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A crowded beach with large, aggressive waves and experienced surfers is not where you will want to attempt surfing for the first time, it will be a very daunting experience and probably discourage you. Duke Kahanamoku, an Olympic star in swimming, popularized the sport further by traveling internationally and showing off his surfing style to thrilled audiences around the world.

Sunset beach is part of the miracle seven mile of beach stretch that lines the north shore. Perfect for the person who likes the feel of a longboard but wants more maneuverability. Even experienced surfers will sometimes be caught off guard when the sets pop up a little early then expected.

The fun board, as the name implies, is designed specifically for just hanging about in the waves and having a good time. I also recommend a leg-rope, because sooner or later your going to need one, and you don't want to be chasing your board around all the time when you could be catching more waves. The soft construction of the board ensures you don't get hurt during the spills while you still enjoy the thrills.

In the early stages of your surfing career this is definitely the place to be. But remember to be safe, take a lesson or two and be respectful out there, surfing can kill, but it is without question the most amazing feeling on earth!

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surfing photos for your surfing excursion   


Duke Kahanamoku, an Olympic star in swimming, popularized the sport further by traveling internationally and showing off his surfing style to thrilled audiences around the world. There are a myriad of factors which will influence your choice of board.

Of course, you don't want to spend hundreds on a brand new surfboard and equipment only to find out that you don't really like surfing. Others feel that longboards are great for learning, but after a year or two, a no longer newbie surfer can get more out of shortboard or a fish or a fun board. Look for schools with accredited coaches.

It will not perform miraculous feats of trickery, but it will pick up the waves easily and provides a good deal of stability down the crest. The ideal boards to learn to surf on would be 8-9 ft, and wider than usual. It is pretty cool if you know how to surf because you just want to keep surfing over and over because of the little rush you get when you are dropping down the face of the wave.

Not only do they protect from skin rashes but they also offer the best UV protection you can get in the water with many providing SPF 150 protection. When learning to surf you have to begin where everyone else does.


Suit says feds using immigration marriage interviews as trap   


BALTIMORE (AP) - Alyse and Elmer Sanchez were thrilled when they survived their "green card" interview, a crucial step in obtaining lawful status in the United States. She texted her family from the immigration office as relief washed over her: The officer had agreed that their marriage is legitimate.

Moments ...


Learn the secrets of abstract painting in Tuscany Italy (Lucca, Italy)   


I am thrilled to return for another trip to Italy where we will be pampered, inspired, wined and dined in true Italian hospitality. We begin our journey exploring the hills of Lucca and our beautifully...


Mystery & romance: Oil and water? Maybe not...    


HALLIE EPHRON: Mystery and romance. They occupy two very different niches, though we know some of our favorite authors :-) write both. 

Today I'm happy to welcome Katlyn Duncan to Jungle Red. The author of romance and young adult novels, she calls herself an author, a dreamer, a storyteller, and a ghostwriter. Today we're thrilled to host her as she talks about her twelfth novel, Wrapped Up For Christmas, and about the elements of mystery that are just as at home in a romance.

KATLYN DUNCAN: Thank you so much to the Jungle Red Writers for hosting me today! Wrapped Up for Christmas, my twelfth published novel released this Tuesday, and I’m thrilled for it to be out in the world.

As this blog is made up of some fantastic mystery writers, I wanted to delve into how mystery can fuel a romance novel. Most of the time, when we meet someone new, there is a lot of mystery surrounding that person. We want to know what this person’s passion is, or what makes them tick.

We’re drawn to it.

We’re captivated by it.

We create this image in our minds of this person and who we want them to be. Usually, they disappoint us; shattering the impression we had of them.

I love this moment in a book.
No matter if you’re writing a mystery novel where the detective or sleuth has underestimated a suspect, or in a romance novel where the heroine reveals a big secret about her past, there is always that shock value when the truth finally reveals itself. It’s a big moment of conflict. The will-they/won’t-they catch the killer/be together for the rest of their lives.

That conflict is delicious and sweet, and it makes us grip the pages (or our eReader) in anticipation of how the story is going to turn out. Romance as a genre usually leans toward the happily ever after side of things, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make our characters work for it. That’s the thing about mystery. We’re drawn to the unknown while creating our version of the truth.

The mystery and the unknown was how I wanted to challenge my two leads in Wrapped Up for Christmas. My heroine, Angie, just got out of a terrible relationship where her boyfriend lied to her, then she lost her job (he was her boss, yikes!), and had to move back home. While that was the lowest of the low for her, she then met a guy who seemed to be the perfect pick-me-up. But he was hiding a significant part of his life from her. He encompassed the one thing she never wanted to trust again.

When adding the mystery element into my women’s fiction/romance novels, my number one tip would be not to reveal all too soon. Leaving those little breadcrumbs (as you do with a mystery novel as well) ramps up the tension. If the reveal comes too fast, there’s not enough stake in the relationship to have a payoff. If the reveal comes too late, then the reader may put the book down with frustration without waiting for the payoff. Or worse, it doesn’t leave enough time for a satisfying ending.

The mystery can be a part of the attraction and the fun, but it can also threaten to tear everything apart. And once that mystery reveals itself, we beg the question…Can they make it work?

I would love to know what you think about mystery and romance working together in books!

HALLIE: It's a great question. I'd say romance is front and center in a many of our books. Lucy's Haley Snow has a main squeeze, Detective Nathan Bransford, and will they/won't they is a major subplot. We love to watch the dynamics of Hank's Jane/Jake and Deb's Duncan/Gemma and the drama of Lady Georgie and her Darcy (guess what: Rhys wrote a series of YA novels called The Boyfriend Club... romance, anyone?); and Julia kept us panting as Claire and Russ overcame the obstacles between them; and Jenn writes brilliant romance and romantic comedy as well as mystery novels with a juicy romance tucked in.

My books tend to be more about women who aren't sure if they can trust the man in their life, so I'm an outlier. But my take on it: as mystery writers we need to know our audience and adjust the heat accordingly.

What do you think? Romance and mystery: oil and water or pepper and salt?

Katlyn is doing a book giveaway THIS WEEK! Best of luck! 

ABOUT KATLYN DUNCAN: Coming from a small town in Western Massachusetts, Katlyn Duncan always had her head in the clouds. Working as a scientist for most of her adult life, she enjoyed breaking down the hows and whys of life. This translated into her love of stories and getting into the minds of her characters. When she’s not writing, she’s obsessing over many (many) television series’. She currently resides in Connecticut with her family. SCBWI & RWA Member.

ABOUT Wrapped Up For Christmas 
 It’s the most wonderful time of the year… but not for Angie Martinelli…
Having lost her boyfriend, job, and apartment all in the space of a week, Angie has no choice but to leave California and return to her family in New England.
Determined not to let life weigh her down, Angie finds work at the local mall where she worked as a teenager. After an embarrassing run-in with a handsome stranger, Nick, she’s convinced her luck is about to change.
But Nick has secrets of his own… and as the first flakes of snow begin to fall, Angie can’t help but wonder if she’ll ever find love.


Milligan and Fegredo's ENIGMA receives a definitive edition   


Peter Milligan and Duncan Fegredo's ENIGMA is receiving a deluxe hardcover edition from Dark Horse Comics.

The press release follows:

Media Release -- Berger Books is excited to announce the release of a deluxe hardcover edition of Peter Milligan and Duncan Fegredo's radical and acclaimed Vertigo series Enigma.

This definitive edition of Enigma, written by legendary and influential writer Peter Milligan, features a lavish new cover by Duncan Fegredo and a treasure trove of never-before-seen development art from one of comics most singular and dramatic artists. Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh provides the lushly painted color.

Enigma is a visceral, thought-provoking post-modern tale of self-discovery and sexual identity told against the backdrop of outrageous superheroes and villains. Michael Smith lives a meaningless life of routine and boredom. But when the weird characters from Enigma - Michael's favorite childhood comic book hero - seem to come to life, Smith embarks upon an increasingly obsessive crusade to uncover the incredible secret behind their improbable existence. Teaming up with Enigma's comic creator, Smith encounters an insanity-inducing psychopath, a brain-eating serial killer, a suicide-inciting Truthsayer, and a teleporting one-time model "who really sends you" as his quest uncovers shocking truths about his idol and ultimately Michael himself.

"I'm thrilled to be publishing this brilliant seminal work of one of Vertigo's key launch titles, which was ahead of its time and inspirational to many," said Karen Berger. "Dark Horse is known for publishing beautiful high-quality books, and it's long overdue for Enigma to be presented in the fashion that it deserves."

Enigma will go on sale in fall 2020.


Comment on Irresistible Butterscotch Cake by Jennifer Field    


Oh, hooray, Ajita! Thank you so much for letting me know--I love that cake, and I'm thrilled you had good success with it!


NYT Names New T Magazine Publisher | People on the Move   


People on the Move

[caption id="attachment_171881" align="alignright" width="150"] Adam Hargis[/caption]

The New York Times announced last week that Adam Hargis is taking over as publisher of T: The New York Times Style Magazine. Hargis has spent the last five years the Times, most recently as an associate publisher of T.

Hargis will work alongside T's editor-in-chief, Hanya Yanagihara, who said Hargis's “tenure at The Times has been distinguished by his dedication, ingenuity, and passion for the magazine.” Prior to joining The New York Times Company, Hargis had worked with CNBC, NBC and Vs. magazine.

“With Hanya’s editorial vision, T has established itself as a powerful arbiter of culture, elucidating the influential, thoughtful role that creativity, style, beauty, art, design, and travel play in our evolving world," said Lisa Ryan Howard, SVP and GM of media at The New York Times Company, in a statement." Adam has a clear understanding of T’s value for luxury brands and how T connects them to what matters in the world around us. His dedication and commitment to The New York Times over the past five years has proven invaluable, and I’m thrilled to welcome him in this leadership role.” 

Here are the rest of this week's people on the move...

[caption id="attachment_171883" align="alignright" width="150"] Joe Ceryanec[/caption]

Meredith Corp.'s CFO, Joe Ceryanec, announced this week that he plans to retire in early 2020, following a transition period. Prior to joining Meredith in 2008, Ceryanec worked at KPMG and Ernst & Young before spending 12 years at telecom provider McLeodUSA. 

“Joe's accomplishments include prominent roles in negotiating and securing financing for several large acquisitions,” said Meredith president and CEO Tom Harty in a statement. "These include Time Inc., and several others in our National Media Group, as well as television stations in PhoenixSt. Louis, Mobile and Western Massachusetts for our Local Media Group. Joe is well respected by the investment community, and has been a sound financial steward for our shareholders."

Meredith will conduct a national search for Ceryanec’s successor.

[caption id="attachment_171885" align="alignright" width="150"] Sarah Moughty[/caption]

Harvard Business Review announced Sarah Moughty as its new managing editor, overseeing the editorial and digital product teams. Moughty joins from the public radio program "Marketplace," where she served as the executive director, digital and previously spent 17 years in various roles at PBS's "Frontline." She will begin at HBR in late October.  

Also joining HBR is Anne Noyes Saini, who was named a senior audio producer. Saini previously worked as senior producer at Stitcher, producing the “The Sporkful” podcast. At HBR she will provide editorial guidance on podcasts and create new podcasts and other audio offerings for the "HBR Presents" network. She also starts this month. 

Chris Dixon, Vanity Fair's creative director, announced that he will leave the magazine; staying on until November 22 as the magazine transitions to a successor, according to The Hollywood Reporter. After arriving from New York magazine in 2011, Dixon created an aesthetic that has defined the brand, executing the magazine’s recent design overhaul under the direction of Radhika Jones, who took over for Graydon Carter as editor-in-chief in 2017. 

Georgia Frances King, ideas editor at Quartz, is leaving the outlet to freelance full-time, she announced this week. Formerly the editor of Kinfolk, King says she's shifting focus to books, podcasts and public awareness campaigns.

[caption id="attachment_171879" align="alignright" width="150"] Joe Thompson[/caption]

Hodinkee, the magazine for watch enthusiasts, announced the hire of Joe Thompson as its first executive editor. Previously serving as editor-at-large for the publication since 2017, the 40-year watch journalism veteran will oversee day-to-day editorial operations, reporting to editor-in-chief Jack Forster. 

Chris Stone is leaving his post as Sports Illustrated editor-in-chief after spending the last 15 years with the brand. Succeeding Stone are current editors Steve Cannella and Ryan Hunt, who will serve as co-editors-in-chief, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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The Climate Fixathon: using tech to fight climate change   


The Climate Fixathon: using tech to fight climate change

At 1Password, we aim to make the online world a better, safer place. But climate change is the biggest threat to the future of our planet, and we want to make a difference there too. That’s why we chose to sponsor the Climate Fixathon.

The Climate Fixathon is the world’s first online hackathon for makers to help fix the climate. If you’re not familiar, a hackathon is a coding competition, usually held over a set period. People come together to test their skills to solve a particular problem or just create something great. The Climate Fixathon is a 4-week competition, held entirely online.

As someone who cares deeply about our planet, (last year, I embarked on a 24-day expedition for marine conservation) I was thrilled to be one of the judges. Reviewing and testing the 43 projects from across the globe was eye-opening. It was exciting to see the tech community come together to create websites, apps, and services that aim to help restore a safe climate for our planet. Technology is a powerful force for doing good.

There were three categories: Awareness, Action, and Facilitation. On offer was $1,500 for the winning team of each category. As you’d expect, the standard of entries was incredibly high across the board, but there were a few that impressed me in particular.

HQ→CO2 was chosen as the project that best raises awareness of climate breakdown. The website juxtaposes random pairs of images: the headquarters of high-emissions fossil fuel companies with places around the world affected by global warming. It was thought-provoking to see how the HQ pictures appear static and unchanging, while the picture alongside shows dynamic ecological breakdown.

Also recognised by the judges was Climate 365, an email service that repeatedly contacts those in power urging them to take action against climate change. Their tool for digital protest won the prize for Action. The prize for Facilitation was awarded to Trip to Carbon, a carbon footprint calculator with simple API that can be integrated into new and existing websites and products to raise awareness of climate change.

Another favourite of mine was the Arctic Calculator. You enter the distance travelled and it gives you the area of the Arctic circle you’re responsible for melting. Certainly difficult to ignore. Shift was another great website that everyone can use to make a difference. It tells when grid production in your area is at its least carbon-intense, so that you can time your household electricity consumption, like putting the washing machine on.

All exciting and impactful projects that are sure to inspire change. It’s certainly sparked some food for thought about how we do things at 1Password.

To learn more about all of the entries, visit the Climate Fixathon website. Perhaps it will inspire a project of your own! You can also find out more about my motivations for taking part in my judge’s interview.


@Hasbro #MarvelLegends #NYCC 2019 Reveals   


Happy New York Comic-Con! We’re thrilled to share several Hasbro Marvel Legends reveals coming out of the con today, including new comic figures from the upcoming MARVEL DEADPOOL LEGENDS SERIES 6-INCH Figure Assortment and MARVEL FANTASTIC FOUR LEGENDS SERIES 6-INCH Figure Assortment, as well as the exciting debut of the MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES 6-INCH STAN...


Prospectus: Database Officer   


£30000.00 - £35000.00 per annum: Prospectus: Prospectus is thrilled to be working with SPANA in their search for a Database Officer. City of London


Suit says feds using immigration marriage interviews as trap   


Suit says feds using immigration marriage interviews as trapAlyse and Elmer Sanchez were thrilled when they survived their "green card" interview, a crucial step in obtaining lawful status in the United States. Moments later, Elmer was in shackles, detained pending deportation to his native Honduras, leaving her alone with their two little boys. "We feel it was a trap, a trick, to get us there," Alyse said.


Cape Symphony’s 2020 New Year’s Day Party Will Feature “Roof-Raising” Trio TAKE3   


High-energy performance featuring four dynamic women...
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German pianist Eva Schaumkell (photo by Mark Westling)
Thumbnail Image: 

Hyannis, MA - For the past 10 years, the Cape Symphony has been kicking off the new year with a party, and 2020 might be the biggest, boldest one yet!

The Cape Symphony is pleased to announce the special guests for this year’s New Year’s Day Party. This year, the high-energy take on the Cape Symphony tradition features the dynamic “roof-raising” trio TAKE3, and powerhouse vocalist and Martha’s Vineyard native, Siren Mayhew.

Mayhew wowed audiences in 2016 when she performed with the Cape Symphony for the Symphony on the Vineyard and again in 2017 as a vocalist for Holiday on the Cape. She began singing publicly when she was just five years old and later entered the first-ever Boston Pops High School Sing-Off in 2008 when she was 16 - and won - earning her a performance with the Pops on the Fourth of July on the Boston Esplanade in front of a live audience of a half a million people.

“Siren has a natural gift of mesmerizing audiences with her incredibly authentic and virtuosic voice, which is delivered in a stage presence that isn’t seen in many vocalists her age. She commands the stage, and we are thrilled to have her performing with us again,” said Cape Symphony Artistic Director & Conductor Jung-Ho Pak.

Adding to the “party” vibe this year is the genre-bending trio TAKE3, featuring American violinist Lindsay Deutsch, award-winning German pianist Eva Schaumkell and Los Angeles-based cellist Leah Metzler.

Deutsch will be making a return to the Cape Symphony stage after her fiery performance of Stravinsky’s “Firebird Suite” in 2014. Jung-Ho Pak says of Lindsay, “A conductor dreams about finding a soloist who understands the essential responsibility of helping change a large community’s view of classical music. In a time when every concert has to be unforgettable and a game changer, Lindsay can make that happen every time.”

The trio of dynamo musicians that make up TAKE3 have a flair for the wild and unexpected, but bring the refinement of a rigorous classical music background and infuse it with rock-star charisma. Whether performing their take on pop, jazz, movie themes, or classical tunes, they bring roof-raising energy to their performances.

Schaumkell has performed in the United States, the Middle East, and throughout Europe including a performance at Buckingham Palace. Metzler is an accomplished and highly sought-after cellist who is the daughter of a violin maker father and violinist mother. She discovered her passion for the cello at the age of four and has worked with Lady Gaga, The Eagles, Stevie Wonder, John Williams, and Andrea Bocelli.

The Cape Symphony is proud to present Siren Mayhew and TAKE3 in its New Year’s Day Party on Wednesday, January 1, 2020 at 3:00 PM at the Barnstable Performing Arts Center, 744 West Main Street, Hyannis.  For more information or to purchase tickets visit or call the Box Office at 508-362-1111.


Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park 1/6 Dr. Alan Grant and Raptor Figures   


Chronicle Collectibles has opened pre-orders fro their first two 1/6th scale Jurassic Park collectible figures: Dr. Alan Grant and a Raptor! First shown at San Diego Comic Con (see HERE), the figures are estimated to ship Q4 2020. Dr. Alan Grant ($229.99): Chronicle Collectibles is thrilled to...


719: You can choose to win - with Tom Ziglar   


Is it really a choice? Can you really believe that? The reality is, if you are going to win, it will take a whole of of choices. The right choices. So which choices are the right ones? That’s what this show is about. For 53 years Tom Ziglar has been privy to a constant influx of the absolute best in personal development, self help and best business practices. He’s been CEO of Ziglar for 24 years. He’s a featured speaker around the globe. And now he brings us the first Ziglar book in over a decade and it’s the culmination and simplification of all he’s been exposed to, learned and added to in a truly revolutionary way to walk out your personal success. In this show we talk through the core ingredients of Tom’s Choose To Win methodology and expound on these ingredients: We do have a choice, the absolute necessity of having a why, but we get into an interesting discussion about the why not necessarily having to be big, but it must be strong and intense. We discuss desire, hope (the right kind), grit and Goals. But how goals only resonates with approximately 20% of the populace so if you aren’t thrilled by goals, you’ll want to hear this. Then we discuss the big kahuna of it all, our daily habits. And which one is most paramount? Tom will tell you. We finish by getting into his next book, already titled and in the works. This is a foundational show. You can find Tom’s book, Choose To Win, at or wherever you get books.

Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Virginia Stage Presents DETROIT '67   


Turntables turn to turmoil in the heart of Detroit when a mysterious woman enters the lives of siblings Chelle and Lank. Underground basement parties are the talk of the town as the spirit of Motown breaks barriers across neighborhoods. As race riots erupt in their beloved city, tensions escalate at home. How will this family keep it together as their community falls apart?

Detroit '67 is comprised of a company of actors making their Virginia Stage Company debut. Lisa Tharps (Chelle), from New York, has guest-starred in several hit television shows, including "ER", "Sex in the City", "Jessica Jones", and "Law and Order: SVU". Bryce Michael Wood (Lank) has performed in several of the top regional theatres, including Asolo Repertory Theatre, Geva Theatre Center, and the Contemporary American Theatre Festival. Performing in her second play by Detroit '67 playwright Dominique Morisseau, Shenyse LeAnna Harris (Bunny) is a New York-based actor that recently received her Master of Fine Arts degree from Brown University. Freddie Fulton (Sly) has recently performed at Long Wharf Theatre and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Rounding out the Detroit '67 cast is Suzannah Herschkowitz (Caroline), a recent Julliard graduate.

Directing this inspired cast is nationally and internationally acclaimed director, Thomas W. Jones II. His work as a writer, director, and actor has received several Helen Hayes awards, the San Diego critic's award, and the NAACP Phoenix Award.

Detroit '67 begins on October 23 with an official opening night on October 26, and continues with performances through November 10. Tickets for each performance start as low as $25 for children under 12. Discounts are available for groups, students, and members of the military community. Ticket prices will vary throughout the run of the show, so buy early for the best seats at the best prices.

Interviews can be arranged with members of the cast, crew, creative team, or staff of Virginia Stage Company. All reviews are welcome, and tickets can be provided to anyone who wishes to see the production for these purposes.

Virginia Stage Company is southeastern Virginia's leading theatre destination, serving an audience of over 58,000 annually, both at the Wells Theatre and throughout the community. Virginia Stage Company's mission is to "enrich, educate, and entertain the region by creating and producing theatrical art of the highest quality."

Freddie Fulton (Sly) is making his Virginia Stage Company debut with this wonderful production of Detroit '67. Other theater credits include: Classic Stage Company's Julius Caesar (Brutus), Long Wharf Theatre's Paradise Blue (P-Sam), 59E59th/Edinburgh Fringe Festival's Someone Dies at the End (Bama), Seven Guitars (Floyd), Death of the Last Black Man (Black Man with Watermelon), A Soldier's Play (PFC Peterson), etc. Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, Freddie received his MFA in Acting from Columbia University and is based in New York. He's grateful to the entire VSC team and blessed to have the opportunity to breathe life into this enriching story. To his family, friends, and cast members thank you for your inspiration, it truly means the world to him. Enjoy the show!

Shenyse LeAnna Harris (Bunny) is a New York based actor from Houston, Texas. She holds a Master's degree from Brown/Trinity Rep 2018. This is her second Dominque Morisseau play and her Virginia Stage Company Debut- she is more than delighted to be a part of this process. Shenyse has been in Fetch Clay Make Man (Dallas Theater Center) Our Lady of 121st (Greer Garson Theater) Death of a Salesman, Skeleton Crew (Trinity Repertory).

Suzannah Herschkowitz (Caroline) is a recent graduate of Juilliard and spent this past summer working on The Public's Shakespeare in the Park production of Coriolanus. She is thrilled to make her Virginia State Company debut with this cast and crew.

Lisa Tharps (Chelle) Nina- The Royale, Kitchen Theater, and Geva Theatre; Medea - Medea, Boston Court Theater (Garland, LA Critics, LA Weekly NAACP nominations for Best Leading Actress); Broadway: Nurse - Romeo Juliet - New Victory Theater; Tonya (und) - King Hedley II, Virginia Theatre; Principal Player - Love's Fire: Fresh Numbers - Public Theater, London's Barbican Pit, Nat'l Tour; Off Broadway: Olivia - Twelfth Night - Boomerang Theatre; Paulina - The Winter's Tale - NY Classical; Wit - MCC, Union Square, Nat'l Tour; Principal Player, The Vagina Monologues, Nat'l Tour; Titania - Midsummer Night's Dream - Shakespeare Theater of DC: TV - aired in 2018: "Jessica Jones" (Det. Ruth Sunday), "Power", "Madam Secretary", "Elementary". Film: MADELINE'S MADELINE (Gotham's/Spirit Awards' noms for Best Feature, Cinematography); UNC School of the Arts, Graduate. Grateful

Bryce Michael Wood (Lank) graduated from the University of Notre Dame with his Bachelors and was a Division-I Athlete for the Fighting Irish. Most recently he received his MFA in Acting from UCONN under the direction of Dale AJ Rose. His recent credits include, but aren't limited to: Topdog/Underdog and Twelfth Night at Shakespeare and Company, Glory at the New School, Othello at the Brick Theater, Gloria at Asolo Repertory Theater, The Royale at The Hippodrome Theater, Smart People at both The Geva & Kitchen Theatre, Welcome to Fear City at the Contemporary American Theatre Festival, and Row, where he starred as Muhammed Ali at Goodspeed Opera House. While attending UCONN he was in a multitude of Connecticut Rep. Productions.


  • Thomas W. Jones II

Scenic Designer

  • Matthew Allar

Costume Designer

  • Dr. L. Nyrobi N. Moss

Lighting Designer

Sound Designer

Stage Manager

  • Karen Currie

Assistant Stage Manager

  • Meg Morrill


Comment on addition reveal: the pool room by Janet    


This is the most beautiful room! I’m so thrilled to see it finished and I know you are too. I always love your work and it’s so well executed and thoughtful! Re: your above comment- I have a sister in Franklin. She says that all the septic mess is an absolute nightmare. So sorry you’ve had to deal with all of it!


Comment on addition reveal: the pool room by Anna    


Oh my gosh. I’m going to have to come back when I can read more later, but this is GORGEOUS. You guys must be so thrilled about this space! You nailed it! Per usual.


September Training: A Swimming PR!   


My non-running September looks GOOD in the water:

That's 2 "aqua jogs" (in purple), a WHOLE lot of strength work (in orange), and a WHOLE LOT of swimming! That's 3 swims/week that total 27,550 yards!

This surpasses August of 2010 as my biggest swimming month. Back in 2010, I was working with Coach Jen as she was coaching me to a sub-60 TC 10 Mile. I had one week with just a 1400 yard swim (I think that was technically just before starting to work with Jen), but then I had a week a bit later with over 9000 yards (3 swims around 3000 yards each). I ended that month with 25,800 total yards.

Again, if you're a "swimmer," this isn't a ton of yardage. But I've never been a "swimmer," and I'm thrilled with this. And I'm happy it's not aggravating my shoulder either!

Back with some photos of friends and family at the TC 10 Mile at the TC Marathon tomorrow!


Homecove House, Westcliff   


BM Property Agents are thrilled to offer to let this one bedroom seafront retirement apartment in Westcliff which is suitable for interested parties aged 60 and over. The property has the benefit of excellent in-house social activities which are...
1 room
Fri, 04 Oct 2019 16:25:33 +0200


9/1/15 Quickie: Nine Years Later...   


Nine years ago today, I launched this blog. 

It came the day after the final edition of the Daily Quickie on, a column I loved writing (and still one of my favorite professional and personal accomplishments).

The blog was many things: An outlet for my many enthusiasms, a place to keep writing daily (for a time, even more than daily), my own corner of the media universe.

Things have withered in the past year or two (or more) -- Quickish overwhelmed everything, and by the time I sold the company to Gannett, blogging felt less vital to me than participating on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Anyway, yesterday, I made my next career move -- I have joined Facebook, on the Media team, in the Sports Partnerships group, with a focus on journalists and media companies.

Here is what I posted on FB:
Thrilled to share the news that I have joined Facebook’s amazing Sports Partnerships team, with a focus on working with sports media folks, particularly journalists and news organizations. 
From Greenhouse-era AOL to ESPN-dot (and ESPNet-dot-SportsZone!) to founding Quickish and beyond, my journalism career has been defined by a passion to impact every fan’s everyday relationship with sports. 
Now I get to work across the entire sports media industry with so many talented journalists I admire (whether we personally know each other yet or not). And I am so excited to join a phenomenal company, with brilliant, enthusiastic colleagues, platforms powered by innovation and the biggest, best audience of sports fans in the world. 
Much more soon, but sports media colleagues -- old, new and to-be-met-soon -- please reach out to me with your ideas. (Everyone who knows me knows I won’t hesitate to do the same.)
It is a phenomenal role on a phenomenal team with a phenomenal company working with a phenomenal universe of sports-media people I have gotten to know over the past 20 years.

So excited for what's next, and I hopefully will be able to point you to all sorts of great things.

-- D.S.


Pregnant with our 2nd!   


Hi everyone, I first joined this team when I was pregnant with our first child, Maximus (born July 4th, 2009). Last week on Nov. 17th, the day before our 6-year anniversary, I found out that I am pregnant with our second child! We are so thrilled because I am now 37 and we were desperate for another baby. I am almost 7 weeks today and on Dec. 6th we will be going for our first ultrasound. :)))


Siberian drug addicts find hope in halfway house ministry   


Russia (MNN) -- Russia has the largest population of injection drug users -- approximately 1.8 million people. Six of every ten new drug users in the former Soviet nation are in Siberia and the Far East.

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However, one addict-turned-pastor named Alexander is now reaching other drug addicts through a denominational halfway house ministry. Global Disciples supports Christian denominational leaders in Siberia. The denomination runs a halfway house for drug addicts and introduces them to the Gospel. Tim* with Global Disciples recently met with Alexander and other denominational leaders and visited their halfway house. “In this halfway house, we visited and talked with about seven men there," Tim says. "Some had gotten out of prison not long ago. Others were there trying to break the addictions of alcohol and drugs.

"We prayed with them [and] they shared their lives and how through Jesus, they have been given new life and hope.”

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Alexander’s Story

As a young man, Alexander was one of many in Russia who found himself trapped in a drug addiction. “He had no hope and he was on a path of destruction,” says Tim. “The Lord saved him out of that and brought him new life. But the good story about Alexander is that eventually he went on to Bible school.” Today, Alexander is a pastor and leader in a denomination with about 40 churches throughout Siberia. “After Jesus changed his life, he talked about how he went to his old friends -- those who he had done drugs with or he had sold drugs to. One of those young men accepted Christ and came to know Jesus.” Alexander’s friend, Anatoly, traded his drugs for Bible school as well, earned his doctorate in Missiology, and now leads their mission Bible school.

“One of the things that thrilled me that he told me after this story is, 'You just never know what will happen when you witness to others,’” Tim says.

Hope for Siberia’s Addicted

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Russians clung to drug addiction and alcoholism as coping mechanisms after the fall of the Soviet regime. Since the Soviets sent many people to Siberian labor camps or exiled them in the vast, vacant land, Siberia was left with society’s outcasts. “A lot of people live there without hope and it seems that alcohol and drugs is one of the ways that they try and cope with their issues.” Knowing the spiritual plight of Siberia informs our prayers as we support the local Church. “In this area that is remote, it might have been an area that is cast out,” Tim says. “We're praying and we're asking people to pray with us that this historically exiled, beaten down place would become a place where God's people are finding refuge.” Learn more about Global Disciples’ ministry here.     *Last name withheld for security purposes. Header photo courtesy of Cherry Laithang via Unsplash.

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Loren started playing guitar when he was only four years old, and by the time he was six, played the Chet A:tkins hit “Yackety Axe” in front of thousands of country music fans at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. He went on to study with Jimmy Atkins (Chet’s brother) which led to a touring career with his family band from Nashville to Las Vegas. Since settling down in Central New York, he has been in constant demand as a studio musician.

Loren has performed with some of the best acoustic players in the world including Stephen Bennett, Richard Smith, John Knowles, Muriel Anderson and Loren’s friend and mentor Tommy Emmanuel, the Australian guitar sensation. He has also recorded with Multiple Grammy winner and legendary producer Lloyd Maines.

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