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Dostat jeden gól za víkend je parádní bilance, chválil plzeňský Hanzlík   


Dva zápasy, šest bodů a jediný inkasovaný gól. Povedený závěr týdne mají za sebou hokejisté Plzně. Po páteční výhře v Olomouci 4:0 v neděli zdolali doma Vítkovice 4:1 a po osmém kole extraligy se vyhoupli v tabulce na čtvrtou příčku.


Zlín deklasoval Kometu, padly Kladno i Hradec. Liberec jde do čela   


Na nedělní 8. kolo hokejové Tipsport extraligy nebudou v dobrém vzpomínat příznivci brněnské Komety, která doma podlehla Zlínu nečekaně vysoko 0:7. Třinec ztratil doma s Karlovými Vary bod po vítězství 4:3 v prodloužení. Na první místo tak jde Liberec, který přehrál Olomouc 2:0. Jágrovo Kladno podlehlo v Pardubicích těsně 2:3.


UK Charts: Zelda Link’s Awakening slips to No.5 and FIFA 20 remains No.1   


The latest UK software charts are now with us and there has been a couple of new entries this week. Those are Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and Ghostbusters: Remastered which entered the charts at No.2 and No.6 respectively. Sadly the immensely fun The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening has slipped to 5th this week, […]


Europe: Zelda Link’s Awakening sold 430K copies during first 3 days on sale   


Nintendo has announced that the excellent The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening shifted an impressive amount of units in Europe. The remake sold 430,000 copies during the game’s first three days on sale. That’s basically a 100 copies sold per minute, which is nothing short of amazing given it is not technically a new Zelda […]


Modi-Xi bonhomie to be tested by ‘irritants’, but global pressures may yet prompt tighter embrace   


Hectic preparations are under way in the southern Indian coastal town of Mamallapuram ahead of an expected two-day informal summit this weekend between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.Invitations have been sent out for ceremonial dinners, restrictions on residents have been announced, the town is being spruced up, and eight ethnic Tibetans have been arrested to prevent them from staging protests over Beijing’s policies.But a shroud of “irritants” now…


Seoul fears US is delaying envoy’s approval in retaliation for scrapping of security pact, sources say   


South Korea has waited two months for the US government's approval of its appointed ambassador to Washington, raising concern that the US is delaying its nod in retaliation for Seoul's abandonment of a security pact with Japan.South Korean President Moon Jae-in appointed diplomat-turned-lawmaker Lee Soo-hyuck to the post of envoy to Washington in early August.Two weeks later, Seoul announced its decision not to extend the General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA) with Tokyo,…


Japanese teachers behind anti-bullying campaign forced younger colleague to send obscene emails, rubbed spicy soup in his eyes   


Four teachers who spearheaded a campaign against student bullying in a primary school in Kobe have been suspended for mentally and physically abusing four of their colleagues.The four – three men and a woman – have not been identified because they have not been charged with a crime but are teachers at the city’s Higashisuma Elementary School.The allegations against the four came to light after a male teacher in his 20s stopped going to work after developing mental health problems, the Mainichi…


Top 5 des ventes de jeux vidéo : FIFA 20 prend la tête de la poule !   


Le Top 5 des ventes de jeux vidéo reprend des couleurs avec l’arrivée de nouveaux jeux et confirme la tendance depuis la rentrée (sorties de jeux oblige) puisque ce nouveau Top 5 connait plusieurs changements par rapport à la semaine dernière. Une arrivée en première place sur PS4, en seconde sur Xbox One et en 4ème place dans son Édition Essentielle pour le jeu d’Electronic Arts, FIFA 20. Alors que The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening avait fait une entrée fracassante la semaine dernière, le jeu de Nintendo sur Switch se retrouve cette semaine à la 3ème place. Dernier jeu du classement, un autre jeu Nintendo sur Switch, Dragon Quest XI : Les Combattants De La Destinée – Édition Ultime. 1 – FIFA 20 (PS4), Electronic Arts 2 – FIFA 20 (Xbox One), Electronic Arts 3 – The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Switch), Nintendo 4 – FIFA 20 : Édition Essentielle (Switch), Electronic Arts 5 – Dragon Quest XI : Les Combattants De La Destinée – Édition Ultime (Switch), Nintendo

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Parson Jones : Le clip ‘Clear as Day’ avant la sortie de leur album en novembre   


Le duo californien Parson Jones qui sait à merveille mélanger funk, rock, pop, soul et hip-hop (si, si) revient cette année avec un nouvel album et nous propose à cette occasion de découvrir le clip ‘Clear as Day‘. En 2014, Joshua Hollenstein et Kerry Fogarty avaient déjà sorti un single ‘Make and Model‘ dont on se souvient encore, et c’est donc avec impatience que l’on attend l’album ‘Clear as Day‘ qui sortira chez le label français Underdog Records le 01 novembre 2019. D’ici là, voici le clip ‘Clear as Day‘ !

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Name release – Atiamuri crash   


Press Release – New Zealand Police Police can now release the name of the person who died in a motorcycle crash at Atiamuri on Sunday 6 October. He was 49-year-old Nigel John Avery of Auckland. Police extend our condolences to his family and friends. Police continue to investigate the circumstances of the crash and are […]


Charts I’m Watching Today   


QQQ closed at this downtrend line on Friday just shy of the key 189.40 top of August trading range resistance level, where a pullback to at least the 187 and/or 185.90 level is likely while SPY also closed around the top of the Aug trading range (resistance) where a pullback and/or more lasting reversal remains [...]

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Advanced DAZ Studio Light Bundle   


Get more lighting control and faster renders using the Advanced Ambient and Advanced Spot Lights.

Improve render speeds by using different shadow quality settings on a surface to surface basis. Extend realism and creativity with different falloff rates and light gels.

The Advanced Spotlight (which can be also used as a point light or a distant light) and the Advanced Ambient light can be used together to cover the most common lighting situations.

Price: $24.95 Special Price: $12.48


Growers must empty temporary grain stores by 31 October   


Farmers Weekly

Growers are reminded that under the Red Tractor scheme, temporary grain stores can only be used until the end of the month. Under the rules of the farm assurance scheme, temporary stores must be cleared by 31 October – either by selling the grain or moving it to a more permanent, approved storage facility. The […]

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Articles of Punishment   


Articles of Punishment is a six-piece set of smart-propped whips for Genesis in DAZ Studio. All pieces have Pose Control dials to facilitate movement of the entire strand at once. The three with multiple strands have controls for each individual strand and for moving all of the strands together. Bloody and clean presets and good tiling shaders make these suitable for realistic, historical and 3D fantasy scenes.

Articles of Punishment features these pieces:

The Captain's Daughter: Historically 30 inches long and made of rough braided rope, the cat oÕ nine tails or Captain's Daughter was a nine-stranded whip used as an instrument of corporal punishment on ships in Her Majesty's Navy during the Napoleonic Wars. The purpose was to inflict discomfort without crippling a sailor to the point of being unable to perform his duties, contrary to cinematic depiction.

The Scourge: More austere orders of monks once used a whip of rawhide thongs for harsh self-discipline. This was intended to turn the mind away from evil and impure thoughts as much as it was a punishment for sins. The five-stranded scourge is longer than the cat oÕ nine tails because it needs to be able to reach back over one's own shoulders.

The Iron Star Scourge: Only the very sternest members of an order of monks used this, a seven-stranded whip made of iron links and sharp stars.

The Bullwhip: Originally this tightly braided leather whip was used for herding cattle in Australia and the United States. The length and shape of this whip allows it to create a small sonic boom at the end of the throwing motion, releasing a distinctive sharp crack.

The Short Whip: Also called a yard whip or stock whip, this was used in cattle yards or other confined areas where the longer whip would be difficult to use properly.

The Great Knout: This long whip with an iron ring near the end was used for corporal punishment long ago in Russia. Twenty blows with this whip could be fatal because hard blows with the ring could break a person's back.

Price: $15.95 Special Price: $7.98


Assembly Line Pose Automation Kit   


Do you create poses? Do you own a lot of poses? Then the Assembly Line Pose Automation Kit is for you!

Save time and money as with the click of a button, Assembly Line Pose Automation Kit can easily process your pose library to create mirror poses, top half poses, bottom half poses, hand poses, and more!

The Assembly Line Pose Automation Kit provides batch execution of pose actions to quickly and easily create new poses and pose presets in your Library.

Assembly Line supercharges Daz Studio by enabling easy automation of complex pose control tasks, and it is even more powerful if you own other RiverSoftArt scripting products like Bone Doctor, Pose Blender, or Pose Randomizer.

Assembly Line allows you to chain actions and other RiverSoftArt scripts together to create superscripts, which are called Assembly Lines.

What Exactly can the Assembly Line do for you?

  • 1. Powerful Automation of common posing tasks such as mirror poses (and saving them), saving hand poses from full poses, and saving Female Poses as Male poses (or vice versa, within the same generation only), which can be applied to the current figure in your scene or to entire directories and lists of pose presets.
  • 2. Create "Assembly Lines" using the Assembly Line Editor. Assembly Lines are a sequence of actions that can be executed and applied to an input figure or a series of pose presets. All Assembly Lines are easily editable. If they do something you don't like, or don't do enough, you can change them.
  • 3. Includes 14 pre-built Assembly Lines for you to use or customize
  • 4. Integration with RiverSoft Art scripting products, such as Bone Doctor, Eye Clock, Pose Blender and Pose Randomizer, so that you can automate posing using those products. If you own Bone Doctor, you can automate conversion of your Library of Genesis 3 poses to Genesis 8, or vice versa.
  • 5. Over 30 powerful actions such as Apply Preset File, Mirror Pose, Select Body Parts, and Save Pose Preset
  • 6. Includes a very easy to use Save Pose Preset script which you can use by itself to eliminate the tedious clicking required to save poses.
  • 7. Save Assembly Lines as presets that will automatically load and be ready to execute.
  • 8. Extend Assembly Line Automation Kit by creating your own Action scripts that can be integrated seamlessly (Recommended for Script writers only)

With the Assembly Line Automation Kit you can also:

  • 1. Convert a folder of pose presets from Genesis 3 Female to Genesis 3 Male with new icons and catagories. Alternatively, you can quickly just update the metadata in the Daz Studio database to mark existing presets as compatible with other figures.
  • 2. Convert a batch of hand pose presets from Genesis 3 to Genesis 8.
  • 3. Create mirror poses for a folder of poses in seconds.
  • 4. Fix poses which have incorrectly applied transformations to the figure by moving the transformations to the hip.
  • 5. Quickly create top-half or bottom-half poses from a folder of poses.
  • 6. Add or Delete Categories from a folder of presets, leaving other categories unchanged.
  • 7. Convert an entire folder of pose presets from Genesis 3 to Genesis 8, or vice versa (Requires Bone Doctor).
  • 8. Create new poses by combining a folder of pose presets with a specific leg pose (or arm pose) (Requires Pose Blender).
  • 9. Automate common setup of figure (e.g., add the same hair, makeup, clothes, and pose) (Example Assembly Line Included).

Assembly Line Pose Automation Kit creates normal poses only; hierarchical poses will be converted to normal poses.

No poses are included with package.

Price: $34.95 Special Price: $17.48


Baroque Grandeur   


Baroque Grandeur - The state or quality of being grand; vastness; greatness; splendor; magnificence; stateliness; dignity - or in this case, all of the above.

Included in this pack is a detailed reception room in the Baroque style, fully customizable with separate modular wall sections, doors, columns, ceiling, floor and authentic furniture pieces. Great care has been taken to detail every inch in authentic period design, from the architecture and decoration, through to the styling of the furniture. Ornate details are in both the geometry and texture maps to create an intricate and accurate architectural pack which is as versatile as it is detailed.

We have included several preload presets to quickly get you started, as well as basic presets to allow each piece to be customized. Wall sections can be interchanged with doors, or even windows as well as the wall columns that can also be interchanged.

To get the maximum out of this product, we recommend a decent PC with lots of RAM. We have tried to cater for the lower end of the spectrum too by dismantling the set - so by stripping out things that aren't required in a scene it should work fine on low-end PC's too!

Please note: this is a re-release of the original Baroque Grandeur product from 2009. This new version includes a new texture pack and all new, full DAZ Studio 3+ support (scene files, materials and light sets). This and the original can be used at the same time and reside in a single Runtime folder without any problems.

Price: $34.95 Special Price: $17.48


Bone Doctor Pose Control   


Get more from your expensive pose collection! Bone Doctor Pose Control is a suite of scripts for fixing, exploring, and improving your poses. Bone Doctor Pose Control works by manipulating the bone orientations of your figures and characters. It is designed to work with nearly any character... from Victoria 4 to Genesis 3, from Horse to Dragon, male or female... anything with bones!

  • High Quality Bone Doctor Pose Control scripts to enhance and expand your pose collection
  • Designed for any character or figure from Victoria 4 to Genesis 3, from Horse to Dragon. anything with bones
  • Works with entire figures or only selected subtrees of the bone hierarchy
  • Blend any action (e.g., Relax, Exaggerate, Symmetric etc) between 0% to 100% using Live Preview to find the perfect new pose
  • Selectively control which parts of the body are affected (Genesis - Genesis 8 only, though may work with other characters)
  • Settings are automatically saved and restored
  • [BONUS] 2 Extra scripts to Convert from Genesis 3 Pose to Genesis 8 Pose and back

No poses are included with package.

Since this product uses encrypted scripts, it cannot be used in versions of Daz Studio below

Price: $29.95 Special Price: $14.98


Boyfriend T-Shirt Wet and Dry for Genesis 3 Female(s)   


The first time ever real wet tee in the store! Two in one classic wardrobe essential boyfriend tee and a dripping wet top right from the beach...

Two different styles in one product and smooth switching between dry and wet. HD Morphs for more realistic look. All JCMs and Style Morphs are doubled for dry boyfriend tee and for the wet one.

Price: $18.95 Special Price: $9.48


GNU/Linux Communities at Telegram   


I listed here popular English-based GNU/Linux community's Telegram groups and also several FLOSS websites' Telegram channels like Kubuntu support group and OMG! Ubuntu site channel. To make it easier for you and me, I don't make distinction between official and unofficial ones. For some communities, like CentOS group below, I listed the non-English one while I didn't find the English one. I also listed more resources at the end so you can find more Telegram groups you would love. I wish everybody could join and make good friends there and I also want for more GNU/Linux communities to make their own Telegram groups. Enjoy!

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Linux Candy: cacafire – Color ASCII Fire   


Who loves eye candy? Don’t be shy — you can raise both hands!! Both feet too if you’re sufficiently pliant.

Linux Candy is a new series of articles covering interesting eye candy software. We’re only going to feature open-source software in this series.

I’m not going to harp on about the tired proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. But there’s a certain element of truth here. If you spend all day coding neural networks, mastering a new programming language, sit in meetings feeling bored witless, you’ll need some relief at the end of the day. And what better way by making your desktop environment a bit more memorable.

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Desktop Leftovers   


  • Short Topix: Julian Assange To Remain Jailed Pending Extradition To U.S.

    Say what? Microsoft Windows 11 running a Linux kernel? What'chu smokin'? Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols wrote such a speculative article for ComputerWorld.

    And actually, it makes perfect sense. Look at the unmitigated disaster that the Windows 10 updates have been. Week after week after week, we hear about how the Windows 10 updates have wrecked users computers or have otherwise gone seriously awry. Most (if not all) Linux users are Windows refugees, usually fleeing from the lack of desktop choice under Windows, the never-ending assault of virii and virus scanners, the endless battle with malware, etc., etc., etc. The list is nearly as long as the number of Linux users.

    Replacing the NT kernel, which is basically rotten, with the Linux kernel is certainly doable. Vaughan-Nichols makes the argument that using the Linux kernel that is passionately and enthusiastically upkept by an army of programmers from around the world makes perfect sense. He goes on to argue that many Windows users won't even have to be aware that Windows is running on a Linux kernel, as Windows can still be made to look like Windows. But the insides, the very core, will get an upgrade in stability and security.

    Sure, it sounds crazy. But who could have predicted that Microsoft would go from wanting to bury Linux and calling it a cancer under Steve Ballmer, to expressing love for Linux under Satya Nadella? Who could have predicted that Microsoft would open its extensive patent library to Linux and the FOSS community -- for free?

    Vaughan-Nichols goes on to point out that Microsoft could release its own version of Linux today, if it chose to. There's nothing to stop them. But Microsoft developers have been busy laying the groundwork with the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), mapping Linux API calls to Windows, and vice versa.

  • "LIBOUTPUT" Proposed As New Library For Helping To Bring Up New Compositors & More

    Coming out of informal discussions from this week's X.Org Developers Conference in Montreal, a "liboutput" library has been proposed as a theoretical new library for helping to bring up Wayland compositors, X11 window managers, and anything else wanting to interface with DRM/KMS kernel interfaces. 

  • PCLinuxOS Family Member Spotlight: oulik.jan

    My father of 91 uses Linux as well. (Lubuntu) With Windows, he often picked up a virus or other malware, and he has been running Linux virus free since six years now. He is very happy with Lubuntu. 

    My brothers were in the beginning quite negative about my father using Lubuntu, but now they tend to be neutral about it. 

    I tried to convince some friends of mine to use Linux, but they perceive it to be too complicated and too different. 

    Only two friends of mine like it. 


Classic Swimwear Genesis   


The Classic Swimwear for Genesis comprises both a one-piece bathing suit and a tie-front sarong. Its modest yet elegant design is appropriate for adults of all ages and life stages, as well as children and teens.

The sarong itself comes with numerous extra morphs, including optional JCM so that you can apply just the right amount of bend adjustment; as with all SickleYield products, the aim is to put the maximum amount of control in the hands of the user. It can be floated and blown about, and even has adjustors for lying down. The suit can be restyled with higher sides or thinner straps, and it has its own leg adjustors as well.

The textures have displacement and accurate specular options, so you can show your suits wet, dry and wrinkled and your characters in or out of the water. There are translucent and opaque versions of the colorful florals for the sarong. Have you been longing for classic, comfortable swimwear for your Genes!s ladies? Look no further!

Price: $17.95 Special Price: $8.98


Creatures of Legend for DAZ Dragon 3   


Dragons are among the most iconic of our fantasy creatures, and over time many different myths and legends have built up around them in human history. While some dragons appear more animal-like, with rough skin and lizard-like movements, the gleaming mythic dragons of literature and tabletop gaming are with us as well. They occupy a space in imagination that will never die, and now you can show them in all their glory in your renders.

This set contains three different scale patterns and five different color sets composed from those plus shaders:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Bronze

And three morph dial characters for the Dragon morphs:

  • Elegant
  • Brute
  • Evil

The Dragon's wingless geo-graft piece is supported with additional textures to give you added flexibility in your scenes.

Price: $11.95 Special Price: $5.98




ProAppraise®, your one strop source for Mississippi real estate and appraisal services. You can depend on us for fast and friendly service! Mississippi Service Area by County: Alcorn, Benton, Desoto, Itawamba, Lafayette, Lee, Marshall, Panola, Pontotoc, Prentiss, Tate, Tunica, Union. Scroll Down to
New Albany, MS 38652


Easy Shadows Iray   


Filling your scene with high-poly textured objects to cast complex shadows adds a lot of render time in Iray! This set uses single-poly planes with cutout opacity maps to create those complex shadows with a minimal load on your system's hardware. You can create the shadows of trees, fences, bars, hanging chains, and even underwater caustics quickly and easily – planes load already parented to spotlights, just aim at what you want to light!

Why spend extra render time on objects that aren't in your scene? With Easy Shadows you don't have to!

Price: $15.95 Special Price: $7.98

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