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Klart Ap er for god dyrevelferd!   


Å uttrykke seg klart og bli forstått kan være utfordrende. Og når Svalbard Vet forsøker å oppsummere debatten på Kroa fra et dyrevelferdsperspektiv skjønner vi at det har gått skikkelig galt.


DFA nagpauwi ng 158 distressed OFW mula sa UAE, at nagbabala kontra human trafficking   


Source: DFA nagpauwi ng 158 distressed OFW mula sa UAE, at nagbabala kontra human trafficking Oktobre 6, 2019Manila, Philippines Malugod na sinalubong ng Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) – Manila ang pagdating ng 158...


God Friended Me 2x02 en   


God Friended Me
Language: english english
Rip: WEB
Release: AVS-SVA
God Friended Me - 2x02 - The


Despite fall, former President Carter helps build home   


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – With a bandage above his left eye and a large, red welt below it, former President Jimmy Carter was greeted by a cheering crowd Monday morning as he prepared to help build a home with Habitat for Humanity in Nashville.

Carter fell at home on Sunday, requiring 14 stiches, but he did not let his injuries keep him from participating in his 36th building project with the nonprofit Christian housing organization. He turned 95 last Tuesday, becoming the first U.S. president to reach that milestone.

Before construction began, Carter led a morning devotion for a group of several hundred volunteers.

He walked slowly across the uneven, muddy ground to the stage helped by a cane and several people who were nearby to steady him. Once seated, Carter, who still teaches Sunday school twice a week at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia, spoke in a clear voice, peppering his inspirational message with jokes.

He spoke about Jesus’ brother James who taught that “if your life is not filled with peace, joy and thanksgiving, it’s your fault.“’

Carter said God gives us life and freedom. “With our freedom, every one of us can make a basic decision. … `What kind of person do I, myself, choose to be?“’

Carter said every person “can be a complete success in the eyes of God.”

Speaking about what makes a successful life, Carter reminded the crowd that Jesus was poor, and died young, abandoned by his closest friends.

“But Jesus lived a perfect life because he followed the will of God,” Carter said.

Joining Carter at the building site on Monday were former First Lady Rosalynn Carter; husband and wife country music stars Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood; and Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee and First Lady Maria Lee.

Musician Eric Paslay played a song before Carter took the stage and joked about Carter’s injury as he introduced him.

“After that bar fight, you coming out, building houses … I love you to death,” Paslay said.


Profit, not politics: Trump allies sought Ukraine gas deal   


KYIV, Ukraine – As Rudy Giuliani was pushing Ukrainian officials last spring to investigate one of Donald Trump’s main political rivals, a group of individuals with ties to the president and his personal lawyer were also active in the former Soviet republic.

Their aims were profit, not politics. This circle of businessmen and Republican donors touted connections to Giuliani and Trump while trying to install new management at the top of Ukraine’s massive state gas company. Their plan was to then steer lucrative contracts to companies controlled by Trump allies, according to two people with knowledge of their plans.

Their plan hit a snag after Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko lost his reelection bid to Volodymyr Zelenskiy, whose conversation with Trump about former Vice President Joe Biden is now at the center of the House impeachment inquiry of Trump.

But the effort to install a friendlier management team at the helm of the gas company, Naftogaz, would soon be taken up with Ukraine’s new president by U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry, whose slate of candidates included a fellow Texan who is one of Perry’s past political donors.

It’s unclear if Perry’s attempts to replace board members at Naftogaz were coordinated with the Giuliani allies pushing for a similar outcome, and no one has alleged that there is criminal activity in any of these efforts. And it’s unclear what role, if any, Giuliani had in helping his clients push to get gas sales agreements with the state-owned company.

But the affair shows how those with ties to Trump and his administration were pursuing business deals in Ukraine that went far beyond advancing the president’s personal political interests. It also raises questions about whether Trump allies were mixing business and politics just as Republicans were calling for a probe of Biden and his son Hunter, who served five years on the board of another Ukrainian energy company, Burisma.

On Friday, according to the news site Axios, Trump told a group of Republican lawmakers that it had been Perry who had prompted the phone call in which Trump asked Zelenskiy for a “favor” regarding Biden. Axios cited a source saying Trump said Perry had asked Trump to make the call to discuss “something about an LNG (liquefied natural gas) plant.”

While it’s unclear whether Trump’s remark Friday referred specifically to the behind-the-scenes maneuvers this spring involving the multibillion-dollar state gas company, The Associated Press has interviewed four people with direct knowledge of the attempts to influence Naftogaz, and their accounts show Perry playing a key role in the effort. Three of the four spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation. The fourth is an American businessman with close ties to the Ukrainian energy sector.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Energy Department said Perry, a former Texas governor and Republican presidential candidate, was not advancing anyone’s personal interests. She said his conversations with Ukrainian officials about Naftogaz were part of his efforts to reform the country’s energy sector and create an environment in which Western companies can do business.

Perry was asked about the AP’s reporting on Monday while in Lithuania, where he was meeting with officials from Ukraine and other eastern European countries to discuss energy security and cooperation. He said any suggestion that he tried to force a management change at Naftogaz was a “totally dreamed up story.”

“We get asked for our recommendations about people who are experts in areas, various areas,” Perry said. “Folks who have expertise in particular areas. Obviously having been the governor of the state of Texas, I know a lot of people in the energy industry.”

The Trump and Giuliani allies driving the attempt to change the senior management at Naftogaz, however, appear to have had inside knowledge of the U.S. government’s plans in Ukraine. For example, they told people that Trump would replace the U.S. ambassador there months before she was actually recalled to Washington, according to three of the individuals interviewed by the AP. One of the individuals said he was so concerned by the whole affair that he reported it to a U.S. Embassy official in Ukraine months ago.


Ukraine, a resource-rich nation that sits on the geographic and symbolic border between Russia and the West, has long been plagued by corruption and government dysfunction, making it a magnet for foreign profiteers.

At the center of the Naftogaz plan, according to three individuals familiar with the details, were three such businessmen: two Soviet-born Florida real estate entrepreneurs, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, and an oil magnate from Boca Raton, Florida, named Harry Sargeant III.

Parnas and Fruman have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in political donations to Republicans, including $325,000 to a Trump-allied political action committee in 2018. This helped the relatively unknown entrepreneurs gain access to top levels of the Republican Party – including meetings with Trump at the White House and Mar-a-Lago.

The two have also faced lawsuits from disgruntled investors over unpaid debts. During the same period they were pursuing the Naftogaz deal, the two were coordinating with Giuliani to set up meetings with Ukrainian government officials and push for an investigation of the Bidens.

Sargeant, his wife and corporate entities tied to the family have donated at least $1.2 million to Republican campaigns and PACs over the last 20 years, including $100,000 in June to the Trump Victory Fund, according to federal and state campaign finance records. He has also served as finance chair of the Florida state GOP, and gave nearly $14,000 to Giuliani’s failed 2008 presidential campaign.

In early March, Fruman, Parnas and Sargeant were touting a plan to replace Naftogaz CEO Andriy Kobolyev with another senior executive at the company, Andrew Favorov, according to two individuals who spoke to the AP as well as a memorandum about the meeting that was later submitted to the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, formerly known as Kiev.

Going back to the Obama administration, the U.S. Energy Department and the State Department have long supported efforts to import American natural gas into Ukraine to reduce the country’s dependence on Russia.

The three approached Favorov with the idea while the Ukrainian executive was attending an energy industry conference in Texas. Parnas and Fruman told him they had flown in from Florida on a private jet to recruit him to be their partner in a new venture to export up to 100 tanker shipments a year of U.S. liquefied gas into Ukraine, where Naftogaz is the largest distributor, according to two people briefed on the details.

Sargeant told Favorov that he regularly meets with Trump at Mar-a-Lago and that the gas-sales plan had the president’s full support, according to the two people who said Favorov recounted the discussion to them.

These conversations were recounted to AP by Dale W. Perry, an American who is a former business partner of Favorov. He told AP in an interview that Favorov described the meeting to him soon after it happened and that Favorov perceived it to be a shakedown. Perry, who is no relation to the energy secretary, is the managing partner of Energy Resources of Ukraine, which currently has business agreements to import natural gas and electricity to Ukraine.

A second person who spoke on condition of anonymity also confirmed to the AP that Favorov had recounted details of the Houston meeting to him.

According to Dale Perry and the other person, Favorov said Parnas told him Trump planned to remove U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch and replace her with someone more open to aiding their business interests.

Dale Perry told the AP he was so concerned about the efforts to change the management at Naftogaz and to get rid of Yovanovitch that he reported what he had heard to Suriya Jayanti, a State Department foreign service officer stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv who focuses on the energy industry.

He also wrote a detailed memo about Favorov’s account, dated April 12, which was shared with another current State Department official. Perry recently provided a copy of the April memo to AP.

Jayanti declined to provide comment. Favorov also declined to comment.

On March 24, Giuliani and Parnas gathered at the Trump International Hotel in Washington with Healy E. Baumgardner, a former Trump campaign adviser who once served as deputy communications director for Giuliani’s presidential campaign and as a communications official during the George W. Bush administration.

She is now listed as the CEO of 45 Energy Group, a Houston-based energy company whose website describes it as a “government relations, public affairs and business development practice group.” The company’s name is an apparent nod to Trump, the 45th president.

This was a couple of weeks after the Houston meeting with Favorov, the Naftogaz executive. Giuliani, Parnas and Baumgardner were there to make a business pitch involving gas deals in the former Soviet bloc to a potential investor.

This time, according to Giuliani, the deals that were discussed involved Uzbekistan, not Ukraine.

“I have not pursued a deal in the Ukraine. I don’t know about a deal in the Ukraine. I would not do a deal in the Ukraine now, obviously,” said Giuliani, reached while attending a playoff baseball game between the New York Yankees and Minnesota Twins. “There is absolutely no proof that I did it, because I didn’t do it.”

During this meeting, Parnas again repeated that Yovanovitch, the U.S. ambassador in Kyiv, would soon be replaced, according to a person with direct knowledge of the gathering. She was removed two months later.

Giuliani, who serves as Trump’s personal lawyer and has no official role in government, acknowledged Friday that he was among those pushing the president to replace the ambassador, a career diplomat with a history of fighting corruption.

“The ambassador to Ukraine was replaced,” he said. “I did play a role in that.”

But Giuliani refused to discuss the details of his business dealings, or whether he helped his associates in their push to forge gas sales contracts with the Ukrainian company. He did describe Sergeant as a friend and referred to Parnas and Fruman as his clients in a tweet in May.

As part of their impeachment inquiry, House Democrats have subpoenaed Giuliani for documents and communications related to dozens of people, including Favorov, Parnas, Fruman and Baumgardner’s 45 Energy Group.

Baumgardner issued a written statement, saying: “While I won’t comment on business discussions, I will say this: this political assault on private business by the Democrats in Congress is complete harassment and an invasion of privacy that should scare the hell out of every American business owner.”

Baumgardner later denied that she had any business dealings in Ukraine but refused to say whether the replacement of Ambassador Yovanovitch was discussed.

Sargeant did not respond to a voice message left at a number listed for him at an address in Boca Raton.

John Dowd, a former Trump attorney who now represents Parnas and Fruman, said it was actually the Naftogaz executives who approached his clients about making a deal. Dowd says the group then approached Rick Perry to get the Energy Department on board.

“The people from the company solicited my clients because Igor is in the gas business, and they asked them, and they flew to Washington and they solicited,” Dowd said. “They sat down and talked about it. And then it was presented to Secretary Perry to see if they could get it together.

“It wasn’t a shakedown; it was an attempt to do legitimate business that didn’t work out.”


In May, Rick Perry traveled to Kyiv to serve as the senior U.S. government representative at the inauguration of the county’s new president.

In a private meeting with Zelenskiy, Perry pressed the Ukrainian president to fire members of the Naftogaz advisory board. Attendees left the meeting with the impression that Perry wanted to replace the American representative, Amos Hochstein, a former diplomat and energy representative who served in the Obama administration, with someone “reputable in Republican circles,” according to someone who was in the room.

Perry’s push for Ukraine’s state-owned natural gas company Naftogaz to change its supervisory board was first reported by Politico.

A second meeting during the trip, at a Kyiv hotel, included Ukrainian officials and energy sector people. There, Perry made clear that the Trump administration wanted to see the entire Naftogaz supervisory board replaced, according to a person who attended both meetings. Perry again referenced the list of advisers that he had given Zelenskiy, and it was widely interpreted that he wanted Michael Bleyzer, a Ukrainian-American businessman from Texas, to join the newly formed board, the person said. Also on the list was Robert Bensh, another Texan who frequently works in Ukraine, the Energy Department confirmed.

Gordon D. Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, and Kurt D. Volker, then the State Department’s special envoy to Ukraine, were also in the room, according to photographs reviewed by AP. The person, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to fear of retaliation, said he was floored by the American requests because the person had always viewed the U.S. government “as having a higher ethical standard.”

The Naftogaz supervisory board is supposed to be selected by the Ukrainian president’s Cabinet in consultation with international institutions, including the International Monetary Fund, the United States and the European Union. It must be approved by the Ukrainian Cabinet. Ukrainian officials perceived Perry’s push to swap out the board as circumventing that established process, according to the person in the room.

U.S. Energy Department spokeswoman Shaylyn Hynes said Perry had consistently called for the modernization of Ukraine’s business and energy sector in an effort to create an environment that will incentivize Western companies to do business there. She said Perry delivered that same message in the May meeting with Zelenskiy.

“What he did not do is advocate for the business interests of any one individual or company,” Hynes said Saturday. “That is fiction being pushed by those who are disingenuously seeking to advance a nefarious narrative that does not exist.”

Hynes said the Ukrainian government had requested U.S. recommendations to advise the country on energy matters, and Perry provided those recommendations. She confirmed Bleyzer was on the list.

Bleyzer, whose company is based in Houston, did not respond on Saturday to a voicemail seeking comment. Bensh also did not respond to a phone message.

Perry has close ties to the Texas oil and gas industry. He appointed Bleyzer to a two-year term on a state technologies fund board in 2009. The following year, records show Bleyzer donated $20,000 to Perry’s reelection campaign.

Zelenskiy’s office declined to comment on Saturday.

In an interview Friday with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Perry said that “as God as my witness” he never discussed Biden or his son in meetings with Ukrainian or U.S. officials, including Trump or Giuliani. He did confirm he had had a conversation with Giuliani by phone, but a spokeswoman for the energy secretary declined to say when that call was or whether the two had discussed Naftogaz.

In Lithuania on Monday, Perry said he could not recall whether Bleyzer’s name was on the list provided to Zelenskiy. But Perry confirmed he had known Bleyzer for years and called him “a really brilliant, capable businessman.”

“I would recommend him for a host of different things in Kyiv because he knows the country,” Perry said of Bleyzer. “He’s from there. So, why not? I mean I would be stunned if someone said that would you eliminate Michael Bleyzer from a recommendation of people you ought to talk to about how to do business in the country, whether they’re knowledgeable. It’d be remarkable if I didn’t say, `Talk to Michael.“’


ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for 10/09/2019   


ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Wednesday, October 9, 2019, a list of the comic books, graphic novels, and other products that should be available at your local or online comic book shop this week.

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TITLE, ISSUE NUMBER, PRICE IN U.S. DOLLARS ("AR" means "ask your retailer for the price")

Dead Legends Premier Edition #1 (Cover A Leonardo Colapietro), $3.99
Dead Legends Premier Edition #1 (Cover B Leonardo Colapietro Virgin Variant), AR

Vampire State Building #1 (Cover E Guilherme Balbi Glow In The Dark Variant), $3.99

Art Of Nothing 25 Years Mutts And The Art Of Patrick McDonnell HC, $40.00

Animosity #24, $3.99
Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated #1 (Cover A Stefano Simeone), $3.99
Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated #1 (Cover B Antonio Fuso), AR
Walk Through Hell Volume 2 TP, $19.99

Edgar Allan Poe's Snifter of Terror Season 2 #1, $3.99

Pug Davis TP, $17.99

Mark Of Zorro 100 Years Of The Masked Avenger Art Book HC, $39.99
Mark Of Zorro 100 Years Of The Masked Avenger Art Book HC (Deluxe Edition), $69.99
Victor Crowley's Hatchet Halloween Tales #1 (Cover A Roy Allen Martinez), $3.99
Victor Crowley's Hatchet Halloween Tales #1 (Cover B Rich Bonk Parody Variant), $4.99
Victor Crowley's Hatchet Halloween Tales #1 (Cover C Roy Allen Martinez Bloody Variant), $9.99
Victor Crowley's Hatchet Halloween Tales #1 (Cover D Cyrus Mesarcia Trick Or Treat Variant), $4.99
Zorro Rise Of The Old Gods #2 (Cover A Puis Calzada), $3.99
Zorro Rise Of The Old Gods #2 (Cover B Puis Calzada Pulp Variant), $9.99

Phoebe And Her Unicorn Volume 10 The Unicorn Whisperer GN, $9.99
Shimmering Box Of Unicorn Sparkles Boxed Set, $39.00

Sherman's Lagoon Volume 24 If You Cant Beat 'Em Eat 'Em TP, $14.99

Gold Digger #267, $3.99

Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #303, $7.99
Blossoms 666 TP, $17.99
Jughead The Hunger Vs Vampironica #5 (Cover A Pat Kennedy & Tim Kennedy), $3.99
Jughead The Hunger Vs Vampironica #5 (Cover B David Mack), $3.99
Jughead The Hunger Vs Vampironica #5 (Cover C Dan Panosian), $3.99
World Of Archie Volume 1 TP, $10.99

Unofficial Guide To Game Of Thrones SC, $19.99

Hi-Fructose Magazine Quarterly #53, $8.95

Crossed Badlands #1 (Jacen Burrows Calgary VIP Cover), $19.99
Crossed Badlands #1 (Jacen Burrows Emerald City Comic Con VIP Cover), $19.99
Crossed Badlands #1 (Jacen Burrows Phoenix VIP Cover), $5.99
Crossed Badlands #11 (Gianluca Paligrini Fan Expo VIP Cover), $19.99
Crossed Badlands #14 (Raulo Caceres New York Comic Con VIP Cover), $19.99
Crossed Badlands #25 (Jacen Burrows Collector Set VIP Cover), $19.99
Crossed Badlands #25 (Matt Martin Phoenix VIP Cover), $19.99
Crossed Badlands #75 (Juan Jose Ryp Femme Fatale VIP Cover), $19.99
Crossed Badlands #75 (Raulo Caceres Ritual VIP Cover), $19.99
Stitched Terror Horrified Original Art Box Set, $169.00

George R.R. Martin's A Clash Of Kings Volume 2 GN, $28.00

Art Of Hearthstone Volume 2 The Year Of The Kraken HC, $30.00
Cinematic Art Of World Of Warcraft Volume 1 HC, $45.00
World Of Warcraft Ashbringer HC, $14.99
World Of Warcraft Blizzard Legends Death Knight TP, $12.95

Cartoon Network Trade Paperback Gift Set, $29.99
Ghosted In L.A. #4 (Cover A Siobhan Keenan), $3.99
Ghosted In L.A. #4 (Cover B Sina Grace), $3.99
Hellmouth #1 (Cover A Jenny Frison), $3.99
Hellmouth #1 (Cover B Kyle Lambert), $3.99
Hellmouth #1 (Cover C Kelly Matthews & Nichole Matthews Hellmouth Connecting Variant), $3.99
Hellmouth #1 (Cover D Blank Variant), $3.99
Hellmouth #1 (Cover E Kyle Lambert Foil Variant), $4.99
Hellmouth #1 (Cover F Jenny Frison Black & White Variant), AR
Ronin Island #7 (Cover A Giannis Milonogiannis), $3.99
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Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #24 (Cover A Ivan Shavrin), $3.99
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Saban's Power Rangers The Psycho Path GN, $19.99
Wizard Beach TP, $19.99

Belladonna #1 (Christian Zanier Kickstarter Costume Change Cover A), $8.99
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Jungle Fantasy Annual 2019 (Renato Camilo Century Faster Cover), $19.99
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Jungle Fantasy Annual 2019 (Renato Camilo Century Tasty Cover), $19.99
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Jungle Fantasy Ivory #1 (Christian Zanier Kickstarter Costume Change Cover A), $8.99
Jungle Fantasy Ivory #1 (Christian Zanier Kickstarter Costume Change Cover B), $8.99
Jungle Fantasy Ivory #1 (Christian Zanier Kickstarter Costume Change Cover C), $8.99
Jungle Fantasy Ivory #1 (Christian Zanier Kickstarter Costume Change Cover D), $8.99
Jungle Fantasy Secrets #0 (Juan Jose Ryp Royal Blue Leather Cover), $29.99
Jungle Fantasy Survivors #1 (Christian Zanier Jurassic Fetish Cover A), $8.99
Jungle Fantasy Survivors #1 (Christian Zanier Jurassic Fetish Cover B), $8.99
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Threshold Allure #1 (Ron Adrian Demigod Cover), $7.99
Threshold Allure #2 (Christian Zanier Greek Goddess Praxi Cover), $7.99

Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #112 (Studio Deluxe Edition), $19.99

Star Wars Smuggler's Guide HC, $21.95

Comic Shop News #1686, AR

Deadbeats Omnibus Volume 2 TP, $25.00
Soulsearchers And Company Omnibus Volume 2 TP, $25.00

Plummet GN, $20.00

Baltimore Omnibus Volume 1 HC, $34.99
Black Hammer '45 From The World Of Black Hammer Volume 1 TP, $17.99
Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #4 (Of 5)(Cover A Michael Walsh, $3.99
Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #4 (Of 5)(Cover B Andrew Robinson), $3.99
Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #4 (Of 5)(Cover C Francesco Francavilla), $3.99
Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #4 (Of 5)(Cover D Gabriel Hernandez Walta), $3.99
Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #4 (Of 5)(Cover E Tyler Crook), $3.99
Disney Zootopia School Days Volume 1 HC, $7.99
EC Archives Frontline Combat Volume 2 HC, $49.99
Plants Vs Zombies Volume 14 A Little Problem HC, $9.99
Rain Volume 1 HC, $24.99
Triage #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Phillip Sevy), $3.99
Triage #2 (Of 5)(Cover B Jorge Corona), $3.99
Trout The Hollowest Knock #4 (Of 4), $3.99

All-Star Comics Only Legends Live Forever TP, $49.99
Batman And The Outsiders #6 (Cover A Tyler Kirkham), $3.99
Batman And The Outsiders #6 (Cover B Stephen Segovia), AR
Batman Giant #1, $4.99
Batman Last Knight On Earth #1 (Of 3)(Greg Capullo 3rd Printing Variant Cover)
, $5.99
Batman Universe #4 (Of 6), $4.99
Batman Vs Ra's al Ghul #2 (Of 6), $3.99
Batman's Grave #1 (Of 12)(Cover A Bryan Hitch), $3.99
Batman's Grave #1 (Of 12)(Cover B Jee-Hyung Lee Card Stock Variant), AR
Batman's Grave #1 (Of 12)(Cover C Blank Variant), AR
Catwoman #16 (Cover A Joelle Jones), $3.99
Catwoman #16 (Cover B Viktor Kalvachev), AR
Collapser #4 (Of 6), $3.99
Crisis On Infinite Earths Companion Deluxe Edition Volume 3 HC, $75.00
DC Super Hero Girls At Metropolis High TP, $9.99
DC Villains Giant #1, $4.99
Detective Comics #1013 (Cover A Doug Mahnke), $3.99
Detective Comics #1013 (Cover B Tyler Kirkham), AR
Dollar Comics Watchmen #1, $1.00
Event Leviathan #5 (Of 6)(Cover A Alex Maleev), $3.99
Event Leviathan #5 (Of 6)(Cover B David Mack), AR
Flash #80 (Cover A Rafael Sandoval), $3.99
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Gotham City Monsters #2 (Of 6), $3.99
Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy #2 (Of 6)(Cover A Mikel Janin), $3.99
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Joker Year Of The Villain #1 (Cover A Philip Tan & Marc Deering), $4.99
Joker Year Of The Villain #1 (Cover B Blank Variant), AR
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Justice League Odyssey #14 (Cover A Will Conrad), $3.99
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RWBY #1 (Of 7)(Cover A Sarah Stone), $3.99
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Sandman Overture 30th Anniversary Edition TP, $19.99
Secrets Of Sinister House #1, $9.99
Silencer Volume 3 Up In Smoke TP, $16.99
Supergirl #35 (Cover A Jesus Merino), $3.99
Supergirl #35 (Cover B Drew Johnson), AR
Superman #16 (Cover A Ivan Reis & Joe Prado), $3.99
Superman #16 (Cover B Jason Masters), AR
Wonder Twins #8 (Of 12), $3.99
Wonder Woman #80 (Cover A Yanick Paquette), $3.99
Wonder Woman #80 (Cover B Neil Googe), AR

Smedley GN, $26.95

Disney Frozen 2 The Magical Guide HC, $12.99
Ultimate Star Wars The Definitive Guide To The Star Wars Universe HC (New Edition), $40.00

Handbook To Lazy Parenting GN, $12.95
Hard Tomorrow HC, $24.95

Amazing Spider-Man #19 (Lucio Parrillo ComicXposure Variant Cover), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #20 (Lucio Parrillo ComicXposure Variant Cover), AR
Batman Who Laughs #1 (Of 6)(Greg Horn ComicXposure Variant Cover), AR
DCeased #1 (Of 6)(Ken Haeser Signed & Remarked Batman Sketch Cover), AR
DCeased #1 (Of 6)(Ken Haeser Signed & Remarked Joker Sketch Cover), AR
Detective Comics #1000 (Brian Bolland Jetpack Comics Forbidden Planet Inked Variant Cover), AR
Detective Comics #1000 (Brian Bolland Jetpack Comics Forbidden Planet Variant Cover), AR
Detective Comics #1000 (Dan Jurgens & Kevin Nowlan Variant Cover)(Tom King Gold Signature Edition), AR
History Of The Marvel Universe #1 (Of 6)(Mark Waid Signed Edition), AR
Immortal Hulk #16 (Mike Deodato Jr. Variant Cover), AR
Invisible Woman #1 (Of 5)(Adam Hughes Gold Signature Edition), AR
Silver Surfer Black #1 (Of 5)(Donny Cates Signed Edition Plus 1), AR
Silver Surfer Black #1 (Of 5)(Donny Cates Signed Edition), AR

Battlestar Galactica Classic Counterstrike TP, $19.99
Battlestar Galactica Twilight Command TP, $19.99
Dejah Thoris And The Green Men Of Mars Omnibus TP, $29.99
Hack Slash Vs Chaos TP, $19.99
Red Sonja #8 (Cover P Amanda Conner Virgin Variant), AR
Red Sonja #8 (Cover Q Joseph Michael Linsner Virgin Variant), AR
Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #5 (Of 12)(Cover L Fay Dalton Virgin Variant), AR
Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #5 (Of 12)(Cover M Cat Staggs Virgin Variant), AR
Red Sonja Birth Of The She-Devil #4 (Of 4)(Cover I Lucio Parillo Virgin Variant), AR
Vampirella #1 (Joseph Michael Linsner Exclusive Variant Cover), AR
Vampirella #3 (Cover P J. Scott Campbell Virgin Variant), AR
Vampirella #3 (Cover Q Fay Dalton Virgin Variant), AR
Vampirella #3 (Cover R Sanjulian), AR
Vampirella #3 (Cover S J. Scott Campbell Crimson Blood Line Art Variant), AR
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover A Tula Lotay), $3.99
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover B David Mack), $3.99
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover C Babs Tarr), $3.99
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover D Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire), $3.99
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover E Drew Moss Then And Now Variant), $3.99
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover F Drew Moss Black & White Variant), AR
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover G Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire Black & White Tint Virgin Variant), AR
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Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover I Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire Virgin Variant), AR
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Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover M Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire Black & White Variant), AR
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover N Tula Lotay Virgin Variant), AR

Peanuts Every Sunday Volume 7 1981-1985 HC, $59.99
Walt Disney's Donald Duck Christmas In Duckburg Volume 14 HC, $29.99

Maker Comics Draw A Comic GN, $12.99
Maker Comics Draw A Comic HC, $19.99
Truckus Maximus GN, $16.99
Truckus Maximus HC, $23.99

Things To Do Instead Of Killing Yourself GN, $15.00

Deadly Ten Presents Halloweed Night Meet The Weedjies (Cover A Sergio Rios), $3.99
Deadly Ten Presents Halloweed Night Meet The Weedjies (Cover B Dan Fowler), $3.99

Disney Frozen 2 Big Golden Book HC, $10.99
Disney Frozen 2 Little Golden Book HC, $4.99
Star Wars We Are The Resistance Little Golden Book HC, $4.99

Wings Of Fire Volume 3 The Hidden Kingdom GN, $12.99
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Why Comics From Underground To Everywhere SC, $24.99

Iron Maiden Legacy Of The Beast Expanded Edition Volume 1 TP, $16.66

Tap Dance Killer #5 (Cover A Donny Hadiwidjaja), $3.99
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Twilight Man Rod Serling And The Birth Of Television SC, $22.95

Children Of Aramar TP, $9.99
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Disney Comics And Stories #7 (Cover A Andrea Freccero), $5.99
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Contagion #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Juan Jose Ryp), $3.99
Contagion #2 (Of 5)(Cover B Ryan Browne), AR
Texts: Lamentations 1:1-6; Lamentations 3:19-26; 2 Timothy 1:1-14; Luke 17:5-10

Call to Worship
In cities like Dallas and London,
where lives are lost and voices are not heard,
we call to mind that faith which is passed on to us,
that justice will speak out for all people.
In border towns and communities walled in by poverty ,
where fears destroy families and scatter neighbors,
we call to mind that hope which is passed on to us,
that peace and reconciliation will rebuild communities.
In neighborhoods not known, in places never mentioned,
where bitter tears are shed and the lonely walk the streets,
we call to mind that love which we can pass on
to those forgotten by the world, including us.

Prayer of the Day

It is not in the hollowness
of our fears,
   but there in the depths
   of your heart, Singer of Songs,
that the notes are written
that can reshape our lives,
that the melody of hope is composed.
Seed Planter,
you only did
what you ought to have done:
traveling our lonely cities,

     listening to
         the weeping of parents;

      reaching out to
         share our burdens.

You enter our hearts

   to heal them,
Spirit of love;
      you enter our fears
         to open us to possibilities;
      you enter our communities
         to create families;
      you empty yourself,
         so we may share the good
         treasure of hope with all
God in Community, Holy in One,
we lift our prayers as Jesus taught us,

(The Lord’s Prayer)

Call to Reconciliation
Faith, hope, love have all been passed on to us, not so we can hoard these gifts for ourselves, but so we might share them with others.  Let us lift our prayers to the One who is always ready to place forgiveness in our hearts, as we tell how we have not done this in our lives.

Unison Prayer for Forgiveness
     We think if we turn off the media, we will not need to listen to the voices of our neighbors, God of all the world.  We are blessed with family and friends, and so do not know the lonely.  We are at ease in a world which is troubled, and so do not notice the bitter tears of others.  Because we are people of affluence and privilege, we cannot understand those who are broken by the anger and brutality of the world.

   Yet, you know, God of the sufferers.  You hear the cries of those living in oppression, and call us to listen.  Your tears mingle with those whose children lie mangled or dead in war zones, and would have us be peacemakers.  Your faithfulness is great, when ours seems so futile, yet you would have us serve the world alongside your Child, Jesus, even as he served us with his life and gifts.  Amen.
Silence is kept

Assurance of Pardon
Call this to mind: God is ever faithful; hope is the gift passed on to us, love is the gift we can share with others; God’s mercies never come to an end.

Great is God’s faithfulness to all people, in all places. Thanks be to God, who has given us the promise of life in Christ Jesus our Lord! Amen.

Prayer of Dedication/Offering
We are here, because of those who passed on their faith to us.  We are generous, because God has blessed us with gifts beyond imagination.  We would pass on these gifts, as well as hope and love, as we offer them to our God, in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

Great Prayer of Thanksgiving
May God be with you.
And also with you.
People of God, lift up your hearts.
We lift them to the One who cradles our hearts in loving hands.People of God, let us give thanks to the God who sets a Table for us.
We praise the Lord our God who welcomes us with open arms.
How lonely was chaos, Gardener of the Universe,
until you spoke a Word, and your Spirit created:
   leaves that burnish gold and red in autumn,
   snow that drifts lazily in winter skies,
   frozen brooks that burst in spring,
   ponds splashing with children in summer.
You planted the seeds of joy in our ancestors
hoping they would pass them onto us,
   but they walked sin’s lonely streets
   and drank the bitter tears death offered.
Though the prophets came
to remind us of your great faithfulness,
   we continued to feast on the
   wormwood and gall offered by the world.     
But you would not forget us,

and so sent Jesus to bring us home to you.

Therefore we join our voices,
as we sing of your mercies
made fresh in every moment

Sung: (tune: Bunessan
God of Creation, Lord of all beauty,
All creatures join in singing your love;
Holy Compassion, Joy of our mornings,
Fill us with grace which comes from above.

You alone are holy, heart Speaker,
and we are blessed through Jesus, life’s Promise.
When we would wander the lonely streets of the world,
   he would take us by the hand,
   to lead us into your joy.
When others would pass on

bitterness and hate to us,
   he fills us with the gifts
   of hope and love.
Splashing in sin's puddles,
    he washed our feet
    and dried them with his love,
         leading us into the kingdom.
Daughters of despair, sons of sadness,
orphans of woe -
     he gathers us all up
     in his arms of mercy
          wiping out death,
     and sits us down
          at the family Table.

As we remember his grace and love,
as we dare not forget his sacrifice for us,
we sing of that mystery we call faith:

Sung: Christ of the outcast, Comfort of mourners,
Neighbor to strangers, Love without end;
Bearer of burdens, Grace ever with us,
Blessing our children, Brother and Friend.

Holy Spirit,
as we offer the gifts
of the bread and the cup
for your blessing,
so we present ourselves:
     our accomplishments, our failings,
     our hopes, our realities.
Make us weak,
     so we might rely
          on your strength.
As we have heard the Word,
     may we listen
          to the cries of the poor.
As we are family
with those sitting beside us today,
     may we love our sisters and brothers
          in every corner of creation.
As you hold out
the bread and the cup to us,
     may we reach out to enemies
          to clasp hands as friends.

God in Community, Holy in One,
all honor and glory are yours,
as we sing our praises through all eternity:

Sung: Spirit of kindness, Breath of forgiveness,
Faithful Companion, just as Christ said;
God's little children gathered together,
Drink of salvation, feast on your Bread.

God would send you forth into the loneliness of the world.
we would call this to mind,
as we go to embrace all the rejected and forgotten.
Jesus would send you forth into the bitterness around us,
we would call this to mind,
as we seek to have all voices heard, all grief comforted.
The Spirit would send you forth into the brokenness of others,
we would call this to mind,
as we carry peace and love to neighbors and strangers.

©  Thom M. Shuman


Show + Tell: Confronting Pain (Week 4)   


While some people have intellectual concerns with Christianity, others have trouble with faith simply because of the pain they experience in their lives. They want to know: how can God allow me to suffer? Psalm 23 expresses beautiful promises from God as He walks with us through our pain.


It May Not Be What You Think   


Radio Wave Oct. 2, 2019 - What the world needs most today, more than anything, may not be what you imagine. God has planned it for you. Our Lady has planned it for the world. A Friend of Medjugorje covers these topics with the experience of Our Lady's October 2, 2019 apparition and message.


The God of Second Chances: The Day of Atonement   


On that day shall the priest make an atonement for you, to cleanse you, that ye may be clean from all your sins before the Lord. ~ Leviticus 16:30 So Christ also having been once offered to bear the sins of…


Kommentarer till Bitte Assarmo: Därför tiger Sveriges kyrkor och samfund om de äldres utsatta situation av Jaxel    


Man kan beskriva det så här. Att ge uttryck och i handling visa omtanke om de äldre borde vara självklart. Ett sådant förhållnungssätt visar således inte på någon särskild godhet. Att däremot ge uttryck för och i handling visa på djup omtanke för människor på andra sidan jordklotet är inte alls lika självklart. Genom att göra det har man verkligen chansen att visa hur exceptionellt god man är. Det är förstås särskilt frestande enär denna godhet som demonstreras i prsktiken sällan är förknippad med några personliga uppoffringar Således prioriteras omtanken om våra äldre ned som en följd av en ambition att framstå som alldeles särskilt god - d v s som en följd av en sorts själviskhet. Frågan om man inte med fog kan beskriva det som motsatsen till godhet Sen tillkommer förstås det vanliga att svenska kyrkan vill vara makten till lags. Har den inte alltid varit det?


Derth Vader on UFO'S 111516 Must See    


Had to add blackvault on my device and type in the below link for you to hopefully be able to pull this up. Maybe it works. Please read all below. *** I set it so you use to have acssess to my phone drive through Google drive ,if it works.*** You have my permission to edit this topic so my drive info through blackvault@blackblackvault isn't put out to the public. Access to my phone. drive I mean. Thnx.



On Nov.15 2016 at 1230 hours I was driving home from work and camera filmed two cloaked UFO'S. Go frame by frame and you'll see them. One looks like a red cloud and it's only in one frame. The other a silver cigar shape that moved with unconventional speed. Never saw with eye's. Only upon review of footage at later date and time. Look me up through M.U.F.O.N. More of my report's there. The photo with UFO over my carport was cloaked. I filmed it on 040317 if my memory serves me correct. I filed the report with blackvault several times over the last week and a half and I'm now awaiting contact. There's much more. I'm new here and what I speak of is very concerning to say the least. Am unable to directly post video's and still photto's. Keeps showing as broken links through Google of course/ you tube. I would offer, try going to my current you tube channel Naughty Monkey. Go under playlist's and you will find video's and slide show video's I put up on my original channel 2016-2018. My old channel was - Daniel Heavens Reckoning Approaches Surles. If the video's are viewable through you tube just know I used great discernment at the time of posting. I could be wrong on some things and I don't expect anyone to buy into my opinions or views listed with said evidence, but believe me when I say what I have needs to be looked into by trained ufo-ology investigator's at the very least. My evidence ranges from 2016 to present in Thomas County Ga. Since all this started I have mysteriously had two computer system that worked fine go down in one night due to unexplainably having my administrator password's changed, locking me totally out. Not to mention video's and photo's just disappearing off of external hard drive's or rendered useless. Camera's and video camera's damaged by what I call " their frequency offensive counter measure's on cloaked drone's and hardware that very apparently is employed in my sky. I am a former U.S.M.C Marine (Infantry), former Ga. P.O.S.T certified local law enforcement 13.5 yr.'s total (Two yr.'s of which as P.O.S.T. certfied Identification Technician/ crime scene), and former International Police Advisor to Iraqi Police for two yrs.'s. Any and all help would be immensely appreciated. If it seems I am sending this over and over again. It's because I am due to the wall of censorship I'm up against and have been up against for the better part of the last three year's. Again help in getting to the bottom of this or at the least exposing it would be greatly appreciated. I'm here for truth and all the people in America and worldwide who deserve the Truth of what's really going on right now everywhere. This is ramping up more and more day by day. God Speed,

DerthVader 100519 at 1853 hours Eastern standard time.





Read the full article on AICN

One of the more popular cinematic genres of the 1970s was the Religious Horror Film.  Born as a reaction to the turbulent state of the world during this time, these modern-day interpretations of ancient beliefs both terrified and fascinated viewers across the world.  What's so interesting about how Christianity is represented – most notably in THE EXORCIST and THE OMEN, as well as their latter-day sequels -- is the idea that Evil is both alive and well in modern times; and yet for all the Biblical "truths" that contemporary society is willing to reaccept via the filmic medium, the supreme power in the universe--God Himself--is conspicuously absent within the narrative.  Both THE EXORCIST and THE OMEN present the notion that Satan is at work in our advanced and seemingly civilized world, but God, on the other hand, is nowhere to be found in either tale except as an invisible (and apparently impotent) entity.
THE EXORCIST deals with the specter of religion on a personal level.  Adapted for the screen from his novel, William Peter Blatty tells the story of 12 year-old Regan MacNeil and her possession by a diabolical entity.  After much head-spinning, urination, vomiting, and masturbation with a crucifix, her movie star mother, Chris MacNeil, recruits the Catholic Church in the form of exorcists Damien Karras and Lankester Merrin.  During the ritual, Merrin dies of heart failure, forcing Karras to take the demon into his

Finish the article on AICN


Grumpy McGrumpface: Dawkins on Brexit, democracy and God   


Here is part of Professor Dawkins' "Diary" in this week's Spectator magazine:

I hate the very idea of a referendum. Referendums are capable of naming a ship ‘Boaty McBoatface’. We are a parliamentary democracy. We vote for representatives who have the time (and salary) to examine complicated economic and political issues thoroughly and give an informed vote. Nevertheless, having got into this mess through David Cameron’s cowardly folly, the only way out is another referendum. If Leave wins again, we should accept it with good grace and make the best of it. But it’s hard to imagine that Leave could possibly win again, now that we know — as we did not in 2016 — what Leave really means. A connoisseur, too, of religious faith, I detect it in the fanatical zeal of Brexiteers: those for whom the 2016 vote has become unchangeable holy writ; those who are prepared to force Brexit through at any price, even if the price is the obvious and undeniable disaster of no deal. Boris Johnson’s bullying, threatening bluster, when he should be apologising if not resigning, may betoken cynical ambition, but the ill-mannered cheering-on by his barmy supporters surely stems from blind faith.

The kitten of his argument is eaten alive with polemical fleas. Washing these off, we see that he says referendums sometimes give answers that those in charge don't like, which is true, but trite; and that we should have a second referendum because Leavers didn't know what they were voting for the first time, which is not trite and not true.

If anything, during the pre-vote campaign the Leave-inclined public had an unduly bleak picture of economic consequences painted for them by the PM, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Governor of the Bank of England, CBI and all the other panjandrums riding Tom Pearce's grey mare towards Widecombe Fair and their downfall.

One could also argue that Remain-inclined voters were insufficiently informed of the likely consequences of staying in the EU: the military buildup, the legal seizure of control over UK Armed Forces, the aspiration to Empire, the dangerous fiscal imbalances in the Eurozone, the growing regional inequalities that are feeding social unrest, the threat to the UK's Welfare State of unlimited Schengen "free movement of people." Professor Dawkins may find it hard to imagine Leave winning again, but his view is coloured by the knowitall Oxford milieu in which he lives, and which prevents him from understanding - perhaps he has never even met them - the "fanatical", "barmy" and "blind" majority of his fellow subjects.

You may also care to de-flea his preceding paragraph, which is equally tendentious and oratorical:

I would normally not mention Brexit in a diary such as this. But the humiliation of our sick-joke Prime Minister has dominated the week and cannot be avoided. I expected a good verdict from the Supreme Court, but its unanimity and decisiveness had me whooping and thumping the table with joy. It really deserved a standing ovation and I sensed one rising up from decent people all over the country. Whether you voted Leave or Remain, you are surely revolted by the unashamed manipulation of the Queen for partisan political ends. Ends, moreover, that have no sensible connection to ‘the will of the people’. For when ‘the people’ expressed their will in 2016, ‘Leave’ most certainly did not mean ‘Leave with no deal’. It meant, as we were repeatedly assured, an orderly and amicable separation.

One reason he will have been given this space to air his views is that he has just brought out another theological tome, "Outgrowing God." The review in Private Eye magazine (issue 1506, p.36) is unsympathetic and identifies, I think correctly, a weakness in him: an inablity to appreciate alternative points of view. He seems to be the sort of person who "knows what he knows" and that is not a quality to make the best sort of university teacher, I should have thought.

But then the professorship he held from 1995 to 2008 was not for scientific research and teaching per se - though he is a highly distinguished geneticist evolutionary biologist (corrected - please see Bruce Charlton's comment below). The chair of "Public Understanding of Science" was created specifically for him by the billionaire Microsoft applications developer Charles Simonyi, who will not have been unaware of Dawkins' views on religion. Dawkins was given a position that required him to communicate with the public; though under the circumstances, one wonders what is the gist of the messages Simonyi wished him to convey.

In any case, such is the Professor's "fanatical zeal" that he is in danger of undermining his own credibility. Philosopher and Christian Peter Williams says "far from being a disinterested advocate of truth, Dawkins spends his time preaching the gospel of atheism using a raft of fallacious arguments dressed up in an obscuring cloak of science" and gives examples of Dawkins' logical weaknesses here:

Returning to "Outgrowing God": the Private Eye reviewer says

... Worse still is the book's lack of empathy. There is no acknowledgement, let alone understanding, of the fact that, for some young people, science and reason may not offer the same degree of emotional comfort provided by the notion of God and, what's more, this does not necessarily make these individuals wankers. [...] There remains a coldness at the heart of Dawkins' writing that is as self-defeating as it is wearing.

I am sure that when discussing matters within his scientific field Dawkins makes perfect sense. But he may be blind to science's - and his own - limitations.

The philosopher AJ Ayer used to maintain that meaningful statements were only about what could be proved, a position from which he resiled later on. I suggest that one of the unprovable ones is Leibniz's question; "Why is there something rather than nothing?"

It seems to me that any scientific attempt to explain the origin of the Universe can only refer to things we observe in the Universe itself - time, space, matter, energy - and so the explanation will be circular. If the universe had a beginning, we cannot know how it started, even theoretically (references to a multiverse merely raise the question of how that started.) Alternatively, if there was no start, the brute fact of the Universe's existence is equally enigmatic.

I accept that by itself this conundrum goes nowhere near justifying all the tenets of religious dogmas; but I think Professor Dawkins should temper his assertions with a little humility and empathic understanding. He lays about him insensitively, like someone playing Blind-Man's-Buff.


Program Coordinator, Yukon Adult Resource Centre - The Salvation Army Alberta - Whitehorse, YT   


The Salvation Army is an international Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible; Its ministry is motivated by the love for God and the needs of… $49,605 - $62,000 a year
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Veckans mat- 5 härliga vardagsmiddagar   


God måndag. Jäklar i gatan vilken höst det blev. Imorse när jag skulle skicka iväg Axel till bussen var det minusgrader och värmen tog sig inte över 10 grader på hela dagen. Kom nyss in från en promenad med hunden och trots pannband och vantar frös jag verkligen! Inser att jag lär införskaffa någon form…


Trek 3.0 Navigator Hybrid Bicycle 4, Sale   


 It,s time to get back in shape....Bike has all Shimano components...Complete Aluminum Frame..very light.....Camina rims...Bontrager Seat.....Everything works perfect ..Has seat-bag...Water-bottle....rear tail-light....All adjustments made..Bike rides very smooth.....Looking for a new home...Was 479.99 new...Asking 175 Cash only please.....Calls only before 9pm....Ask 4 Mike....God Bless


Comment on Fish Broth by Crystal    


Thanks for this recipe, my hubby requested fish broth on a Saturday and in all my years of cooking, I never made it before. It came out wonderfully delish, him and his friends finished the pot, thank God I got a small bowl before the cleared it down. Thanks again.


Comment on Meyer to retire as president of Concordia Seminary by Rev. Richard Zeile    


Dr. Meyer is a gifted servant to the Church in difficult times. Praise be to God for this His servant, and God bless his time of retirement.


BHOY: An Animated Short Film   


BHOY is a teenager forced to mature in a savage world ruled by a God Whale. Written, Directed and Animated by…


Comment on Earth as Oikos: A Christian Concern for the Earth by Jonathon Strand    


Whenever we narrow religious life to our own concerns, then we overlook the prophetic calling of the Church to implore God and invoke the divine Spirit for the renewal of the whole polluted cosmos. For, the entire world is the space within which this transformation is enacted. When we are transformed by divine grace, then we discern the injustice in which we are participants; but then we will also labor to share the resources of our planet; then, we realize that eco-justice is paramount -- not simply for a better life, but for our very survival. " " As Orthodox Christians, we use the Greek word kairos to describe a moment in time, often a brief moment in time, which has eternal significance. For the human race as a whole, there is now a kairos, a decisive time in our relationship with God’s creation. We will either act in time to protect life on earth from the worst consequences of human folly, or we will fail to act. May God grant us the wisdom to act in time. Amen. "- Patriarch BARTHOLOMEW of Constantinople


Comment on Catfish God by germanus+ Jonathon    


Hey. Here's another link to something you might like.... We really shoyld exchange emails. Lol!


Comment on Catfish God by germanus+ Jonathon    


I believe in my second post I made the mistake of saying that Luther took issue with St. Luke's gospel. But was it St. James of whom Luther said that his gospel was like straw or tinder and should be burned as such. He wrestled continually with the issue of faith v. works. What could he offer without turning to the holy Fathers?


Comment on Catfish God by germanus+ Jonathon    


Faith is the substance of things hoped for! We should revel in this. Our hope is in Christ. In orthodoxy there is no conflict between faith and works. Without faith there is no good work. Without work, there is definitely no good faith. One does not exist without the other and certainly not without Christ. As St. Paul was teaching, was he teaching a specific language of Theology which was to be taken as the final word on dogmatics? No. He was addressing the needs of the local churches. Luther was attempting to defend the faith against what he thought was awry in the church, but without the assistance of the Patristic wisdom set before him. The Gospel is living and not just a set of books. The oral, holy tradition came before the scriptures, transmitted through the liturgy for the edification of the faithful. Who better to explain the scriptures than the church which had established the Canon of books to be regarded as holy writ? Should we then cast aside the interpretation which has been handed down for our own interpretation? Solar Scriptura falls apart when one views the history of the church and with it, Solar Fide. Faith is lived my friend. It can not be fully expressed except in living the experience of the knowledge of the life of Christ and a direct relationship with Him through the Eucharistic communion with His flesh and blood in the church. Unless you eat of His flesh and drink His blood, you have no life in you. You know, for as much as Luther argued for faith being sufficient for salvation, something strikes me about his writings which he misses so easily. In the liturgy of St. Basil and later St. John Chrysostom, the prayer of preparation before communion states, " I have never done anything good in Thy sight... But like the thief do I confess Thee. Remember me O Lord in Thy kingdom." Our faith is insufficient. God receives us in spite of this. He said to the woman with an issue of blood that it was her faith that had saved her. Was this to be taken so literal? If so than we should tell those who pray and still suffer that their faith is not strong enough. But you and I know this is a lie. The Lord is merciful and He blesses us anyway. Let us be inspired then in the mystery which is that He blesses us with a constant outpouring of grace. Should we receive it welcoming, we will experience heaven. Should we reject it, like a consuming fire we will experience His love as Hell. Here is another link by the same author... May it find you in peace.

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