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Nova 2000 Generator Maintenance Video/Skyzone SKY03 5.8G 48CH 3D FPV Goggles/Nimbus 1800 Tilt VTOL FPV Plane   




Once NOVA controller lamp blinks “green and red”, it is reaching the maintenance cycle (50 hours). NOVA is still able to be started . Please follow this video to maintain your generator.

New Arrival:

Skyzone SKY03 is released! Skyzone SKY03 is a 5.8G 48CH 3D FPV Goggles. Compared with the old version,SKY03 is equipped with a heat-sink fan to prevent fogging,and it supports multiple LED light effect mode. The new DVR system further enhances the quality of analog video recording, and adopts the high-quality H.246 video compression technology, saves more storage space. SKY03 supports 128GB high-capacity memory card(UHS-I U1), also supports automatic video recording.


Nimbus 1800 Tilt VTOL- a Tri-copter VTOL with vector Yaw, which can take off and land vertically like a multicopter, also can fly fast as a fixed wing.



Flycolor Raptor S 4 In 1 BLHeli-S 30A ESC DShot Integrated OSD with F3 Flight Controller/Tarot 4008 Martin Long Flight Time Brushless Motor   



Passion and Speed! The power combo adopted on this drone is:T-MOTOR F60 KV2450, T-motor Dshot 30A 6S ESC.

Learn more about T-MOTOR F60 KV2450 and T-MOTOR Dshot 30A 6S ESC.

Flycolor Raptor S 4 In 1 BLHeli-S 30A ESC DShot Integrated OSD with F3 Flight Controller. 4-in-1 BLHeli - S 30A ESC with EFM8BB21F16G MCU, supports DShot, Multishot, Oneshot signals. Every ESC is connected to flight controller directly with pin headers.



Tarot 4008 Martin long flight time brushless motor is available for the long flight time multirotor. The 4008 Martin long flight time brushless motor have a extremely low center of gravity to increase the stability. The built-in automatic heat sink makes low temperature and high efficiency.


Frsky Horus X12S GPS Module Transmitter/Foxtech 6S 9500mAh Li-ion Battery/Tarot 1765 Carbon Fiber Folding Propeller/Tarot 4008 Martin Long Flight Time Brushless Motor   



It Just Cannot Stop! ---High Efficiency Tarot 4008 Martin Motor with 1765Propeller.


Tarot 1765 Carbon Fiber Folding Propeller achieves a high strength, light weight, according to our test comparison, our propeller than other similar products to enhance the energy efficiency of more than 8%. 

Tarot 4008 Martin long flight time brushless motor is available for the long flight time multirotor. This motor have a extremely low center of gravity to increase the stability. The built-in automatic heat sink makes low temperature and high efficiency.

The Frsky Horus X12S GPS Module Transmitter is available now! 

This outstanding 16 channel system (upgradable to 32 channel) is built to make you the God of the Sky, just like the Egyptian God Horus. It comes with FrSky’s well-known frequency hopping ACCST technology, that takes advantage of the entire 2.4GHz band, resulting in excellent range and reliability.

Foxtech 22.2V 6S 9500mAh Li-ion Battery has 5C continuous discharge current, which is suitable for long flying time multicopter, such as Foxtech Hover 1 quadcopter that can fly over 50 minutes.


Fresh Off The Boat: Cancelled or Renewed for Season Seven on ABC?   


Vulture Watch Can the ratings sink any lower? Has the Fresh Off the Boat TV show been cancelled or renewed for a seventh season on ABC? The television vulture is watching all the latest cancellation and renewal news, so this page is the place to track the status of Fresh Off the Boat, season seven. Bookmark it, or subscribe for […]


Language Degradation   


The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix published a column in this morning’s paper by Bronwyn Eyre titled “Who still appreciates proper grammar?” In it Eyre laments the loss of proper grammar in speech and writing: “…for me, the inexorable disappearance of whom and the non-nominative use of who, frequently by people who should know better, puts me into a mini-melancholy.” After describing the proper and improper usage of who and whom, and a few other common grammatical errors, she concludes “The reason grammar and usage aren’t much taught in schools these days, I expect, is that many teachers no longer know the distinctions in question. Which, for a who-whom stickler like me, is a sad development indeed.”

I’ve been thinking of writing on this topic for some weeks, so this column provides the necessary motivation to tackle it (and a wonderful introduction - thanks Bronwyn!).

Every generation has writers with serious concerns about the (then) current degradation of their language. Most believe that a generation or two back the language was spoken more correctly. Let me share some quotes from Chapter 3 of Guy Deutscher’s The Unfolding of Language (2005).

A review by Clive James in the Times Literary Supplement, 2002, lamented the falling off from the English of even just two generations ago when “a mistake was a mistake and not a sign of free expression”.

So, what did writers have to say of the language from the period of which James nostalgically refers? George Orwell, writing in the journal Horizon in 1946, stated “…most people who bother with the matter at all would admit that the English language is in a bad way”.

Is this a 20th century phenomenon? Hardly! In 1848 August Schleicher, a renowned linguist wrote that English showed “how rapidly the language of a nation important both in history and literature can sink” and predicted that English would likely further “sink into mono-syllabicity”.

Going back another century, Thomas Sheridan wrote in 1780 “…that many pronunciations, which thirty or forty years ago were confined to the vulgar, are gradually gaining ground [among people of fashion]; and if something is not done to stop this growing evil …English is  likely to become a mere jargon”. Sheridan believed that only seventy years earlier “during the reign of Queen Anne [1702-14] … English was … spoken in its highest state of perfection.”

But it was during the reign of Queen Anne that Jonathan Swift wrote what Deutscher described as “one of the most astoundingly bigoted rants” among language critiques – his “Proposal for Correcting, Improving and Ascertaining the English Tongue”. Swift begins with “…our Language is extremely imperfect; that its daily Improvements are by no means in proportion to its daily Corruptions…” and goes on (and on) from there.

Do you see a pattern here? And this pattern is by no means limited to English. Modern Germans consider the age of Goethe and Schiller to be its “Golden Age” yet Jacob Grimm (of fairy tale fame) lamented in 1819 (during Goethe’s lifetime) that, compared to the language of his day, “six hundred years ago every common peasant knew … perfections and niceties of the German language of which the best language-teachers nowadays can no longer even dream.”

Serge Koster complained in 2001 of the recent changes in French that are “corrupting a system of grammar which was constructed throughout the centuries, and which has stayed almost stable since the eighteenth century”. In 1843 the French philosopher Victor Cousin argued with author Victor Hugo that “the decay of the French language began in 1789.” Gaston Paris, a French linguist, goes much further back, stating in 1862 that French, because it developed from Vulgar Latin (the Latin of the “illiterate masses”), was “inferior in beauty and logic” to the Latin of the age of Virgil and Cicero.

Cicero himself, comparing the Latin of his day with the speech of a century before him, wrote “…practically everyone … in those days spoke correctly. But the lapse of time has certainly had a deteriorating effect in this respect.”

The pattern is clear. Every age laments the changes that they observe happening in their lifetime and look back on the previous generation as being superior. Why should this be?

Modern linguists now agree that language change is inevitable and unstoppable, and in itself is neither good nor bad. Even the strict Academie Francaise could not stop the French language from changing (as we saw in a previous post with the modern dropping of “ne”). But why is language change always seen as degradation? The answer, which was only recognized by linguists over the last few decades, is that the forces of destruction and decay are more easily observed than the forces of construction and creation. Both of these forces are constantly at work, gradually removing from, and adding to, the language.

I will leave descriptions of these opposing forces for future posts.


A Summer Sublet   


Illustration by Paige Davis

I grew a beard because there was no light in the bathroom. Well, there was a light, but it was very dim, and the mirror was far below eye level and grimy and difficult to see myself in. There was another mirror that was eye-level, but it wasn’t over the sink and if I tried to shave there I’d get hair all over the floor. So, I grew a beard instead.

For the month of June, I was subletting a room in an apartment with a guy I’d never met before, Geoff. He was a grad student from Germany; I was an undergrad who had never fed himself before; together we lived in a spacious New Haven apartment that lacked many things.

We had no ice cube trays or measuring cups, so I bought them. They were cheap at Walgreens and were the sort of thing I could use everyday. With the cups, I spooned rice and water into a beat-up but surprisingly effective rice cooker, and the trays kept my insides cool as I suffocated through sticky afternoons on the third story of a house with no air conditioning.

We also didn’t have a whisk, but I didn’t buy one (too expensive, not useful). Presumptuously, I thought I could emulsify a homemade Alfredo sauce without it. I used a slotted spoon instead. My forehead throbbed as I scrambled my broken emulsion, unable to melt the crumbles of parmesan into water. A viscous cheesy goop clung to my spoon and the bottom of the saucepan. Resigned, I sat and picked at clumps of congealed pasta with my fingers, hoping Geoff wouldn’t come home and see the starchy puddle that was once a kitchen.

Geoff and I weren’t friends, just roommates. For a month, we lived together, during which I coughed up forced hellos, goodbyes, and goodnights; smiled dumbly anytime he passed; sent verbosely apologetic text messages warning him I was having friends over; stole secret squeezes of his toothpaste; met his girlfriend at breakfast after curiously half-ignoring the moaning and creaking that leaked from their bedroom the night before. We never got close.

But we had our moments: the time we watched Mid90s together, and I asked him about life in Germany as the credits rolled. The times we languished, shirtless and sweaty, united by discomfort in our stuffy summer prison. Or when he stumbled into the house, drenched after biking home in a thunderstorm and I, nestled dry and cozy on the couch, half-asked-half-declared, “Wet out there, huh?” And I grinned and he chuckled.

After a month of living in the absence of many things, I’d grown. I learned exactly how much rice to make for a party of one. I learned how to destroy a kitchen, then clean it up. I learned how to grow and maintain facial hair. And although I’ll probably never see Geoff again, I’m fond of our stint as roommates. He wasn’t a friend from my suite, not a care-taker like Mom or Dad, just someone I saw daily and sometimes avoided. All we shared was a poorly stocked kitchen and a dimly lit bathroom. And a little bit of small-talk. I guess that was all I needed.

A Summer Sublet was originally published in The Yale Herald on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


Comment on Tool Kit for Paris-Brest-Paris by Rick Harker    


I rode in a group where one rider carried nothing because everyone else had something to help him out if needed. Annoying. I bring the kitchen sink because Murphys law will show up if I take a chance.


Comment on Possibly Not the Kitchen Sink by Jenny    


Daphne transgresses Jeo's moral boundaries pretty badly even though she does it for what she sees as a good reason, helping friends. Also, they've only known each other a week. I don't think that brief a relationship can withstand such a values divide. I think people can deal with different concepts of success, different political parties, even different religions, but they can't survive conflicting values. Someone who abhors lying cannot stay with a liar. Nobody's going to change, and it's going to be grief and guilt all around.


Comment on Possibly Not the Kitchen Sink by Jeanne    


From watching our tour leader while on this amazing Road Scholar trip to the Canadian Maritimes last month, I got the idea for a 5-book series about siblings who inherit a Pink Jeep Tour-type company when their parents die. They each have a different idea about where the company should go. I figured I could write one romance for each of them. The plan is that each book would run about 70K instead of my usual 100+, allowing me to complete more than one a year (in a good year). So that's my plan. I suspect we'll be equally successful at changing the basic way we write.


Comment on Possibly Not the Kitchen Sink by Diane    


I'll give it a try this weekend!


Comment on Possibly Not the Kitchen Sink by JenniferNennifer    


"Jeo and Daphne are a foil for Nick and Nita and a plot point. I’ll keep the set-up but nix their HEA." wait - just in the book, or forever? It's dangerous to treat a demon that badly, just saying.......... My solution to dinner gone awry is sour cream on top.


Comment on Possibly Not the Kitchen Sink by JaneB    




Comment on Possibly Not the Kitchen Sink by KayK    


My name for that concoction when it happens to me is "glop on rice." I'm going to change to "gluck." Shorter and somehow more palatable.


Comment on Possibly Not the Kitchen Sink by Danielle    


Can I come to your house? Feta cheese makes everything better in my book :)


New portable dishwasher has me stumped   


Hello. I'm just a home owner and not a professional plumber and I hope someone has an idea on what could be causing this problem. I just bought a Whirlpool portable dishwasher that works great if it hooked up to the sink faucet as designed. I really would prefer to not have to pull it across the floor but have it plumbed kind of like built in. We have an old house with little kitchen counter for a regular built in dishwasher. So I have it sitting over against the wall with the factory drain and supply hoses disconnected and stuffed underneath the chassis. I have an aftermarket drain hose connected to it and running through the floor to a utility sink in the basement. I have a aftermarket 48" dishwasher supply line with the L-shaped faucet connector hooked up to the dishwasher inlet and running through the floor and connected to a 1/2 MIP adapter on the 3/4 Pex house hot water line. This machine is not getting much water at all when I run a cycle. The rest of the house has great water pressure even the upstairs bath that is connected to one side of the 3/4 Pex tee that the dishwasher is connected to. As I said at the beginning of this long winded post the dishwasher works great with the factory hoses connected to the sink. What could be causing this machine to not get enough water to run? There is a faucet supply line under the faucet that is probably the same size as my aftermarket supply line but the machine gets plenty of water when it's hooked to the sink faucet. I am stumped?


Maintenance Tech   


MO-Lees Summit, Our client in Lee's Summit, MO is hiring for a Maintenance Tech! Pay will be $15/hr, 30-40 hours a week. Duties to include: • dry wall repair • painting • set up and moving tables and chairs • basic plumbing: toilet and sink leakage & stoppage • snow and ice removal • light bulb replacement • light tile repair and replacement Atterro is committed to providing equal employment opportunity for all p


Comment on Great Anticipations Q4 2019 by kaggsysbookishramblings    


The Keun is great, and I'm so glad her books are being re-released. The Neversink editions are lovely but they didn't stay on the shelves for very long...


Bathroom makeover: A Superhero Bathroom   


So we are officially 100% done with our Superhero bathroom update. (The last 1% took a little longer than it should of- just us forgetting to pickup up batteries to put the shield on the wall. lol)
I am so happy how this bathroom turned out:

Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover

It all started with my mom. She decided that for my birthday this past February, that her gift to me would be to help me update one room of my choice. I quickly decided that our upstairs bathroom was in desperate need of an update (it was my absolute least favorite room in the entire house). When she came to visit, we headed to Home Depot and got started on the makeover.
Now, this bathroom originally my hubs decided was going to be the one room he got to decorate- he wanted a horror-film red bathroom (complete with hand prints on the walls, joker posters and red walls). However, no-offense to my loving husband, it was a horror of a room to look at- I absolutely HATED that room. You can tell I hated that bathroom so much, I have so little photos of it on the blog. lol
This is how I showed that bathroom to ya'll blog readers. lol
You can see a small glimpse of it from a previous post I did on making a cat cart (litter box at bottom, food and water bowls on tray at top, with storage in between).
This bathroom also is the guest bathroom (bathroom in the hallway between both guest rooms) as well as the bathroom our cat Wendy calls her domain (we wish we had a different place to put her cat cart, but honestly its really the only place to put it). 

So, back to the makeover. My husband and I both LOVE superheroes, so it was the natural choice to go with for the bathroom theme. First, we taped off everything. The big challenge was paint- we decided to keep a single wall red, and did the rest in a bright yellow- to really brighten up the dark room.
Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover
I shudder at this old look. This is after we removed the posters, hardware and "bloody hand prints" that were on the shower wall.
Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover
My awesome mom helping me with this project. We filled all the holes, and then primed EVERYTHING!
Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover
We couldn't afford to get all new cabinetry (and the original was in pretty good shape still) so we painted it all. Here is the first coat of primer on the cabinet and medicine cabinet, and first coat of yellow on the walls after all the primer dried.
Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover
Primer everywhere! We also primed the floor (if you can see a bit of it at the bottom of this pic)
Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover
The yellow was a lovely shade. We used it on 3 of the 4 walls of the bathroom.
(See bottom of post for shade and brand of paint).
After the yellow was done and the cabinets painted white, we painted the single red wall some more red- to give it a more even coating. Then we painted the floors. The floors in the bathroom were this ugly boring brown & tan stick on linoleum tiles. The previous owners either really loved tan/brown or got a good deal on it, because both upstairs bathrooms have that ugly tile and tan toilets, sinks and tub. (I HATE TAN! Why couldn't they have put in white!?!)

Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover

Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover

For the floors we painted them first in primer, then all in the white floor paint. Then we taped out the lines and painted the blue stripes on. (my mom did the stripes on the floor- as I had to go to work that day).
Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover
Note- it has been a month and a half since the floor was done painted and it has survived normal bathroom duties easily. We only have a few minor scrapes due to our cat. I suggest if you decide to paint linoleum titles like we did, it works great if you don't have pets (or pets with claws at least) or in a room not with a heavy traffic pattern- like a bathroom or laundry room. Our cat has claws, so she has scraped a few spots if she is running around. If she didn't have claws, the floor would probably be perfect still. Even with the few scrapes, it is doing fine. We've managed to clean up spills or drips of bathroom products (and cat sickness) no problem and the paint stays.
After all the paint was dry, we attached all the hardware and put up all the art decor.
Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover

Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover

I just love the wall art we got from a Pick Your Plum deal (above).
Hubs and I picked up this awesome modern Superhero poster (below left) at ACMoore last winter (when we first decided that was what we were going to redo the bathroom as).

Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover

The star shower curtain I picked up at Target. I was sooooo excited for that find.
Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover

Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover

I decided to add this cute red tub I had from the Dollar store for spare toilet paper. We also move the toilet paper roll up higher than it originally was.
Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover

Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover
(That big empty space in the corner is where Wendy's cat cart will go).
I got a gift certificate from Think Geek (because they royally screwed up 2 of my Christmas gift orders, but that's another story), so we got the Captain America shield wall art and a mini light-up Thor hammer (not shown). I also added a mini picture holder (with clothespins) I got from Five Below, under the shield to hold our superhero photos. ;)

Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover

Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover
Here's the sink with new hardware to the cabinet and new faucet (which was a PAIN for my hubs to put on, due to previous owners being dopes.). This pic was before I added a red bar soap dish, red candle and the mini Thor hammer to the corner.
Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover

I'm so pleased with it. It only took us a few days to do! Once we rolled in Wendy's cat cart, the bathroom was all done. 
Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover

- Paint rollers, tools, etc. (Home Depot)
- Silver hardware and silver spray paint (Home Depot)
- Star curtain (Target)
- 3 art prints (Pick Your Plum)
- 4 frames and poster (AC Moore)
- Captain America Shield (Think Geek)
- Blue wall picture hanger (5 Below)
- Superhero bath container figures (Wal-Mart)

Paint (paint & primer from Home Depot and floor paint from Lowe's):
- Primer: Zinsser interior High Hiding Primer
- Yellow wall paint: Glidden Interior Paint & Primer Satin in Sunbeam
- White paint for cabinetry: Glidden Interior Paint & Primer satin in white
- Red single wall paint: Glidden interior paint Satin in Candy Apple
- Floor paint (blue): Valspar latex porch & floor paint Base 4 in Tinter B in Midnight Blue
- Floor paint (white): Valspar latex porch & floor paint Base 2 in Tinter B

Madcap Frenzy's Superhero bathroom update and makeover

I hope this inspires others to take a room that is their least favorite and make it one of their favorites with a little help from paint.
Have a great day!


Comment on So Happy Together by Shaneranty   


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🚨What's Their Issue?🚨 Dan Strauss vs. Heidi Wills   


What do Strauss and Wills disagree on? by Nathalie Graham
Dan Strauss (left) vs. Heidi Wills (right)
Dan Strauss (left) vs. Heidi Wills (right) City of Seattle/Courtesy of Heidi Wills

Welcome to the election column from The Stranger that looks at the biggest policy issue dividing each pair of candidates fighting for a seat on the Seattle City Council.

In District 1, it was funding homeless service policies. In District 2, it was the candidates' approach to police accountability. District 3, it was progressive taxation. District 4 was zoning. District 5 was the criminalization of homelessness. Today...

District 6: It's Dan Strauss, the chief policy adviser to Council Member Sally Bagshaw and former Ballard paperboy, vs. Heidi Wills, the ex-city councilmember who went down in a Strippergate shame spiral but who's raring to sink her teeth back into city politics.


What’s the biggest issue that divides Strauss and Wills?

Strauss says: Campaign contributions.

In a statement to The Stranger, Strauss wrote:

The contrast between us is demonstrated through our support and contributions. I am running a grassroots campaign and I have the most organizational endorsements. I have maintained the highest number of overall donors and in-district donors and have an average donation of $80, while my opponent's average donation is $107. I have received $91.24 in independent expenditure support, while my opponent has received $111,901.74.

My opponent is out-fundraising me with support from the same people who funded her last campaign: developers, downtown special interests, and the biggest businesses. I have returned checks that I think have strings attached - because I am accountable to the people of District 6, not special interests.

Wills says: Nothing.

Wills did not respond to multiple requests for comment from The Stranger.

We say: Homeless sweeps.

Homelessness has Ballard up in arms. Last year, homelessness quadrupled in the neighborhood. The city even introduced a "park concierge" this summer in the Ballard Commons to make sure everything is hunky-dory (aka, there are no homeless people camping in the park). Current City Council Member Mike O'Brien, though affable and progressive, won himself little favor amongst his constituents for his championing of homelessness issues. Whoever helms District 6 next will be faced with similar challenges as Seattle's homeless population continues to grow. Will they steer clear of O'Brien's approaches? Will they let public outrage dictate how they legislate?

Wills supports sweeping homeless encampments. At a recent debate, she called them “the only tool the city has to help people find the services that they need."

This, additionally, was her vague answer to Real Change News when she was asked twice about her position on sweeps:

I think that the people living in tents in parks and in open spaces without hygienic facilities is really problematic, and I think that we need to ensure that there’s a place, of course, for people to go.

Strauss, on the other hand, is against sweeps. He said in that same debate that he was against them unless there's a public-health reason for clearing an encampment. If not, the Navigation Team, the team that conducts the homeless sweeps, is "wasting money," Strauss said.

"Unless there’s a public safety or public health reason," he added, "we’re just using our dollars inefficiently because we don’t have a place for people to go."

According to a recent report by Erica C. Barnett, the Navigation Team is infective and "only about 8 percent of people the Navigation Team contacts when they’re removing encampments—128 out of 1,583—actually end up in shelter."

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6 ways to make a laundry room somewhere you actually want to spend time   


Your laundry area, whether it's a tiny closet or a corner of the basement, can actually be a happy place.In a recent Washington project, Jessica Centella and Kiera Kushlan of Residents Understood designed a laundry space as part of a total basement renovation. Their client, who loves pink, wanted something fun with storage and a sink suitable for bathing dogs. The designers decided a patterned tile would add some spice to the tight space. "White tile was definitely not happening," [...]

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