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Conférence sur les noyaux bulles le 24 octobre 2019 à Orsay   


We would like to invite you for an evening of Physics and beer at the Gramophone in Orsay on the 24th of October at 6:30pm. There, we will discover together about the fascinating world of bubbles and nuclear physics thanks to Marine Vandebrouck (researcher at CEA Saclay/IRFU). This is your chance to meet other PhD students working nearby on exciting and probably bizarre topics (and enjoy some free beer). If you want to join us, sign up here, it’s free: Feel free also to join the event on facebook : We are organising this event in preparation for a bigger one, the conference of the Rencontres des Jeunes (RJP). The RJP conference will take place on the 29th of November (save the date). It is a day of lectures in the prestigious auditorium of the College de France in Paris, with free food and drinks all day long. Organised by PhD students for PhD students the fun is guaranteed and everyone is invited! RJP events are organized by PhD students, members of the young commission of the French Physics Society (SFP). This invitation is for the first satellite event at the Gramophone in Orsay. We will have a second satellite event later in Paris preceding the big event the RJP conference. We are looking forward to meet you!


Labour Update   


The TDSB has published an important update regarding the potential for a full withdrawal of services by members of CUPE that is scheduled to start Monday October 7, 2019. In the event of a strike, the TDSB will close all schools to students for the duration of the strike action. You can read the board’s …


Award-Winning Pioneer in Workplace Design, Clive Wilkinson, Chats "Live & Local"   


Clive Wilkinson is an acknowledged pioneer in workplace design. His award winning practice has spearheaded the workplace revolution and has created trail blazing spaces for companies including Google, Microsoft, and the Disney Store. He is a recipient of the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt Design award and an inductee into Interior Design Magazine’s Hall of Fame. The Theater of Work is Clive’s first book on his ground breaking process and the resulting environments. Published by Frame Publishers the daOMA Fall Lecture here in Omaha will be the second stop on Clive’s world tour. The event is tonight and begins with a public reception at 6:00 PM, doors for the lecture will open at 6:50 PM and the lecture will begin at 7:00 PM at Josyln Art Museum – Witherspoon Concert Hall and is open and FREE to the public! Clive took time to swing by the newly designed studios at KIOS-FM and chat "Live & Local" with Mike Hogan about design, managing a world tour, and his thoughts on the title of his


Paint Pittston Pink’s newest event is a smash   


PITTSTON — This year, the Paint Pittston Pink effort concluded with a new event — “Hammer out Cancer.” A ticket for the event meant the opportunity to swing a sledge hammer at a large pink [...]


Tuesday, October 8, 2019   


Elizabeth C. Gorski’s Cr♥ssw♥rd Nation puzzle (Week 436), “Crazy for Hue”—Ade’s take Hello once again, crossword-solving brethren! Hope all is well to begin the new week! If in the event that you wanted some colorfulness in your solving experience, today’s … Continue reading


Rebel Yell: Taxpayers Revolt Against Gimme-Mania   


Some wore pig noses. Others waved Old Glory and "Don't Tread on Me" flags. Their handmade signs read: "Say No to Generational Theft"; "Obama'$ Porkulu$ Wear$ Lip$tick"; and "I don't want to pay for the SwindleUs! I'm only 10 years old!" The event was peaceful, save for an unhinged city-dweller who showed his tolerance by barging onto the speakers' stage and giving a Nazi salute.

Carender, a newcomer to political activism, shared advice for other first-timers: "Basically, everyone, you just have to do it. Call up your police station or parks department and ask how you can obtain a permit, and then just start advertising. The word will spread. I am only one person, but with a little hard work this protest has become the efforts of a lot of people."

Why bother? It's for posterity's sake. For the historical record. And hopefully it will spur others to move from the phones and computers to the streets. For Carender, it's just the beginning. She gathered all the attendees' e-mail addresses and will keep up the pressure.

"We need to show that we exist. Second, we need to show support for the Republicans and Democrats that voted against the porkulus. If they think, for one second, that they made a bad choice, we have no chance to fight. Third, it sends a message to Obama and Pelosi that we are awake and we know what's happening and we are not going to take it lying down. It is a message saying, 'Expect more opposition because we're out here.'"

The anti-pork activists turned out in Denver, too. On Tuesday, while Obama cocooned himself at the city's Museum of Nature and Science for the stimulus signing, a crowd of nearly 300 gathered on the Capitol steps on their lunch hour to flame-broil the spending bill and feast on roasted pig (also donated by yours truly). Jim Pfaff of Colorado's fiscal conservative citizens group Americans for Prosperity condemned the "Ponzi scheme, Madoff style" stimulus and led the crowd in chants of "No more pork!" Free-market think-tank head Jon Caldara of the Independence Institute brought oversized checks representing the $30,000 stimulus debt load for American families.

On Wednesday in Mesa, local conservative talk station KFYI spearheaded a third large protest to welcome Obama as he unveiled a $100 billion to $200 billion program to bail out banks and beleaguered borrowers having trouble paying their mortgages. The entitlement theme played well last week in Florida, where Obama played Santa Claus to enraptured supporters shamelessly seeking government presents. But nearly 500 protesters in Mesa came to reject the savior-based economy with signs mocking gimme-mania.

Their posters jeered: "Give me Pelosi's Plane"; "Annual Passes to Disneyland"; "Fund Bikini Wax Now"; "Stimulate the Economy: Give Me a Tummy Tuck"; "Free Beer for My Horses."

And my favorite: "Give me liberty or at least a big-screen TV."

Plans are underway for anti-stimulus-palooza protests in Overland Park, Kan., Nashville and New York -- home of smug Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer. Schumer's derisive comment on the Senate floor about the "chattering classes" who oppose reckless spending has not been forgotten or forgiven. The insult spurred central Kentucky talk show host Leland Conway to organize a pork rind drive. Angry taxpayers bombarded the senator's office with 1,500 bags of cracklins.

Disgraced Democratic Sen. John Edwards was right about one thing: There are two Americas. One America is full of moochers, big and small, corporate and individual, trampling over themselves with their hands out demanding endless bailouts. The other America is full of disgusted, hardworking citizens getting sick of being played for chumps and punished for practicing personal responsibility.

Now is the time for all good taxpayers to turn the tables on free-lunching countrymen and their enablers in Washington. Community organizing helped propel Barack Obama to the White House. It can work for fiscal conservatism, too.


Barack Obama's Savior-Based Economy   


The event turned into a full-blown revival meeting when Obama announced that the Senate had passed his massive stimulus plan. Audience members erupted into applause. Tongues of fire descended from the sky. Loaves and fishes (or rather, pork and Kool-Aid) multiplied miraculously into trillions for all. GOP Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina didn't know how right he was when he warned over the weekend: "We're moving precipitously close to what I would call a savior-based economy."

Like Mighty Mouse, President Obama is here to save the day. The government is here to help -- and it is your patriotic duty to pay for it all without preconditions. Hughes didn't explain the cause of her financial turmoil. Obama didn't ask. And if we conservatives dare to question the circumstances -- and the underlying assumption that it is government's (that is, taxpayers') role to bail her out -- we'll be lambasted as cruel haters of the downtrodden.

Woe unto ye unbelievers in Big Government who cling to what Obama derided as "ideological rigidity."

Well, pardon my unbending belief in fairness and personal responsibility, but why should my tax dollars go to feed the housing entitlement beast? At his fear-mongering press conference Monday night, Obama lamented that homeowners "are seeing their property values decline." Countrywide crony Sen. Chris Dodd successfully stuffed $50 billion into the just-passed stimulus package for Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to spend on "mandatory loan modifications" for homeowners deep underwater on their mortgages. That's in addition to the $20 billion already allocated by the House last month for the same purposes.

Banks have been engaged in these "Mo Mod" programs over the past year. Democrats want to accelerate the pace and use the power of government to essentially provide a blanket amnesty for borrowers and lenders who made bad financial decisions. Yes, there are many responsible borrowers out there having trouble negotiating loan modifications. But this $50 billion giveaway to the banks -- on top of the upward of $2 trillion more from the Treasury department, on top of the $700 billion in original "TARP" funding -- is throwing more bad money after bad.

This massive expansion of government meddling in the housing market -- yet another attempt to get federal bureaucrats in the business of rewriting loan contracts and reducing principal -- will just delay the inevitable. A report released by the Comptroller of the Currency in December showed that more than half of loans modified in the first quarter of 2008 fell 30 days delinquent within six months. And after six months, 35 percent of people were 60 or more days behind on their payments.

Where's the fairness in forcing prudent homeowners and renters to subsidize people who bought overpriced houses and rescue the banks that lent to them?

Tellingly, Obama chose Ft. Myers to drum up support for his wealth redistributionism. The area has been one of the hardest hit by foreclosures, as the president was quick to point out. But many of those homes are second or third homes and investment properties. And low housing prices are not a catastrophe for everyone. They've created opportunities for Americans who haven't been able to buy in an artificially inflated market. The median sales price of a home in the Ft. Myers area fell 50 percent to $106,900, from $215,200 in December 2007. Bargain-priced home sales are up 146 percent from a year ago.

It's sacrilegious to say it in the Age of Obama, but it needs to be said: Home ownership is not an entitlement. Credit is not a civil right. Your property-value preservation is not my problem. Can I get an "Amen!"?


Sector Cabal Sigma Faction Turn 1    


Hello everyone,
I'm about 5 sessions behind on posting Session Logs..yikes.  The Cabal Sigma SWN Campaign is going well. I thought I would share some of the news casts the players got a few sessions ago based on the happenings from the faction turn.  I have set my blog to no comments. I have been getting bombarded with spam, and would rather not waste my time trying to moderate spam comments. So for now I have disabled comments. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

News Casts 

S.P.T.N. Sector Public Transmissions Network – Your Public news source for Sector Cabal Sigma- Blacktron Transgalactic will begin an urban renewal and redevelopment program designed to bring economic prosperity and improvements to Paradise City-Hyperion.  Blacktron Transgalactic Executive Spokesman Guiles de'Kaizer, "This is a great opportunity for Blacktron Transgalactic to give back to the community that has been so good to us. We are taking the innovations we have developed on Marathon and sharing them with our neighbors on Hyperion, together we are better."  Wistan Frost, son of Frost Technologies  founder Hadean Frost responded that Frost Technologies welcomes Blacktron's investments in the local community and "hopes to see the quality of life for all citizens improved, not just a few for the benefit of a public relations gimmick". 

F.B.N. -Free Broadcasting Network- In spite of attempts by The Thieves Guild to block her visit to Slough Feg, the beloved Einya the Iconic, a known sentient life-form advocate, singer and entertainer has arrived on The Thieves World of Slough Feg, after meeting with local authorities she has just announced her benefits concert for Uplifted Chimpanzees will proceed as scheduled.  Einya earlier today, "We need to do all we can to raise public awareness regarding the plight of uplifted simians on Slough Feg.... look around and you can quickly see all of the infrastructure, food, water and air is possible only due to the hard work and labors of the simians on this world, yet they do not have equal rights or fair treatment, today's benefit concert is hopefully the first of many to bring needed change to Slough Feg and all of the Thieves Worlds". 

T.W.N.N.-Thieves Worlds Network News- Due to the generosity of The Thieves Guild, in spite of the event organizers improper paperwork and lack of proper registration, the Thieves Guild recognizes, that Einya is a popular singer, and given this is the one year anniversary of the Ahab Station Disaster and the simian civil disturbances from that time, the Thieves Guild will allow the entertainment concert to continue, Thieves Worlders are reminded to recognize that Einya is an entertainer and has no formal training or experience in politics or the affairs of government and should recognize her for what she is, an outworlder with a history of contributing to public disturbances and general public misbehavior.  She should stick to entertainment and leave the affairs of government, public safety and well-being to the trained professionals.  Authorities wanted to have the event on Riot, due to its arenas and an environment more conducive to such activities, but Einya insisted the event take place on Slough Feg 

A.N.A. - Arena News Agency (a T.W.N.N.-affiliate) – This just in...we are showing actual video footage from Battle Tower Arena earlier today- you can clearly see one of the arena fighters an offworlder, stealing the popular arena Mascot, instead of returning it to its holding container the individual can be seen stashing it in his tunic. Civil Police are looking for him and his accomplices now. They were believed to have taken a shuttle to Outlaw Station. One of his travelling companions has been confirmed to be an uplifted chimpanzee.  

T.W.N.N.- Silas Dryx, former "Weatherman" of Ahab Station, and one of the few survivors of the station's destruction has just recently been released from the hospital after a long recovery from the injuries he sustained by the Simian terrorist attack against Ahab Station one year ago. He is equipped with some of the latest Cyberware developed on Xin Kowloon.  

This is G.N.N. - Galactic News Network – Given that this is the one year anniversary of the destruction of Ahab Station a known site of Simian abuse and control; we thought it appropriate to address the still orbiting wreck of Ahab Station.  A proposal has been made to rebuild the station as a memorial to all the simians killed during the uprising.  Unfortunately certain old guard members of the pro-human establishment are still around, and hope to restore the station to its former purpose, one of simian control and abuse. For now the future of the ruins of Ahab Station is locked up in the legal system.  With Slough Feg focusing so much of its resources on maintaining a livable environment, whatever, the outcome is decided it will be some time before Ahab Station is addressed in any meaningful fashion. 

Star Fox News – The Pro-Simian Concert Event has started, The Thieves Guild had requested high security, due to the nature and date of the event, but event organizers didn't want a militant presence to mar their message. Let's hope the event is a peaceful one, Einya is known for her anti-corporate demonstrations.  

---Massive Explosion in orbit above Slough Feg--- 

G.N.N. -This is GNN...Galactic News Network- We have just learned that Cleopatra Station is no more, the explosion just seen in the skies above Slough Feg was the apparent complete destruction of Cleopatra Station! No word on any survivors. Has the Thieves Guild's ongoing abhorrent treatment of our Simian Neighbors, led us to this day? Here on the exactly one year anniversary of the destruction of Ahab Station and the launch of the Simian's quest for freedom...  

Star Fox News- Cleopatra Station possibly destroyed! Is this a terrorist attack? Start of a second Ape Revolt? Or just a disaster caused by malfunctioning equipment?  Stay tuned to this station for further updates!  

F.B.N. - Free Broadcasting Network –This has been confirmed! Independent Sensor Scans have shown Cleopatra Station has been completely destroyed, some form of explosion has obliterated the station, a debris field now marks the location where this mega-corporate controlled facility once existed, we cannot verify any survivors or cause at this time. Genesis Combine the owners of the station have not yet made a public statement.  Cleopatra Station was a research facility working to genetically engineer crops that could survive in Slough Feg's harsh climate.  

T.W.N.N. - Official word from The Thieves Guild – everyone is ordered to remain calm, Patrol craft have been dispatched to Cleopatra Station. Authorities have the situation under control. We have no reason to believe the explosion on Cleopatra Station was anything more than a tragic accident. Please stay indoors and keep communication lines open and await further instructions.  

A.N.A. - Arena News Agency (T.W.N.N. affiliate)- Given the Cleopatra Station Disaster, for the safety of all Riotians all arena fights and gladiatorial events have been suspended until further notice, we will keep you informed as we know more.  

F.B.N. - Reports are coming in that security forces are being dispatched to all Simian Reservations under what authorities are calling a precautionary measure.  

T.W.N.N. - Thieves Worlds Network News-Due to the developing situation regarding Cleopatra Station, The Great Work on Gambit will be paused to assess for any risk against the advancement of The Great Work. Workers will have a 5 minute moment of silence to acknowledge the lives lost on Cleopatra Station.  

F.B.N.- THIS JUST IN! An apparent assassination attempt has just been made on the pro-simian rights performer Einya, in the chaos after the Cleopatra Station Explosion, at least two armed gunmen attempted to assassinate her! Fans of Einya, spotted the two would-be assassins and quickly subdued the individuals, reports indicate the alleged assassins possibly would have been killed by the mob were it not for the intervention of Civil Police that arrested the two would-be assassins and took them into custody.  One witness reported hearing one of the alleged attackers yell out human supremacist anti-simian slurs and spotted the notorious symbol of the K.G.P. - Knights of Genetic Purity tattooed to his shoulder.  

T.W.N.N. - Authorities continue to call for calm. The situation at the Einya Event has been contained, the performer is unharmed and the suspects involved have been arrested. There is still no proof of any connection between the Cleopatra Station Disaster and the disturbance at the Einya Event.  




East County News Service

October 7, 2019 (La Mesa) – The Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors (PSAR), a real estate trade group for San Diego-area realtors, will host “Small Homes, Big Impact,” a free, two-hour forum and resource fair on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), from 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 9 at the La Mesa Community Center, 4975 Memorial Dr., La Mesa. The public is invited to attend.

The event sponsor is AARP, formerly the American Association of Retired Persons.

Topics to be discussed will include state and local compliance laws and legislative updates, as well as financing and types of ADUs, also known as granny flats and companion units. Additional topics will include why ADU’s are an option for homeowners, common experiences for homeowners, and where to go for more information and to apply for permits.

The moderator will be Colin Parent, La Mesa City Councilman (photo, left).


No-deal Brexit would 'push national debt to levels last seen in 60s'   


IFS says public borrowing will more than double next year whatever the Brexit result

Emergency tax cuts and higher public spending to offset the impact of a no-deal Brexit would send government debt to its highest level in more than half a century, according to Britain’s leading experts on the public finances.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said the scale of the government response required to firefight a flatlining economy in the event of a disorderly departure from the EU would come with a hefty price tag for the public purse.

Continue reading...


When good infrastructure attracts risk   


By Denis McClean

DELHI, 7 October, 2019 - It’s comfortable, affordable and carries 2.5 million passengers every day relieving to some degree the pollution and traffic congestion which is the bane of the city’s life.

The Delhi Metro as a stand-alone asset is an example of how to build to last when it comes to quality resilient infrastructure in the heart of one of the world’s most active seismic zones.

The last time Delhi experienced earthquake tremors in 2014, the metro trains came to a halt within minutes as the state-of-the art sensors kicked in.

“It has been built to the highest seismic standards. All this is acknowledged but it has also succeeded in bringing great risk along with it as an unintended consequence,” says Garima Jain, Urban Risk and Resilience Specialist at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, who has carried out an in-depth study of the Delhi Metro.

This risk becomes all too apparent if you take the Yellow Line from the heart of historic old Delhi to the futuristic environment of the new districts which have sprouted up along the rail corridor in recent years. Apartment buildings and office blocks dot the skyline soaring to over 20 stories in height in some cases.

A key element in attracting people to live in these new commercial hubs was to create housing and provide them with parking usually on the ground floor which was enforced by a planning bye-law. The unfortunate outcome which India’s National Disaster Management Authority is now grappling with, is that many of these buildings have what is called a “soft storey.”

“Essentially you only have the columns and no walls at the ground level. Columns not supported by walls means that the whole thing just falls down in an earthquake. This was a big issue in the Nepal earthquake. A lot of buildings that failed had a soft storey built in. They are now going to change the bye-law so that there is no requirement to provide a soft storey for parking,” said Ms. Jain.

She points out that “the behavioral momentum is there now to provide parking in the construction industry. Something else has to be brought in so that people are not required to build their own parking. People should be incentivized to rely less on cars and the Metro needs to increase its capacity.”

Kamal Kishore, Member, India National Disaster Management Authority, agrees that a solution has to be found to reduce the possibility of large scale loss of life and significant economic losses in the event of a major earthquake striking the capital.

“It’s a classic case of the need for systems thinking. Because of the metro line the value of land has increased and there has been a lot of development where soil conditions should not allow it. We cannot look at the asset in isolation. Downstream risk is created in the absence of a systems view.

“The challenge is how do you come up with a planning system that can reconcile the everyday needs with long-term resilience. I see three possibilities. Awareness raising, legislative action and incentives for retrofitting.

“We are working on raising awareness and creating a social demand for strengthening the soft storey. The building stock belongs to upwardly mobile people willing to pay a premium for safety.”

A second possibility is to take strong legislative action and Mr. Kishore cites the example whereby two years ago, the local government closed down the market place in Defence Colony because of commercial activity taking over residential space in the upper stories of the buildings and the consequent risk of fire.

A third possibility under active consideration by the NDMA is creating market incentives through tax rebates as part of soft loan packages, to have vulnerable buildings retrofitted.

“If you calculate the cost of not having resilience over the long-term you clearly see that it’s worth spending 10% extra to avoid the future loss. All these solutions require groundwork, they cannot be done at the flip of a switch. The NDMA has produced guidelines on retrofitting and they are being implemented by some builders but more needs to be done,” he said.


What To Do After Your Bug Out Bag Runs Out   


A ‘Bug Out Bag’ is an emergency supply of essential equipment you may need to survive for an unknown amount of time. This bag is designed so that in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, where roads, electricity, and even water are cut off, you can survive until you can find permanent solutions […]

Read the original story: What To Do After Your Bug Out Bag Runs Out


Celebrate cult classics at Discovery Place Science   


CHARLOTTE – Get ready to unleash your nightmares and nostalgia at Science on the Rocks: Cult Classics as you kick off the Halloween season at Discovery Place Science. The adults-only event invites guests to get close-up on iconic movie moments and take part in spooky science. The event takes place from 5 to 9 p.m. […]


FEMA Region IV Welcomes New Youth Preparedness Council Members   


ATLANTA –New members of the 2019-2020 regional Youth Preparedness Council, a group of 13 high schoolers committed to improving the preparedness and resilience of their communities in the event of an emergency, were announced today by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Atlanta.

Members were selected based on their community involvement, public service and potential to impact youth preparedness.


Trixie Mattel Judged a Stripping Contest and Her Reactions Are Perfect   


DragDrag, Entertainment

Can someone sign me up to judge G-A-Y's 'Porn Idol' next?!

Entertainmenttrixie mattel gay Mikelle Street

It seems that the drag world’s attention is currently on London — well, RuPaul’s world that is! After Miss Fame, Aquaria, and Violet Chachki bounced around at fashion month, we settled in Britain for the launch of RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K. And seemingly to fete the show’s arrival, a few Drag Race alum came to town. Of them, was All Stars season 3 winner Trixie Mattel.

While in London, Mattel linked up with Drag Race U.K. contestants The Vivienne and Baga Chipz for a stop at the popular nightclub G-A-Y. Among her dates there, as there were multiple, she hosted a night of the spot’s long-running competition “Porn Idol.” Think of it as American Idol (or maybe British Idol) but strippers! And while the contestants certainly put on a show, Mattel’s facial expressions were meme-worthy in and of themselves. 

“Are you ready to see some fucking naked people?!” Mattel said after being introduced onstage. Yes m’am. Yes m’am, we are. 

We aren’t exactly sure how the event is structured but from what we can tell, a number of contestants come to stage and strip to, what seems to be, a song of their choice. There’s a pole available for twirling around and apparently, you can take it all off (as one contestant did.) On Thursday, when Mattel judged, the lone female contestant apparently took her mic from the drag queen mid performance. So, that happened!

But get into Mattel’s varied expressions during the whole thing.

Quite a ride! After every performance, the judges scored the contestants via placards. Later on, an audience vote helped to decide (with a little save from Mattel herself) the final two. That pair, the lone female contestant, and the guy who went balls to the crowd, played backup dancers for the All Stars winner, later for a lip sync — and at some point during the night Mattel also juggled for full seven seconds!

Mattel returned to G-A-Y for a performance on Saturday as well.

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Controversial Author Speaks At West Virginia Book Festival, Prompting Protest   


A long-anticipated speech from a controversial author at the West Virginia Book Festival this weekend left some participants wanting to find ways to make the event more inclusive.


Sci-Fi Author Draws WV Book Festival Protest   


On this West Virginia Morning, Charleston hosted the annual West Virginia Book Festival during the weekend. Organizers estimate the event draws between 3,000 to 5,000 attendees each year. But some would-be attendees promised not to show up and others came to protest this year. Emily Allen has more about the event and the conservative sci-fi author in this year’s speaker line up, Orson Scott Card, whose presence created the stir.


Session: War of the Ring:: SPI's 1978 - War of the Ring. Massive 3 player game.   


by Rick Smith

Hi all,
3 Player Game, with Rick's House Rules & New Components:
2019, Sept 23.

This is a huge post so I'm dividing it up into parts.

SP = Saruman Player
FP = Fellowship Player
DPP = Dark Power Player

PT, PTS = Shadow Points.
DRM = Die Roll Modifier. If you must add 2 to the die, you have a +2 DRM.

N1 = Lord of the Nazgul.
N2 = Khamûl
N3 thru N9 = Nazgul #3 thru Nazgul #9.

This game has me adding a lot of new components. I've double the size of the event deck, tripled the number of magic items, and Servants of Sauron. I've created new Search cards (most cards have 2 to 4 extra locations being searched). I've added 20 'location' chits which give people more reasons to go off the path given in the books. I've added several new characters, beefed up Nazgul 3 and 4 (they are the Black Numorians).
Saruman has a number of big improvements, including the ability to make his own rings of power.

Each player is dealt 8 event cards, picks 4 and the rest are reshuffled into the event deck.

SP keeps: “Rivers Flooded”, “Orcs Attack From Rear”, “Orcs in State of Battle Frenzy”, & “Saruman Rides Demonic Steed”.

FP keeps: “Flee Combat and Hide”, “Nargil Pass Revealed”, “Misty Passes Open”, and “Gondor Mobilizes”. The Gondor Mobilizes is nice, but by house rules Gondor Mobilizing will cause Mordor to mobilize 2 turns later, so playing this on the first turn is not an automatic decision.

DPP keeps: “Gollum attempts to Seize the Ring”, “Sub-commander Shows Initiative”, “Fierce Storms”, & “Minor Reinforcements”.

(I'll describe the cards if they are played.)

Frodo gets the One Ring, and the following items are in Rivendell: Fine Short-Sword (+1 combat, non-magic damage) which is given to Aragorn; Elvish Spear (does magic damage) which goes to Gimli; Lesser Ring of Eregion (improved tactics in individual combat, cost 1 point of Ring Fatigue when put on) which goes to Sam; Map of Nurn (gives two new ways into Nurn: via the Nargil Pass in the south, and by going off the map to the east, from hex E1625, to E1627) which goes to Frodo.

DPP gets 13 PTS. … Golum goes to DPP.

SP draws “Werewolves Track Scents” and discards face down “Orc Attack From Rear”.
FP draws “Denethor Peer into Palantir...” and discards the “Nargil Pass Revealed”. (He found the map of Nurn, so he does not need this event card.)
DPP draws “Nargil Pass” and discards it face down.

No Search on turn 1.

SP turn:
Saruman works on Ring Lore. His sorcery roll is a 2 so he gets 2 Lore Points, so his Lore Total is 2. (If he has 4 or more more, he constructs a Lesser Ring.)

FP turn:
There are a lot more areas to explore with the location chits, so all the good stuff does not follow the trail of bread crumbs given in the book. With this expansion, it is pretty much required to split the party to pick up more magic items and explore more of the map (especially the northern half). This has been done deliberately to give the DPP more time to do things with his armies, to make a military victory more of a concern.

The part splits into 3 groups: Gandalf and all the hobbits which will head south quickly. Gimli and Legolas who will search north and east, and Boromir and Aragorn who will search west. Boromir and Aragorn will search and try to find a magic weapon and then head south quickly.

Gimli & Legolas move to north Rhudaur (W2609).
Gandalf & the Hobbits are at the west gate of Moria.
Aragorn & Boromir reach Weathertop and search the location. It is the best location chit in the game with two magic items and no monster! They draw “Lembas” and “Mithril Mail”. (By house rule, this dwarven mail can be worn by hobbits AND dwarves.) Boromir takes both items for now.

DPP turn:
Lots of PTS, so he moves 6 Nazgul. He is mostly concerned with those people moving south so N1, N3, & N5 move inside Moria, while N2 & N4 move to South Eregion. N6 moves to the hex east of Bree blocking the road.

DPP gets 8 PTS … Gollum stays with DPP.

SP draws “Wizards are Subtle and Quick to Anger”, and plays “Rivers Flooded”.

FP Draws “Late Reinforcements” which can only be played on turn 13 or later. She discards it face down.

DPP draws: “Late reinforcements” and plays “Minor Reinforcements”. This card can be played by anyone, and gives a handful of troops in various locations. The DPP can pick two groups and selects: (a 4-6 Murmak & a 2-7 horseman appear in the Citadel of Umbar), and (three 2-5 troll groups are placed in W2716, W2511, & E0826).

Search Phase:
SP draws: 3 Nazgul. (He controls none, so no good.)
DPP draws: 9 Hand orcs. (Also wasted.)

SP Turn:
Saruman mobilizes, and Saruman continues to work on Ring Lore. His sorcery roll is a 1, so he has accumulated a Lore Total of 3. Still not good enough.
Since Saruman Mobilized, by house rules the Western Allies will mobilize at M+5 (turn 7) and Rohan will Mobilize at M+2 (turn 4). Grima has not used his power and rolls 1d6 and gets a 6. He does not delay Rohan's Mobilization this turn. :-(

FP Turn:
Gandalf and co. back up to hex W2715 and find a magic item at that location. It is a Lesser Ring of Eregion (appropriate location for this item seeing as they are at the old capital). When this ring is put on it costs 1 Ring Fatigue, but gives the wearer +2 Movement. Frodo takes this ring, but does not put it on yet. They have 2 more movement points so move to W2518.
Gimli and Legolas move into Arnor.
Aragorn & Boromir move north of the Weather Hills to Fornost and find a 2-5 men military unit there. (This ranger force is placed on the map and when the N. Allies mobilize, it can move.)

DPP Turn:
Only 8 PTS this turn. He will move 4 Nazgul: N2, N7, N8 & N9 move to W2318.

DPP gets 9 PTS … Gollum stays with DPP.

SP draws: “Press a Damaged Foe” (which allows you to do extra damage to a defeated army), and discards it face down.
FP draws: “Legolas Attacks From Long Range”, and discards, Denethor Peers in Palantir & Sees Doom” face down.
DPP draws: “Denethor Peers...” and the FP curses. The DPP must play or discard a card, and plays “Fierce Storms”.

SP draws hand orcs! The area searched includes Breeland and Eregion so the SP must decide how he wants to split 10 hand orcs. Guessing that the Ring is in the larger group heading south, 9 points of orcs are placed on the Eregion group, and 1 point is sent to Bree. The Saruman player rolls two '1's!!! Capture attempts on both groups!
Aragorn and Boromir make their save and are not captured, but Saruman has spotted them.
In the Eregion group, Sam and Pippin are captured. Merry and Frodo rolled well and dodged the orcs.
From the army 'change' bag, a 9-4 orc is placed in the fellowship's hex with the two captured hobbits. All 4 hobbits are spotted, so Saruman knows the hex where the ring is. The FP informs Saruman that one of the hobbits has 'a ring'. “Is it the One Ring?!?” “No, it is a lesser ring of Eregion.” Saruman curses the FP for twisting his tail. She smiles.

The DPP draws a hand orc, so his search phase is wasted.

SP turn:
Grima rolls a '5' so Rohan's Mobilization is not delayed. Damn it, what good is that miserable worm?
Troops start mustering. The Dunlending appear as three groups which move into Eregion south west, S, and SE of the uncaptured fellowship.
There are storms so the orcs only move two hexes south west.
Saruman plays, “Saruman rides Demonic Steed”, which allows him to move to any hex on the map. He jumps on the spotted characters, and Attempts to Seize the Ring from Frodo.

--- Individual Combat:
Note that the “Flee Combat and Hide” event card, does not work on Attempts to Seize the Ring.
Saruman will use Sorcery. The first round he does two damage.
Frodo dons the ring (+1 combat and +1 moral). Against Saruman, being invisible does NOT let his escape combat, so he must fight. His moral is now higher than Saruman's, so he rolls an extra die.
He rolls {3,2,4} for no hits.
The combat continues, with Saruman killing Frodo, and taking one wound.

Saruman takes Frodo's 3 items, and dons the Ring. This is a 'hostile act' towards Mordor, so the DPP may now attack the SP military units and characters.

FP turn:
She rolls but Merry & Sam do not escape.
Before movement Gandalf will attempt to Seize the Ring.

--- Individual Combat:
Note that Gandalf can attempt to take the ring, even if Saruman is invisible, so this attack is legal.
Both wizards use sorcery. In three rounds, Saruman does 6 hits to Gandalf and G. does 4 to Saruman. Both wizards die at the same moment! Frodo's one successful stab was decisive!

(Saruman debated playing the “Wizards are Subtle and Quick to Anger”, card, but his rolls vs. Gandalf were decent, so there was a very good chance the card would have been wasted. Still what a disappointment.)

The Ring is laying prominently in the mud, and by rule M1, Pippin picks it up and becomes the Ringbearer. Pippin picks up the Lesser Ring of Eregion, and the Map of Nurn. He is alone in his hex.

Gandalf will return in 6 turns (on turn 9). Saruman comes back next turn in Isengard, but is permanently weaker now being Combat 3, Moral 3, Endurance 5, Ring Rating (infinite), Sorcery only a 'B'. Saruman curses, with decent luck he would have had it!

The Fierce Storms slows everyone, but they move a hex or two. Pippin has masses of armies and Nazgul to the south and flees north towards Rivendell. He puts on the speed movement lesser ring, and moves 3 hexes north (this costs him 1 Ring Fatigue when he first puts it on).

DPP turn:
He chortles. Saruman has taken the ring, so the DPP can attack him if he wants. Gandalf is down for the maximum amount of time. Saruman is permanently weaker. The result was about as good as it could get.

8 PTS are used to move 4 Nazgul close to the Ring (north and NW of Pippin, blocking his way to Rivendell).

Then he plays, “Gollum Attempts to Seize the Ring”!

--- Individual Combat:
Pippin puts on the One Ring for +1 combat, +1 moral.
Pippin gets lucky, killing Gollum in two rounds of combat, and only taking one wound in return.

DPP gets 11 Shadow Points (PTS). Gollum is dead, so no further rolls for him.

Pippin tries to take off the One Ring and is successful. He now has 2 Ring Fatigue.

Event Phase:
SP draws: “Araval IV Helps”. This card will give the player a Barrow Blade (magic Numenorian weapon designed to fight the Nazgul, like the Barrow Blades given to Pippin by Tom Bombadil in the book), but the player has to go to hex W1218, to claim it. Saruman has a tough decision, he can run to Eldoras to make sure that Rohan does not mobilize, finish the Lesser Ring he is working on, run north with his Dunlending armies and try to find the One Ring, or go for this item. ALL of these choices are things he wants! Indecisive, the holds this card for now.

FP draws: another Misty Passes Open and discards it.

DPP draws: “Cirith Ungol Closed”, and happily keeps it.

Search Phase:
SP draws hand orcs, but they search the wrong areas.
DPP draws hand orcs which wastes his search.

SP Turn:
Before movement, Grima does his thing. He rolls a '6', so he does not delay Rohan's mobilization. Crap. Saruman resurrects in Isengard, and moves to Eldoras to delay Rohan' Mobilization.
More troops mobilize. The Isengard troops sit still, while the Dunlending troops move north, hunting for the Ring.
The troops with prisoners move south.

FP turn:
No prisoners escape.
Legolas and Gimli moving onto Mt. Gunabad, and encounter a location: It is a Servant of Sauron and a magic item. The Servant is: An Olog-Hai troll. (Combat below.)
She does not want Boromir near the ring, so Aragorn and Boromir split up. Aragorn heads towards Rivendell as fast as possible, Boromir moves to Annuminas (the ancient capital of Arnor) and finds a 1-5 army unit.
Pippin crosses two small rivers and goes along the Great East road ending up south of Weathertop. Since he is moving on the road, he is easier to find on next turn's search. (However Breeland does not come up that often, so he risks it.)

--- Individual Combat:
Legolas attacks the Olog-Hai troll (these are the tougher trolls Sauron bred that are immune to sunlight). It is: Combat 3, Moral (1), Endurance 3. Special Power: if it takes only a single point of damage in a turn, it has a 50% chance of ignoring it.

The FP plays the event card, “Legolas Attacks from Long Range”, which does 2 points of damage BEFORE the combat starts. Legolas has poor luck, and both die on the third round of combat.

Gimli gets the magic item which is Glamdring.

DPP turn:
5 Nazgul can move. N1 moves between Pippin and Rivendell. N2, N3, N4, & N5 move between Pippin and Aragorn to try to prevent them form joining up.

DPP gets 12 PTS.

Event Phase:
SP draws “Eagles!” and discards it.
FP draws “Grond: Hammer of Morgoth – Siege Weapon”, and keeps it.
DPP draws: “Jointly Organized Searches”, and discards it face down. He says to the Saruman player, “That card is a good one for you.” (Either player can use it, but the DPP does not want to discard any of his event cards.) *** I was not thinking, this was a mistake. ***

Search Phase:
SP draws Eye orcs, wasted.
DPP draws Eye orcs, but they search the wrong areas.

SP turn:
First Grima attempts to slow Rohan's mobilization, and rolls a '1', so Rohan will Mobilize next turn rather than this turn.
Saruman returns to Isengard. Having ended his movement in Isengard, he rolls for Ring Lore and gets a '6' on the Sorcery table, for 3 points. His Lore Total is 6. Since this is 4 or more, the Lore Total is reset back to 0, and he draws a Lesser Ring Card.

He has created the Ring of Puissance, which gives him +1 Combat, and the ability to do magical damage. (Which can permanently harm Nazgul.) He can keep this himself, or give it to another character. For now, he puts it on.

He gets reinforcements. His Dunlending troops continue to chase the Ringbearer.

FP turn:
The FP plays, “Gondor Mobilizes”. Mordor will Mobilize on G+2 (turn 7), but Mordor will auto-Mobilize on that turn anyway.
She plays, “Misty Passes Open”. By designer errata, this also opens the pass at Mt. Gunabad, so Gimli crosses the mountains and ends up one hex north of the Framsburg location (W3007).
Pippin (moving fast) and Aragorn find each other in the hex north of Tharbad. What luck!
Boromir moves thru the Shire (but does not use the roads so no search bonus) and ends up a hex north of the Tower Hills. He is adjacent to the Tower Hill location and can visit it next turn.

DPP turn:
6 Nazgul move SW, S, & SE of Pippin.

The DPP, suggests that he and the SP ally. The SP agrees.

DPP gains 12 PTS, +1 PT = 13 PTS, for allying with the SP.

Event Phase:
SP draws from the face down discards, “Jointly Organized Searches”, and sadly discards the “Araval IV Helps” card.
FP draws “Araval IV Helps and gladly keeps it.
DPP draws “An Attempt to Seize the Ring”. (This replaces “Boromir Attempts to ...” from the old event deck.)
He plays it at once.

The character with the lowest Ring Rating (Aragorn) in the Ringbearer's hex, attacks Pippin, unless he can save verses his Ring Rating. Aragorn needs a 3 or less, and rolls a '4'!

--- Individual Combat:
Pippin puts on the Ring. Aragorn can not see him and Pippin escapes.

Pippin takes another point of Ring Fatigue (only one left), and is automatically spotted by Nazgul search, until he removes it. Well there goes the idea of sneaking past the Nazgul in Tharbad.

Search Phase:
Saruman plays, “Jointly Organized Searches”. This must be played when the DPP and the SP are allied, during the Search Phase. THREE search cards are drawn, one is discarded, one is given to the SP and one is given to the DPP.

Saruman draws: “3 Nazgul”, “3 Nazgul”, & “10 Eye Orcs”. Darn, no Hand orcs at all. Studying the cards he discards a Nazgul, gives a Nazgul to himself (wasted), and the 10 eye orcs search Arnor where Gimli is.

Saruman casually tries to toss his Nazgul card away, but the DPP wants to look at it, and the Nazgul searched Minhiriath where Pippin is. OUTRAGE! SP says, “if you want YOUR guys to get the ring, YOU should have played this card.”

After thinking about it, the DPP has to admit the point. He got greedy about discarding events, and made a mistake. The DPP should have kept and played this one himself.

The DPP spends 1 PT to search for Gimli. He finds Gimli and captures him. A 10-4 orc counter is placed in the hex.

SP Turn:
Grima does his thing, and fails to delay Rohan's Mobilization. After some thought, Saruman abandon's his studies on Ring Lore and moves to Eldoras. Rohan's Mobilization is delayed again.
The second to last reinforcements appear.
The orcs carrying the prisoners stop beside Isengard. They can not reach Isengard without entering Rohan (which would mobilize it).

The Dunlending troops move south.

FP Turn:
Merry and Sam do not escape.
Gimli rolls a '6' and does escape. He moves one hex south and encounters the Framsburg location. (This ends his move.) He discovers a 1-5 Dwarf unit. (Wow, I'm getting all the friendly army units this game.) Delighted to find a band of his brothers, he relaxes for the rest of the week. (Being in an army hex, he is immune to Search next turn.)
Boromir moves one hex south to the White Tower location which ends his move. He gets a Monster guarding 2 magic items. Drawing from the Servant of Sauron deck, he finds the Balrog!

--- Individual Combat:
Not an ideal result. Boromir plays the “Flee Combat & Hide” event card. He evades combat, and ends his movement. If he was spotted, he is no longer spotted.
We must remember that the Balrog is unhurt in that hex. The Chit with the Servant and two Items is left face up in that hex. The Balrog card is placed face up near this hex to remind us, that it is the monster belonging to that chit.

Aragorn cries, “What have I said? What have I done? Come back! Pippin! Pippin! A madness took me, but it has passed. Come back!” “OK,” says Pippin. The two friends travel together towards the sea, hand in invisible hand. (There is a second event card which can cause an Attempt to Seize the Ring in the deck, so this is not a totally safe action.)

Gondor has mobilized. Faramir and his 5-7 troop move back into Gondor to the town of Pelargir. (House rule, a 2-5 infantry, and 2-7 cavalry starts in that hex. It makes no sense to me that this bridge was not defended.)

DPP Turn:
5 Nazgul fly and cover the hexes SW, S, & SE of Pippin and Aragorn. Next turn I mobilize and this game really gets started.

SP ends the alliance.

The DPP gets 8 PTS.

Pippin tries to remove the Ring and does so.

Event Phase:
SP draws: “Saruman Speeds Orcs.” This one is a keeper!
FP draws: “Allies in the Old Pukel Lands”, and keeps it.
DPP draws: “Orcs Quarrel Over Division of Spoils”, and discards it.

Search Phase:
SP draws Nazgul, wasted.
DPP draws 10 eye orcs, but they are searching the far east, so no effect.

SP Turn:
Last reinforcements arrive. The Dunlending troops are too far north to help this turn, but everything else attacks Helmsdeep.

Saruman heads to Isengard to work on Ring Lore. He rolls a '2' for one point, which is added to the Lore Total Chit.

Grima has no purpose in Eldora, so he moves to Isengard. When he arrives, Saruman gives him the Lesser Ring he made.

Dunlending troops move towards Rohan. Prisoners are taken to Isengard then the orcs head south to join the attack.

--- Military Attack At Helms Deep:
Rohan Mobilizes.
The Chief of the Dunendings is leading the orcs (moral 3), with Theodred (moral 2) is commanding the Rohan forces. SP will have a +1 Die Roll Modifier (DRM).

The odds are 126:(7 x3) → 6:1 odds. The Saruman player rolls a terrible '1' which becomes a 2 with the +1 DRM, which results in 10/50. Saruman loses 16 orcs, and Rohan loses 4 horsemen.
Saruman is willing to continue the fight, but the FP declines.

FP turn:
The Western Allies Mobilize this turn and those in the East move to Thranduil's Palace, or Dale. Those in the west move to Hobbiton (Hobbiton, has a surprisingly strong force).

Boromir decides he can't spend more time hunting down magic and moves thru the Shire on roads, and starts down the Greenway. (He is +2 for searches next turn.)

Rather than moving south, Pippin and Aragon move to hex W1218, and meet Araval IV (a descendant of a King of Arthedain). The event card “Araval IV Helps” is played. Pippin is given a Barrow Blade Dagger (which Pippin can use!), which gives +1 to his Combat and allows him to do Magic Damage. He gives the Map of Nurn to Aragorn. The two use their remaining movement to end up a bit south of the Nazgul in hex W1419.

Rohan can move its troops, and moves Eomer and his troop into Eldoras.

Gondor gets its first turn of reinforcements. About half of these troops go to Minas Tirith, the rest organize in Pelargir.

DPP turn:
Mordor auto-mobilizes this turn. This means that the Elves mobilize on M+3 (turn 10) and the Dwarves on M+5 (turn 12).

4 PTS are spent to move all armies on the board, and 4 PTS move N1 & N2 before Pippin & Aragorn.

The armies which are scattered about, move towards the front lines, (except the force in Umbar who stay put to protect that citadel).

The DPP gains 13 PTS!

Event Phase:
SP draws: “Mind Battle: Elrond & Galadriel Distract Sauron”, and discards it.
FP draws: “Mind Battle: ...” and keeps it.
DPP draws: “Rivers Flooded”, and after thinking about it, plays it. It is not the ideal time to play, but it will slow down the ring bearer, and he wants to keep his current cards.

Search Phase:
SP draws eye orcs, wasted.
DPP draws 3 Nazgul, but it is mostly lands east of the Anduin, and it misses Gimli.

The Search deck is exhausted, so it is reshuffled.

SP Turn:
Most of the Dunlending troops join in at Helmsdeep (one group is a hex away). Helmsdeep is overrun and Theodred is captured. A 6-5 orc takes him to Isengard, a 15-5 orc force stays to hold Helms Deep and the rest of the force continues its move and attacks Eldoras.

The SP feels that the FP made a mistake, they should have retreated at once into Dunharrow, so he moves Saruman to direct the battle.

There are a number of advantages for taking the Citadel:
The fellowship player must discard an event card at Random. She is forced to discard, “Grond: Hammer of Morgoth – Siege Weapon”.
Saruman can draw an event card. Ignoring the card discarded by the FP, he draws “Misty Passes Open”.
The number of Event cards that SP can hold in his hand increases by 1.
Finally, any Hand orcs in searches get +1 strength.

--- Army Combat:
Leaders Saruman (moral 3) vs. Eomer (moral 3). No DRM for leadership, but Saruman can roll for his Sorcery and gets a '5' for a +2 DRM.
96 orcs attack so the odds are: 96:(16 x2) → 3:1 with a +2 DRM. The roll is a crappy '1'. But Saruman has a Sorcery rating (and is in the hex) so he plays the event card, “Wizards are Subtle And Quick to Anger”, to re-roll, and gets a '3'. (He can keep either result: the '1' or '3'.) The 3+2=5 which results in 0/30% losses and Rohan has to lose 5 troops.
Rather than continuing the Rohan forces retreat to Dunharrow, except Eomer who retreats a hex north.

FP Turn:
My house rules say that reinforcements can not appear in hexes with enemy forces, including inside citadels which are under siege, but Dunharrow is not under siege yet! All that can appear there will do so. Eromer joins the forces in East Emnet.
Gondor reinforcements appear. Mordor is going to start to build up, so the FP has to decide what she is going to do. Get adventurous and raid? Retreat into Dol Amroth and Minas Tirith. She knows that the DPP has the “Denethor...” event card, so maybe pull back to Dol Amroth, and cede Minas Tirith? (Each Citadel captured gives the DPP advantages, and more importantly saves the DPP time. Perhaps foolishly, Gondor heads a large force south to capture the City of the Corsairs (Umbar). If Gondor can take it, it will abandon Minas Tirith and try to hold Dol Amroth and Umbar.
Boromir uses the greenway and the Bridge at Tharbad to get within 1 hex of Aragorn and Pippin (who can't cross that river because of the “River's Flooded” event. Boromir used the bridge (and the road bonus) so search will have a +2 DRM to spot him.
Gimli continues to move north of Mirkwood and ends up a hex north of Thranduil.

DPP Turn:
A full 13 PTS, so 4 PTS will be spent to move all armies on the board. 2 Nazgul move onto the Location south of Pippin, and 1 Nazgul move onto Boromir and N1 moves to command the armies facing Faramir.
The units in the south appear in (or move into) hex E0638.
No attacks this turn.

The DPP gains 10 PTS.

Event Phase:
SP draws: “Tom Bombadil Intervenes”, and keeps it.
FP draws: “Morgul Blade”, ugh! She keeps it. Fortunately she won't have to discard it any time soon as her hand is small.
DPP draws: “Strider Hides Party”, and discards it.

Search Phase:
SP draws Nazgul, wasted.
DPP draws 6 ST of Eye orcs, which searches north and east. Gimli is in this area, so 1 PT is spent to search for him. It is hard to spot a single dwarf with 6 orcs and they miss him.

SP Turn:
Argh, another hard choice. Use Saruman to reduce Dunharrow(1), work on Ring Lore(2), or move closer to the Ring bearer(3). Moving to Isengard helps both 2 & 3, so Saruman decides to do that. The Chief of the Dunlendings will handle the Siege.
Troops move into Dunharrow. However, Eomer is loose with the East Emnet troops, so I can't strip Isengard or Helms Deep too much.

Saruman rolls a '3' on Ring Lore and his Lore Total is now 3. Next roll is sure to make a Lesser Ring.

--- Army Combat:
The Chief of the Dunlendings (moral 3) attacks Theoden (moral 3).
90 orcs attack which results in odds 90:(30 x3) = 1:1 odds. SP plays “Orcs in State of Battle Frenzy” so he will have a +3 DRM. The attack roll is a 4 +3 = 7. Rohan loses one leader, and 30% of its force.
Eowyn was too brave, fighting at the front; we will miss her. Rohan loses 5 infantry & 3 horse.

FP Turn:
Gandalf the White comes back! He appears in W3013 on the east of the mountains. He moves south, and ends up in the hex north of Lothlorien's magic hex.

Gimli enters Thanduil's palace and is given some Lembas. This does not end his movement, so he moves a hex south west.

Boromir, Aragorn and Pippin join up, exchange magic items. Pippen ends up with the the Barrow Blade, Mithril Mail, and the One Ring. Aragorn has the Map of Nurn and the Fine Shortsword. Boromir gets the Lesser Ring of Eregion (+2 MA) & Lembas. Then they move into the Location hex. Two Nazgul get a free search.
The good guys avoid the search, and encounter the location chit in hex W1721. It is a Servant of Sauron and a magic item.

--- Individual Combat:
It is a Were-worm (mentioned in the book, “Adventures of Tom Bombadil”), which attacks the party. It has Combat 4, Moral (2), and Endurance 4. Aragorn will fight it. Aragon has poor luck and is killed but does it 3 damage. Boromir picks up the map of Nurn (currently the only way they know into Mordor), and abandons the Fine Shortsword. Boromir attacks the Wurm and kills it, but takes 3 wounds in the process. The magic item is Galadriel's light, which gives a way into Mordor, so the Map is discarded.

Moving N1 south pretty much nixed the chances of capturing Umbar, but at least the Witch King is not dogging the steps of the Ringbearer. Faramir moves his force north to the town of Pelargir.

In Rohan, Eomer collects the last of the reinforcements and considers attacking Dunharrow. The besiegers are doubled for the terrain, and he would have 1:3 odds with no tricks. Eomer decides to capture Eldoras, where he will have the defender's advantage, and moves in 76 troops there.

DPP Turn:
The DPP spends all 10 PTS this turn moving Nazgul. N2 & N3 move to W1820. N4, N5 & N6 move to W1724 to block access to the next location.

TURN 10:
The DPP gains 9 PTS.

Event Phase:
SP draws: “Eagles!”, and keeps it.
FP draws: “Strider Hides Party”. Keeping it she discards “Morgul Blade”, and hopes the DPP misses it.
DPP draws: “Black Birds”, and discards “Sub-Commander Shows Initiative”.

Search Phase:
SP draws Eye Orcs, wasted.
DPP draws 3 Nazgul, which searches east of the Anduin. Gimli is in this area, so 3 PTS is spent to search for him. N7, N8, & N9 drop in for a visit. He dodges them in the woods.

SP Turn:
Saruman finishes his second Lesser Ring and has created a Ring of Endurance. The character wearing this ring, ignores the first point of damage / round in Individual Combat. Nice! The Total Lore chit is set back to zero.

Isengard is very lightly defended, and the horsemen in Eldoras can now reach it in one turn, so 3 orcs from Helms Deep move to Isengard to beef up the defense. There are still 17 orcs in Helms Deep, but there is no leader. An attack by Eomer may well have the advantage. SP debates attacking Eldoras, but decides to try to finish off Dunharrow.

--- Army Combat:
Both leaders are moral 3 so no bonus there.
Odds are 108:(12 x3) = 3:1. The die roll is a 4 → 10k/30. The attacker loses 10%, has a leader killed, and the defender loses 30%. SP and DPP leaders are not killed in army combat, so that is OK. SP loses 11 orcs. The Rohan forces lose 4 troops, and decline any further rounds of combat.

FP Turn:
Gandalf moves thru Lorien and picks up Anduil. The turn that Gandalf enters Lothlorien, the elves Mobilize. Coincidence? I think SO.

Gimli moves uses Lembas to the Location, Rhosgobel in Mirkwood in a single turn. He finds a Location Event. Looking up the Location for Rhosobel (the abandoned home of Rhadgast the Brown), he has to fight 2 spiders. If he wins, he gains 2 magic items.

--- Individual Combat:
Each Spider has Combat 1, Moral (2), Endurance 3. Special Power: if they hit, you are paralyzed and are treated as if you are dead. Someone else must step up and fight them. If all characters are 'dead' then the spiders eat you all. Gimli is in deep trouble, he is by himself! One hit will kill him! However, they are only rolling 1 attack die and Gimli rolls well, killing both without taking any damage. A very nerve wracking fight!

Gimli finds a Numenorian Broad Sword (+1 Combat, Magic Damage), and some Elven Rope. Gimli has too many items, so dumps the Elvish Spear.

Boromir and Pippin move to W1924.
Does Eomer attack Helm's deep? After some thought, she decides to risk it.

--- Army Combat:
Eomer has a 3 moral, verses no leader, so he will have a +3 DRM.
51 troops attack so the odds are: 51:(17 x3) = 1:1. Eomer rolls a terrible '1' → 4 which is a 20/20 exchange. Rohan loses 11 troops, and 4 orcs are lost. The FP could sure use some event cards that help her army combats.

Well, the Rohan turn was disappointing. However, Gondor is in worse shape. Anything put in Minas Tirith will likely be slaughtered (because of the Denethor event card), but if too little is put in, then the city will simply be overrun. After much thought, ('thought' sounds so much better than 'dithering'), she does not move her troops, but instead plays an event card, “Mind Battle: Elrond & Galadriel Distract Sauron”. This costs the DPP 2 PTS, and he won't have enough to do much this turn.

DPP Turn:
The DPP only has 4 PTS left. Two Nazgul (N2, & N3) will move W1925, in front of Pippin & Boromir.

TURN 11:
The DPP gains 8 PTS.

Event Phase:
SP draws: “The Shadow of Sauron!”, and discards “Tom Bombadil ...”.
FP draws: “The Ring is Heavy” and keeps it.
DPP draws: “Time Passes With Elves: Healing Rest”, and discards it. This card is playable by any player (it delays the fellowship as well as healing them), but he has better cards and everyone is past the 4 elf havens.

Search Phase:
SP draws 8 Hand Orcs, excellent! (+1 orc because of the extra citadel.) There is Gandalf in Fangorn, and Pippin & company in Endewaith.
Ignoring Gandalf, all orcs search for the ring. The SP plays, “Werewolves Track Scents” (which gives the Search roll a –2 DRM). There is a capture attempt! Pippin is captured, Boromir escapes. An 9 ST orc counter is pulled out of the change pile, and placed on Pippin. (Pippin can not put on the ring and escape because he only has one Ring Fatigue left.)

DPP draws 3 Nazgul, but none of the areas searched have fellowship characters.

SP Turn:
Saruman plays the event card, “Saruman Speeds Orcs”. This speeds his own troops and characters by MA 2, and slows other character's armies and characters by 2 for this turn, within an area.

The orcs holding Pippin rush towards Isengard ending on the road, one hex south of it.

The troops in Helms Deep can't move, but 15 points Dunlending forces from Dunharrow move in to Pippin's hex to protect them. The troops in Isengard also move into this hex along with Saruman & Grima.

The rest of the force in Dunharrow attacks.

--- Army Combat:
The two leaders cancel out, so 96 orcs and Dunlendings attack. The odds are: 96:(8 x3) = 4:1 odds.
The die roll is a 3 which is a 10k/20 so 10% of the orcs die (and the leader but the SP ignores that), and 20% of the Rohan forces die. 9 orcs and 2 Rohan troops die.

--- Individual Combat:
Saruman attempts to Seize the Ring. Pippin attacks with the Barrow Blade, but Saruman uses Sorcery.
Pippin rolls well, and does 2 damage to Saruman (even after the Saruman's Ring of Endurance), but is killed by Saruman.

Grima picks up the Barrow Blade and the Mithril Mail. There are 31 ST of troops in the hex.

A great turn!

FP Turn:
The 3 remaining members of the Fellowship continue to move south.

She debates attacking Saruman with Eomer's force, he outnumbers them 2:1. However Saruman has +2 moral and using his magic, he will have an average +3.5 DRM. Eomer feels he has no chance and so attacks Helms Deep where he has a significant advantage.

--- Army Combat:
Eomer has +3 moral. He attacks with 39 troops, the odds are 39:(13 x3) = 1:1. The roll is a 4 → 7 which does 80% damage to the orcs, and no damage to Rohan. 10 orcs die, only 3 left.

In Gondor, Minas Tirith is abandoned. The event card “Denethor Peer into Palantir...” is just too powerful. Everyone runs back to Dol Amroth. (Actually they pull back to Linhir (W3132) since that is out of range of the Mordor mega stack and Minas Tirith can reach it this turn. They will reach Dol Amroth next turn.) Denethor runs off with 4 horsemen just in case we need a weak leader sometime.
(Also, this will make it easy for the DPP to reach Saruman.)

DPP Turn:
Only 8 PTS this turn. 4 points are spent to move all armies and a couple of Nazgul. Over 250 ST moves into Minas Tirith, over 170 ST of troops Pelargir. N2 joins the troops from Rhun, N1 moves to Minas Tirith, and the Mouth of Sauron moved to Pelagir.

The FP has lost a citadel so the FP must discard a random event card. They lose “Strider Hides Party”.
The DPP gets to draw a card and draws “Striders Hides...”. The DPP can hold one extra event card, so he does not have to discard this one.
Further the DPP gains +1 Shadow Point per turn, (to a maximum of 13), per citadel.
Finally, orcs from searches get +2 ST.

A great turn! Now just kill an upstart wizard and take the Ring!

TURN 12:
The SP offers to ally with the FP. She asks, “what is in it for me?” SP offers to let the two hobbits go, give the FP “Eagles!”, and not attack Dunharrow for at least 3 turns. “We both need to prevent the DPP from wiping me out and getting the Ring”, he coaxes. The FP considers for a bit. If the DPP attacks the SP, the Gondor troops might become useful. She agrees to the alliance.

The event card is handed over at once.

The DPP gains 13 +1 (max 13) = 13 PTS.

Nazgul #9 switches over to allegiance to the SP.

Event Phase:
SP draws “Cirdan Uses Rod of Ulmo”, and keeps it.
FP draws “Sauron Employs a Palantir”, and keeps it.
DPP draws “Dain II Helps Fellowship”, and discards it.

Search Phase:
SP draws Eye orcs, wasted.
DPP draws 10 (+2) ST of Eye orcs. Gimli is in Rhovanion (Wilderland). 1 PT is spent to search, but Gimli avoids the patrols of orcs near Dul Guldur.

SP Turn:
N9 moves to Isengard.
A little bit of counting shows that there is about 400 troops in Gondor which could visit Isengard very soon. SP has about 125 troops left. Tripled in Isengard, it could take a while for the DPP to break in, and every turn delay gains another Nazgul. Alternately, I could move with my army around the map, and have the DPP chase after me. Actually, that sounds cool, let's see if he can catch me.

For now, all my troops retreat, to Isengard. (Those trapped in Helms Deep can leave because, hey, we are allies.)

Having abandoned Helms Deep, an event card must be discarded, “Misty Passes Open”, and the hand size goes back down to 4.

Saruman is in Isengard, so he works on Ring Lore, rolling a 6 for 3 points. The Lore Total is now 3, the next roll is sure to create a Lesser Ring.

FP Turn:
The Dwarves mobilize.
The FP has regained Helms Deep so she gets a draw of an event card, and gains, “Rohan Mobilizes”. My adjusted event card gives 5 extra troops scattered around Rohan if Rohan is already Mobilized. The FP plays this, gains the handful of extra troops, and she discards the card from the game.
All troops (except a couple too far away), run into Dunharrow. Gandalf reaches Eldoras and in passing takes the magic item. It is “Small Shield”, which allows you to ignore 1 point of Character Combat damage per turn. (Hobbits can use this item.)
Merry and Sam are released, and they run to Dunharrow as well.

Gondor troops finish retreating to Dol Amroth except Denethor and his Palantir and a 4-7 army troop who heads east.

The Dwarves start moving towards Hobbiton in the west, or Thranduil's palace in the East.

Boromir reaches a new location (Lond Daer), and it is No Effect. Nothing happens.

Gimli moves past Dul Guldur and enters the Brown Lands.

DPP Turn:
If I charge after the Ring with every troop I have there are intact Gondor forces and almost intact Rohan forces which can chew at weak spots. However, I can afford to lose a few citadels, if I can take the Ring.

4 PTS are spent to move all armies.

The troops currently in Gondor move up the road towards Rohan. The two groups join in the forest with the Servant of Sauron symbol on the road. 104 ST moves to Minas Tirith from places in Mordor.

The Easterlings attack Brand in Dale.

4 Nazgul are moved. N1 moves to Dale. N2 moves Minas Tirith. N3 move to the big army on the road in Rohan. N4 moves to Dol Guldur. Finally the Mouth of Sauron moves to the Black Gate and the orc leader Gothmog is in Minas Morgul.

--- Army Combat:
Lord of the Nazgul (moral 4 + 2 for Sorcery) verses Brand (moral 2) = a +4 DRM.
Odds are 26:(13 x2) = 1:1 odds. The roll is a '5' → 9 = 80% loss for the good guys. Brand retreats a hex north east toward Dane II and his dwarves.

>>> END OF TURN 12 <<<


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