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New Witnesses Come Forward in Support of Rodney Reed’s Innocence   


Signed affidavits add to the mounting evidence against victim’s fiancé, Jimmy Fennell. (Bastrop, TX – October 4, 2019) Today, attorneys for Rodney Reed filed a motion requesting the withdrawal of his execution date of November 20, 2019, based on new evidence that has come to light in recent weeks. Two witnesses who knew Jimmy Fennell, the victim Stacey Stites’s fiancé, at the time of the murder have come forward with information which both supports the already substantial evidence of Reed’s innocence and establishes a violation of Due Process under Brady v. Maryland.  In order to further investigate this newly discovered evidence, the withdrawal of the impending execution date is required under the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. Reed has been on death row for over 21 years for Stites’s 1996 murder which he maintains he did not commit. Take Action: Stop the Execution of Rodney Reed The petition filed today is based on two…


Serial killer Peter Dupas will not face trial over murder of 95yo grandmother Kathleen Downes   


Notorious serial killer Peter Dupas will not stand trial for a fourth alleged murder, after prosecutors drop their case against him over the 1997 stabbing death of Kathleen Downes in her Brunswick nursing home room.


The off-duty cop who murdered an unarmed black man in his own apartment gets 10 years in prison   


Former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was sentenced to ten years in prison on Wednesday for the murder of Botham Jean. The sentence comes a day after she was convicted of murder and faced five to 99 years or life in prison.

Guyger has the opportunity to appeal the conviction.

The sentence came down after emotional testimony from the Jean family and the revelation that Guyger shared racist text messages.

In the texts she said black officers have a "different way of working" and joked about the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. Two days before she murdered Jean, a friend texted saying they adopted a German Shepard that "might be racist," to which Guyger replied, "It's okay ... I'm the same."

Last year, Guyger entered Jean's apartment and shot him as he sat in a chair watching television. In a 911 call at the scene of the crime, Guyger repeatedly admits she thought she was in her apartment, which was a floor below in the same complex.

The conviction is much more than a victory for the Jean family. Many see it as justice for people of color across America who've been killed by law enforcement and never received justice.

Research from NBC News shows that 900 to 1,000 people are killed by the police each year, but only 35 have been convicted of a crime related to an on-duty fatal shooting since 2005.

"This verdict is for Trayvon Martin," Ben Crump, an attorney for the Jean family, said Tuesday after the verdict. "It's for Michael Brown, it's for Sandra Bland, it's for Tamir Rice, it's for Eric Garner, it's for Antwon Rose, it's for Jemel Roberson, for EJ Bradford, for Stephon Clark, for Jeffrey Dennis, Genevieve Dawes, for Pamela Turner."

"For so many black and brown unarmed human beings all across America, this verdict today is for them," Crump continued. "Everybody can raise their hands — this verdict is for them. This verdict is for them."

On Sept. 6, 2018, just before 10 p.m., Guyger drove home after working a 13.5-hour shift. Upon arriving at what she thought was her front door, she failed to notice that, unlike her apartment, this one had a red door mat.

She put her key fob to the door but realized the door wasn't locked and pushed it open.

When Guyger arrived in the apartment she saw a shadowy figure she assumed was a burglar. According to testimony, she pulled out her gun and ordered the man to show his hands. She then discharged two rounds from her firearm.

That figure was an unarmed 26-year-old accountant named Botham Jean and it was his apartment.

Jean was watching television and eating a bowl of ice cream when Guyger entered the apartment.

Guyger had accidentally parked in the garage a floor above hers. She then walked past over a dozen apartments without realizing her mistake before arriving at Jean's apartment, directly above hers.

On a 911 call from the incident, Guyger can be heard saying, "I thought it was my apartment," 19 times.

"I'm an off-duty officer," Guyger told the 911 dispatcher. "I thought I was in my apartment. And I shot a guy thinking that he was... Thinking it was my apartment. ... I'm fucked."

Throughout the call she tries to roust Jean saying, "Hey bud. Hey bud. Stay with me, bud." She also apologizes to the dying man saying, "I'm sorry."

Jean was taken to a nearby hospital where he died.

Three days after the shooting, Guyger was charged with manslaughter. By the end of the month, she was fired by Dallas PD. A grand jury would later ratchet up her charge to murder, for which Guyger stands to spend life in prison.

Jean's death sparked many protests and demonstrations in the weeks after the shooting. A few days after the shooting, dozens of protesters gathered outside Dallas Police headquarters and officers fired pepper balls into the crowd.

On September 12, a Dallas City Hall meeting was brought to a halt after protesters chanted, "No justice, no peace."

After the verdict, Crump said Jean was a "near perfect" person.

"This jury had to make history in America today, because Botham was the best that we had to offer," Crump said. "Twenty-six year old, college-educated black man, certified public accountant, working for one of the big three accounting firms in the world, PricewaterhouseCoopers."

"But it shouldn't take all of that for unarmed black and brown people in America to get justice," Crump said.


Maha: 3 arrested in murder case of local BJP leader, 4 others   


Police have arrested three persons in connection with the murder of local BJP leader Ravindra Kharat, three of his family members and one of his sons friend here.


NSCN-IM militant nabbed for killing Arunachal Pradesh MLA   


The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested a senior militant of National Socialist Council of Nagaland -- Iask-Muivah (NSCN-IM) for murder of Arunachal Pradesh legislator Tirong Aboh and 10 others, the agency officials said on Monday.


Body Language Analysis No. 4398: Mohammed bin Salman regarding the Murder of Jamal Khashoggi ("60 Minutes" Interview) — Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)   


Last week on 60 Minutes, Mohammed bin Salman was interviewed by Norah O'Donnell. What follows is a crucial portion of that interview evaluated in detail with nonverbal, verbal, and paralanguage analysis. 

NORAH O'DONNELL: Did you order the murder of Jamal Khashoggi?

MOHAMMED BIN SALMAN: Absolutely [drawn-out], ah-um — [pause] — not.

Immediately after Ms. O'Donnell asks the question, "Did you order the murder of Jamal Khashoggi?" — when the camera switches to him, Mohammed bin Salman does not have eye contact with her or the camera. He's looking down. More specifically, he's looking down to his left. This is the quadrant to which most people look when they're formulating an answer.

Why does the Saudi Prince have to think about this simple question regarding such an important matter? There should be no thinking. There should be no planning of sentences or syntax.

Mohammed bin Salman's lack of eye contact here is profoundly telling and cannot be over-emphasized. When being asked a direct question, particularly a yes-or-no question, the presence of (and nuance of) eye contact is the most crucial component when separating truth from deception. While, importantly, eye-contact is not expected to be constant or staring — during this crucial portion of his answer, his lack of eye contact screams deception. 

The Crown Prince also shakes his head side-to-side (No) as he takes in a deep breath. Mohammed bin Salman then holds that breath in a Valsalva-type variation — thus exerting elevated intrathoracic pressure. In this context, this physiology indicates significantly elevated anxiety and it's highly indicative of deception.

Mohammed bid Salman then blinks twice within a second — the latter being of longer duration and a deeper blink (complete eyelid closure). Two seconds later he again begins rapid blinking.

The Saudi Prince then hand-shrugs with his right thumb pointing up. The camera angle did not permit a view of his left hand. This particular thumbs-up illustrator is an example of a Partial Emblematic Slip. In detail, an Emblem is a universally recognized nonverbal signal (A thumbs-up dynamic is a universally recognized gesture of approval). It's Partial, because it's not presented in a fully-expressed manner, but rather in a lower-height and short-duration mode. And, it's a Slip, because it's a tell — or leakage of feelings he truly has, yet is trying to suppress — it slips out.

Mohammed bin Salman, despite his extensive coaching and preparation for this interview, let his true thought-emotions slip in this split second — via his thumb. His body language is saying, "Yes, I did". Intriguingly, this affirmation signal comes just prior to him saying the word, "Absolutely".

During the last portion of the word, "Absolutely" — as well as during his "ah-um" and also during his pause, Mohammed bin Salman can be seen displaying a suppressed smile. This is an example of what is known as Duping Delight (Ekman). It signals that the speaker is feeling true joy-happiness in his belief that he has fooled his audience.

It's important to note that, that what action delight the perpetrator, may very well not delight onlookers (as is the case here, of course). Moreover, those displaying duping delight may not be as convincing in their camouflage of deception as they believe.

Can you imagine being innocent of committing a murder or ordering that murder and having even an iota of a smile on your face in your denial? Smiling out-of-context is always a telling red flag.

After his stutter/ah-um and his pause, Mohammed bid Salman then says the word, "No". As he speaks it, his forehead and eyebrows elevate, while his eyelids simultaneously mildly move downward. The opposing directional dynamic of these two closely juxtaposed facial tissues — as he is denying (saying the word "No") is highly correlative with lying.

A monumentally important tell is displayed toward the end of the pause, and when he is saying, "No" — The Crown Prince stops his side-to-side head movement and thrusts his head and neck forward. When his words are saying, "No", his body language ceases to agree. This nonverbal-verbal disparity dynamic is a blaring siren of deception.

He then avoids eye contact again looking down to his left —

— and exhibits additional rapidly blinking.

The Crown Prince's choice of words here are also quite noteworthy. His first word, upon being asked this question, should not be one of affirmation — rather it should be that of negation.

He also draws out the word, "Absolutely". Moreover, he inserts an "ah" immediately followed by a brief "um", and a long pause prior to saying, "No".

Why would an innocent person need to pause before saying, "No"?

In full, he answers, "Absolutely [drawn out] ah-um [pause] not".

Of course, the translator did not insert these critical paralanguage (statement analysis) details as he translated, and his omission completely changes the meaning. You don't have to speak Arabic — or even watch the video, you can simply listen — the Saudi Prince did not speak with conviction or confidence.

SUMMARY: Mohammed bin Salman's nonverbal, verbal, and paralanguage behavior during this crucial portion of this interview indicates that, with extremely high probability, he did order the killing of Washington Post journalist and US resident, Jamal Khashoggi.

Media Inquiries and Keynote Appearances 
One-on-One and Online Courses Available 

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Pat Finucane: Security service 'wiped' hard drives   


BBC Spotlight is told MI5 wiped secret information relating to the murder of solicitor Pat Finucane.


Pat Finucane murder: 'MI5 destroyed investigation files into alleged collusion'   


Hard discs of judge re-examining Northern Ireland killings were removed in 2002, BBC documentary says

MI5 removed and destroyed the files of a judge who was investigating security force collusion in the 1989 murder of the Belfast solicitor Patrick Finucane, it has been reported.

MI5 agents entered the office of Peter Cory, who was appointed in 2002 by the British and Irish governments to re-examine certain killings in the Northern Ireland Troubles, and removed computer hard discs that were then wiped, according to a BBC documentary to be aired on Tuesday.

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Judge says she couldn't refuse convicted ex-cop a hug   


Judge says she couldn't refuse convicted ex-cop a hugThe judge who gave a hug and Bible to a former Dallas police officer after she was sentenced to 10 years in prison for killing her neighbor said Monday that she watched the woman change during her trial and wants her to live a purposeful life. Judge Tammy Kemp said she had never previously acknowledged her Christian faith to a defendant or given one a Bible, but Amber Guyger said she didn't have one at the end of her trial for the September 2018 killing of her upstairs neighbor, Botham Jean. In her first interview since the jury convicted Guyger of murder last week, Kemp said she felt her actions were appropriate since the trial was over and the former officer told her she didn't know how to begin seeking God's forgiveness.


Agatha Christie TV writer defends dramas from criticism   


Sarah Phelps is adapting the murder mystery writer’s book The Pale Horse for BBC One.


Reports: Chinatown murders bring renewed attention to the city’s street homeless   


[Comptroller Scott M. Stringer at a vigil for the victims this morning]

The shocking murders of four homeless men early Saturday morning in Chinatown have brought more media attention to the dangers of living on the street.

In a story published in today's paper, the Times provides historical context for the area around the Bowery in which the men were killed.

[T]he Bowery, an area of Lower Manhattan known in the 1930s as New York’s skid row, has long served as a daunting example of the city’s difficulties in addressing street homelessness. If anything, the problem is getting worse: The area is now drawing younger homeless people, many with drug and mental health problems, a population that the city’s traditional outreach methods have struggled to confront.

Despite the luxurification of the Bowery and surrounding area in recent years, the area — specifically Community District 3 — still has one of the highest concentrations of homeless shelters (some two dozen) in Manhattan.

The article discusses the ongoing concerns "about a new subpopulation within the homeless community."

A recent report described them as “travelers” or “young homeless people who travel to destinations depending on the weather, and often include instances of drug use and aggression.”

Over the past three years, complaints have increased about these younger arrivals, and the police and homeless outreach workers have said that “traditional outreach is not successful with this population,” according to the report.

The article includes comments from local community leaders on the need for better mental health services and additional supportive housing and safe-haven beds. Find the article at this link.

In court yesterday, the suspect, 24-year-old Rodriguez “Randy” Santos, was charged with four counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.

Meanwhile, city officials say they will dispatch mental health outreach teams and increase the number of homeless outreach teams who have access to psychiatrists and substance abuse resources, per ABC 7.

The Times says that the homelessness crisis "has been the most intractable problem of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s tenure."


Suspect charged in murders of 4 homeless men in Chinatown    


Several EVG readers shared links to the various published reports about the murders of four men in what police say were random attacks in Chinatown early yesterday morning ... the readers also shared concern about the growing homeless population citywide, including in the East Village. What follows is a recap on what has transpired (the post has been updated)...

The four men and a fifth who was found injured were all believed to be homeless. The victims were brutally assaulted in three different locations around Chatham Square, where East Broadway and the Bowery intersect.

A suspect, named as Rodriguez “Randy” Santos, 24, is in police custody. Police reportedly found Santos, holding a metal pipe, on Canal and Mulberry. He has at least 14 prior arrests, per the Post, and was believed to be homeless.

He is charged with murder, attempted murder and unlawful possession of marijuana.

"The motive appears to be, right now, just random attacks," Chief of Manhattan South Detectives Michael Baldassano told reporters, adding that there was no evidence yet to suggest the victims were "targeted by race, age, anything of that nature."

The Times reported this about the streets around Chatham Square:

[T]he area has been changing rapidly in recent years, as Chinatown has expanded and young professionals, many pushed out by higher rents in the East Village, have begun to move in.

The neighborhood is a bustling traffic hub where commuter vans and long-distance buses vie for curb space. Signs for Chinese family and village associations dot the area. But at night it becomes a place where a growing number of homeless people look for a place to grab a night’s sleep on its quiet sidewalks and park benches.

The murders also highlight the city's struggle to combat the growing homeless population. According to statistics from the Bowery Mission cited by the Times, about 1 in 121 New Yorkers is homeless. The Coalition for the Homeless put the number of homeless people in the city’s shelter system in August at 61,674, and an annual count conducted in late January this year estimated that 3,588 people were living on the streets.

The Times noted Mayor de Blasio's "struggle" to address "the problem of the rising number of homeless people and the high rate of mental illness among them." The Post spoke with former Giuliani and Bloomberg administrators who said the growing, more violent homeless population in NYC "rests squarely with current City Hall policies."

“There’s been an increasing tolerance for the homeless on city streets, sidewalks and subway stations during this administration,” said Mitchell Moss, professor of urban policy at NYU and a former campaign advisor to Michael Bloomberg.

“The police are disempowered to remove the homeless — and New York has become less aggressive on quality-of-life issues. You used to be penalized for urinating on the street!”

As the Times reported, advocates for the homeless said yesterday's attacks "rattled the already struggling community of homeless people who frequent Chinatown and the Bowery."




NEW YORK New York police have charged a man with murder for using a metal pipe to beat four fellow homeless men to death as they slept in the city’s Chinatown district, authorities said on Sunday. Randy Santos, 24, was charged with four counts of...


Return to Midsummer House   


During July we treated my mum and my stepdad to a lunch at Midsummer House, and I feel I've neglected my duty to report back on such a memorable meal.

We went for the  seven course menu, with a vegetarian version for my wife, and gluten free for my mum. We started with a fabulous range of canapes out in the garden, and on an absolute scorcher of a day. In particular I remember a truffle eclair which just has to grace my list of favourite things ever, simply awesome.

The barbecued beetroot this time included nitrogen frozen goats cheese, hard, angular looking bricks that melted in your mouth, a wonderful technical element that didn't take anything away from the excellent cheese. A stunning quail dish included hay smoked crispy quails eggs and a finger of toast, puree and grapes, with special gluten free bread for my mum. I was also delighted to try a scallop and apple dish I've seen in other reviews, and it was beyond my expectations, a perfect dish.

My wifes vegetarian menu included some memorable dishes, a crispy coated poached egg on a bed of brilliant green pea puree, peas, and girolles, and a dish of smoked roscoff onion filled with a grain risotto that arrived under a dome of smoke.

The meal ended with similar desserts to our previous visit, with the strawberry dish being accompanied by a strawberry soup concentrated by running it through a centrifuge. We finished with a generous range of chocolates, as well as maraschino cherries for my mum, and those gorgeous bottereaux for the rest of us, hollow diamond shaped pastries dipped in calvados cream and apple puree the thought of which still puts a smile on my face today. Oh, and I mustn't forget the visit from Clifford the English Bulldog, a fine chap indeed.

This was a very special day, indeed my mum saying was the best she has ever had. From the first to last bite, everything was nearly perfect.

The house.

Tomato sorbet.

Liver parfait cigar, tartare of fish on fish skin crisp.

See that eclair in the middle? One of the nicest things you'll ever eat.

Crab amuse. My wife had a tomato gazpacho instead.

Beetroot, goats cheese.

Quail, grapes, shallot puree

Hay smoked crispy quails eggs.


Crispy hens egg, peas, girolles. Vegetarian food doesn't come much better than this.

These came first.

And were grated on the scallop and apple dish.

The smoked roscoff onion arrived under a dome filled with smoke.

Lamb, tomato, old Yorke cheese.

On a hot day, the nitrogen frozen shards of blueberry in this lemon posset were just what I needed.

Strawberry dessert.

The ladies also received a box of chocolates to take home. The chocolate on the far right was filled with pistachio puree and the best of them all. Easily the match of any of the famous chocolatiers.

I could murder a plate of these right now.

Midsummer House


Man denies attempted murder after woman struck by car at wedding   


A MAN has denied attempted murder after a woman was knocked down by a car at a wedding at Bowburn Hall Hotel, near Durham.


‘This ain’t it, chief’: CNN et al.’s insane obsession with destroying Joker has reached a fever pitch   


"Did the Joker movie murder CNN’s father? This is personal vendetta levels of obsession."

The post ‘This ain’t it, chief’: CNN et al.’s insane obsession with destroying Joker has reached a fever pitch appeared first on


Key Witness In Botham James Murder Tiral Gunned Down    


A police officer was jailed last week for 10 years because she killed a man and alleged it was by mistake... The key witness in the trial was gunned down on Saturday ........ So this means he should have kept quiet and minded his business?WOW


Murder charges: Seward neighborhood shooter was upset over a woman   


Abdirahman M. Farah allegedly tried to flee the country and was arrested at an airport in Connecticut.


10/7/2019: NEWS | WORLD: Witness in ex-Dallas cop’s murder trial slain   


A witness who was key to the murder conviction of Amber Guyger, the former Dallas police officer who opened fire on her neighbor Botham Jean in his own apartment, was shot to death 10 days after testifying in the highprofile trial, according to a...


Boris Johnson and the Australian drought: democracy is not idiot proof | Martin McKenzie Murray   


It’s almost like governance is a game played by callow tacticians

The McDonald’s kitchen is designed by geniuses to be mastered by children. It’s meant to be idiot proof.

Comprised of bright and imperishable parts, you assemble burgers like simple Lego sets. But two months into the job, I disproved its invulnerability to fools. The day’s lunch rush complete, two of the four grills were turned off just before I clocked on. Unsupervised, I threw two frozen meat-cakes on a decommissioned press, shut the lid, and prepared the buns. Only recently hibernated, the press had sufficient latent heat to give the patties the impression of being cooked.

Related: Jennifer Arcuri came late to the party. But the Johnson franchise is unthinkable without her now | Marina Hyde

Related: The Coalition says it is spending $7bn on drought – but does the figure stack up?

Martin McKenzie-Murray is a Melbourne writer and the author of A Murder Without Motive.

Continue reading...


Mario Casciaro, Exonerated Of Murder Conviction, Has Strong Hopes For Future After Passing Bar Exam   


Mario CasciaroMario Casciaro was wrongfully convicted of murdering his coworker – in what remains one of the biggest unsolved cases in McHenry County. Now Casciaro is using his experience to make sure it never happens again.


Mario Casciaro: From Being Convicted Of Murder And Exonerated To Passing Bar Exam   


Mario CasciaroOn Sept. 23, 2015, Mario Casciaro was surrounded by relatives as he left Menard State Prison – having been exonerated of orchestrating a murder 13 years earlier in the northwest suburbs in which the body was never found.


Agatha Christie TV writer defends dramas from criticism   


Sarah Phelps is adapting the murder mystery writer’s book The Pale Horse for BBC One.


1 of 2 men in Kansas bar shooting arrested   


Both men are wanted on four counts of first-degree murder after a Sunday morning shooting


Nancy Drew (2019) (The CW)   


18-year-old Nancy Drew (Kennedy McMann) was ready to leave for college when the death of her mother delays her plans and she becomes involved in a murder investigation in the series based on the classic mystery novels.

Premieres Oct 09, 2019

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