では、 どのような割合になるのか、
は、 定かでは、 ありません )。

@ 睡眠中の赤ちゃんの死亡、への、
リスクを下げるには? ;

睡眠に関連する、 赤ちゃん、の、
死亡、 への、 リスクを下げる❗、

1歳になるまで、赤ちゃんは、 常に、
( 昼寝でも、夜間でも ) 、
仰向けで、 寝かせるべき❗ 。

表面が硬いところで、 寝かせる❗ 。

生後、 の、 6カ月、できれば、
1歳までは、 親と同じ寝室に、
一緒の部屋で、 寝る。


所和 ソワ ; ソファ ; 、 や、
決して、 赤ちゃんを眠らせない❗ 。

おすすめしない❗ 。

窒息や、 首が絞まる、 おそれの高い、
柔らかい、 物や、寝具、
などは、 置かない❗ 。

赤ちゃんのおくるみは、 OK❗ 。

就寝時や、 お昼寝の時に、
おしゃぶりを与える❗ 。

こちら ; 元の記事 ; 、
( 英文 )から、 どうぞ。

赤ちゃんが、 確実に、
安全とは、 限りません❗ 。

Image: Monkey Business Images/
Source: Consumer Report, Pediatrics, Healthy Children
Meghan Moravcik Walbert - Lifehacker US
[ 原文 ] 。

☆ 代謝が、 どうこう以前に、
より、 無 ナ みし去られるべき、
特定の、 代謝ら、の、
成り立ちようら、が、 それらを、
成り立たしめる、 もとな、
要因性として、 必要であり、
その一方に、 必ず、
あるべき、 代謝員ら、への、
摂取ら、 が、 成し付けられ、
より、 漏れらを成さないように、

あり得る、 寝つきようら、へも、
摂取ら、が、 より、 能く、
それら、を、 より、能く、
成され得る物にする、 のに、
必要とされてある❗ 。

『 代謝 』、 は、
万象、への、 もとにある、
もとにある、 要因性でもある、
全ての、 質量のある物同士が、
互いに、互いを、 引き合う、力、
万有引力、 が、
同じような、 立場を占めてもある❗ 。

☆ 身体のサビつきを防ぐ、
栄養素とは❗? ;
ラブすぽ ;

『 コラーゲン 』、 への、
生成を助け、身体のサビつきを防ぐ❗ :
ビタミン C ❗ 。

ビタミン C 、 は、
身体のなかで、 もっとも、 多く、
働いている、 ビタミン 、 です。

一度に、 沢山を摂取しても、
必要以上の分は、 排出されますし、
体内で、 合成できない、
栄養素 、 なので、


体内の、 タンパク質の、
30 % 、 を占めていて、
血管や筋肉、とか、 骨、や、 皮膚、
などの、 細胞、と、細胞、とをつなぎ、
より、 丈夫に保つ、
役割を担います❗ 。

また、 細胞をサビつかせ、
老化を招く、 電子強盗、な、
美肌を保つのにも、 欠かせません。

【 書誌 情報 】 ;
『 子どもに効く栄養学 』
監修: 中村丁次氏, 牧野直子女史。 nicospyder ;

子どもは、 しょっちゅう、

ただ、 病院で、 お薬をもらっても、
嬉々として、 薬を飲む、
子どもは、 余り、いません。

また、 薬で、 解熱したり、
咳や鼻水を止めたり、 といった、
対処療法は、 できますが、
一番に、 大事になるのは、

日々の食事でも、 しっかりと、
佐幇 サポー ; サポート ;
、 できるようになります❗ 。

本書では、 イラストで、わかりやすく、
さらに、 子どものための食事の、
コツ、や、 食材の選び方まで、

鼻水、 お通じ、など、
約 16種類の症状別に、
それぞれに、 効く、
食材 & 栄養素 、 を紹介❗ ;

パワフルで、 元気に、すくすくと、
子どもが育つために、 1家に1冊ある、
これからの食生活が、変わります❗ 。

☆ ビタミン C 、の、 突出害❗
、 や、
不足性ら、 を、
より、 埋め余し得ない、
飲み食いらによる、 万病、
への、 リスク性の増大、
といった物らを、 きちんと、
より、 三石分子栄養学➕藤川院長系、ら、
を、 踏まえ得るようにすべきであり、
人々へも、 それをすすめるべきだ❗。

地域講習でも、 学校ら、での、
より、 公共性のある教育の現場ら、
伝授されるべき、 ものら、だ❗ 。

日本人たちの、 命と健康性との、
あり得る、 福利ら、や、
より、 能くも、 最大限にも、
成すべく、 政府機関ら、や、
役人らに、 政治家ら、などは、
そうした、 公員 クイン 、らは、
自らへの、 主の立場にある、
が、 自らの、 命と健康性、とを、
より、能く、成し付ける、 事ら、などを、
自ら、進んで、 助けるべき、


分析型の、 体系知ら、では、
より、 無い、 体系知ら、は、
より、 公の交信系らから、
事を、 無しに、
それ以外の、 体系知ら、が、
公の交信系らを、 より、

より、 主権者たちの一般の側に、
立つ事のできる、 主権者たちが、
新たに、 法体系らを成し、
より、 実現すべきでもある、
そうした、 あるべき、
できる限り、 自らと、
人々と、 その事らを、 より、
能く、 生かし合えるように、

☆ ビタミン C 、
だけ、 を、 大量に摂取し続ける、
事による、 あり得る、
ビタミン E 、 らへの、
大量な、 摂取らなり、
備蓄なり、 によって、
緩和され得る❗ ;

☆ ビタミン C 、への、
ワクチンら、の、 あり得る、
より、 軽減する ❗
、 との事なので、
ビタミン C 、 などへの、
摂取ら、を、 より、 極端にも、
欠いている、 人々は、
ワクチンら、 による、
副作用ら、の、 度合いら、を、
より、 深刻に、 自らに成し宛て得る、
と、 考えられもする❗ 。

【 その体に、 不具合ら、 が、
余計に、 あれば、ある程に、
より、 大量に摂取しても、
腹が、 より、 下らなくなり、
補酵素 ホコウソ 、な 】、
『 ビタミン C 』 ;
【 C6 ➕ H8 ➕ O6 】 ;

【 人々が、 大量に撮るべき、
ビタミン C 、 などが、
他者から、 その枠内の、 電子を、
自らの側へ、 引き寄せて、 奪う、
電子強盗になる事を、 未然にも、
より、 差し止め、
子宝 ビタミン E1 、 を、
はじめとして、 色々とある 】 ;
『 ビタミン E 』 ;
【 C29 ➕ H50 ➕ O2 】 ;


Don’t want to break alliance, but BJP should keep its word: Uddhav Thackeray   


Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut says there is no change in the party’s stand on government formation


Prepare for the next financial collapse by learning how to invest   


If you think the Global financial collapse is not going to take place, then you have been very misinformed. The next financial collapse is a mathematical certainty. It's not a question of IF but WHEN (much sooner than you think). The following are 3 STRATEGIES you can apply to hedge that RISK: - Buy Gold - Buy Silver - Buy Bitcoin and/or other valuable Cryptocurrencies I understand that you probably have no idea how to buy bitcoin and/or cryptocurrencies, and more importantly do not know how to properly secure them from hackers. That's where I come in. I am very experienced in this space and will teach you step-by-step how to achieve that from the comfort of your home, and will share with you many invaluable tips and tricks. About Crypto Wolf Service: - I am an experienced, honest and trustworthy tutor - I will never take payment in exchange of a cryptocurrency directly - I will teach you how to do this yourself, you are in control of your own money - I’m simply here to carefully guide you through the process of securely acquiring and storing crypto, and highlight to you the do's and don'ts Don’t get caught unprepared for the upcoming financial collapse, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be better informed and take the necessary steps to hedge that risk. Get in touch with Cypto Wolf today to learn more about the upcoming financial collapse, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies (and why they represent the future of money). Don’t procrastinate, you cannot afford to, get in touch now. Crypto Wolf Disclaimer: I am not a Financial adviser, please do your own research before you invest in anything.


Should You Worry About Your No-Fee ETFs and Trades?   


We’ve all heard the best things in life are free, but when it comes to your investments, is “free” a good thing? Recent changes announced by investment firms may have you confused about how you’re supposed to manage your nest egg.



Warn Your Parents: Medicare Open-Enrollment Scams Are Coming   


Open enrollment season is here, the time of year when just about everyone can make changes to their health care coverage without the restrictions you’d face the rest of the year. And while you may feel confident about the process for making changes to your own healthcare, do you know who is particularly at risk to get…



MESH Interview with Devin and Brianna Mahoney of UTCA   


At our recent MESH event (Makers Entrepreneurs Students & Hackers) we interviewed Devin and Brianna Mahoney – founders of the Uptown Theater for Creative Arts UTCA). We talk about their journey from Utica to Hollywood and back to Utica – as well as what’s in store for this historic building.


Analyst Discusses Reporting Hack Of Computer System At Indian Nuclear Reactor | Avast   


This week a report of hackers gaining access to an Indian nuclear power plant's computer network led to alarm, confusion, and denial before officials admitted the hack took place. The threat analyst who reported the issue experienced a unique vantage point in the middle of that furious cybersecurity news cycle. 


Amazon, Xiaomi, Sony, and Samsung quickly defeated in Pwn2Own hacking competition   


The first day of the Pwn2Own hacking contest held in Tokyo has concluded, and a dual-member team of white-hat hackers by the name of Fluoroacetate cleaned up the house. After successfully hacking past numerous devices from multiple manufacturers, such as Samsung and Xiaomi, the team collected a bounty of $145,000 and secured a commanding lead in the contest after accruing 15 Master of Pwn points.

Pwn2Own is an annual computer hacking contest that started in 2007, and its name is derived from the fact that contestants must "pwn" or hack the device in order to "own" or win it.

Read More

Amazon, Xiaomi, Sony, and Samsung quickly defeated in Pwn2Own hacking competition was written by the awesome team at Android Police.


Nuevo emotet aun poco detectado, con mucha picardia del hacker tanto en el asunto como en el nombre del fichero anexado   



El típico EMOTET, que tanto está proliferando, nos acaba de llegar usando un asunto para el mail y nombre de fichero anexado que pocos usuarios se van a resistir, por mas que digamos que no se abran ficheros recibidos en mails no solicitados ... :(



Date sent: Wed, 06 Nov 2019 04:47:14 -0600

From: en primer lugar figura el remitente infectado a quien el virus ha capturado las direcciones de envio y en segundo lugar el que envia realmente el mail, en este caso de Argentina : <>

To: destinatario al que se reenvia el mail con virus

Subject: Queja OR1320


Queja sobre el comportamiento de los empleados.


anexado: Reclamación.doc ---> fichero con macros maliciosas que instalan el EMOTET (que al ser un downloader puede descargar un TOTBRICK, o un Ransomware como el RYUK, etc)


El preanalisis de virustotal ofrece el siguiente informe:

Y viendo que Kaspersky aun no lo detectaba, ya le hemos enviado muestra del DOC para que obre en consecuencia, y McAfee ya lo detecta con el Appliance, por lo que pronto lo controlará la versión EndPoint

Evidentemente se trata de un fichero de Word con macros, como es habitual con el EMOTET:

Recordar tres puntos para evitar infectarse con este virus:





Recordamos que el EMOTET está en auge, siendo nº 1 en infecciones desde primeros de Octubre 2019 !!!


Esperamos que lo indicado les sea de utilidad


ms, 6-11-2019


Nuclear Throne y Ruiner están gratis en la Epic Games Store   


Ruiner y Nuclear Throne son los juegos gratis de esta semana en la Epic Games Store.

Nuclear Throne es un shooter 2D post-apocalíptico con componente roguelike; es uno de nuestros juegos favoritos de los últimos años en la redacción.

Ruiner comparte perspectiva y disparos, pero con un estilo mucho más violento y una historia que nos pone a los mandos de un psicópata que se enfrenta a un sistema corrupto con la ayuda de una hacker.

Leer más...


Terobsesi Jadi Hacker? Ini 5 Film Tentang Hacker Paling Seru   


Mungkin kamu selama ini mengira kalau hacker cantik dan hacker cilik hanya ada di dalam film saja kan? Ternyata nggak juga loh gaes. Mereka memang ada di kehidupan nyata, hanya saja mereka tidak terlalu dipublish di media sehingga tidak banyak yang tau. Melalui film juga, banyak yang terobsesi menjadi seorang hacker. Padahal untuk menjadi seorang […]


(Ficarra e Picone) - Commedia - Film Completo HD 2019 ITA @1   


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Logitech VDP   


Welcome to Logitech's Vulnerability Disclosure Program!

Please note this program does not provide monetary rewards for bug submissions, and it is used for responsible disclosure purposes only.

Here at Logitech we are committed to providing secure products and services to our customers. If you believe you have discovered a potential security vulnerability with any of Logitech's systems, products and/or services, we look forward to receiving your submission, and appreciate your help in disclosing the issue to us responsibly.

This program is dedicated to suspected security issues that may affect Logitech customers, systems, products and/or services. If you're having issues related to your Logitech product or a Logitech-related account, then please visit our Support Center __.

Logitech looks forward to working with the security community to find security vulnerabilities in order to keep our business and customers safe.

Disclosure Policy

  • Our customers' privacy, data confidentiality and integrity is crucial at Logitech. You agree that you will not disclose vulnerability information reported to Logitech to any other third party. Public disclosure may be allowed upon request, and only after granted written permission to do so from Logitech, through this program. In such cases, we endeavor to grant such permission within four weeks from the release of the fix that addresses the discovered vulnerability.
  • Follow HackerOne's disclosure guidelines __.


  • Please submit a detailed description of the issue, and the steps required to reproduce what you have observed. In doing so, please make every attempt possible to protect our customers' privacy, data confidentiality, and integrity - we very much value your assistance in preserving those. Please understand that we cannot work with anyone who violates applicable laws or regulations, attempts to exploit a security issue or access other users' data - in other words, violate this policy.


Upon receipt of your report, we endeavor to review and address any security issues in a timely manner. We will communicate with you during our investigation and upon resolution, as needed, and will try to keep you informed about our progress throughout the process.

Program Rules

  • Please provide detailed reports with reproducible steps.
  • Submit one vulnerability per report, unless you need to chain vulnerabilities to provide impact.
  • When duplicates occur, we only recognize as valid the first report that was received (provided that it can be fully reproduced).
  • Multiple vulnerabilities caused by one underlying issue are considered one issue.
  • Social engineering (e.g. phishing, vishing, smishing) is prohibited.
  • Make a good faith effort to avoid privacy violations, destruction of data, and interruption or degradation of our service. Only interact with accounts you own or with explicit permission of the account holder.

Out of scope vulnerabilities

When reporting vulnerabilities, please consider (1) attack scenario / exploitability, and (2) security impact of the bug. The following issues are considered out of scope:

  • Denial of service attacks
  • Password cracking attempts, including but not limited to: brute forcing, rainbow attacks, word list substitution, pattern checking
  • Clickjacking on pages with no sensitive actions
  • Unauthenticated/logout/login CSRF
  • Attacks requiring MITM or physical access to a user's device
  • Previously known vulnerable libraries without a working Proof of Concept
  • Comma Separated Values (CSV) injection without demonstrating a vulnerability
  • Missing best practices in SSL/TLS configuration.
  • Social engineering attacks (including phishing, vishing, smishing)
  • Software version disclosure
  • Issues requiring direct physical access to hardware (with the exception of hardware vulnerabilities)
  • Flaws affecting out-of-date browsers and plugins
  • Email enumeration / account oracles
  • CSP Policy Weaknesses
  • Email Spoofing
  • Content spoofing and text injection issues without showing an attack vector/without being able to modify HTML/CSS

Safe Harbor

Any activities conducted in a manner consistent with this policy will be considered authorized conduct and we will not initiate legal action against you. If legal action is initiated by a third party against you in connection with activities conducted under this policy, we will take steps to make it known that your actions were conducted in compliance with this policy.

Thank you for helping keep Logitech and our customers safe!


Q: What do you do with leftover IKEA hardware?   


Over at the IKEAhackers Community FB Group, Christina posted an interesting question: “What do you all do with leftover IKEA hardware? I have so many bits of things even for pieces I no longer own … any suggestions?” She mentions that she is selling some of the leftover … “but all the little screws, etc. […]

The post Q: What do you do with leftover IKEA hardware? appeared first on IKEA Hackers.


IKEA illuminated bookshelf – Let there be light!   


This is the story on how I built a BESTÅ + LACK illuminated bookshelf. It all started because I had an empty wall in my living room and needed to decorate it: before We looked into several possibilities and came up with a decision to make an embedded bookcase. Settled the design and asked around for prices […]

The post IKEA illuminated bookshelf – Let there be light! appeared first on IKEA Hackers.


Svar: Gider du kaste et blik på min webshop og give den karakter på en skal fra 1-10.   


Pineapple Developers:

1. Din webshop er ikke krypteret. dvs ved kortbetalinger kan hackere se kortoplysninger. Det er et no go.

Det er ikke shoppen du indtaster kortoplysningerne i, men derimod hos en indløser, så det er indløserens platform, som skal sikres i det tilfælde. Dog bør siden have et SSL certifikat installeres, men det er af alle mulige andre grunde end lige netop kortbetalinger. :)

Ellers er jeg meget enig i kommentarene. På checkouten ville jeg samle nogle af betalingsmulighederne. Det bliver let forvirrende at skulle forholde sig til dankort to gange, MasterCard tre gange osv. 

Jeg ville give godkend knappen en anden farve - evt. grøn så den siger "Se mig, du må gerne klikke".

Med venlig hilsen
Kristian Kristensen


Svar: Gider du kaste et blik på min webshop og give den karakter på en skal fra 1-10.   


Hej Kim,

Det er dejligt at høre at alder ikke er din akilleshæl i forhold til at have drive på at drive virksomhed. 

Vi har bemærket et par ting vedr. din webshop, som desværre er nogle almene problematikker rundt omkring. 

1. Din webshop er ikke krypteret. dvs ved kortbetalinger kan hackere se kortoplysninger. Det er et no go.

2. Du bruger nok et template, hvilket desværre gør at hjemmesiden ikke er optimeret i forhold til load hastighed. 

3. Selve designet, dvs igen templatet føles ikke rigtigt personligt. Det er selvfølgelig en kunstner smag, men din webshop skulle jo gerne være personlig ud fra din filosofi, men et standard template gør bestemt ikke det. 

4. Som nævnt tidligere af anden bruger, så er der problemer med dit domæne.

Ellers dejligt at du er aktiv og har en passion.


Become an Ethical Hacker Bonus Bundle (92% discount)   


You hear about it all the time: companies getting hacked, having their websites shut down or their customers’ data compromised. When that happens, it’s time to call in ethical hackers to break into network systems, evaluate their security, and propose solutions. After this course you’ll be well on your way to being one of these…


The Complete White Hat Hacker Certification Bundle (96% discount)   


If you’re serious about becoming an ethical hacker, you’re going to need to know Metasploit. One of the most popular pentesting frameworks out there, Metasploit empowers cybersecurity pros to verify vulnerabilities, manage security assessments, and more while staying ahead of their cybercriminal foes. Let this course serve as your Metasploit primer, starting you off with…


Komentar di CB 1D-AI 3D-OFF 2D Sabtu oleh naenggolan    



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