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As many of you know, early on Friday, at least twelve people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Dozens more are being treated for injuries at local hospitals. Some of the victims are being treated at a chil


Chronicle AM: NV Gets First Pot Lounge, British Police Force to Provide Free Heroin to Hardcore Addicts, More... (10/7/19)   


Nevada sees its first "cannabis tasting room," a New York poll finds continuing support for marijuana legalization amidst the vaping scare, British drug policy upheavals, and more.

[image:1 align:right caption:true]Marijuana Policy

Nevada's First Marijuana Lounge is Now Open. The state's first marijuana tasting room opened this weekend in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Pauite Tribe is operating the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace on tribal land, which gives it a leg up on potential competitors. Under a state law signed in June, local governments are barred from licensing marijuana consumption lounges until 2021, but tribal lands are not subject to the law.

New York Sienna Poll Has Continuing Support for Legalization, Even as Vaping Fears Grow. A new Sienna poll has support for marijuana legalization in the Empire State at 56%, even as nearly as many respondents (52%) support banning all e-cigarettes and vaping devices from sale. An even higher number, 61%, support Gov. Andrew Cuomo's emergency executive order banning the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. Half, 52 percent, have used marijuana and 21 percent currently do.

Medical Marijuana

Missouri Patients Won't Lose Welfare Over Medical Marijuana Use. After patients complained that their medical marijuana use put them at odds with a state law that requires welfare recipients to be screened for drug use, the state has revamped its policy. Department of Social Services spokeswoman Rebecca Woelfel said that the agency now exempts recipients with medical marijuana cards.


British Drug Advisory Panel Member Quits, Cites Political Interference. Professor Alex Stevens, a senior member of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), has resigned over the alleged "political vetting" of panel members by the government. The move comes after then crime minister Victoria Atkins blocked the appointment of Niamh Eastwood, the executive director of the drug policy nonprofit Release, after finding that she had previously criticized the Home Office and called for drug policy reform. Stevens said there was at least one other case of people being denied a place on the ACMD because of criticizing government drug policy. "I have resigned because of my concerns over the political vetting of potential members of the ACMD," Stevens said. "The political vetting fundamentally undermines the independence of the council," Stevens added. "It is supposed to be protected by the working protocol between the home secretary and the ACMD. This does not seem compatible if ministers exclude those who disagree with them."

British Government Replaces Minister Responsible for Drug Policy. Victoria Atkins, who had been responsible for drug policy for the Conservative Party, was quietly replaced in that position over the summer. She was replaced as minister of state for policing, crime, and fire services by Kit Malthouse, but it had been believed Atkins kept the drug portfolio. But on Monday, Malthouse's office confirmed he was now responsible for drug policy. He has recently been speaking for the government on drug policy issues and laying out a hard line against opening safe injection sites.

British Police Force to Begin Giving Free Heroin to Select Addicts. The police force in Cleveland, North Wales, will begin a program to provide free heroin to a small group of hardcore addicts. They will be provided with injectable pharmaceutical grade heroin at a National Health Service clinic three times a day. The idea is to reduce crimes committed by people seeking money to pay for their medications. Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger said the program would be available for heroin users "for whom all other treatment has failed and who are known to be the most active criminals in the town as they look to finance their addiction."


Comment on How to Fire A Writing Client by Freelance Writers: How to Tame the Client from Hell    


[…] Maybe. But if they do – and your client is truly driving you nuts – it’s OK to let them go. You’ll find another client to replace them […]


Jameela Jamil's Impassioned Interview About Diet Culture Is a Must-See For Anyone on Instagram   


After speaking out against harmful diet products for years, Jameela Jamil has successfully advocated for more regulation and is now closer to her goal of eradication. A bit of backstory: the star of The Good Place recently played a big role in getting Instagram to enforce restrictions that prevent minors from seeing sponsored content about cosmetic surgery procedures, detox teas, and the like. In an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Jameela said she's just getting started.

"This is just the start of what I'm doing. Next I'm moving on to legislation because we need to get this stuff off the market and away from children," she said. Speaking to her own experience with eating disorders as a teenager, Jameela added, "I'm someone who took these products, and I will never get my full health back, and so I'm damned if this is going to happen again 20 years later."

"This is just the start of what I'm doing."

Though she has been considered a leader in body positivity since launching her I Weigh movement in 2018, Jameela feels more comfortable using the terms "body liberation" and "body neutrality." She said, "I believe in just not thinking about your body, and I have the luxury of being able to do that because I'm not being constantly persecuted for my size."

"I just manage to get more things done in my day when I'm not thinking about my figure," she added. "I can't stand in front of a mirror and say, 'I love my thighs. I love my cellulite.' I can just not think about them, and think about my bank account and orgasms." Watch her impassioned interview above.


UN expresses concern following wave of street protests in Iraq and elsewhere   


The United Nations is urging authorities in Iraq to allow citizens to exercise their right to freedom of expression after the security forces opened fire on mass anti-government protests which began earlier this week.


All I Want is a Wink from the Cross: Arcade Fire’s Everything Now   


In Arcade Fire’s 2017 album, Everything Now, the pop rock crew provides a sweeping commentary on loneliness, relationships, and (the search for) rest in a digital age. While Arcade Fire stays true to its anthemic tracks, soaring vocals, and visceral sound, the heavy doses of loneliness leave me incrementally sadder with every listen. The album […]


Queenslanders urged to stay vigilant as heatwave brings severe fire danger to state's south   


A wave of dangerous severe fire weather is about to hit southern Queensland with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting heatwave conditions as temperatures soar up to 40 degrees Celsius in parts of the state.


Fire Prevention Week: “Not Every Hero Wears a Cape. Plan and Practice Your Escape!”   


NFPA statistics show that in 2017 U.S. fire departments responded to 357,000 home and structure fires. Educate yourself about the small but important actions you can take to keep you and those around you safe.


Safety For You: PLAN and PRACTICE your ESCAPE!   


Home escape planning and practice ensure that everyone knows what to do in a fire and is prepared to escape quickly and safely.


As Mosque Arson Trial Begins, Testimony Details Suspect’s Recruitment Of Teens To Paramilitary Group   


From Texas Standard . In early January 2017, a fire allegedly started by Mark Vincent Perez burned a mosque in Victoria to the ground. Since then, the community has remained quiet about the motivations for this act of arson. As the case goes to trial, details are finally coming out, one witness at a time.


PIX: Nushrat's bikini holiday in Thailand   


Nushrat Bharucha set social media on fire with pictures of her bikini holiday in Thailand.


The PowerPAK from SignalFire Wireless Telemetry Serves as On-Demand Power Source for Field Instrumentation When One is Not Available   


SignalFire Wireless Telemetry introduces the PowerPAK, an on-demand power source for 4-20mA and HART field instrumentation.


Trappers and the Ogden Valley   


Jim Bridger---Ogden Valley trapper“One hundred Cheyenne warriors, arrows drawn, fire in their eyes, riding on the fastest mustangs you ever did see were right on my heels! I could feel the ground rumble as they chased me right into a steep canyon. I looked around at walls and Indians on every side. There I was, surrounded, boxed in ...”


1 dead, 1 injured in three-vehicle Richmond crash   


One person died and another was flown to the hospital following a three-vehicle crash outside Richmond Monday morning at Route 173 and Keystone Road.

Fire Chief Henry Gruba of the Richmond Township Fire Protection District said a work van, Jeep and a heavy duty crane were all involved in the crash.

He said the fire department was called to the scene shortly before 8 a.m. He was not able to provide information about how the crash happened.

"When we arrived on scene, we did triage," Gruba said.

The department determined there were four patients: two in the work van, one who was the driver of the Jeep and one who was the driver of the crane truck.

The work van driver had died, Gruba said. The work van passenger was flown by a Flight for Life helicopter to Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville in critical condition.

Gruba said the driver of the Jeep and the driver of the crane both signed refusal forms and were not taken to the hospital.

The Richmond Fire Department responded with two engines and two command vehicles. The Spring Grove, Wonder Lake and Hebron fire departments also assisted, Gruba said, as well as the McHenry County Sheriff's Office.

Gruba said the Richmond Fire Protection District was cleaning up and securing the scene until 2 p.m. on Monday.

Route 173 and Keystone Roads, as well as feeder roads around it, were closed to allow the sheriff's office to investigate, Gruba said.

The fire department requested two helicopters to the scene, he said, but canceled the second one after they determined that the driver of the work van had died.

The McHenry County Sheriff's Office has not responded to calls or emails regarding the crash.


Aeschylus has Prometheus denounce the lord of heaven for unjustly punishing him for giving mankind the gift of fire (5thC BC)   


Aeschylus has Prometheus denounce the lord of heaven for unjustly punishing him for giving mankind the gift of fire (5thC BC)


Fire involving about 300 straw bales in Duggleby near Malton believed to be arson   


A BLAZE involving about 300 straw bales in a field in Ryedale is believed to have been started by arsonists.


Disney Springs Gets Even Nuttier with This Nutty Buddy Sundae!   


The Nutty Buddy Sundae has just arrived at Woflgang Puck's Bar & Grill in Disney Springs at Disney World!


Plant Diversity a Casualty of High-Severity Wildfires    




Wildfire In Rural Mariposa County Prompts Evacuations   


Part of Highway 140 is on Monday due to the Briceburg Fire in Mariposa County.


VIDEO: Car Catches Fire On Highway 50 Near Folsom   


Authorities say no one was hurt after a car caught fire along Highway 50 near Folsom late Monday morning.


Man, 48, Accused Of Starting Stockton House Fire That Injured 1   


A man is under arrest after he allegedly set fire to a home in Stockton over the weekend.


(Vermont) Master Piece Arms MPAR - $ 425   


Jason - Jay's Gun Shop in Bristol.
Used Master Piece arms mpar 5.56

collapsible/side folding stock
piston driven
red dot - cheapy
comes with a 10 round and a 5 round magazine
Has the ability to fire semi auto with the stock folded to the side.

Must be 21 or older and pass background check
Total out the door $425.00


2 victims of 1944 circus fire exhumed in ID attempt   


Authorities have exhumed the bodies of two victims of the 1944 Hartford circus fire in the hopes of determining whether one of them is a woman who is among five people still listed as missing after the tragedy


NBA Heights Adjusted, More Media Days, Harden's Move, Rockets/Morey Drama & More   


    On episode 111 of Full Access Hoops, Kory Waldron & Jay Christian discuss: - NBA players getting accurate heights - Does Zion being 6'6 matter? - Philadelphia 76ers Media Day - Is Philly the best team in the East? - Jimmy Butler shade? - New Orleans Pelicans media day - Pelicans are going to be fun? - Mavericks or Pelicans - Would Kobe Bryant in his prime like retirement tours? - New York Knicks Media Day - What will this season be for the Knicks? - James Harden's new move, is it serious? - Daryl Morey's controversial tweet  - Rockets to fire Morey? - OJ Simpson update & MUCH MORE An podcast Social Media


Combining diverse driving forces for smoke control in complex urban traffic link tunnels (UTLTs) using one-dimensional flow modelling - Liu Y, Yang D, Xiao Y, Mao S, Yang M.    


Urban traffic link tunnels (UTLTs) could become increasingly more complex because they incorporate both looped main tunnels and multiple branch tunnels. In such a complex tunnel structure, smoke control in the event of fire becomes more difficult than that...

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