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Autocomplete, Sort, Source List Over 1,000…   



Using Autocomplete, I have found that sort of results (orderBy) fails when the source list is over 1,000 items. I am sorting by ID, descending. I have attached two screenshots – one with less than 1,000 items in the source list, and one with more than 1,000 items.

As always, I sincerely appreciate your support and efforts!

R’grds – Ben.
Version information
DFFS Loader: v2
DFFS frontend: – September 20, 2019
DFFS frontend CSS: 4.51 / 4.51
Autocomplete: 1.6.37 – September 04, 2019
Cascading dropdowns: 3.7.30 – July 21, 2019
jQuery: 1.12.4
Lookup: 1.1.17 – July 21, 2019
Resource management: 2.4.5 – August 29, 2019
SPJS-Utility: 1.337 – September 04, 2019
vLookup: 2.2.138 – September 04, 2019{
 "applyTo": "TransPipeLookup",
 "helpText": "Key Transaction ID, LOB, or Name...",
 "loadText": "",
 "listGuid": "TransPipeDevX",
 "listBaseUrl": "/sites/spptdgsl/TransPipeDev/",
 "showField": "TransPipeLookup",
 "searchFields": [],
 "filterCAML": "<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='CommodityType'/><Value Type='Text'>Tech</Value></Eq></Where>",
 "useREST": false,
 "filterREST": "",
 "optionDetailFields": [],
 "optionDetailPrefix": [],
 "enforceUniqueValues": true,
 "rowLimit": 15,
 "listOptionsOnFocus": false,
 "minLengthBeforeSearch": 2,
 "reValidateOnLoad": false,
 "allowAddNew": false,
 "isLookupInSelf": false,
 "addNewAdditionalFields": [],
 "multiselect": false,
 "multiselectSeparator": "; ",
 "orderBy": [
 "clearSetFieldsOnInvalidSelection": false,
 "setFields": [	
 "debug": false


تعليق على مستشفى العارضة الجديد القديم بواسطة جدیدترین مدل کمد دیواری ریلی    


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A message to applicants from the chair at Iowa State UPDATED   


An update from Professor Jenks (4:24 PM Eastern, 07 October 2019):
The Chemistry Department at Iowa State University has an opening for an analytical or experimental physical chemist at the assistant professor level.  Applications were originally intended to close Sunday night, but software glitches caused problems from at least Friday onward.  Those have been addressed and applications will again be accepted through Thursday night Oct 10.  The software will close the window at 12:01 Friday morning. We apologize for the inconvenience and are glad to be able to re-open the position for those who were trying to apply.  (Contrary to an earlier comment, I do not have access to the names of anyone who had a partial application submitted; such people should also log into the application system again.)
Via the comments on the open thread, a comment from William Jenks: 
I am the chemistry chair at ISU. This happened because no one here knew the new software closes at 12:01 AM on a date instead of 11:59 PM. Yes, every single one of us agrees this is stupid. Additionally, there was some kind of partial software problem for Friday and Saturday, too. Anyone with a partial application should hear from us very soon. If you tried to start an application and failed, please send me an email ASAP at I will try to get you into the pool, but I will have to go through our HR people because only a finite number of people will see this post. But yes, we'd like to get you into the pool if at all possible. Very sorry.
Best wishes to those involved. 


Advertisement: Scott Bagley for Division of Organic Chemistry Member at Large   


From the inbox, an ad from a friend of the blog, Scott Bagley: 
Voting for the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Executive committee is now open.  Division members will receive an email from with links to the ballots and candidate biographies.  We have a terrific slate of candidates from across the organic chemistry community so please visit or join the Division of Organic Chemistry at  You must be a DOC member to view the candidates and cast your ballot.  
I am running for one of 4 Member-at-Large posts and would appreciate your consideration. Thank you.


Is there a bias against analytical chemists?    


Via Twitter, this fascinating statement:
I am an analytical chemist specializing in mass spectrometry. I am growing tired of colleagues in other chemistry disciplines looking down on analytical scientists, for some reason that I cannot yet explain. Let’s move on to the 21st century! 
This statement was backed up by another, more senior, scientist:
The top tier chemistry departments eliminated analytical chemistry decades ago. It is also why some of the same top tier universities were very late to the "proteomics party" if they showed up at all. What will they miss next?? SCP?
In discussions about these two statements, I thought this comment from a very senior chemistry professor was relevant: 
It is true that the elite private institutions that dominate the top 10 programs do not have dedicated analytical pathways. The top analytical programs are at the public institutions, especially in the Midwest.
As someone who has worked with industrial analytical chemists for over a decade (man, I'm old), I'm more than a little bewildered that there is a seeming bias against analytical chemists. How the heck do you not love people who help you see your compounds and understand your science better? I also was surprised, but the second largest group of chemists to be produced out of doctoral programs in the United States are analytical chemists. But with Professor Burstyn's comments, there does appear to be a seeming inequality in treatment amongst subfields at different universities. 

So, readers, some questions: Is this true? If so, when did it start? And finally, how can it end? 


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My horse needs a rider   


I have a 19 year old mustang gelding. I've had him since he was 6 so do not want to sell him. However I am now 67 and my knees had ... 
Used  >  Farming  >  Horses


Problem with DropDownList, iFrame and iPad.   


This is a defect we found out in Kendo dropddownlist as Dropdown list item not selected in IPAD 13.0 Safari browser - Desktop browser view. However, Mobile view is working fine. Chrome and Firefox is working fine.

IPAD IOS version - 13.0

Dropdownlist is position in iframe

I am also send you the pic. Please find attached

Could you please check this defect or If it is fixed. please let me know. I hope you understand my issue. If there is any miscommunication i will be happy to discuss more.


Puneet Chutani


Garth Brooks to receive Gershwin Prize for Popular Song   


NASHVILLE, Tennessee – Country music superstar Garth Brooks has more than just friends in low places. The Library of Congress said Wednesday that the Grammy winner will receive the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song next March for his hit “Friends in Low Places.”

Previous recipients include Tony Bennett, Paul Simon, Carole King and Willie Nelson. Brooks is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. His many top hits alongside “Friends in Low Places” include “The Thunder Rolls,” “The Dance,” “Shameless” and “What She’s Doing Now.”

At 57, he’ll be the youngest recipient of the Gershwin Prize. He will be honored with an all-star tribute concert in Washington, D.C., that will air on PBS stations in spring 2020.

“An award is only as good as the names on it,” Brooks said in a statement. “First off, for any musician, the name Gershwin says it all. Add to Ira’s and George’s names the names of the past recipients, and you have an award of the highest honor. I am truly humbled.“

Since his debut in 1989, Brooks has become a top-selling and touring musical force, bringing his brand of high energy and emotional country music to stadiums and arenas.

He is the bestselling solo artist in the United States with more than 148 million in album sales, according to the Recording Industry Association of America, and is second only in total U.S. sales to the Beatles.

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Brooks combined his love of classic country music and cowboy songs with production typically seen in rock and pop acts. Seven of his albums have sold more than 10 million copies in the United States alone, according to the RIAA.

In the early 2000s, he took a break from recording and touring to spend more time with his family in Oklahoma. Brooks returned to major touring and recording in 2014, had a hit headliner residency at Wynn Las Vegas and remains one of country’s most popular touring acts. He is married to fellow country star Trisha Yearwood.


Gift from NRI dad not taxable, but you have to pay tax on income from it   


Gift from NRI dad not taxable, but you have to pay tax on income from itQ. I am an NRI. If I gift Rs 20 lakh to my major daughter in India and if she invests it in a bank fixed deposit, will either of us be liable to pay income tax?-Wilson Furtado According to Section 56(2), any sum received from relatives is not chargeable to tax. So, if this […]


Magic Time!: A #MeToo Memory Animates ‘I Am Her’   


Midway through this taut, fraught drama about sexual trauma, a woman named Ana, a wife and young mother, is suddenly triggered. We are not told exactly why. It might be the Kavanaugh hearings broadcast, which she has just turned off in disgust. It might be the #MeToo zeitgeist, the rising tide of righteous rage. Whatever […]

The post Magic Time!: A #MeToo Memory Animates ‘I Am Her’ appeared first on DC Metro Theater Arts.


'Je vais et je viens'   


I am finally going to France, with my wife, for my honeymoon, right now!

I solemnly swear not to post pictures here of any plated food, markets, patisseries, cafes or streetscapes. Or, uh, anything.

I have to go now because apparently I am, as of this moment, blogging during my honeymoon, which is so not awesome.

See you some time after October 25.


Four Tips To Boost Your Personal Resilience While Doing Nonprofit Work   


I am thrilled to be presenting with my colleague, Ananda Leeke in Boston next week at the Resilience at Work Conference. We will be doing early morning sessions to engage participants in some mindful moment and movement exercises.

I’m going to share different techniques for weaving mindful moment and exercises into your workday.… Read More


Re: What are the essential and discretionary expenses in a retirement budget?   


dodecahedron wrote:
Mon Oct 07, 2019 7:53 pm

delamer wrote:
Mon Oct 07, 2019 7:10 pm

KlangFool wrote:
Mon Oct 07, 2019 7:03 pm


How do you pay 12K in income taxes with 80K of expenses (including the taxes)?


It’s possible in some states.

You have to withdraw the 80K, to live off 68K.

Please tell me in what state this would be true. I used NBER TaxSim to estimate taxes in the ¨usual suspect¨ high tax states. $12K for federal and state combined is too high in all of them.

Even if the couple has no taxable account and no Roth accounts, a typical retiree couple living on 80K would have an averqge of around 30K in SS and need to withdraw $50K from their traditional tax-deferred accounts. That yields a federal tax bill of $5,200.

In NY, the state tax bill is ZERO. (Yes, although notorious for taxes in general, NY is quite generous in treatment of retirement income. They don´t tax SS at all and the first $20K of pension or IRA distributions per person are exempt also. Standard deduction wipes out the rest of the taxable income.) In California, the state tax bill is $200. In CT, the state tax bill is $1,500. In NC, it is $1,800. In Hawaii (the worst, as far as I can tell), it is $2,200.

(All numbers above rounded to nearest hundred dollars. I am also assuming that both members of the couple are 65.)

Even if they are deferring SS and withdrawing the entire $80K as ordinary income, I can´t find any state where the total income tax (fed plus state) are $12K.

Of course, if they pay attention to livesoft´s advice, their tax bills can be much lower than TaxSim´s estimates listed above.


I was thinking of all ordinary income, both spouses under age 65 and including all state/local taxes.

Does that change the result?


Re: Tactics to pay off Mortgage Early??   


Frugalbear wrote:
Mon Oct 07, 2019 1:55 pm

Thank you all for posting your thoughts and tactics you have used or do use.

So here is what I have done and what I plan to do:

1. I called up my mortgage company in regards to my PMI and I am getting my PMI waived.

2. I ran a bunch of scenarios through an amortization calculator.

3. After playing with the numbers, I can afford to put an extra $360/month on the principal.

30 year mortgage to 17 years

Super, and you might plan to add any surprise windfalls to it as well. We did that and paid off in less than 5 yrs (35% down so less to pay).

**I found it greatly motivating to cross off the lines on the multi page amortization table with a fat Sharpie. Let’s say we put an extra 5K :dollar on the loan all at once...go cross out a whole bunch of rows. It showed how much time was shaved off = huge satisfaction!!** Yea, it was on the side of our refrigerator most of the time. Pretty sweet to be in “month 8” of a 15 year loan after maybe 2 years of this. Don’t underestimate the power of visuals for motivation :sharebeer


Re: Document Storage: what format? (paper, fiche, scan,..?)   


BuddyJet wrote:
Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:20 pm

ARoseByAnyOtherName wrote:
Sun Oct 06, 2019 7:45 pm

BuddyJet wrote:
Sun Oct 06, 2019 7:20 pm

Our corporate lawyer and accountant broke me of my tendency to save everything forever. Beyond what is required by the IRS or other authorities, you can’t be forced to search or produce in discovery what you don’t have. She really cringed when she heard how many tapes we archived of our email and general server.

That seems like strange advice. If you don't have it the person on the other side of the document or email probably does. Wouldn't you want to know what the other side has on you? Of course I Am Not A Lawyer, so what do I know, but still....

It was in the context of the cost to search through the multiple archives of servers in response to document requests.

That’s important context because while that may be important for a business it’s not valid for individuals.


Re: Excellent Adventure in Taxable?   


HootingSloth wrote:
Mon Oct 07, 2019 12:04 pm

get_g0ing wrote:
Mon Oct 07, 2019 9:59 am


For a small part of my portfolio I want to be in HEDGEFUNDIE's Excellent Adventure.

(I understand that it's risky and the money I'm allocating shouldn't impact my finances if doesn't work out).

I have a Vanguard taxable account (with VTSAX) that I am transferring to M1 Finance. I'm requesting some guidance on:

How can I figure out which of the following in taxable will be better (while staying close to the original strategy):






In particular, I'd like to figure out their backtest returns in taxable (after paying taxes).

I've gone through both threads over several hours. I saw the above options come up at different points, but didn't see a proper discussion around the best way to implement the strategy in taxable. Hoping we can do so here.


Your post history seems to suggest that you have a ROTH IRA. If you want to invest in this strategy (after fully understanding the risks), why not just use the ROTH IRA? I think the strategy throws off quite a bit of ordinary income in addition to any net gains recognized by periodic rebalancing, so it would seem to be quite tax inefficient. Besides, if the strategy actually works in the long term, you will be extremely disappointed that you did not invest through a ROTH IRA and be able to take withdrawals tax free. If you feel that your current ROTH IRA balance is too small for the amount of exposure that you want, I would consider building it up over a few years (or faster if you happen to have access to a megabackdoor ROTH). As you recognize in your OP, the strategy is not intended to be executed with an initial investment that is more than a small portion of your investments, so it may not take very long to get as much exposure as you want.

Hi HootingSloth,

Yes, I do have a Roth that I am also considering for this. But I already know what needs to be done for Roth, so that one I didn't ask about.

I like your suggestion but I'd still like to figure out what the best option is for doing this in taxable.

What's the best way to compare these funds in taxable?

Also, portfoliovisualizer shows historic returns, how can I know what the returns would have been if the same fund was held in taxable account?



issues with short term disability insurance   


dear fellow bogleheads,

i'd like to hear your thoughts about my problem:

my medical group( my employer) changed the STD insurance company as of 1/1/2019.

i became disabled as of 9/1/2019 ,and will be for probably for 3 months.

when i applied for STD benefits i was told that there is a clause that absolves the insurance from paying if there are preexisting conditions with in the 12 months preceding the file of my claim. there are no preexisting conditions .

long story short , they demand to know everything about my medical history over the last year, request hospital records, PCP statements etc etc.

of course not everybody responds right away and the whole saga drags on. meanwhile i am 7 weeks out of work and no payment has been made ,

of course there is always another statement they want about hospitals, doctors or pharmacies.... basically they delaying and dragging their feet

here are my questions:

do STD insurances have the right to demand private medical information ( HIPPAA anyone ?)

can i take them to court for breach of contract?

is there a national / state ( i'm in NM) review board that i can use to file a complaint ?

any other ideas what I can do ? i am getting really upset.

thank you for your thoughts !



Re: New Job - Portfolio Check-in   


Thank you lakpr, that is a great tip and something I would not have thought about.

****10/7/2019 Update****

I learned today that my new job 401(k) provider is Vanguard, so I am looking forward to having great fund options with low ERs. I plan to reallocate my Roth IRA from 2060 Target Date Retirement fund to a mix of Total Stock (VTSAX) and International (VTISX) to take full advantage of tax-free growth. I am thinking a ratio of 75% US/25% International. I plan to contribute to my 401(k) to form an overall asset allocation of 80% stock/20% bonds. I will then continue to build my emergency fund and contribute heavily to my student loans. Once I pay off my loans, I plan to open a taxable account with tax efficient funds as suggested below and in the efficient fund placement Wiki. I am very excited for the year 2020 and starting my journey in earnest towards financial independence. Thank you all for your contributions and advice. Any additional thoughts would be appreciated as always.


Re: Tax on selling home in California   


cadreamer2015 wrote:
Mon Oct 07, 2019 10:52 am

Yes I am the trustee and his house was put into a irrevocable trust.

Do you know if the house was put into an irrevocable trust while your brother was alive, or was it a revocable trust that became irrevocable upon his death? It might make a difference, but IANAL.

It is entirely possible that the trust could have irrevocable and still entitled to a stepped up basis. OP however hasn’t given us enough information about the trust.



The Psalmist laments that he lives in a Society which "hateth peace" and cries out "I am for peace: but when I speak they are for war" (1000 BC)   


The Psalmist laments that he lives in a Society which “hateth peace” and cries out “I am for peace: but when I speak they are for war” (1000 BC)


ServerPaging With Razor   


I am trying to do ServerPaging with this example from telerik:


I have modified OnPostReadRecords by adding [DataSourceRequest] DataSourceRequest request

public JsonResult OnPostReadRecords([DataSourceRequest] DataSourceRequest request)

And I have added .ServerPaging(true) to the grid definition.

The resulting value of request is default and the page number is always '1'.

I am new to the telerik controls, so it's really like casting spells for me.

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