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Prince movie poster Square Fridge Magnet Keyring & Square Keyring - Batman Scandalous - New by Originalfilmcellco   


1.99 GBP

Brand New Replica Movie Poster Square Fridge Magnet & Keyrings featuring...

Prince... Batman - Scandalous...

Choose from any one of the above listed... magnet or keyrings!

Other Prince items available!

Choose your keyring connector... Clear, Blue, Black, Red, Green, Yellow or White!

NB: Square Keyring DOES NOT come with CONNECTOR COLOURS!

Ideal gift for the film buff and music lover...

Should there be a particular music artist that you would like but don't see listed, please send us a message with your request!

We can provide you with your favourite Music Artist in any of our Magnets, Keyrings, Pens etc.


Covered & Silicone Keyrings also available on request!

Why not ask us about our full range of products!

Or why not check out our other Magnets & Keyrings!

Ideal gift for the film buff and movie lover...

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this or any other item from our shop!

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Own a piece of Cinematic history which will surely grow in value in the coming years.


All our items... keyrings/ magnets/ pens etc are carefully packaged and mailed in padded jiffy envelopes!

The Square Magnet is 65mm by 65mm with the poster image encased inside which is 60mm by 60mm. (approx.)

The Keyring is 55mm by 40mm with the poster image encased inside which is 50mm by 35mm. (approx.)

The Square Keyring is 45mm by 45mm with the poster image encased inside which is 38mm by 38mm. (approx.)

Customers outside the UK please email us for a P&P quote first before you purchase, Thank you!

Thanks for visiting :)


Raised on blues, musician Gary Clark Jr. embraces full palette of sounds   


Grammy-winning blues, rock and soul artist Gary Clark Jr. is reaching ever-larger audiences with his guitar and musical wizardry. A proud product of Austin, Texas' music scene, his newest album, "This Land," is his most varied statement yet, touching on the racism and hatred he sees in America today. Jeffrey Brown meets up with Clark on tour in Richmond, Virginia.


John Thornton art exhibition is inspired by Yorkshire   


A YORK-born artist will showcase his Yorkshire-inspired work this month.


Inspiration of the Day: Merab Abramishvili   


Every now and then, I come across a piece of art - be it a painting, a piece of music, or a novel - that resonates with me so strongly that all my pseudo-critical, academic, footnoting, jargonizing, enframing bullshit breaks down, and there is nothing I can say but "yes."

The exhibit of the paintings of late-Soviet artist Merab Abramishvili, located at a gallery in Mtatsminda, was once such exhibition. I came across the paintings at the insistence of my (marvelously!) mad friend M., a tweed-sporting composer-poet-displaced-intellectual-extraordinaire living in Bolnisi while embarking upon any number of great artistic-poetic-cultural projects to bring about a new Romantic age in the Caucasus via a shaky Internet connection. Because M., in addition to being mad, is also usually right, I succumbed to his insistence that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the works of an oft-forgotten Soviet artist, whitewashed in the wake of the drive towards a New Georgia. (M. has requested that I point out that Abramishvili is "the greatest artist since Raphael")

Some holy combination of Pompeiian fresco, Indian tapestry, and Medieval illumination, Abramishvili's paintings restore the holy mystery of the world. Freely intertwining Indian motifs with Christian iconography, they suggest a primal unity in which the world is not some formless chaos of meaning, but is rather  "charged with the grandeur of God". I actually went twice (doubling back for the programme catalog) - many of the paintings belong to the Abramishvili family, and are hence (tragically) no longer publicly viewable. (Which is entirely heartbreaking; I'm half-tempted to track them down, sending them a pleading email to allow me to gaze upon beauty bare for an hour a week a teatime...)

I've noticed the prevalence of genuinely good, engaging contemporary art in the Caucasus over the past few years. It tends to be far more willing to engage with history - breaking rules consciously rather than as a Shoreditch-gallery gimmick - than the contemporary UK/S art I've seen, and is far better crafted to boot.

If anyone knows of any good exhibitions on in Tbilisi, do let me know - I haven't seen a bad one yet




The TEAM is back in the Community with updates locally..Nationally & Internationaly..Join us as The Teaching Artist Institute Kelly Hoff Jr. discuss our up coming trip to Africa.. In The Breakdown.. * Black Wall Street Empire with Jamil Hotep * Global Union News with Gabrielle Nicole Allen * Financial Unity with Angela Manyara This is the show on Blog Talk radio that focus on educating..elevating & motivating our listeners to a higher level of awareness & consciousness in order to Empower & Uplifting our Communities around the World  

   - Kay Carter - Anal Martial Artist [SD / Blonde / 2019]   

Cache - Kay Carter - Anal Martial Artist [SD / Blonde /  2019]

   - Kay Carter - Anal Martial Artist [SD / Blonde / 2019]   

Cache -  Kay Carter - Anal Martial Artist [SD / Blonde /  2019]


Young, Gifted, and Black Makes its World Premiere at OSilas Gallery   


OSilas Gallery at Concordia College New York has opened Young, Gifted, and Black: The Lumpkin-Boccuzzi Family Collection of Contemporary Art, co-curated by writer and critic Antwaun Sargent and collection curator and artist Matt Wycoff. On the evening of September 24th, the collectors, curators and several of the featured artists were among 200 guests on hand ... Read More »


MAC Artist - 18hr - Palmdale, CA - The Estée Lauder Companies - Palmdale, CA   


It is Company's policy not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin,…
From The Estée Lauder Companies - Wed, 25 Sep 2019 00:51:43 GMT - View all Palmdale, CA jobs


The Highwomen Interview: Where Have All the Mothers Gone?   


When was the last time a female artist scored a hit with a song for her children? Continue reading…


Jeff Koons' tulips honouring Paris attacks victims inaugurated at Petit Palais   


Paris on Friday inaugurated a Jeff Koons sculpture of tulips given to France by the artist to honour the victims of the 2015 attacks. "Tulips bouquet" was installed near the Petit Palais museum after a controversy over its location.


Memory: The Origins of Alien Is a Stomach-Churning Look at the Making of a Classic   


by Erik Henriksen
Sundance Institute

There are already plenty of deep dives into the making of Ridley Scott's 1979 sci-fi/horror classic Alien, but Memory: The Origins of Alien is an exceedingly deep one indeed. Directed by Alexandre O. Philippe (who took a similarly focused look at Psycho with 78/52: Hitchcock's Shower Scene), Memory opens by foregrounding the life and pulp influences of Dan O'Bannon, Alien's oft-forgotten screenwriter, but as the film progresses, Philippe grows obsessed to the point of tedium with Alien's chestburster scene. (That is a remarkable scene, but the attention lavished on it here comes at the expense of about a dozen other remarkable sequences in Alien.)

Alongside archival interviews with Scott and the late artist H. R. Giger, Memory boasts a dude-heavy lineup of film scholars, filmmakers, and actors, many of whom offer smart contributions (a bit contextualizing Alien alongside other movies of the late 1970s, from Manhattan to MASH, is great), even as others suggest theories that can charitably be described as stretches. (Philippe goes along real hard with one of the latter, to the point of staging an elaborate opening that feels like nothing so much as an Alien fan film.)

Memory never acknowledges the existence of Alien's increasingly lousy sequels (and it barely acknowledges Scott's increasingly lousy prequels), but only one omission is truly unforgivable: While Memory's talking heads are happy to discuss the movie's brutal, discomfiting reflections on gender, hardly anything is said about Sigourney Weaver's Ripley—Alien's unmistakable backbone, and the reason for much of the film's success. Plenty of the clips in Memory feature Ripley, but Weaver herself is MIA, and making an Alien documentary without Weaver is... well, it's about as good of an idea as making any other Alien movie without her.

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FKA Twigs Releases Video For “home with you”   


FKA twigs releases her new album MAGDALENE on November 8th via Young Turks. Ahead of the album’s arrival, the multi-artist has shared a self-directed...


Her sound art gave voice to black people killed by police. Finally, we get to hear it   


Artist lauren woods' project sparked controversy and never exhibited as intended at Cal State Long Beach last year. Now UC Irvine steps up to show it.


“First on SoundCloud” artist Baby Rose creates because that’s her role in the world   


As part of our latest installment of “First on SoundCloud,” today we’re celebrating Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/producer Baby Rose and her loyal […]

The post “First on SoundCloud” artist Baby Rose creates because that’s her role in the world appeared first on SoundCloud Blog.


Media release: Oor Wullie gets the rock star treatment as he comes home to the Edinburgh Corn Exchange   


Local artist enlists the help of Scottish music legends to promote her sustainability message and...


Angel Olsen: All Mirrors review | Alexis Petridis's album of the week   


Literate, melodious songs twist into dissonance and darkness on Olsen’s new album. It’s a rewarding, unexpected listen

There are artists who seem to explode into the public consciousness at first sight, and there are artists whose career gradually builds to a tipping point. That’s where Angel Olsen would appear to find herself. She started life as the kind of artist it seemed easy to peg. Her sound was literate, folky, lo-fi and downcast. She had graduated from releasing EPs and cassettes to a deal with US indie Jagjaguwar, a label that’s released a lot of great music, but almost always of a certain stripe: “8.8 from Pitchfork” could be their in-house slogan. But Olsen’s third album, 2016’s My Woman, signified a noticeable shift: less introverted, more polished, poppy, and occasionally electronic, it also boasted a hitherto-unnoticed tendency to rock in a straightforward style. It didn’t just get 8.8 from Pitchfork, it broke the lower reaches of the US Top 50 and spawned a successful single in Shut Up Kiss Me, a song that you can imagine rousing a huge festival crowd. A bit more of that, ran the general consensus, and mainstream success was a given: an assumption bolstered by her guest appearance on Mark Ronson’s recent album Late Night Feelings.

Continue reading...


An artist on finding the father of the nation moulded to suit many faces and philosophies   




Artist Sudarshan Shetty gives an afterlife to discarded objects and evokes memories from the past   




‘USA Today’s’ 5 New Books (Oct. 1) — ‘Face It’   


USA Today’s Barbara VanDenburgh scopes out the shelves for this week’s hottest new book releases. 1. “Face It,” by Debbie Harry (Dey Street Books, nonfiction, on sale Oct. 1) What it’s about: The iconic artist and Blondie front-woman re-creates the 1970s New York music scene she helped to shape in this deeply revealing memoir. She […]


Antiqued Oxidized Mens Native American Ring Hand Engraved by artfromabove   


130.00 USD

Engraved with symbols that represent the primary family crest figures found within British Columbian Native culture, this ring really captures the spirit of the Northwest Coast. It measures 3/8" wide and is untapered at the back, but this can be done on request.

This wide, bold ring can be carved with one of the following designs:

Eagle - pride and friendship (shown)
Wolf - family and pride (shown)
Hummingbird - good health and the joyful messenger
Raven - creation and transition
T-Bird - power
Killerwhale - communication

In addition to being trained artistically as a carver, Justin is a trained jeweller. He is dedicated to applying his skills to new and unconventional forms, while using the same media of gold, silver and semi-precious stones. For example, Justin has created carved business card holders, lighter covers, and cufflinks. Justin trained with Kwakwaka'wakw artist Ray Dumont for 16 years and has work in Canadian, American and Scottish galleries.

*Please indicate ring size in your order and allow three weeks for delivery, as each ring is made to order


VuHaus Artist of the Week: Dylan LeBlanc   


Check out the VuHaus Artist of the Week — Dylan LeBlanc!


Kadir López: Lighting up Havana   


As Cuba’s capital city Havana celebrates its 500th birthday, one artist has been making it his mission to recreate the famous neon signs that used to adorn buildings and light up the streets and squares. Kadir López has had his multimedia work exhibited worldwide, but over the past few years he has been driven by a passion for neon and the concept of connecting Havana’s present with its colourful past. He and his small team of skilled craftspeople remake the signs in a workshop in the centre of Havana, often in searing heat and soaring temperatures. There are specialist procedures needed for the bending of the neon and the colouring and design. Then the signs have to be carefully re-positioned on buildings, using scaffolding and cranes. Julia Galiano-Rios watches Kadir as he brings the signs to life and hears how the use of neon can throw new light – both physical and spiritual – on a city.


Meiki Emily Japanese masturbator   


Taste the delicious pleasures of vaginal sex, with this Emily masturbator from the Premium Artist Collection Series from Kokos. It has a 3D structure with a penetration channel that faithfully reproduces the female anatomy, and is equipped with a compression system for recreating realistic sensations. This vaginal masturbator is finished by an air pouch composed of a stimulating nodule, for intense stimulation of the glans.

This masturbator for men offers a vaginal orifice made using...

Price: CHF 49.90


Approaching Perfection: A Tribute To DC Berman   


Approaching Perfection: A Tribute To David Cloud Berman

Sono passati appena un paio di mesi da quando David Berman purtroppo ci ha lasciato, ma sono bastati per mettere assieme una prima compilation di ben trentacinque band che gli rendono omaggio. Credo sia un segno di quanto la sua scomparsa sia stata dolorosa e devastante, e immagino vedremo altre iniziative del genere nel prossimo futuro.
Approaching Perfection: A Tribute To DC Berman non è un disco ma un semplice streaming su Soundcloud, ed è stato promosso dal sito francese Section 26, che così lo presenta:
We know it too well: the appreciation of music is always subjective… And so is its reinterpretation. Just like a composite picture, these covers as a whole have profoundly changed the way we will now listen to David Berman’s songs. The performers have shown us other aspects of the musician, their own aspects, which we hadn’t even thought about. Behind each song, we can hear the voice of the artist covering it. But also, implicitly, that of the poet, reaching us differently.
In scaletta, fra gli altri, nomi del calibro di Dean Wareham (Galaxie 500, Luna), Adam Green, Pete Astor (The Loft), Robert Scott (The Bats), Jad Fair e Jeffrey Lewis, ma anche altre band care a queste pagine come Elva (Allo Darlin'), Wendy Darlings, Kyle Forster (Crystal Stilts, e ospite anche nell'ultima fatica discografica di Berman), Business Of Dreams, Jeremy Jay, The Reds, Pinks & Purples e David West (Rat Columns).
Ognuna di queste voci di fronte al non semplice compito di interpretare una canzone dei Silver Jews o dei Purple Mountains (o addirittura qualche  poesia), chi restando più fedele e chi facendola, invece, del tutto propria, credo sia riuscita soprattutto a mostrare moltissimo amore per l'opera di Berman, e tutte insieme rendono questa raccolta una bellissima e commovente testimonianza.

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