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Physician Assistant / Family Nurse Practitioner Yellowstone National Park (2020 Season) - Medcor Inc - Yellowstone National Park, WY   


Medcor is looking to hire Physician Assistants and/or Family Nurse Practitioners to cover the Medcor clinics at Yellowstone National Park for the 2020 season.
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Urgent Care Advanced Practice Practitioner - Westfields Hospital - New Richmond, WI   


Collaborates with HealthPartners, IT support Center, Westfields IT staff, and others to maintain current training in care delivery systems.
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Nurse Practitioner - HealthPartners Central Minnesota Clinic - Sartell, MN   


HealthPartners Central Minnesota Clinics (HPCMC) has an exciting full-time practice opportunity based at our beautiful state-of-the-art clinic in the heart of…
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Pediatric metabolic syndrome   


Journal Title: The Nurse Practitioner


Sr. Data Practitioner - Analyst, Data Scientist, BI Developer, Researcher - Insights Analytics - Cheyenne, WY   


Analysis, Insights, Strategy, Testing, Data Science, Development, Business Intelligence, Reporting, Data Warehousing, Data Architecture, Cloud Deployment,…
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CHM: Practitioner (School Home Support)    


Starting from £20,574 pa: CHM: Could you work with the whole family, tackling any issues, to get children and young people back into school ready to learn, whatever it takes? Islington, London


QuantumZynes, Garlicidin, Colostrum Repair Cream, Acne   


Lets go right to the phones.
Are you there caller, and how old is your wife?
Caller: Yes Dr. Marshall she's 52.
Dr. Marshall: And how much does she weigh?
Dr. Marshall: And did she ever have this problem before?
Caller: All of her life.
Dr. Marshall: Ok, then it's probably truly a reaction to the food. First of all, you want to make sure it's truly a healthy food because many times when we get a food that is not cooked properly or is poor quality, it's normal to react to that  so you want to be sure that it's a good quality food. There's several things that you can do on the most common thing that we see is that these many reactions to food are very common in people that were not breast-fed, and that may be your wife and if that's true...
Caller: She wasn't
 Dr. Marshall: ...then what we really need to focus on rather than eliminating you know a laundry list of foods we need to focus on ecology of the gut and digestion, and so these two things can be done.  One, making sure she doesn't eat cooked food without digestive enzymes like Quantum Digest. At her body weight maybe two of those and maybe adding some QuantumZymes. because this one has peptidase and serratiopeptadise so it can break down gluten and it can really do a lot of help for the lining of the intestine which is often compromised ecologically from not being breast-fed, so we can get on these things. The end of the meal. of course, the HCl Detox Kit for her I would say two Quantumzymes than for her. I would say about three HCl, little more than normal in one activator. Now when that's being done, having her consume some probiotic here you'd want her to maybe chew two and swallow two while she's doing this. And then after about six or eight weeks. you want to see if she is just as reactive than she was before. In many cases that eliminates the problem, and we don't have to go further. There's also a possibility. some of these foods. these common foods were given to her before the digestive tract was ready and the body has programmed them to be bad. If that's the case, then you may want to take her to a QRA practitioner who can do a little work on the field and the food and will hopefully eliminate any reactivity. It's a very simple but very profound approach. okay
Caller:   All right, great, thank you.
Dr. Marshall: You can actually alter the field and that's very, very exciting, okay?
Caller: Ok thanks
Welcome to Healthline Live. 
we're here today to answer your nutrition and health related questions with the latest 21st-century info so you and your family can enjoy a new era of great health. To call in with your questions. you can reach us toll free eight eighty eight five eighty eight seventy five seventy six. keep the number handy. It also works on are Monday through Friday broadcast. you can look up on our website. You can also hear archived broadcasts there. so by all means, join us to and tell a friend so that they can start learning how to really care and fuel this body the way it was intended because when you walk in that supermarket in your town. it's really a mausoleum, where the dead food lies in state, and you need to learn how to tiptoe through the minefields in there so that you can enjoy and keep the best health and boy there sure is a lot of bad stuff. So this is something that can really change your life. So stay tuned and learn how to care and fuel that machine and every day that we come to you. of course, we've got  a little, teaching area that we cover and some great specials for you and your family. We're going to talk mostly about your skin today; blemishes and non- cystic acne. You know way back in the nineteen fifties, now it's been quite a while ago, the Pasteur Institute in France, along with the US were trying to use their latest discoveries to see if they couldn't eliminate the issue of acne. They quickly learned that it was driven by disordered bacterial ecology. So the US went about using tetracycline and the Pasteur Institute actually tried beneficial bacteria probiotics and of course neither worked and the reason wasn't really elucidated for many many years, but basically it's a problem with the fact that these organisms that are not ideal for the bowel had dug themselves in, and protected themselves with what are now known as biofilms and these biofilms are thick, sticky, sugary sacks that can grow to the size of a hundred micrometers. Now your macrophage can't do much after about fourteen, fifteen micrometers, so these guys are really dug in for the long haul and therefore there is no simple solution. Instead, we've got to do several things. We've got to start getting good bacteria into the gut like our probiotic support. You can chew some for the upper G.I. because they're in a locust bean capsule and you can swallow some of them whole for the large intestine which is where we have most of our our problem for acne in general, and then we can start making room for the good guys by taking some Garlicidin..This is the garlic, two different forms,. The standard garlic you're used to in the store, and Bear's, Garlic, which is a very high sulfur rich garlic and the two of these have been shown to be good, gentle but effective, biofilm busters so they can break the biofilm in the gut and allow the good bacteria to take a shot at that site in the host up so that the probiotic puts the good bacteria in and the Garlicidin makes room for him. Very, very simple. And of course, you have to ask, what about the diet? What about sugar? What about. saturated fats, heated oils, fried food? These guys are not the origin, but they certainly can make things worse. And you know foods that are in a can or bottle or box are always usually preserved with something or other and those chemicals are also a challenge to the liver and to the intestine. We know also that dairy products can really make a mess with the exception of cheeses that are aged over a year or cultures like Cape Fear(?). These guys can be very helpful. but aside from that, I think they can be a pesky source of making things worse with regard to acme.. So basically we want to stay away from highly heated foods or anything cooked over two twelve ( 212 degrees Fahrenheit) so that pretty much blows off bread, wheat  because they're all very irritating to the intestines and they let the sugars create a feeding frenzy for the bad guys. So we  definitely want to shift gears here. And these simple things over a period of several months can make a night and day change. They get at the origin, not the symptom.  Also, regarding the symptom. one of the really nice creams you can get a hold of is Colostrum Repair Cream.. This can be applied topically. and yes, it does address the symptom, not the cause but it can sure make you feel little better. and of course it has human active immunoglobulins, so it's really going after anything that might be in the skin along with waste products which are often transferred to the skin because young people have stronger usually healthier livers and it just wants to dump the junk away from it. So today we'll have on special our Garlicidin and our Colostrum Cream, of course, will also be on special and is one more guy Quantumzymes. This is a very clever player.It contains enzymes,,plant -based enzymes that can break down things like gluten and other proteins that may be making the skin worse. So this is a very clever little guy to add and it'll also be on special and we'll talk a little bit more about skin, but right now are going to the phones and answer your nutrition and health related questions. For the specials today you can buzz our order line. You buy one get the second one fifty percent off. that's twenty five percent off each just give a buzz to our order line 800 370-3447 that's 800-370-3447Listen to this call


Hysterectomy, Stiff Thumbs. Thinning Hair, High Blood Pressure, Intestinal Yeast   


Welcome to Healthline Live, 21st Century where we're going to show you that you cannot just have some dead multi vitamin with minerals circa 1950.

If you want outrageous health, the body has to have live source nutrition. It's gotta have that DNA in there so that it's able to support the biophoton activity of the DNA of your own cell. This is critical and we don't want toxic tag-a-longs, small amounts, over time may represent devastating damage.

 So you want something that's excipient free, you want something that's exquisitely well grown, and meticulously cared for and protected from it's moment of conception to it's moment of consumption. And if all of that's done, then the nutrient should test 'on' to all 4 biofield polarities. That's right, living things are not like electricity in the wall with a positive and a negative, they have 4 polarities. They should all test on and no matter how much I stress tap that nutrient it's fields should still test on.

And today the best food you can buy - organic, well grown, good water, the best of the best organic - all 4 biofield polarities will be on, however (maybe on,sometimes they aren't) but they stress tap off with 5 stress taps - WOW.

 Imagine, 100 years ago, our food made us the strongest nation on earth, you couldn't stress tap off the food. Less than 5 percent of Americans was chronically ill, no nation on earth could match us. Today, more than 53% are chronically ill. We're not getting reports anymore after 2005 because we believe in the 'ostrich solution' ; we just stick our head in the sand and don't report it anymore, however, it's the food that's doing this to you folks.

 So growing some of your own food, getting heirloom seeds, learning how to really take care of the soil, the way Albricht (sp?) taught at the University of Missouri I believe, many years ago back in the 1950's and we need to go back to that. But even if you had that food, it still wouldn't be enough .

You can't buy a food like that today, but if you are looking for a supplement that could meet that criteria, you've found it - Quantum Nutrition Labs. And I made these things first, to recover myself from genetically engineered poisoning of bad tryptophan; and it worked. And more and more practitioners asked me about it and so I began manufacturing it, and to this day we use equipment that's rarely used in the nutrition industry so that we are able to quickly identify the nutrients that are on to all 4 bio-field polarities and can't be stress taped off. Experience some of these nutrients today as we go into our specials and we're going to be doing everything for the skin today so stay tuned for that.
And in addition to the importance of exquisetly well grown nutrients, the 2nd step is finding and eliminating interference fields, that may be blocking the healthy energy flow and slowly choking the life out of the key organ or gland. And no matter how much nutrition you use, slowly, relentlessly and unstoppably, these interference fields will destroy that organ or gland. 

But you can find ways today to eliminate the interference field, get the healthy energy flow back, and unleash your best health for that organ or gland. Stay tuned and we'll be talking about more of that. And if you'd like to call in, with your nutrition and health related question, you can reach us toll free: 800-370-3447.Tell a friend to enjoy 21st Century nutrition as well even if they're outside your listening area, they can visit our website at, not .com, and then they can look up the broadcast and join us in their area and if you haven't heard Saturday's broadcast, you can look up the broadcast and join us.
All right, let's go right to the phones:
1st Caller:
female, 55 yrs old, 145lbs
Dr. Marshall: Well, the first thing, once you've had a complete hysterectomy, the challenge is to maintain your healthy hormone balance. And my favorite things to do that, are, 1). Propolis and honey, believe it or not.

 This not only helps the hormones, but it also, in my mind is one of the best things for the liver. So you'd start out, because you're not a big woman, with 3 capsules of the Propolis,  and you would empty them into about 1/2 teaspoon of an unheated wild honey like our  Canadian Gold or our Texas honey, and you would use that for about 1 to 2 weeks and make sure it agrees with you. But it can also illicit a detox so I like to start slowly.

 After 1 or 2 weeks you could increase it a half teaspoon. That would be at breakfast. And then ultimately you would do the same thing at dinner. After 2 or 3 weeks, you would add a half teaspoon after dinner. After another 2 or 3 weeks, finally you'd up another half teaspoon. So now you're at two teaspoons a day. It tastes great.

Each half teaspoon has 3 capsules of Propolis. You're going to find that most people say 'I have way more energy; I feel better' . It's one of the most wonderful things for the immune system, the skin, for the hair, for the hormones, for the liver. You know if you look around, when I was a child I saw the bee keepers living into the 90's or even 100's just eating  the crud that was left that no one else would buy. And as the years have gone by, I learned that the crud they would eat was the best stuff of all. Even though it had the insect wings and a whole bunch of other little junk in it, it  was the best stuff you could get your hands on. So here's your chance to mimic them and take the adversity of the hysterectomy to your advantage.   

Today we're going to be working on the skin and that's the skin inside and outside the obviousley there's a bacterial ecology for the skin, for the intestines and of course the intestines are the largest segment of skin in the body. In fact if I laid out your intestines flat, they would cover a football field- Holy Mackeral. But the skin on the outside of the body would only cover a few square feet. So what do we do for that 'inside skin'? 

Well, inside or outside, my favorite thing on this planet is propolis. This is a bee resin they collect from trees and barks and they just work so industriously to put all this stuff together. And of course they use this to seal their little hives and this has been shown to be a great immune support agent for the whole body. And it's been shown to contain large amounts of bioflavenoids and it is just really great for the health of the thymus. But most important, this guy participates not only in the immune activity of the skin but the overall health of the skin. So it is just one of the most wonderful things on the planet.
And in fact, one of the things I like to do is empty about 3 capsules into about a half teaspoon of an unheated honey like our wild honey or our Canadian Gold Honey. When you mix the propolis in there and just let it sit for a little bit and then eat that - WOW - that is one of the best things. And of course my favorite of all is to mix these together with about a teaspoon of wild pollen that comes from the northern regions of Canada where the bees survive 55 degrees below zero and instead of having brown honey the've got white honey or gold honey,it's really something. But the taste is exquisitely good  and this is nutrition from God Himself.  This is the best of the best of the best. And of course in these areas there is no other farming, so you're not seeing a lot of spraying and the exposure to all kinds of weird chemicals like you might anywhere else. This is one of my favorite players on the planet and of course this can promote the best health for the intestines and for the skin in general.

And you can even mix a little bit of the honey and propolis and put it right on your skin if something's bothering you. It's a wonderful way to go. And of course if the bacterial ecology of the gut has been disordered by years of not digesting the food well, or by antibiotic courses, or by some kind of infection, and you want to reset the good bacterial ecology, you want to promote that healthy bacterial ecology,our probiotic complex is on special.
You buy any combination of two or more get 25% off each one, You're gonna love what these guys can do for the body longterm and shortterm. Just about everyday, unless I'm on the road, I have that wonderful wild pollen, a little propolis, and some honey. And I'm up to taking about 2 teaspoons of honey with about 8 to 9 probiotic capsules and a good teaspoon of the wild pollen. Mix all that together and eat it. Tastes like heaven. Give that a try and I think it'll give you the skin of a queen or king. You're just gonna love what that does. Just give a buzz to our order line 800-370-3447

Next Caller:
female, 54 yrs. old, 125-127lbs, stiffness in thumbs  

Dr. Marshall:
You know, the thumbs are very, very interesting. Is it the inside or the outside of the thumb? Can you remember?
Caller: It's the inside and the joint where it meets the wrist. That's giving me a lot of pain also and it's swollen and it's also the other thumb.
Dr. Marshall: Well, the thing to remember is that the hands are the outflow of the head, face and neck. So sometimes it can mean that we've got some dental work that's maybe toxic material in the teeth that are giving us a challenge.
Caller: You are so correct. I have a dental appointment this coming Friday.
Dr. Marshall: Now what you can do, but this is like going to be a band-aid, but it may provide some improvement and that is to get some medibody pack and mud pack your hands. And use HM as the fluid, And in particular put a half tablespoon of the mixture on the thumb and let it site there a good 15 minutes. And then wash it off thouroughly, Try to do this in a snice soothing environment, not someplace where people are yelling and screaming, not when you have high stress and you've got exactly 13 minutes to leave,(laugh), you know. And if it can be done early in the day it usually works the best. And it's only a band-aid in that until and unless whatever is driving that junk in the mouth is taken care of , if's gonna come back and come back and come back until you can hardly move your thumb. 
Caller: Right, exactly. And I have a problem with rising blood pressure.
Dr. Marshall: Well healthy blood pressure can be many different things. This is something usually i'd like you to be tested to see a QRA practitioner so that they can find the origin so that they can watch you and that you can monitor the blood pressure and of course if there is a blood pressure issure, we always recommend you have your case supervised by a medical doctor so he can make sure that you don't put yourself at any risk.

Sometimes when blood pressure is a little high, it's still in a very safe zone and you have room to work on it from a nutrition standpoint but other times it's out of range and you may be risking your life so you don't want to do that, o.k.? But if it's already in the normal range, there are a number of nutrient steps that can be taken. One of my favorites is Delta Boost. This is a wonderful little remedy and at your body weight, maybe one breakfast, one dinner.
Most important to me as an underpining to healthy blood pressure is that you are digesting and absorbing your food well. You're in that zone where you've got to be on hydrachloric acid supplementation, in my opinion and digestive enzymes. So, maybe 1 digest at the start of a meal, 2 if it's a big meal for you, and then at the end of the meal, the HCL Detox Kit where the HCL would probably be 2 or 3 and 1 activator , end of the meal. And now you should be digesting the way you did in your 20's, and now the junk that's in the food is no longer going all over the body. That's the big thing. You're able to digest and absorb the food properly. These are some of the things I would do. So if blood pressure is in the normal range, you can just start this. If it's even beyond the normal range, what I would do is immediately contact a medical doctor. Ok? 
Caller:All right Dr. Marshall  

Next Caller:
male, 35yrs old, 170lbs, thinning hair, intestinal yeast
Dr. Marshall: Your hair has just begun to thin or what?    
Caller: Slowly but surely you can see a little scalp in the top in the crown for probably about the last 4 years but it's getting really bad now.
Dr. Marshall:  Typically that's called 'male pattern baldness'. And typically that's linked to DHT- Dihydrotestosterone. So, the antidote was discovered many, many years ago, almost 100 years ago, as Avena Sativa, that's a fancy Latin name for oat grass. And you can get oat grass in something like what we make called Greens Mix. I don't think it will necessarily bring back your hair, although it did for me but I caught it very, very, very early.  But I think what it can do is stop you from losing more hair and start softening up that skin on top of the head called the galea and see if you can't keep what you've got.ok? And maybe, maybe, get a little of it back but that's very argumentative. And so you could get Greens Mix which is the grasses. And at your body weight, 1 tablespoon a day would be idealand you could put it in a smoothie. If you prefer capsules, you could get Greens Mix capsules and if you do that, you'd probably want about 6 per meal, so it's a lot more work, ok?

Now that's the hair thinning, let's go to the intestinal yeast. What makes you think you have intestinal yeast?
Caller: I saw one of the doctors you had me see in Cleveland, and he had a CRT computer regulated, thermal scan...
Dr. Marshall:...imaging, yeah...  
Caller: ..yeah...and it showed, first of all it did show the hormones and the DHT but it also showed a lower intestional yeast.which is also why I'm prone to sinus infections alot.   
Dr. Marshall: Yeah, well that would mean, if that's the case, that you're not digesting your food well. You're not producing enough HCL. Did that show as well?
Caller: He did not. However, I have been on your Digest, Activator and HCL for about 3 to 4 months now.
Dr. Marshall: And what do you think, is it helping?
Caller: Yeah, my digestion feels great!
Dr. Marshall: (laugh)Good, well there's a couple of thinks you'll want to check. First, you'll want to check there's no more placque forming on the teeth.  Cause if there is, then you know you've still got, you don't have enough HCL, ok? That's #1 to look for.  #2, you should notice that you don't feel sleepy after you eat, cause that's another sign you just can't digest the meal.
Caller: Yeah, I do feel sleepy, very sleepy after I eat.
Dr. Marshall: So you may still need a little bit more and it sounds like you could use today's special, the house cleaning special, I would get on Intestacidine and I would also get on the Propolis with wild honey. And just take it easy on that though. You know about 3 caps with a half teaspoon of the unheated wild honey and I would do that quite a while - six months; a year. It usually starts house cleaning with sinuses and then it works it way all the way down, so what I usually have people do is mix it together and swallow it, so it doesn't hit the sinuses quite so hard. And it'll be slower hitting the sinus rather than if you eat it and it diffuses through everything in your mouth and your sinus, Whoa. If you've had dental work or if you've had a lot of junk in the mouth, boy that is roto-rooter, ok? And then as you get better and better you could take a half teaspoon as dessert after the dinner meal, Ok? So I think that's what I would do there.

MORE TO COME        

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Fluid Balance in Ears, Pregnancy, Breast Reduction, Acid Reflux and Liver Spots on the Face   


Today's Special
Bone and Joint Complex, Kidney Complex and Nano Green Tea

Today's Callers:
female calling about the healthy fluid balance for the ears in an 8yr old child

Recommendation:Ears are controlled by the kidneys so she may want to give the child Kidney Complex. Essential Fatty Acids would be good as well. Make sure the child is getting air dried sea salt or pink salt.  

Next Caller:
female, 46yrs old,  wanting to get pregnant
Stay away from toxic item: tobacco, alcohol etc., may need to be celibate for a while to prevent undue pressure on child. She can check with Le Leche League to get more pregnancy/breast feeding tips. For her blood pressure, she should start on digestive aids and use a good quality salt. While she is NOT pregnant, she can use Heart Nano Detox for the heart and ciculatory system. Caller wanted to know how her 15 year old daughter, 128lbs, could reduce breast size. Dr. Marshall says SOD, superoxide dismutase, can possibly do this.

Next Caller:
female, 60yrs old, 240lbs, acid reflux

She will need to start on the digest products. Caller also has various other problems. Dr. Marshall suggests she see a QRA practitioner so they can go through each of her problems.

Next Caller:
female, 38yrs old, 140lbs, 5'9", large brown spots on the face

These type of spots are often called liver spots but they are hyper pigmentation spots.A dermatologist should look at them to know what they really are. Often correlated with dental work - silver fillings. Nano Green Tea can help this. If there was a  blow to the head/face/neck, this might have sedated healthy flow to the pituitary which could have caused this. Quantum Adaptogen can help if that is the case and if she wakes up tired. A QRA person can tell for sure what is causing the spots.

Listen Now:
Fluid Balance in Ears, Pregnancy, Breast Reduction, Acid Reflux and Liver Spots on the Face

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Eye Health, Sexual Function, Balance and Cartilage Strength   


Specials for the Day:
Ph Trio: Gets the first morning Ph to the ideal 6.4-7.0. Contains Sango Marine Coral. Most ionized, most absorbable form of minerals, contains 2 parts calcium and 1 part magnesium. Best seller in all of Japan and great seller in U.s. and Europe. You can get the aloe powder with it to escort it into the body. You can also use aloe drink which is Dr. Marshall's favorite way to take it. To take it you use 1 oz of water and 1 oz of aloe, with 1/2 teaspoon of coral. This leaves very little of the coral powder left in the glass.
Coral Calcium: Capsules contain the pro vitamin D but not the actual vitamin D like in Cod Liver Oil 
Cod Liver Oil: USP grade, nothing synthetic added. 400 I.U. in capsule or liquid form

This is a great way to work on your minerals

First Caller:
male, 47yrs old, 155lbs, eye health and sexual function

Calcification can form in the eye due to being in bone loss for a long time. Real health for the eye or anywhere else in the body starts with great digestion. He should start his main meals with 2 Quantum Digest. These are pancreatic enzyme support agents which also contain pepsin. All plant based. Pepsin is a catalyst with allows the body to more efficiently use Hydrochloric Acid.
Hydrochloric Acid is one of the key digestive compounds that is exhausted from years of eating cooked food - we are all designed to eat raw food. If you forget to take the Digest at the start of the meal, you can take all the digestive elements at the end of the meal. After the 2 Digests, take the HCL Detox kit, 4 HCL and 2 Activator.

 If we can't digest our food we quickly move to mineral deficiency. Mineral deficiency forces the body to decompose its own bones to buffer the blood at night. The decomposed bone can not go back to the bone and the body is unable to excrete it. It is called microcrystalline hydroxyapatite. It is too hard of a molecular structure for the kidney to pass it. So it will be put in your foot, toe, spine, neck, or eye (etc).

The first step then was to be able to digest your food. The next step, is to shift the Ph so that we are not decomposing the bone to get a buffering system for the blood. He will need to get Ph paper to check his first morning Ph and see if he can get it into the 6.4-7.0 zone. Using Ph Trio with the Aloe drink (the aloe drink will be best for the caller as he has questions on blood sugar) he willl use 1/2 teaspoon of coral and 1 ounce of water and 1 ounce of aloe drink. Every 3 days he needs to check his Ph. If the Ph gets into the right range he is finished. If it's not, he will up the coral by 1/2 teaspoon and and the aloe and water by 1 ounce. By 2 or 3 teaspoons he should finally be in the target range. He should feel more flexible and his whole body should feel better. He won't be putting 'bone type calcium' all over his body. This also directly relates to blood sugar. When we don't digest our food well, little 'bugs' that may be in the food can set up housekeeping in the kidneys, heart, circulatory tree or in the pancreas. Dr. Marshall's favorite product for promoting the best health in these areas is Heart Nano Detox. The caller should take 4 or 5 teaspoons of Heart Nano Detox in 24-32 ounces of water to be sipped after breakfast and finished by night fall.

To have the best sexual function begins with good circulation. Heart Nano will help for this as well. Adrenals will also need to be targeted for this. Adrenals need salt, water and at least 5 hours straight sleep without waking up. Then he will need to take some Adrenal complex, 8 at breakfast and at no other time of the day. Then he will need Max Stress B along with DHLA. The Max Stress B should be started at 1/2 teaspoon and upped by 1/2 teaspoon every 3 days until he gets to about 2 teaspoons per day.  The B's have to be started slowly so the body (the brain and adrenals and liver) can adjust. Add 2 teaspoons of DHLA along with the Max Stress B, you don't need to take the DHLA a bit at a time like with the Max stress B. As he is improving, he can take potency NanoPlex which works on all the aspects of sexual function - he can begin 1 teaspoon about 4 to 6 weeks after starting the B's and DHLA.

Next Caller:
male, question about balance for his sister-in-law

The caller's sister-in-law had Rocky Mountain Fever 10 years ago. She got over it but recently in about the last 5-6 months she was diagnosed with vertigo.

Dr. Marshall believes there is an issue with the ear. It could be caused by a bad tooth or the mobilization of something from somewhere else in the body to the ear. A QRA practitioner will need to test to see if it is 1 ear or both, see if it is a tooth that may need to be repaired or extracted, and they can test to see if it is coming from somewhere else in the body. The kidney's handle the ear. Nerve Complex and possibly Hyssop might help but it would be best to get her tested. The caller says his sister-in-law had a flair up after being in a plane so the ear seems a likely candidate for this balance problem.

Next Caller:
female, 65yrs old, 155lbs, wants to strengthen cartilage and tissue in knee

She needs to find out what scar/trauma is reflexing to the knee that is sedating the normal energy flow so she can erase them and get nutrition going to that tissue. The caller says she doesn't know of any scars/traumas that could be affecting this. A QRA practitioner would need to check her to make sure.

Nutritionally, she can start on Ph Trio with the aloe drink. She wants the Ph in the 6.4-7.0 range. As she is working on her Ph, she should be supporting kidney and parathyroid. Both of these  control bone metabolism. For her body weight, 2 Kidney Complex per meal and 2 teaspoons of Nano Green Tea mixed in 16 ounces of water after breakfast. For the bone itself, she can use Bone and Joint which is good support for osteoporosis and any aspect of the bone including promoting the best anti-inflammatory response. She can take 6 per meal. This will set up her nutrition. Dr. Marshall just doesn't know what scars/traumas are sedating the knee. She may have had a left elbow injury as a child which could be triggering an increased load to the right kidney. This is a theory from acupuncture. Her C Section could do it but it is unlikely. It would need to be something like a tailbone or foot injury. If this isn't found, she will need an ever escalating amount of nutrition to get an ever diminishing response. Caller says she had an MRI showing that her cartilage is almost gone. Dr. Marshall says the interference field is cutting off the nutrition to the site. Once the plasma energy field is focused and working, then the body can unleash the best health for that tissue. If she were to get a knee replacement, it would be good 5 to 10 years and then become an interference field itself.When something is amputated, we need a replacement but the best thing she could do is get the right nutrition into that tissue. For her age, it is also going to be critical to get on the Quantum Digest. She may need the Stomach Complex too because of the C-Sections.      

Listen to the Show:
Eye Health, Sexual Function, Balance and Cartilage Strength



Bladder health, Arthritis aand Hair loss on Healthline   


Dr. Marshall's Monologue:
What is 21st century nutrition? In the 1900's we had isolated vitamins and minerals - we still
make them and many poeple still take them. Most of those products are completely dead; meaning
they don't come from a once living source. If it's a mineral, then that makes it very hard to
absorb and use. If it is some other nutrient, it will be missing the DNA. If you use these type
of products long term, it has been found, by quantum physicist Fritz Popp, that it will damage
your DNA.
So, 21st Century nutrition must be
 1) a once live source
 2) free of toxic tag-a-longs
 3) it must match the healhty ideal resonance of the organ or gland it is targeting.

The other half of the equation for 21st centry nutriton is that you must be able to manipulate
the all controlling plasma energy field so that you can erase the energy blockages associated
with scars and traumas. You can then unleash the greatest health for that organ or gland.

Special for the Day:
UT Formula One:
This represents a quantum breakthrough. A couple of doctors who had been working with many of the
colored fruits figured out a way to concentrate cranberry in a way that had never been done
before. Many people know that cranberry juice can help maintain healty structure and function of
the urinary tract. This new method can concentrate cranberry to 35%. In a study in Colordao using
this new prepartation they found that at the 35% level they could maintain healthy bladder and
urinary tract function for 100% of the subjects. That's 'Nutrition That Really Works!'

First Caller:
female, 43yrs old, 118lbs, heartburn and arthritis in fingers

To provide better circulation to the hands, she could use Circumzyme, 3 per meal at her body
weight. For the healthiest bladder, UT Formula One at 1 per meal can help. If this isn't enough
support, she can use Bladder Complex, Allicidin and Hyssop, 2 or 3 capsules each per meal.

However, most people will be happy with just the UTFormula 1. Caller has had an injury to nose.
she will need to be medi body packed on her hands and because she was vaccinated on the arm, she
will need to do a special 'packing' on her hand. From there, she can medi body pack the nose and
the top of her head at governor vessel 20 with 2 tablespoons of mud each, simultaneously, for 2
sets. To be able to use HCL and be clear of heartburn, she will need Stomach Complex as a tea, 2
capsules worth before meals. At the start of meals, she will take 1 quantum digest. At the end of
meal will be the HCL detox kit, 2 HCL and 1 activator.

Next Caller:
female, 54yrs old, 140lbs, wants healthy musculature and connective tissue

In a small study of subjects with a similar issue, 100%  of the people were helped by the
elimination of MSG. Caller says she tries to eat well with lots of raw food and no MSG. In the
study they also found low salt to be a problem. She should be getting 1 teaspoon of air dried sea
salt or  pink salt a day. Caller's digestion is not good. She should take 2 Quantum Digest at the
start of each main meal, whether she's eating raw food or not. At the end of the meal, 4 HCL and
2 activator which is a bit more than would usually be called for but should do wonders for her

 If this has been going on all her life, she may need to start working with some good
bacteria. She could try to find Kefir at a Russian deli. She can use whole or low fat milk, both
test really good. This is a food for good bacteria and can be helpful in resetting the gut
ecology. An even stronger solution is Quantum Probiotic Complex which is the actual bacteria
itself, live source not freeze dried. She could chew 3 at breakfast and swallow 3. Many people say
they can tell the difference when they do this. This may accelerate the ability to shift the
bacterial ecology and start sending good stuff to the muscles. Caller has ordered the Gall
Bladder Nano Detox which is a good idea. Doing the coffee enemas will help as well.

Next Caller:
male, 49yrs old, 138lbs, joint pains

Bones and joints often bring to mind digestion and minerals. Dr. Marshall wanted to know if
caller felt bloated or had intestinal gas at the end of meals. Caller did not have any symptoms
like that so we would move on to the minerals. Dr. Marshall wants him to start on the Ph Trio to
target his minerals. He should check his morning urine Ph and try to get it to the 6.4-7.0 range.
Once he gets his Ph in the right range, he will not have chapped lips anymore and his bones will
feel strong. Every 3 days he will need to up the amount of coral until he gets it into the proper
range. If it ends up taking 2 to 3 teaspoons to get to the proper range, that indicates he is
having some other problem and may need QRA to find it.

Caller is also having swelling on the ankle. This is usually pertaining to the kidney. He could
take 2 Kidney Complexes per meal. He needs to determine why this is happening - is he drinking
enought water, is there a bug in the kidneys? He should see the QRA practitioner to find out what
is going on.

Next Caller:
female, 54yrs old, 118lbs, menopausal, losing hair at the temple first but now all over her head

Dr. Marshall wanted to know if caller is sleeping well. Caller is taking the Digest but she still
is not sleeping well. She can go off to sleep easily but she wakes up at 2am or 4am for no
reason. Dr. Marshall says this is because of digestion problems. Caller would need only 1 digest
at her weight at the start of meals unless she eats meat in which case she can take 2. The HCL
Detox will be a key player for her. She takes it already, 1 activator and 2 betaine. However, At
one time about 20 years ago, she had her stomach removed because of an ulcer. She will now need
to take 2 activator and 4 betaine .It is possible that because of the stomach surgery, she could
have problems taking the increased dosages of HCL.She would then need to take Stomach Complex for
a while until she can mud pack the trauma site after which she could stop the Stomach Complex.

The caller says she was recently tested and was shown to be low in Vitamin C, Selenium, Oleic Acid
 and Lipoic Acid. To get the vitamin C, Dr. Marshall recommends some fresh fruit like oranges,
tangerines, papaya or something like that for breakfast. She can use Vitamin C Complex, but Dr.
Marshall prefers real food when you can get it. For Selenium, he like Brazil nuts. What
Dr. Marshall does in the morning is:
takes 3 or 4 pieces of fruit, grinds up some nuts like, brazil nuts, pecans, hazel nuts,
sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds, 1 tablespoon each, soaks them in pomegranate concentrate so
it tastes like a candy bar, and he eats this with fruits. This gives him the Selenium and the
good fats without having to eat any oils.

For lipoic Acid, you need the fully reduced form, dihydrolipoic acid (DHLA). You can make a
coctail of the 'Nanos',  made with  DHLA and Max Stress B. For her size, she would start with 1/2
teaspoon of the Max Stress B and after 3 days or so go to 1 teaspoon. With the DHLA she would
start with 1 teaspoon. Now she will have the antioxidants they say she is low in. She will need
to really work on the digestion which is probably why she is low in so much.

Hair loss in the front is usually a male pattern, meaning she is making the bad type called
Dihydrotestosterone(DHT). If she makes the ground up nuts mixture she could throw in some Greens
Mix, 1 tablespoon. That should help with the front of the hair. To help the hair in back or the
whole head, then that requires targeting the adrenals. Vitamin C and Max Stress B help the
adrenals. To make sure she is getting enought C, she could take Vitamin C Complex, 2 at breakfast
and 2 at dinner. The overall hair loss should stop because you are promoting increased adrenal

The problems with waking at night is not just about the 'waking up'. If you wake up and do NOT
lift your head up above your chest, you will still make adrenalin. If you DO lift you head above
your chest, you will stop making adrenilin and you will need 5 straight hours of sleep to get
back to the point where you are going to make  10-30 % of adrenilin. You can sleep with a pillow
but don't put your head above your body when you wake up. The increase of adrenaline should help
the hair all over the head. The hair loss on the front of her head is DHT which the greens mix
will help.

Caller wanted to know if she should take Adrenal Complex. Dr. Marshall says she can if
she is feeling very distressed but most of the times the Vitamin C and Max Stress B can do the
job. If these don't help, then she should look for a scar/trauma that is sedating the adrenals
like an episiotomy or low back injury - some type of injury on the back.  Caller has had 4
children with an episiotomy which is probably what's sedating the adrenals. She can call the help
line for instructions on how to medi body pack this scar.    

Listen to the show:
Bladder health, Arthritis aand Hair loss on Healthline



Great Bladder Function with Quantum Nutrition Products   


Special for Today is for bladder/urinary tract:
Bladder Complex: Most closely matches the ideal cell resonance of a healthy bladder. No product has been built with this design before.
Allicidin: Often used together with the Bladder Complex. A gentle biofilm buster. promotes great health for urinary tract and bladder.
Hyssop: Very targeted immune support for the bladder.
All 3 of these products together usually make the ideal combo for maybe 8,  10 or 12 weeks to promote best health for urinary tract. 
Multi Pollen: 1 or 2 a day for bioflavonoids to maintain the integrity of the lining of the mucus membrane so you can sleep through the night and not be bothered with urinary urgency.

First Caller:
female, 65yrs old, 118lbs,  bile issues in the liver

To promote the best bile flow use Gall Bladder Nano. For her size, 2,  maximum 3 teaspoons in 16 ounces of water. Sip it after breakfast for 3 weeks, Then start 2 coffee enemas a week, at the same time, for 4 months. Also needs Reishi which in the long term promotes the healthiest liver and gall bladder. It is world renowned and heavily used in Japan and throughout China. 6  Reishi per meal for her body size for about 4 to 6 months. This should promote the best health for the whole liver including the bile veins. Caller had lock jaw as a child and lost a thumb due to a sliver in ther thumb, her right thumb. She will need to mud pack the hand about 4 times especially around where the thumb was amputated. Caller also has silver fillings, she will use the fluid HM Nano Detox. She needs to see if there are any other scars or traumas that are reflexing to the liver.

For healthy thyroid. The thyroid hunts for minerals and gathers iodine from the blood. It can be a repository for a lot of 'bad' minerals. When it gets enough 'junk' then a bug can get into the thyroid. Try to promote a state of health for the whole body, but she can also detox to clear anything that could harming her. Thyroid Complex would be first. Hyssop Complex for immunity. 2 each of these per each meal. Do this for 8 to  12 weeks. If it's promoting good health she may need to make some other changes. A QRA practitioner can guide her step by step.

Caller wanted to know about her eyes. She has thinning of the optic nerve. This suggests that nutriton for the nerve is poor, which in turn suggests bad digestion and in particular bad bile flow. Nerve Complex, 3 per meal, until she doesn't see any more improvement. 2 teaspoons of Lecithin per day. Lecithin is an emulsifier. take it during the highest fat meal. This will bypass the bile and get some oil into the nerves, brain and everywhere else. Caller takes fatty acids but without the bile or someting to emulsify the fats, she isn't absorbing them.

Next Caller:
female, 110lbs, 20 yrs old, her cousin wants to promote best urinary tract health

UT Formula One will promote the best health. 1 per day. Bladder Complex can be used if there has been any question of long term antibiotic use or something like that - 2 per meal. 2 Allicidin per meal and 2 Hyssop per meal. Allicidin helps break up any pockets/sugary sacs that may be there. Hyssop Complex is an immune specific support for the whole tissue.

Her husband has ringing in the ears. He is 37 and is around loud noise in a construction shop. he is about 150lbs. 2 Nerve Complexes per meal for about 3 weeks may help. When we get older, our bodies may start putting calcium in the inner ear which may produce a ringing. See if his bones are creaking and if he has chapped lips. He is on the coral, which he should keep doing, and add in the Nerve Complex. Once a week when he is in the shower, put his pinkie in his ear and see if he has golden brown wax, which he should have. If he doesn't have wax, the ringing could be from low oils -not getting enough essential fatty acids. The ear doctor says there is ear damage so Ear Complex will be the first line of support for supporting healthy nerves. Don't go into the ear too far when checking because you can damage the ear - q-tips are not recommended, just the pinkie.

Next Caller:
female, 53yrs old, 260lbs, 5' 8", menopause, best sexual function, heel spurs

Heel spurs are just a calcium deposit. She has low mineral uptake and she is decomposing her own bone to buffer her blood at night. The body can not excrete it quick enough - could have been the eye or elbow etc but the body chose the heel. To stop it, boost the digestion. She should ask the order line for info on the Kapha diet so she can find out what foods to eat so she can naturally lose weight. The answer to weight loss is the separation of carbohydrates and fats. She may have sugars with protein, she may have fats with proteins, she can not have sugars and fats together. She will then need to work on her digestion with Quantum Digest, 3 at the start of meals for her body weight. At the end of the meal, 6 HCL with Activator. Her next step will be to get minerals. Check the first morning Ph and get it into the 6.4-70 area.Use the Ph Trio with the Aloe Drink which is not as sweet. Usea 1/2 teaspong of coral and mix it with 1 ounce aloe and 1 ouce of water. Every 3 days, recheck the Ph. If it's not in the ideal zone, bump up the coral 1/2 teaspoon and every other time, increase the aloe and water. If it takes 3 teaspoons to get her Ph in the right zone then that inidcates something is sucking up the minerals, like a bad tooth. She will need a QRA practitioner to help find what's taking up the minerals. The caller wanted to know how much water to drink. Many people, because of the condition of the kidneys can't drink water well. We need to drink half of our body weight in ounces of water per day. For her, that would be about 1 gallon. She will not be able to drink that much if her kidneys can't handle the osmolarity of the water. What she will need to do is get 4 quarts of water. Out of each quart, take out 2 ounces of water and add  2 ounces of pomegranate or black cherry concentrate. This changes the waters osmolarity and you can drink the water with ease. Shake it together. You can't save it as it is food and can go bad- you drink it as soon as you make it.

For low sexual desire, use Potency Nanoplex. Take 1/2 teaspoon. It is gentle but supports all the organ and gland systems.

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Great Bladder Function with Quantum Nutrition Products

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