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Cosmin Girleanu, la turneul preolimpic   

Pugilistul Cosmin Girleanu, legitimat la CS Hunedoara si proaspat campion national in limitele categoriei de 52 kg, va boxa, luna viitoare, intr-un turneu de calificare pentru Jocurile Olimpice din aceasta vara. Pentru a ajunge la Tokyo, Girleanu trebuie sa treaca de trei adversari, ce vor fi stabiliti prin tragere la sorti. Colegul sau de club, James Chereji, medaliat cu bronz la recentele...

02/19 Links Pt2: The UN Should Be Ashamed of Its Anti-Israel Boycott List; The Only Way to Fight Anti-Semitism Is through Policy Action, Not with Lip Service   

From Ian:

The UN Should Be Ashamed of Its Anti-Israel Boycott List
The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has produced a handy catalogue of companies that supporters of Israel can give their business to. Of course, this was not its intention. The roster was compiled at the request of the UN Human Rights Council. This is a body in which countries whose idea of human rights is gender-neutral torture and equal-opportunity ballot-rigging get together and pass reams of vexatious resolutions against Israel.

The BDS movement's economic warfare against the Jewish state has had little success but that's not the point: a UN body is tacitly legitimizing its agenda and even doing the research for it. What OHCHR's list is about is the UN's institutional hostility towards Israel and support for "de-judaizing" Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria.

Jerusalem is Israel's capital; before that it was the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Judah. However hard the UN strives to erase the Jewish character of the city, its historical record isn't going anywhere. When Israel captured Judea and Samaria in 1967, they did so not from any state called Palestine (no such state has ever existed), but from Jordan, whose annexation was almost universally unrecognized - it was an illegal occupation - and prior to this these lands had been part of Mandatory Palestine.

Mandatory Palestine was created by the League of Nations to "secure the establishment of the Jewish national home." The Israelis have many innovations to their name, but perhaps their greatest feat is being the first nation-state in history to "illegally occupy" their own territory.

The people the UN harms when it works to isolate and delegitimize Israel are the Palestinians. It tells them that their long, painful campaign of national self-harm is just and holds out false hope that it will one day triumph. It won't.

The priority of anyone who professes to be pro-Palestinian should be convincing the Palestinians to recognize that Israel is here to stay and, on that basis, finally accept offers of peace and statehood.
The Australian Editorial: A Brazen Anti-Semitic "Blacklist"
The UN Human Rights Council's "blacklist" of 112 international and local companies operating in the territories is a shameful attempt to strike a blow against the Middle East's only functioning democracy and upholder of the rule of law and religious freedom. No wonder Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council executive director Colin Rubenstein described publication of the blacklist as "a witch-hunt that reminds us of Nazi-era boycotts of the Jewish people." There is no precedent for any UN body taking similar action over a disputed territory, and no basis in international law for it to do so.

As Dr. Rubenstein pointed out, it is not in breach of international law for the 112 companies to operate in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. "They are legitimate businesses providing goods and services...they are not breaking any international laws." Australia must waste no opportunity to condemn and counter the council's brazen hypocrisy and the sinister witch-hunt it has embarked on.

Against (Honest Discussions of) Anti-Semitism
Last October, protesters from the anti-Israel group, Students for Justice in Palestine, disrupted a panel on anti-Semitism hosted by Bard’s Hannah Arendt Center. The disruptors thought it appropriate to single out an all-Jewish panel focused on hatred of Jews to vent their spleen at Israel. According to Batya Ungar Sargon of the Forward, who served on the panel, the protesters were even applauded by some of the invited conference attendees. These “vaunted intellectuals, flown in from across the country to discuss racism, were commending a display of racism against Jews.”

Racism against Jews? Perish the thought, replied distinguished defenders of the protest. These students weren’t saying that the Jews, alone among peoples, should be hounded when they discuss threats to their safety. No, they were there mainly to protest the distinguished scholar of Yiddish literature and Jewish history, Ruth Wisse, who is, after all, some kind of conservative. Moreover, Wisse had made an imprecise remark about the exploitation of Palestinian suffering decades ago, and that, her critics maintain, suffices as evidence of anti-Palestinian racism. Finally, Wisse’s talk on the panel focused on left-wing anti-Semitism, so why shouldn’t Students for Justice in Palestine protest? Case closed.
spies of no country ad

Yes, as Ungar-Sargon reported, one of the protesters said that the Israel issue is inextricably bound to the question of anti-Semitism—that is, the protest could properly have taken place against any panel on anti-Semitism. Of course, the pro-Palestinian left doesn’t just go around targeting anti-Semitism panels. Don’t be ridiculous!

Not so. Last Thursday, Deborah Lipstadt, gave a talk on anti-Semitism at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. Lipstadt, a distinguished scholar of modern Jewish history and author of the 2019 book, Antisemitism: Here and Now, is not a conservative. Even the unjust haven’t gotten around to accusing her of anti-Palestinian racism, except insofar as they consider all Zionists racists. And Lipstadt, though she attends to left-wing anti-Semitism, doesn’t single it out. She is perhaps best known for combatting right-wing Holocaust deniers.

So the left—to be fair, just a few—turned up to protest.
JCPA: The Only Way to Fight Anti-Semitism Is through Policy Action, Not with Lip Service
Anti-Semitism turns dangerous when it becomes the organizing principle of a society, which occurred during the last century under Nazism and Communism. Anti-Semitism was a basic domineering system of thought for both, binding together the cultural and social mosaics by catering to the general mood of their populaces. Anti-Semitism becomes dangerous when it not only solidifies the theoretical foundations of a political system but also paves a political path.

This is why today’s anti-Semitism, with its increase in murderous attacks and all kinds of despicable expressions, has become politically significant. Its constant bias against the Jewish People (and thereby Zionism), Israel’s existence, self-defense, policies, as well as Israel’s image, has progressively intersected with institutions of the current systems of power. It has entered into the mindset of many on the Right and the Left, who live under the same roof of “intersectionality,” i.e., those feeling oppressed by myriad sources and who harbor social frustration in diverse forms. The blame attributed to the Jewish people and, therefore, to Zionism is tied to the social disapproval of the latter, like the indispensable tail of a kite high in the wind. Moreover, the continuous promotion of widespread institutional anti-Semitism, particularly at the EU and UN, has given it political credibility.

For example, the debate about ethnic differences, gender, culture, etc., are all commingled. A feminist or a university professor, or a member of the LGBT community, a Hollywood director, or a member of a child-defending NGO, attacks Israel for reasons that can vary from pink-washing, women oppressed by the occupation, dead Palestinian children, White Supremacy, to neo-colonialism. There are infinite themes available. This commingling of poisonous biases not only animates but also strengthens such thinking. In this manner, the fuming claimant becomes a harmonious part of the current, pacifist, or anti-nationalist systems of thought. Along with the typical anti-Semitic stereotypes, the State of Israel is repeatedly represented as warmongering, colonial, and racist in nature; therefore, Judaism, which generated Israel, is responsible for this distorted Weltanschauung (world view). The circle of anti-Semitism closes in on the simple idea that Judaism includes the entire Jewish people.

Today, the most important institutions postulate this line of thinking even if not explicitly. The parents of contemporary anti-Semitism, together with universities, publishing houses, and movie companies, are the same who appear in conferences, institutions, synagogues, and even in Israel to proclaim their campaigns against anti-Semitism. Meanwhile, not a single significant institution such as the EU or the UN, which, under the pretense of humanitarian or international authorities, promotes an agenda disapproving of Israel and thereby the Jewish people.
Why Young Europeans Can’t Understand Israeli Settlers
A core values conflict
Without necessarily trying to broadcast it, the Jewish state is a Biblical throwback and an ethnic-nationalist state — and therefore stands for Bible and God, nationalism and family, self-determination and self-defense. Even the majority of the Israeli left espouses most of these core values.

Europe, on the other hand, is post-God, post-nationalism, post-family, and post-Holocaust — and is therefore understandably at odds with the very concept of Israel.

Moreover, Europe is not just Europe. It is a mindset that can be found across the ocean in places like The New York Times, and on many American college campuses. For them, the Bible is no rationale at all, nationalism is repugnant, and Israel is the aggressor, not the victim.

The enemies of Israel seek to exploit and enhance this Euro-mindset by creating an atmosphere where the pillars of Israel are further undermined. According to their teachings, Israel cannot base its claims on an ancient book, Israeli nationalism is nothing but repressive colonialism, and claims of the Holocaust are grossly exaggerated — recognizable rhetoric to young Europeans.

Is dialogue possible?
Many Israelis and Israel proponents have identified some of these landmines and have tried to create language to bridge the gaps. Therefore the Jewish state’s image has gone through “nation-branding” cycles where Israel has been recast as the startup nation, gay capital of the Middle East and bikini-clad night-life destination. But these do little to mask Israel’s Biblical and nationalistic character, and neither do they succeed in undoing the damage caused by the exploiters of the post-God, post-national Euro-mindset.

Sadly, the intellectual gaps between today’s Europe and Israel are unbridgeable — and there is not much to do about it. However, as the adage goes, a conservative is just a liberal who has been mugged. While Europe’s winds are to the left today, they are liable to swing back to the right in the future. Such is the case with the United Kingdom’s Brexit for example, or the resurgent nationalism of Eastern Europe.

Unlike Europe’s current whim, Israel’s nationalism, Biblical heritage and yearning for self-defense are age-old truths that will eventually overcome the intellectual vicissitudes of today. That is what I told my young German journalist guests. Did they like hearing it? Not exactly. But at least they got a straight answer and were no longer dumbfounded as to why they can’t understand why Jews fight to live in Judea.
Questions Lawmakers Should Ask CMEP Leader Mae Cannon
Founded in 1984, Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) is a lobby organization supported by approximately 30 churches and church-related organizations in the United States.

The organization, which works to influence Congress, the White House, and the State Department regarding American foreign policy in the Middle East, sends alerts to its supporters who in turn are asked to contact government officials about their concerns.

The churches that support CMEP, particularly mainline Protestant churches, sometimes broadcast these alerts to their members. In its messaging about the Arab-Israeli conflict, CMEP mainlytargets Israel and the U.S. with criticism and demands while remaining largely silent about the misdeeds of the Palestinian Authority, which governs the West Bank, and Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip.

With its one-sided testimony about the conflict, CMEP has served as a de facto replacement for the PLO’s diplomatic mission in Washington, D.C. that was shut down by the Trump Administration in 2018.

CMEP and the Palestinian Authority are on the same page when it comes to condemning the Trump Administration’s Peace to Prosperity Peace plan put forth in late January. When CMEP’s executive director Rev. Mae Cannon, Ph.D, issued a statement condemning the plan, the Palestinian Authority posted it on its website.

During a recent conference call organized by the Global Immersion Project, another so-called “peace” organization, Cannon said that her organization would call on its supporters to declare that they are opposed to the Trump peace plan. On its website, CMEP declared that the “inevitable result” of the plan “will be more human rights abuses, trauma, and violence.” With statements like this, CMEP is giving the Palestinian Authority the cover it needs to refuse to negotiate a final settlement, something it has failed to do in good faith for years.

It’s a strange thing to see from an organization led by a “peace” activist who declared in 2018, “Throwing mud at peace negotiations does not bring peace closer. It just adds yet more burdens to negotiate for peace, and more pretext for those opposed to peace.”

Who is throwing mud now?
Does Churches for Middle East Peace Leader Really Want Peace?
Earlier this month, Mae Cannon, executive director of Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP), an anti-Israel propaganda organization supported by mainline Protestant churches in the United States, told supporters that sometime in the next few days, her organization was going to issue an “action alert.”

The alert would tell CMEP supporters to express their opposition to the “Peace to Prosperity” proposal put forth by the Trump administration on January 28, 2020. Cannon made this declaration during a February 5, 2020 podcast organized by Jer Swigart from the Global Immersion Project, another so-called “peace” organization — which, like CMEP, brings activists to the Holy Land, who then agitate against Israel when they get home, all under the guise of peace.

“This is a critical moment for the church in terms of the way we respond to this moment in world history,” Cannon said during the podcast. “I’ve been crying a lot about this deal.”

Prior to the podcast, Cannon issued a statement condemning the Trump plan because it suggested that a number of villages south of Haifa become part of the future Palestinian state. Israeli Arabs, who have regularly complained about their minority status in Israel, have made it perfectly clear that they do not wish to become part of the Arab majority in a state run by the Palestinian Authority. Cannon declared that the proposal to shift these villages to the Palestinian state is “meant to maximize the amount of land under Israeli control while minimizing the number of Palestinians living on the land.”

With her condemnation of the proposal to transfer the “triangle” villages into the future state of Palestine, Cannon implicitly acknowledged something she doesn’t want to admit publicly — no one in their right mind would want to live in a future state of Palestine, because the people who would likely govern the country are corrupt, violent, authoritarian, and inept. But this hasn’t stopped CMEP and so many other Christian “peacemakers” from carrying water for unaccountable Palestinian elites, who use anti-Israel sentiment to distract rank-and-file Palestinians from their thieving ways.

In her cri de coeur, which was posted on the Palestinian Authority’s website, Cannon declared, “The plan presented by President Trump and further fleshed out by Prime Minister Netanyahu is nothing less than a recipe for endless oppression and injustice.”
Jewish leader fundraises for candidate who said ‘Israeli lobby’ controls GOP
Norm Coleman, the chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition and a former senator from Minnesota, is fundraising for a candidate for Senate in the state who once said the GOP is “controlled” by the “Israeli lobby.”

Coleman will host a February 27 fund-raiser for Jason Lewis in Washington. Lewis, a congressman from Minnesota from 2017-2019, hopes to win the GOP primary to face off against incumbent Democratic Senator Tina Smith.

CNN’s KFile last year uncovered audio from a talk radio show Lewis hosted in 2013 in which he discussed the opposition among some in the pro-Israel community to former president Barack Obama’s nominee for defense secretary, Chuck Hagel, a former GOP senator from Nebraska who once referred disparagingly to the “Israel lobby.”

Lewis on the radio show alleged that dual Israeli-American citizens in Congress and in government influenced Israel policy. He named John Bolton, then a former UN ambassador, among them, although Bolton is neither a citizen of Israel or Jewish.

“They do have, they do control of the Republican Party right now,” Lewis said. “The Republican Party is essentially a neo-conservative party that believes in unending support for Israel. A blind loyalty towards Israel is the linchpin of being a good Republican. And when you get those sort of dual loyalties, what happens if it’s not in America’s best interest?”

Lewis also referred to a “very strong American Jewish lobby” to explain US support for Israel but said he does not see that “as a negative.”
Bernie Articulates Nightmare Middle East Vision: US Must Support Hamas, Tehran
Below, I’ve enclosed a transcript of Senator Bernie Sanders’ February 18 appearance on CNN’s Presidential Town Hall. It is a fine example of leftist thinking about reality in the Middle East that is so mired in the 1970s it would take a force as big as Yoko Ono, perhaps, to break it up. Point by point, Sanders reveals his deep ignorance about a region which has undergone breathtaking changes over the past decade – but said changes, alas, have made no impression on Bernie’s consciousness. And then there’s Bernie’s old lefty line about the Jewish State’s involvement in all this that goes: It all began when Israel retaliated. It’s a classic.

Oh, and he makes it all glide good into the oven on a thick shortening agent he calls “as somebody who is Jewish.”

We know you’re Jewish, Bernie, we just don’t know why God did it to us.

So, here are the full quotes, courtesy of People for Bernie, in response about a question from the child of Israeli yordim regarding US-Israel relations under the Sanders Administration. Bernie said:

“To be for the Israeli people and to be for peace in the Middle East does not mean that we have to support rightwing racist governments that currently exist in Israel.”

This is a repeated argument by Sanders, which is yet to be challenged: should the US withhold its support from governments it deems rightwing and racist? Is that the President Sanders doctrine? Would the Sanders administration revoke its 10-year, $38 billion military aid contract with Israel, signed by the last Democrat in the White House, whom so many of us believed was anti-Israel?

Of course, it can’t be done, because that particular aid package is anchored in Congressional legislation, which would take a majority in both houses to dismantle. But Bernie, right off the bat, announces his intent to go to war against the Israeli government, should it be led, once again, by PM Benjamin Netanyahu or someone like him.

Good to know.

Labour Party expels councillor who said “Jewish leaders are worse than Nazis” after brief suspension
The Labour Party has expelled a councillor who said that “Jewish leaders are worse than Nazis” after suspending him last month.

Andy Kay, who has also referenced “Zionists’ attempts to influence our political processes” and added for good measure that those supposed efforts were “racist”, had been serving as a cabinet member for finance and governance on Darwen Council in Lancashire.

Cllr Kay also wrote that “Jewish leaders are worse than Nazis” in 2014 in a post on Facebook that was reportedly ‘liked’ by Kate Hollern MP, who went on to become a Labour MP and Private Parliamentary Secretary to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. She subsequently apologised.

In 2018, Cllr Kay also shared an article on social media describing Labour’s antisemitism crisis as a “blatant attempt to undermine Corbyn’s leadership”, adding the remark about Zionists. In the comments section of that post in a discussion about the International Definition of Antisemitism, Cllr Kay also said: “I was taught that Judaism was/is a religion, not a nation. In fact one of the tenets of Judaism prohibits the nation state… but I suppose that also depends on which wing of the fantasy you believe.”

Three days later, Cllr Kay reportedly shared an article that claimed that the Definition was “designed by Israeli propagandists to aid their many mass lobby attempts” and referenced the “largely-mythical antisemitism ‘crisis’ in the Labour Party,” which was described as “one of the few tools left to ailing and desperate establishment hacks wanting to smear Corbyn and maintain UK support for Israel.”
TalkRADIO fined £75,000 over George Galloway’s lack of partiality in discussion of Labour antisemitism, days after the former MP spread false story of murder of Arab child
The radio channel, TalkRADIO, has been fined £75,000 for breaching rules on impartiality in three programmes hosted by the controversial former MP, George Galloway. Two of the programmes concerned antisemitism in the Labour Party.

In assessing the breaches, Ofcom concluded that the programmes, one of which covered the poisoning of Yulia and Sergei Skripal, had “failed to preserve due impartiality on a matter of major political controversy or a major matter of current public policy”. Ofcom observed that “alternative viewpoints were only reflected to an extremely limited extent over the course of these programmes, each of which was three hours in duration”.

Ofcom further noted that “it was also the case that the limited viewpoints featured in the programmes which did not align with Mr Galloway’s were treated in a very different way to those that did.” For example, in the programmes on antisemitism, Mr Galloway apparently described one listener who expressed a dissenting view as “gutless coward”, “ignorant moron”, and “cowardly”. “These statements had the effect of dismissing and denigrating listeners who held views that did not reflect Mr Galloway’s,” Ofcom explained, “and constituted a clear difference in the treatment of such views.”

Ofcom found the breaches to be both serious and repeated, because the same set of rules were breached on three separate occasions over five months, and in two of the occasions in respect of the same topic.

The fine comes after Mr Galloway again courted controversy by falsely suggesting that “illegal Israeli settlers” had murdered an Arab child who was in fact tragically drowned by rainwater. At least one other broadcaster echoed the accusation.

‘Palestinian’ Instructor at NYU Leads Goons in Wreaking $100K Damage in NYC Subway System
New York City’s subway system is licking its wounds and repairing some $100,000 worth of damage after a self-styled “Palestinian” adjunct instructor from New York University led an anarchist group on a rampage through the train stations last month.

The group “Decolonize This Place” led by Amin Husain wrecked turnstiles, spray-painted messages such as “F**k Cops,” and in general made it impossible for commuters to catch their ride home.

Husain is one of the co-founders of the anarchist group, according to a report published in the New York Post.

The 44-year-old NYU adjunct instructor proudly claims to be from “Palestine,” according to the New York Post. Husain reportedly exhorted people in a Jan. 31 post on social media to “f—k sh—t up,” and ultimately caused $100,000 worth of damage in city property. Thirteen arrests were also made.

Husain is also a founding member of NYC Solidarity with Palestine, a group that describes itself as “seeking to broaden the work being done on Palestine by opening up more expansive spaces of resistances.”

According to the NYU website, Husain is a “New York-based artist and organizer who works combines research, aesthetics, and action.” He is on the faculty of the university’s Center for Experimental Humanities.

Leftist Billionaire Soros Wants Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Removed. Accuses Him Of ‘Mutual Assistance Arrangement With Donald Trump’
On Monday, billionaire leftist George Soros, seemingly panicked that President Trump might be reelected, attacked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, demanding that they be removed from their posts because Zuckerberg will not capitulate to leftists’ calls for censoring or banning political ads.

Writing in Financial Times, Soros accused Zuckerberg of having a “mutual assistance arrangement” with Trump that will “help him get re-elected.” His open letter, in which he referred to an article in Financial Times on Sunday penned by Zuckerberg, stated:

Mark Zuckerberg should stop obfuscating the facts by piously arguing for government regulation (“We need more regulation of Big Tech”, February 17). Mr. Zuckerberg appears to be engaged in some kind of mutual assistance arrangement with Donald Trump that will help him to get re-elected.

Facebook does not need to wait for government regulations to stop accepting any political advertising in 2020 until after the elections on November 4. If there is any doubt whether an ad is political, it should err on the side of caution and refuse to publish. It is unlikely that Facebook will follow this course. Therefore, I repeat my proposal, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg should be removed from control of Facebook. (It goes without saying that I support government regulation of social media platforms.)

Zuckerberg had written that he wanted to wait for regulation because he wanted a fair set of rules for everyone across the board, opining:

We believe advertising is more transparent on Facebook than television, print or other online services. We publish details about political and issue ads — including who paid for them, how much was spent, and how many people were reached — in our ads library. But who decides what counts as political advertising in a democracy? If a non-profit runs an ad about immigration during an election, is it political? Who should decide — private companies, or governments?

Another theme is openness. I’m glad the EU is looking at making data sharing easier, because it enables people to build things that are valuable for society. International agencies use Facebook’s Data for Good program to figure out which communities need help after natural disasters, and governments use our publicly available population density maps for vaccination campaigns. Of course, you should always be able to transfer your data between services.

Private Eye imagines pre-67 Palestinian sovereignty
An article in the latest issue of Private Eye critical of the Palestinian Authority also manages to take a brief, and entirely dishonest, swipe at Israel.

The writer’s claim that the new US peace plan grants Palestinians “half the land” they had “before the 1967 occupation” is a lie, due to the simple fact that, prior to the 1967 war, Jordan controlled the West Bank and Egypt controlled Gaza. (Before that, of course, the land was controlled by the British – and before that, the Ottomans.)

Much like the maps recently being paraded by Palestinian leaders purporting to show how much of “Palestine” their leaders have been willing to compromise, Private Eye has peddled a historical fiction, obfuscating the simple fact that there has never been – at any time in history – a sovereign Palestinian state.

Indeed, PA self-rule in areas A (military and administrative) and B (administrative) in the West Bank granted by Israel since the 90s, has been the only time Palestinians have ever enjoyed real political autonomy. Further, the US plan would actually greatly increase the amount of land they control, not decrease it.

We’ve complained to editors about this gross distortion.

New Film Explores the ‘Virus’ of Global Antisemitism
Why has the virus of antisemitism endured so long and spread so far? “It is because of its power to adapt and deceive,” concludes director Andrew Goldberg.

His new film “Viral: Antisemitism in Four Mutations” adopts a comparative approach. It canvases the globe and examines antisemitism among the far-right fringe in America, the far-right government in Hungary, the far-left in the United Kingdom and Islamic radicals in France.

“Of its mutations, this is the story of four. It could have been 4,000,” Goldberg told The Algemeiner.

The film sets out to interview antisemites, victims, politicians and commentators, among others.

Goldberg was spurred a few years ago to begin making a film about antisemitism after learning about the defacement of two cemeteries in the US. “This is a conversation that I thought we needed to have,” he said.

The film opens with audio of the 911 calls in Pittsburgh during the shooting at Tree of Life synagogue in 2018. Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, who survived the massacre, later said, “Many are surprised it took so long before there was a shooting at a synagogue. I think it was inevitable that something like this was going to happen.”

In the film, former President Bill Clinton spoke of the promotion of racism, religious bigotry and paranoia: “If you do it long enough, you’ll pick up someone eventually crazy enough to do what was done in Pittsburgh.”

The film interviews a man who conducts defense training in Pittsburgh’s Jewish community.

There is one scene where a local rabbi shows a prayer book where a bullet cut through the name of God.
Chelsea to host antisemitism conference with Chief Rabbi, prominent politicians and leading Israeli newspaper
Chelsea football club intends to host a conference on antisemitism in conjunction with The Jerusalem Post newspaper, which will feature Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis and the Israeli ambassador.

Other proposed speakers at the March event, which will also cover bilateral ties between the UK and Israel, include the former Labour MP Lord Mann, who now serves as the Government’s independent advisor on antisemitism, as well as the parliamentary chair of Conservative Friends of Israel and senior Israeli politicians. The captain of Israel’s national women’s football team is also due to feature.

The event is due to take place at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium, and is part of the club’s “Say No To Antisemitism” campaign, which was launched in January 2018.

The club’s chairman said that the event could “further highlight the importance to tackle the rise of antisemitism we have seen across the world.”

In January, Chelsea unveiled a mural dedicated to footballers who were interned in concentration camps, to mark Holocaust Memorial Day. The club has also adopted the International Definition of Antisemitism.

At the unveiling of the mural, Lord Mann told football clubs to enhance their efforts to tackle antisemitism and racism in stadiums, warning that “I have a voice and it will get more brutal if they don’t.”

Israeli technology detects early-stage cancer ‘navigating’ inside lungs
Israeli start-up Body Vision has created technology that allows doctors to detect early-stage lung cancer through a minimally invasive procedure navigating the affected organ.

Lung cancer global survival rate is just around 10%, making this form of cancer one of the deadliest in the world. In the US, where advanced medical facilities are available, the survival rate stands at about 18%. In order to increase the chance of survival, a big difference can be made by how early cancer is uncovered.

Body Vision technology involves minimally invasive bronchoscope navigation of the affected organ instead of the current approach of “watchful waiting” that a lesion in the lung will disappear. The watchful waiting approach is often used today to avoid the risk of an invasive alternative: surgical or CT-guided biopsy procedures for diagnostics.

The Ramat Hasharon-based company’s CEO, Dorian Averbuch, has a background in mechanical engineering, but he has been working in the field of pulmonology for the past 20 years, as he explained to The Jerusalem Post.
Israeli defense firm Elbit wins $670 million contract with Asia-Pacific country
Israeli defense firm Elbit Systems said Tuesday that it had won a contract worth some $670 million to supply defense products to an unnamed country in the Asia-Pacific region.

The deal will be carried out over a 25-month period.

“This significant contract award is a testament to the trust that customers place with our solutions and to the leading position we hold in the market,” Elbit CEO Bezhalel Machlis said in a statement.

Elbit has disclosed over $1 billion in contracts since the start of 2020.

The company has made several deals in the region in recent months.

On February 10 Elbit said it had secured $136 million in contracts to provide Asia-Pacific customers with airborne laser defense systems over a four-year period.

The Direct Infra-Red Counter Measure systems will equip Airbus and Boeing aircraft to counter heat-seeking ground-to-air missiles. The system protects commercial Israeli airlines, and is used by the Italian and Brazilian air forces.
Insight Partners Backs Israel-Linked Cybersecurity Company SentinalOne in $200 Million Investment
The investment spree of New York-based venture capital and private equity firm Insight Partners continues. Insight has recently led a $200 million investment in Israel-linked cybersecurity company SentinelOne, incorporated as Sentinel Labs, one person familiar with the matter told Calcalist Tuesday.

This is not Insight’s first investment in the company. In June 2019, Insight led a $120 million round in the company, which brought its then-funding to $230 million. Back in June, SentinelOne did not disclose its valuation for the round, but co-founder and CEO Tomer Weingarten told Calcalist in an interview that it was nearing $1 billion. Now, this new round has given the company an estimated valuation of $1.1 billion, the person familiar with the matter said.

The goal of the current investment is to support the expansion of SentinalOne’s activity, with a focus on mergers and acquisitions, the person said. In a June 2019 interview, Weingarten said that the company sees itself on the side of the buyers and not as a target for acquisition. “We are currently actively searching for companies that can expand our technological offering,” he said.

According to the person, the current round is estimated to be the company’s final one before attempting to go public, most likely in 2021.

Founded in 2013 by Weingarten and Almog Cohen, SentinelOne develops artificial intelligence technology for identifying abnormal behavior in enterprise networks. Unlike veteran cybersecurity companies, SentinelOne’s technology provides a comprehensive endpoint solution. The company employs 500 people in its offices in Tel Aviv, San Francisco, Oregon, Singapore, and Tokyo, and reports some 3,500 global customers.

Other investors in SentinalOne include Sound Ventures, Samsung Venture Investment, NextEquity, Third Point Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, Data Collective, UpWest Ventures, and Tiger Global.
The Hawaiian Warrior Who Trains IDF Special Forces
Nadav Tzadok Yair is a small Hawaiian man with a fascinating life story, Mako reported on Friday.
Born on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, he had been trained in the local martial art of Kapu Kuialua – double shot – since the age of nine. This tribal version of warfare, which shaped centuries of local wars between the various groups on the islands, shaped his life and destiny.

In his quiet home in Kfar Tapuach, he shared his unique journey into the Jewish faith and in training IDF Special Forces – among them Blue and White politician Gabi Ashkenazi, who told reporters that Yair, “is an expert in jungle warfare, night operations, sneak attacks and survival.”

“The IDF owns him a lot for what he taught us,” he added.

Yair used to be a staunch advocate for Hawaiian independence from the US – like Bympy Kanahele and the late Internet sensation, singer Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – and was bitter over how peaceful dialog with US authorities became the mainstream choice for native people around him.
Trained in warfare, he claimed to have killed 18 people before meeting an Israeli couple who was visiting the islands. They told him about Israel and he followed the sun there, embraced the Jewish faith, changed his name and became the father of six children, five boys and one girl – all of whom have Hawaiian names along their Hebrew ones.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

02/18 Links Pt2: British Comedian Confronts Holocaust Denier in New Documentary; New Forms of Old Hate: Confronting Assad’s Anti-Semitism in Germany    

From Ian:

British Comedian Confronts Holocaust Denier in New Documentary
In a new BBC2 documentary that aired on Monday, British Jewish comedian and presenter David Baddiel sat down with a Holocaust denier and challenged his conspiratorial views.

A clip from “Confronting Holocaust Denial” showed a frustrated Baddiel trying to argue logically with Irish antisemite Dermot Mulqueen, who expressed a range of vicious tropes, among them the medieval accusation that Jews murdered Christian children and that Jews “hate” Europeans.

Baddiel at one point countered, “If the gas chambers never existed, us Jews would have no reason to hate Europeans. Why would we hate Europeans for something that actually never happened?”

Mulqueen paused awkwardly in response, before stammering, “…because it’s profitable.”

After being arrested in 2015 for vandalizing private property in protest of Holocaust Memorial Day, Mulqueen unsuccessfully ran in Ireland’s 2016 general election as an independent MP.

In an interview with BBC HistoryExtra, Baddiel said he struggled with the question of whether exposing Holocaust deniers to the public provided them a platform to gain legitimacy.

“My feeling — and indeed the empirical fact — is that Holocaust denial won’t go away if we ignore it and therefore it’s better to confront it, and at some level try to understand it. That was my mission in this film,” explained Baddiel.
BBC: Confronting Holocaust Denial with David Baddiel
The Holocaust is one of the most documented, witnessed and written about events in history, yet one in six people worldwide either think the Holocaust has been exaggerated or deny that it took place. What has happened in the 75 years since the liberation of the camps to have so skewed the picture? And, if it matters, why does it matter?

In this timely and important film, David Baddiel explores the multi-faceted nature of Holocaust denial - in both historical and contemporary terms, in an attempt to understand what motivates this dangerous phenomenon and why it is on the rise, both in Britain and across the globe.

David begin his journey at Chelmno, the site of a huge extermination camp in Nazi-occupied Poland where 200,000 Jews were murdered. He learns of the extraordinary lengths German forces employed to conceal what they were doing – building huge crematoria to burn bodies, using ‘bone mills’ to grind down skeletons and scattering the resulting human ashes in surrounding woodland. For David, this is the starting point of Holocaust denial – where the Nazis themselves were attempting to deny their actions.

But the Germans were not alone in concealing the truth of the Holocaust. In the national archives in Kew, David uncovers an extraordinary memo issued by the Ministry of Information’s propaganda department, discussing how the atrocities of death camps should be reported to the public. The memo recommends reports focus on the camps' ‘innocent victims’, not criminals, and ‘not Jews’. This idea that the suffering of the Jewish people should somehow be played down was still dominant when the camps were liberated - many newsreels barely mention that the majority of victims had been Jewish. For David, anti-Semitism is fundamentally at the root of all Holocaust denial.

David discovers how, as the true scale of the Holocaust emerges in the postwar years, the numbers of people attempting to deny or to downplay its scale increases. There is a direct correlation between a higher profile of the Holocaust and rates of denial, something reflected in David’s own experience. As soon as this programme is announced by the BBC, David's Twitter feed fills with posts trying to deny the truth of the Holocaust. It begs the question whether David, by making the film, is himself fanning the flames of denial? And if so, should he be doing it?

New Forms of Old Hate: Confronting Assad’s Anti-Semitism in Germany
Now more than ever, Germany has its own domestic challenges again rising to the surface: the far-right ideology that has resurfaced throughout Europe in apparent response to the refugee crisis has provoked a resurgence of both anti-Semitism and Islamophobia—particularly in Germany. On the one hand, many fear that if Germany fails to address its current situation, the world could relive one of its darkest moments in history. German-Jews have already been told by Jewish leadership to refrain from wearing Kippahs in public and remove mezuzot from their doors—many have begun to conceal their identity. The attempted attack on the Halle Synagogue—though prevented from becoming a full-blown massacre by a locked door—still led to a loss of life and demonstrates the repercussions of not actively addressing this issue. On the other hand, if this issue prioritized, as was publicly called for by Germany’s foreign minister, Germany will have the chance to confirm its position as a ‘land of opportunity,’ where people from around the world can reinvent themselves.

Yet while the German government has vowed to combat anti-Semitism, its threats so far have mainly consisted of unspecified consequences for individuals who attack German Jews. As a Syrian, I know that warnings alone are not enough to counter decades of anti-Semitic messaging. In febrile minds of extreme anti-Semites, attacking Jews can be seen as an honorable and courageous act. In many cases, these individuals have been conditioned since birth to perceive the Jewish people as their enemy, themselves victims of a narrative designed to prevent them from holding their country’s dictators accountable for the widespread misery felt throughout the Arab world.

Syrians must educate themselves on persistent history of Anti-Semitism, which did not start with the Holocaust—nor end with the creation of the state of Israel. Every Syrian who aspires to become a European citizen must refuse to be an anti-Semitic extension of their government. Germany, with its years of retraining its own population, has a lot to offer on this front, but the German government must make this a priority and a commitment with its deeds as well as its words.

A Europe unsafe for Jews will never be safe for other minorities. When Syrian communities throughout Europe come to recognize this reality, there is the remarkable potential for fostering a conducive environment for Jews and Syrians to respect one another, encouraging understanding and cooperation between neighbours and mutual support of minority communities throughout Europe. However, getting to this point will require a lot of effort and determination, both on the side of the German government and among Syrian communities themselves.

Bernie Sanders releases new ‘proud to be Jewish’ campaign video
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has released a new campaign video in which he says he is “very proud to be Jewish” and that he looks forward to “becoming the first Jewish president in the history of this country.”

The two minute and 40 second video also blames President Trump for a rise in anti-Semitic incidents and for empowering neo-Nazis in the US It includes footage of Trump saying things that many have interpreted as anti-Semitic, including comments about Jewish money at a Republican Jewish Coalition speech and his statement that Jews who vote for Democrats are “disloyal.”

It is Sanders’ second campaign video focusing on Jewishness.

During his 2016 run for the Democratic nomination, Sanders was at first reluctant to mention his Jewish heritage, although he was the first Jewish major-party candidate to win ever nominating contests.

This election cycle, he has emphasized his Jewishness.

Labour’s policy on Israel and the Palestinians should not be dictated by PSC
Bizarre as it may seem, the Jewish community may have reason to be cautiously optimistic about Labour’s leadership election.

The “continuity Corbyn” candidate, Rebecca Long-Bailey, trails Keir Starmer after the second stage of the contest, nominated by only 164 CLPs (Constituency Labour Parties) to his 374 and 72 for Lisa Nandy’s insurgent campaign.

At the huge hustings meeting held by the Jewish Labour Movement last week Nandy wowed the crowd with her answers on antisemitism and whether she was a Zionist, helping her to win JLM’s nomination with 50.9% of the vote. Starmer gave solid answers, even if he was reticent to describe himself as a Zionist.

But this weekend both Nandy, the current Chair of the Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East, and Long-Bailey signed a set of three pledges produced by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC). Starmer has yet to respond.

The pledges read:
- “To oppose any proposed solution for Palestinians, including Trump’s ‘deal’, not based on international law and UN resolutions recognising their collective rights to self-determination and to return to their homes.
- To adhere to a consistent ethical UK trade policy, including in relation to Israel, in particular by applying international law on settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories and stopping any arms trade with Israel that is used in violation of the human rights of Palestinians.
- To oppose the government’s proposed restrictive legislation regarding procurement and investment and, if that is passed, to promise that a future Labour government would make it a priority to rescind laws which restrict the globally recognised rights to freedom of expression and association to campaign for ethical trade policies.”
Irish MP Blames Mossad ‘Interference’ for Corbyn’s Defeat in UK General Elections
A newly-elected Irish parliamentarian recently claimed on Twitter that Israel’s foreign intelligence agency was responsible for UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s resounding defeat in the UK general elections last December, The Sunday Times reported.

Reada Cronin, 46, is a Sinn Fein representative from Kildare North in the Dail Eireann — the lower house the Orieachtas.

““Mossad. Interference. In. The. British. Election. Brits. Being. Led. By. The. Nose,” read one of her tweets.

“Mossad have involved themselves in dirty tricks in elections not too far away,” charged another.

Responding to one commenter who dismissed her view as conspiratorial, Cronin wrote, “When the Nazis come back, and they’re on the march, it’ll be Jeremy Corbyn will stand with you. You are a disgrace to your forefathers.”

Additional tweets that have since been deleted asserted that the Mossad’s alleged actions were “blatant as f***,” and that Corbyn was a “principled man” who was a victim of “lies, deceit, fake news, and the sinister activities of the Mossad Secret Service.”

Amnesty report equates IDF defense with Iranian action against protesters
Amnesty International has labeled 2019 a "year of defiance" across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in a report released on Tuesday.

The study focuses on mass uprisings and human rights abuses, and equates the Israel Defense Forces’ use of “excessive, including lethal, force against demonstrators" in the Gaza Strip with the violent suppression seen during protests in Iran and Iraq.

“The shocking death tolls among protesters in Iraq and Iran illustrate the extreme lengths to which these governments were prepared to go in order to silence all forms of dissent,” wrote Philip Luther, Amnesty International’s research and advocacy director for MENA. “Meanwhile, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Israel’s policy of using excessive, including lethal, force against demonstrators there continued unabated.”

It also celebrates the International Criminal Court’s decision to charge Israel with war crimes committed against Palestinians.

"The announcement by the International Criminal Court (ICC) that war crimes had been committed in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and that an investigation should be opened as soon as the ICC’s territorial jurisdiction has been confirmed, offered a crucial opportunity to end decades of impunity," the report reads. "The ICC indicated that the investigation could cover Israel’s killing of protesters in Gaza."
Anti-Israel Protesters Disrupt Talk by Renowned Holocaust Scholar Deborah Lipstadt at UC Berkeley
Renowned Holocaust scholar Deborah Lipstadt was disrupted by a group of anti-Israel activists during a talk on antisemitism at the University of California, Berkeley, last Thursday.

In a Twitter thread posted on Sunday, Lipstadt pointed out that her lecture was on present-day antisemitism and had nothing to do with Israel, implying that the protesters had targeted her because she was a Jew speaking on Jewish issues.

“My talk was about antisemitism here and now,” she said in a Twitter thread posted on Sunday. “Not about Israel. Three protesters positioned themselves next to me with signs attacking Israel.”

“In the talk, when I spoke about antisemitism from the left, I mentioned that many people refuse to see antisemitism as legitimate,” Lipstadt said. “They dismiss claims of antisemitism as simply being a sop to protect Israel. This is the only prejudice those on the left refuse to take seriously.”

“I want to thank the protesters for making my point more clearly than my words could,” she stated.

Lipstadt noted she had ignored the protesters, as she had “far more important things to discuss.”

Well-known for her work on Holocaust denial, Lipstadt shot to prominence in 1996 when Holocaust denier David Irving sued her for libel.

Berlin’s commissioner to fight antisemitism slams university for BDS event
The city-state of Berlin’s commissioner to combat antisemitism, Lorenz Korgel, on Monday criticized Humboldt University for holding an event with an alleged academic antisemite who promotes the BDS campaign targeting Israel.

“If anti-Israeli boycott and delegitimization campaigns are directly supported, the line regarding Israel-related antisemitism was crossed. The Berlin Senate has clearly taken a stand against campaigns of this kind,” Korgel told The Jerusalem Post.

The Post reported last week that the Berlin-based Humboldt University, which expelled Jewish academics and students during the Nazi-era, hosted an anti-Israel event with the pro-BDS academic Georg Meggle.

Dr. Elvira Groezinger, vice chairwoman of the German branch of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, told the Post on Monday that Humboldt University “defies scientific integrity and ethics. Apparently, the old antisemitic GDR [German Democratic Republic] spirit still prevails there, which Jeffrey Herf describes so well in his latest book Undeclared Wars against Israel.”
Pro-Israel Activists Urge Durham Jewish Federation to Drop Mayor With BDS Ties From Event
A group of pro-Israel activists in North Carolina is calling on the Jewish Federation of Durham-Chapel Hill to rescind an invitation to Durham Mayor Steve Schewel to speak at a Feb. 20 event, citing the mayor’s role in a 2018 city council resolution banning police training with Israel.

“We believe the Federation’s promotion of Schewel is part of a systemic problem plaguing Jewish institutions today—that is, the normalization of pro-BDS rhetoric that is jeopardizing the Jewish people and silencing strong Zionist voices,” according to a letter obtained by JNS from the North Carolina Coalition for Israel and Fight Back Now.

“We therefore implore the Jewish Federation of Durham-Chapel Hill to rescind its invitation to Schewel to introduce this event. Moreover, we urge Jewish Federations in the United States to implement policies prohibiting BDS activists from being given a platform by the organizations,” the group said.

Schewel is scheduled to offer a “special introduction” for an event titled “Ignited Talks: The State of Black Durham” at the Levin Jewish Community Center at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 20.

“It’s long overdue that our Jewish leaders and institutions actively defend us from the toxic BDS advocates and sympathizers who are making this country so hostile to Zionists,” said Kathryn Wolf, a Durham resident and executive director of Fight Back Now, a non-profit advocacy group battling the “Deadly Exchange” campaign nationally.

“We live in a region in North Carolina that is rife with anti-Zionism,” she continued. “It’s a daily struggle to confront the constant barrage of pro-BDS speakers, seminars and events here. When our leaders undermine us by elevating BDS proponents, it’s hurtful, of course, but more important, it’s harmful.”
University of Illinois Student President Vetoes BDS Bill
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign student president has vetoed a BDS resolution that was passed last Thursday by the student government.

The bill will now likely be heard again by the student government, where it will need a two-thirds majority to override the president’s veto.

The resolution called on the university to divest from “companies that profit from human-rights violations in Palestine and other communities globally,” as well as from firms that provide weaponry and technology to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), according to a copy of the resolution obtained by JNS ahead of the vote, which included endorsements from half of the student government’s leadership committee.

The final vote was 20 in favor, nine against and seven abstentions.

Shortly after its passage, the BDS resolution was also swiftly rejected by the university’s administration, saying that such resolutions do not “represent the university administration.”

“ISG resolutions are non-binding, and the university has no plans to act on this one,” the university said in a statement. “We are committed to dialogue and to supporting students as they navigate challenging conversations about diversity and inclusion, and we will continue to plan programming designed to build understanding of different perspectives on complex and divisive issues.”

BBC WS radio jumps on the Gaza comparison bandwagon
Last week we saw how an edition of BBC Radio 4’s ‘The World Tonight’ highlighted a redundant comparison between the situation in Idlib, Syria, and the Gaza Strip which was made by interviewee David Miliband of the NGO the International Rescue Committee.

BBC Radio 4 promotes a redundant comparison

The February 13th edition of the BBC World Service radio programme ‘Newshour’ – presented by Tim Franks – also included an item on the topic of the humanitarian crisis in Idlib (from 30:06 here), most of which was given over to an interview with David Miliband that was also promoted as a stand-alone item.

During that six-minute interview Miliband again brought up the subject of the Gaza Strip in one sentence.

Miliband: “Just to give your listeners a sense; the density of population in the Idlib province is now greater than the density of population on [sic] the Gaza Strip which historically has been seen as one of the most confined areas in the world.”

Franks later brought up that statement again, describing Miliband’s statement as a ‘statistic’.

Franks: “…and as you say – and I haven’t heard this statistic before – the idea that there’s a greater concentration of people there now than there is even in the Gaza Strip…”

According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the population density in the Gaza Strip was 5,453 persons/km2 in mid 2019. According to the department of planning in New York City – where David Miliband resides – the population density is around 10,424 persons/km2 and in the city of London, from which ‘Newshour’ is broadcast, the population density is reported to be on average 5,590 persons/km2 with some districts having a population density of 11,200 persons/km2.
BBC News recycles a well-told Nazareth story
“Shared interests” (as expressed in the article’s closing quotes from the two entrepreneurs) are of course not the same as “easing hostilities”, “heal[ing] conflict” or “promoting tourism to ease Israel’s tensions” and sharp-eyed Hebrew fluent readers may have noticed the political ‘Nakba’ graffiti in the background of the article’s second photograph.

While the majority of visitors to the BBC News website will of course not click on the link to read the academic paper, those who do will find quotes from “Interviewee B” who is the same Suraida Shomar Nasser appearing in Sherriff’s article.

“Interviewee B described the importance of engaging guests in this story in very strong terms:
I sit with guests – [and] many of them are Jews – and I share with them that [my] grandpa [Fauzi Azar] fought against the occupation. And [sometimes they] ask me, “Do you still call it occupation?” I say, “Excuse me, maybe for me it is still occupation.”. … . Sharing this story with [our] guests is giving us [an opportunity] … to tell [visitors] that here are Arab Christians. Ok, we have Israeli identity cards but it doesn’t mean that we don’t feel [a sense of] belonging to the Palestinians, or we are not Palestinians anymore. […]

Interviewee B sees the guesthouse as a potential empowerment vehicle for acknowledging and validating her family’s experience in this conflict. This is important because of Interviewee B’s minority status in Israeli society. The tourism element is also important here because it is the inn’s guests that create the opportunity to share this experience. Without guests, there would be no audience with which to transfer the story.”

There is no obvious reason for the BBC’s decision to publish this article at this particular time beyond the fact that its messaging and agenda fit the ‘Crossing Divides’ mission of telling “stories about bringing people together in a fragmented world”. However what BBC audiences find is a superficial report by a freelance journalist with no known Middle East expertise on a brief visit to Israel which casts no new light on one already well-told story and makes no effort to provide background information and context to what it blandly touts as “Israel’s tensions” and “divided communities”.
YouTube bans white nationalist Nick Fuentes’ channel for hate speech
The YouTube channel of white nationalist Nick Fuentes has been banned for hate speech.

Fuentes leads the Groyper Army, a group of young far-right activists who want to push mainstream conservatism towards white nationalism. He has questioned the number of Jews who were killed in the Holocaust and believes that Israel has a malicious influence on US policy.

Fuentes revealed the news about his channel to his 86,600 Twitter followers on Saturday.

He announced that his YouTube show will continue next week on DLive, a live streaming website on blockchain.

In 2018, Fuentes said he avoids the term “white nationalist” for purely tactical reasons.

“The reason I wouldn’t call myself a white nationalist — it’s not because I don’t see the necessity for white people to have a homeland and for white people to have a country,” Fuentes said. “It’s because I think that kind of terminology is used almost exclusively by the left to defame and I think the terminology and the labels that we use — I don’t think that we can look at them outside of the context of their connotations in America.”
As Belgian City of Aalst Readies for 2020 Carnival, Experts Warn Against Crude Antisemitic Caricatures
Three prominent Belgian academics have called on the annual carnival in the city of Aalst to withdraw the antisemitic caricatures which — as in previous years — are scheduled to appear at the 2020 event beginning this weekend.

In an oped that was widely quoted in the Belgian media on Tuesday, the three professors, who lecture on the history of antisemitism at their respective universities, reminded carnival organizers that the crudely antisemitic images that will be on display in Aalst have licensed mass violence against Jews in the past.

“Of course we realize that a float on a carnival procession in itself will not cause genocide, but we also know from history that when extreme violence has come at us, it started with these small steps, and with people who felt powerless and therefore looked away,” the academics — Vivian Liska, Didier Pollefeyt and Klaas Smelik — stated.

An ostensibly lighthearted jamboree with its origins in the Middle Ages, the Aalst Carnival was recognized in 2010 by UNESCO — the UN’s cultural and educational agency — as belonging to the “Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.”

But that status was withdrawn by UNESCO last December over what the agency condemned as a “recurring repetition of racist and antisemitic representations.”

The carnival’s last outing, in March 2019, included a float with two giant figures of observant Jews depicted as caricatures with side curls and large noses, sitting on bags of money.
Anti-Semitism in the Netherlands hits all-time high in 2019
The number of anti-Semitic incidents in the Netherlands reached an all-time high in 2019, according to the Center for Information and Documentation Israel.

In 2019, 182 anti-Semitic incidents were recorded in the Netherlands, an unprecedented number in the 30 years in which the CIDI has documented the issue, marking a 35% rise compared to 2018. For instance, 2018 saw 18 anti-Semitic incidents labeled "harmful abuse," compared to 44 such incidents in 2019.

The past year also saw two physical assaults due to anti-Semitism. The CIDI said that up to this point 2014 had been the worst year in terms of anti-Semitic incidents (171), but at that time the spike was caused by harsh reactions to Israel's Operation Protective Edge in Gaza; while 2019 offered no such supposed context for the rise in anti-Semitism.

However, the real picture of anti-Semitism in the Netherlands is far bleaker, according to the CIDI, as most victims of anti-Semitic attacks – verbal or physical – don't report them to the authorities "because they believe nothing will come of it."

Speaking with Israel Hayom, CIDI Director Hanna Luden said the organization would soon publish a comprehensive report on online anti-Semitism.

"Of course enforcement [of community guidelines] must be increased online and on social media sites – which influence actual behavior to a worrisome degree. The [Dutch] government and companies also need to buck up and fight – on the national and international fronts – against the phenomenon of libels, hatred and verbal abuse that have a direct effect on the 'real world.'"
Tel Aviv Ranked 16th Most Economically Influential City in the World
Tel Aviv has been ranked the world’s 16th most economically influential city, ahead of Zurich, Amsterdam and Jakarta, according to a ranking by CEOWORLD magazine.

The ranking took into account cities’ overall economic activity, strength of the finance and banking industries, political and demographic influence, quality of life and competitiveness in business, culture and politics.

Tel Aviv scored a total of 74.37/100 points, closely behind Riyadh and Dubai. The Mediterranean business hub saw off cities such as Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

London came in first in the ranking, scoring 85.5 points. The top 10 was complemented by New York, Tokyo, Paris, Singapore, Berlin, Shanghai, Brussels, New Delhi, and Toronto.

Just last year Tel Aviv was ranked 21st in Time Out magazine’s famed list of the world’s 48 best cities. It ranked best in the Middle East.
Israeli researchers develop technology producing water from air
Researchers at Haifa’s Technion–Israel Institute of Technology say they have developed a standalone system capable of producing water from air, including in desert regions.

Described as the “first technology of its kind in the world,” the energy-efficient system aims to assist small and isolated communities far from freshwater and saltwater sources.

Unlike existing water-from-air technologies, based on cooling condensation techniques, the system is based on a two-stage cyclic process: first separating moisture from air by absorption using a highly-concentrated saline solution, and then separating the moisture by condensing the vapor under sub-atmospheric pressure conditions.

“Besides being energy efficient, the new technology offers an additional advantage: as part of the process the water undergoes also pollutant removal processes,” said Prof. David Broday, who developed the technology with Prof. Eran Friedler.

“Our technology turns water into a commodity as it enables water to be produced anywhere in the world, without being dependent upon existing sources of liquid water.”
Israel Police Set to Get First Hijab-Wearing Muslim Lieutenant
Sabreen Saadi is set become the first hijab-wearing Muslim woman to attain the rank of lieutenant in the Israel Police.

“I always love to share stories about Arab Israelis since their stories are seldom heard in int’l media,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Arab media spokesperson, Ofir Gendelman, tweeted on Monday. “Congrats to Master Sgt. Sabreen Saadi, a Hijab wearing muslim police officer, who will soon become a lieutenant with the Israeli police!

Saadi comes from a traditional Muslim family in a Bedouin town in northern Israel. She told Yediot Ahronot she had received some threats from others in her community over her choice of career path, but said she was not deterred, stating, “I fear only God.”

Since 2016, when the Israeli government established a special unit aimed at improving policing and security in the country’s Arab communities, more than 600 Arab men and 55 Arab women have enlisted in the Israel Police. Eight new police stations have been established in the Arab sector, with the intention of adding ten more.
An Israeli Combat Medic Risks His Life to Save Lives
One Friday afternoon, after yet another challenging mission, Guy M. changed out of his fatigues and headed home for a restful Shabbat.

The 24-year-old combat soldier and paramedic in IDF Unit 669 was desperately in need of a chance to stop and breathe, but the reprieve never came.

“We’d been planning a major operation behind enemy lines and the pieces fell into place that weekend, less than 24 hours after we’d returned from our last mission," he says.

"So that’s how I found myself changing back into my blood-stained uniform, boots still covered in mud from the last rescue, getting onto a helicopter and flying off on a mission.”

Guy’s story illustrates the life of a combat soldier in Unit 669, the Combat Rescue and Evacuation Unit of the Israel Air Force, whose duties often run at a furious pace - from rescue missions to secret military operations.

Guy served for about five years in Unit 669, and throughout this entire period – from strenuous training to through life-saving rescues and the most daring of military operations – he carefully documented his experiences.

The result was the best-selling book "From Zero to One Hundred," a compelling narrative about one of the IDF's top special ops units.
Its release was approved by military and ministerial censors, on the condition that Guy’s last name remain secret.

The book does far more than describe the experiences - often harrowing - of a combat soldier in a special ops unit. It is also a journal that reveals his inner thoughts and feelings.
Canaanite temple uncovered in biblical city destroyed by Joshua
A Canaanite temple and many artifacts have been uncovered in a city that, according to the Bible, was destroyed by the Israelites when they entered the Land of Israel after 40 years in the desert. The discovery shed light on the extensive ruins of a structure dating back to the 12th century BCE in Lachish, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem announced Monday.

The team was led by Prof. Yosef Garfinkel from the university’s Institute of Archaeology and Prof. Michael Hasel from Southern Adventist University in Tennessee. It presented its findings in The Journal of the Council for British Research in the Levant.

“Joshua proceeded with all Israel to Lachish; he encamped against it and attacked it. God delivered Lachish into the hands of Israel. They captured it on the second day and put it and all the people in it to the sword,” reads Joshua 10:31-32.

Among the crucial findings were a pottery shard featuring the Hebrew letter samekh, which represents the oldest-known engraving of the letter, gold artifacts and cultic figurines, including figurines depicting the warrior god Ba’al, who is mentioned dozens of times in the Bible – including several instances where the Israelites turn to its cult in spite of the commandments of God.

The site of Lachish was first identified in 1929 by William Foxwell Albright, who is considered the founding father of Biblical archaeology, Garfinkel told The Jerusalem Post.

“The city was a major Canaanite center city, as we know from historical sources,” he said. “There is no other site in this region as prominent. It is the right location, the right place, and the name ‘Lachish’ was found on some inscriptions found there.”
Garfinkel’s team first started excavating the site in 2013.
Rivlin to make first official visit to Australia
ISRAELI President Reuven Rivlin will make his first official visit to Australia this week at the invitation of Governor-General David Hurley, the president’s office said in a statement.

Rivlin will leave on Tuesday and is expected to arrive in Australia on Friday.

“I am excited to be visiting Australia for the first time as president,” the President said ahead of his trip.

“The relations between Israel and Australia are well-established and strong. They are based on shared values and true friendship that bridge the huge distance between us – not only countries, oceans and time zones, but also different cultures and traditions.”

During his time in Australia, Rivlin will meet with members of the Jewish community in Sydney and Melbourne, and mark the centenary of the United Israel Appeal organisation.

He will be officially welcomed by Hurley in Canberra next Wednesday and will meet with Prime Minister Scott Morrison as well as other senior political figures, the statement said.

A business delegation from the Manufacturer’s Association of Israel and Israel Export Institute will accompany the president on his trip.

Also on his itinerary is opening the Australian Securities Exchange with a traditional ringing of its bell, and a visit to a warship.

The trip Down Under will also include stopovers in the Fiji Islands and Los Angeles.

Rivlin will return to Israel on February 27.

Further coverage in this week’s AJN.

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Accounting, Auditing: Sr. Financial Analyst - Los Angeles, California   

Description Position at J2 Cloud Services We're looking for a Senior Financial Analyst to join our Finance team! The ideal candidate possesses an interest in Corporate FP & A, strong business/analytical acumen and dynamic interpersonal skills. You will report to the Manager, FP & A and play a key role in supporting the business in all budgeting, planning and forecasting related areas. If you are someone who loves taking initiative, is passionate about quantitative analysis and enjoys a dynamic environment, then this is a great role for you. What You'll Do: Work cross-functionally with business unit segments to drive accurate forecasts and identify actionable recommendations for improvement Evaluate KPI performance and financial trend analysis to provide management clear insights into drivers of business growth, risks and opportunities Prepare month-end close analyses and variance commentary to mitigate risk and find value within the business units Build financial models that support annual budget, long-term planning, and rolling forecast processes Develop and streamline FP & A reporting processes to improve the consistency, accuracy and efficiency of business unit and consolidated segment reporting Consolidate and review budgets and forecasts across business unit segments Perform ad-hoc analyses as required Experience/Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in Finance or Accounting 3+ years of experience in FP & A, investment banking or management consulting Experience in tech (SaaS/Subscription) preferred Proficiency in MS Office (Excel, PPT, etc.) Highly analytical and excellent communication skills Effective interpersonal skills with the ability to work cross-functionally and establish strong relationships Experience in analyzing/summarizing large sets of data using Excel or Access Database with the ability to identify issues and make recommendations Ability to thrive in a dynamic environment under short timelines and changing priorities Strive for continuous improvement Motivated, self-starter who builds rapport with other team members and departments About J2 Cloud Services Founded in 1995, J2 Cloud Services (NASDAQ:JCOM) is an award winning, leading provider of Internet services through its two divisions: Business Cloud Services and Digital Media. The Business Cloud Services Division offers Internet fax, virtual phone, hosted email, email marketing, online backup, unified communications and CRM solutions. It markets its services principally under the brand names eFax, eVoice, FuseMail, Campaigner, KeepItSafe and operates a messaging network spanning 49 countries on six continents. The Digital Media Division, created with J2 Cloud Services' November 2012 acquisition of Ziff Davis, Inc. Ziff Davis, Inc. is the leading digital media company specializing in the technology, gaming and men's lifestyle categories, reaching over 117 million unique visitors per month. Ziff Davis sites include , , , , , , and . Ziff Davis also operates NetShelter, the largest community of technology publishers dedicated to consumer electronics, computing and mobile communications. Ziff Davis B2B is a leading provider of online research to enterprise buyers and high-quality leads to IT vendors. Our Company Fast-paced and dynamic, J2 Cloud Services is not your typical 9-to-5 work environment. Operating from numerous international offices - including Hollywood, Ottawa, Dublin, and our emerging market in Tokyo - and supporting a plethora of time zones, J2 Cloud Services truly lives up to its name. The executive staff has an open door policy, inviting each member of the company - from directors and managers to entry-level positions and interns - to partake in casual conversation. Employees are not just colleagues - they're business partners, fostering an efficient and effective environment. The inviting and energetic environment creates a world where differing opinions matter and collaboration leads to success. From a small start-up in 1995 to an award-winning company recommended by Forbes, J2 Cloud Services has grown by establishing an amazing company culture - one that will continue to foster ingenuity and invention. #J2CloudServices #LI-CA1 ()

Jemma Reekie takes biggest scalp yet as she beats 800m world champion   

  • Halimah Nakaayi defeated by 21-year-old in France
  • Reekie’s second world indoor series win in five days

Jemma Reekie’s extraordinary start to the season continued with yet another victory – this time over 800m against the reigning world champion Halimah Nakaayi in Lievin, France.

It was the 21-year-old’s biggest scalp so far. And the way she did it, powering clear on the final lap to win in 2:00:34 – over a second and a half clear of Nakaayi, who had won gold in Doha just five months ago - yet again reinforced the impression that from almost nowhere she has become a medal contender at the Tokyo Olympics.

Continue reading...

Les Agronautes : A la recherche d'une agriculture libérée des pesticides    

Auteur : Rabany, Cédric
Editeur : Nouriturfu

Vous aimez la truffe ? Vous devriez alors aussi aimer les limaces sans lesquelles cet or noir ne verrait jamais le jour. Une motte de terre ? Entre les vers, « maîtres affineurs du sol », et les champignons, dont les filaments mycéliens parcourent l'équivalent d'un Paris-Tokyo par m², « c'est le Bronx » ! La vie grouille partout, l'organique se combine avec le minéral, et tout s'enrichit, tout se crée. Bien sûr, « comme dans les histoires de mafia, tout commence avec la roche-mère… ». Cette observation scientifique du vivant, au sein de son environnement, montre à quel point sa préservation et sa compréhension sont essentielles. L'agriculture moderne gère le vivant, en le contraignant (monocultures, engrais) ou en l'éliminant (herbicides, pesticides). Le geste de l'agronome est radicalement différent ; c'est une recherche d'équilibres, qui tend vers un certain idéal : celui de systèmes agronomiques autosuffisants, qui peuvent ainsi pratiquement se passer de toute intervention brutale... Pure agro-utopie ? Que nenni ! Agronome globe-trotter, Cédric Rabany démontre avec rigueur, style et humour, en quoi notre agriculture actuelle, accro aux engrais et aux pesticides, est obsolète ; en se basant sur des modèles existants à travers le monde – qu’il a parcouru de long en large – l’auteur présente enfin d’autres voies agricoles, plus saines et pérennes, qu’il serait temps d’explorer à grande échelle.

Cédric Rabany est un jeune agronome brillant, qui aime aussi le vin nu et la musique bruyante. Les Agronautes est son premier ouvrage. Globe-trotter infatigable, l’auteur a travaillé dans une trentaine de pays, du Brésil au Vietnam en passant par la Tanzanie, accumulant les expériences locales les plus diverses et autant d’observations qui lui confèrent un regard rare sur l’agriculture mondiale, ses écueils actuels comme ses solutions à venir.


0036705: Add TStopwatch record   

Add TStopwatch record for Delphi compatibility (see <a href=""></a>)



江戸東京博物館 企画展『天下泰平~将軍と新しい文化の創造~』(2020年1月2日~2月16日)



 家光は、出た!ピヨピヨ鳳凰! 私はこの子に会いに来たのである。隣りに伝・家光筆『架鷹図屏風』六曲一双が並んでいたが、こちらは巧すぎる。小浜藩主・酒井忠勝が敦賀の鷹絵師。二代橋本長兵衛に描かせたものに家光が筆を加えたという説明を読んで納得した。鷹のポーズや羽色、構図(止まり木を正面でなく斜めから描くなど)のバラエティがとても面白い。







Final Fantasy VII Remake's Tokyo Train Event Canceled Due to COVID-19 Coronavirus   

1-hour treasure hunt was planned on central Yamanote Line at midday on Saturday

Tokyo 7th Sisters Idol Game App Gets 70-Minute Anime by Toei Animation This Summer   

New anime gets limited run in theaters; idol-training game already inspired anime music video

Batman Ninja Anime Gets Stage Play in October   

Play to run from October 10 to December 31 in Tokyo

Ken Wakui's Tokyo Revengers Manga Gets Live-Action Film This Fall   

Story of man who time-travels back to middle school to save girlfriend

Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo in Ikebukuro Gets Revamped   

Center will temporarily close in in March before reopening on March 6

Romancing SaGa Games Get 3rd Stage Play in November   

Staff return for SaGa the Stage ~Yakusoku no Mardias~'s run in Tokyo, Osaka

GKIDS Announces New English Dub Cast for Satoshi Kon's Tokyo Godfathers Film   

4K restoration screens in U.S. on March 9, 11

Tuyển nữ Việt Nam gặp nhiều khó khăn trước vòng play-off   

NDĐT - Sau quãng thời gian nghỉ ngắn ngày, các thành viên đội tuyển bóng đá nữ Việt Nam đã trở lại hội quân và có buổi tập đầu tiên trong ngày 17-2, chuẩn bị cho hai trận play-off Vòng loại Olympic Tokyo 2020 gặp Australia.

Roma-Tokyo, un volo senza fine   


100 anni fa il pilota Arturo Ferrarini volò per la prima volta da Roma a Tokyo. Indunese d’adozione, Ferrarini verrà ricordato attraverso numerosi eventi grazie all’impegno del Comune di Induno Olona

L'articolo Roma-Tokyo, un volo senza fine proviene da Rete55.


188 The Tokyo Motorcycle Show - Electric Scooters from Kymco Dr. Waters joins us.    

We talk about formats of power delivery, why can't we all just get along? Bikes from the Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

Ninja Kyoto Restaurant and Labyrinth, Kyoto   


*** CLOSED on December 31st, 2018 *** Please visit their Tokyo locations in Akasaka & Shinjuku.  Ninja Kyoto Restaurant and Labyrinth is the perfect place for dining entertainment and ninja fans. The restaurant is designed as a dark labyrinth staffed with multilingual ninja warriors. Patrons have the option to dine with a visit from the …

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Umekoji Park and Playground (Kyoto) – The Locals` Favorite Family Park   


Umekoji Park is a large park frequented by locals and tourists. It`s situated between the Kyoto Railway Museum and the Kyoto Aquarium and holds a beautiful Japanese Garden and 6m tall waterfall, lush greenery and beautiful walking paths, an open space for ball games and kite flying, man-made streams and ponds, a small cafe and train cafe, a large …

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Kyoto MYSTAYS Hotel, Shijo, Kyoto – Recommended Family-Friendly Kyoto Hotel   


If you are looking for a family-friendly hotel in central Kyoto, we highly recommend the Kyoto MYSTAYS Hotel. Kyoto is a magnificent historic city, but the hotels are expensive making it hard for families with kids to find great options. The Kyoto MYSTAYS Hotel checked all our boxes – great location, clean, good price and …

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Patriotic British Biscuit Flavors - Three New McVitie’s Digestives Flavors are Being Launched (   

( A trio of McVitie’s Digestives biscuits are being launched by Pladis to help offer consumers a tasty treat to nibble on when cheering for Great Britain at the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The new...

Hollandali milli yüzücüler Erzurum’da güç depoluyor   

Hollandali milli yüzücüler Erzurum’da güç depoluyor Hollanda Yüzme Milli Takimi, uluslararasi yarislar ve 2020 Tokyo Olimpiyatlari’nda basari elde etmek için 7 sporcusuyla Erzurum’da yüksek irtifa kampina girdi. Hollanda Yüzme Milli Takimi, uluslararasi yarislar ve 2020 Tokyo Olimpiyatlari’nda basari elde etmek için 7 sporcusuyla Erzurum’da yüksek irtifa kampina girdi. Yüksek rakimi dolayisiyla yilin her döneminde bireysel […]

Here's Why Katie Ledecky Is Likely to Add to Her Impressive Olympic Medal Count in Tokyo   


American swimmer Katie Ledecky became a household name at the 2016 Rio Olympics, where she clocked astonishing times in the pool and ultimately became the most decorated female athlete at the Games. But just how many Olympic medals does she count among her collection? To date, Katie has won an impressive six Olympic medals, five of which are gold - a tally she hopes to grow at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Katie was just 15 and the youngest member of Team USA when she took home a gold medal in the 800m freestyle event at the 2012 Olympics in London. Four years later in Rio, she cleaned up, scoring four gold medals in the 200m, 400m, 800m, and 4x200m freestyle events. She also won a silver medal in the 4x100m freestyle relay.

Though the now 22-year-old has yet to qualify for Tokyo (the Olympic trials are in June), things are already working in her favor. In a previous interview, Katie told POPSUGAR, "The 1,500 freestyle is now an Olympic event, and that's one of my best events, so that just means I'll be able to swim that in the Olympics hopefully."

Until then, Katie is training and regularly competing, and though she had a difficult run at the 2019 FINA World Championships - where she was in and out of the hospital with an illness - she still emerged with three medals. In Tokyo, it's almost inevitable that she'll make the podium again.


『おっさんずラブ-in the sky-』だけじゃない!「空港」が舞台のドラマ   

秋ドラマ『おっさんずラブ-in the sky-』と同じ航空(空港・飛行機)が舞台のおすすめドラマ。『スチュワーデス物語』、『GOOD LUCK!!』、『CAとお呼びっ!』、『アテンションプリーズ』、『TOKYOエアポート〜東京空港管制保安部〜』、『あぽやん ~走る国際空港』、『ミス・パイロット』。

Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Sachie Kimura   

Sachie Kimura, first author of CRK2 and C-terminal Phosphorylation of NADPH Oxidase RBOHD Regulate Reactive Oxygen Species Production in Arabidopsis Current Position: Assistant Professor, Ritsumeikan Global Innovation Research Organization (R-GIRO), Ritsumeikan University, Japan Education: Ph.D. in Applied Biological Science from Tokyo University of Science, Japan Non-scientific Interests: reading, art appreciation, aquariums, traveling Brief bio: I […]



Singapore Airlines to Cut Flights as Coronavirus Outbreak Hits Demand   

Key affected destinations include Mumbai, Frankfurt, Jakarta, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Seoul, Sydney and Tokyo, the airline said in a statement.

Japan Economy Logs Worst Drop in Over Five Years as Coronavirus Outbreak Hits Business   

The disappointing data snapped four quarters of expansion and was the biggest contraction since the second quarter of 2014 when the economy shrank 1.9 percent after the first sales tax hike in 17 years was introduced.

Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings, Inc. (TOKTF: Grey Market) | Deleted Symbol   

Tue, Feb 18, 2020 12:00 - Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings, Inc. (TOKTF: Grey Market) - Deleted Symbol - As of Tue, Feb 18, 2020, TOKTF is no longer a valid symbol. You may find a complete list of deleted symbols at

ความเห็นบน รับรูดบัตรเครดิตเป็นเงินสด รวดเร็วทันใจ ถึงที่หมาย สะดวก ปลอดภัย โดย Tokyo Escort   

The most effective man is usually the grooms most trustworthy and faithful buddy or relative. The very best man is often the grooms most reliable and faithful buddy or relative. The ushers could be the grooms brothers, cousin, or best friends, or brothers and shut kinfolk of the bride. Responsibilities of the very best Man Before the wedding, he - pays for his own attire, purchased or rented. May give the envelope to the officiant before the ceremony. In the course of the ceremony, he - will not be a part of the processional but enters with the groom, standing behind the groom and slightly to the left. After the ceremony, he - instantly serves as one of the witnesses in signing the wedding license. On the reception, he - does not stand in the receiving line until he can be the father of the groom. After the reception, he - promptly returns both his and the grooms rented formal wear to the suitable location.

The Eagle's flight 2020   


Red Bull presents… the 2020 Flight of the Eagle!

The “Flight of the Eagle” will again be repeated for the 2020 edition of the Carnival with another spectacular flight from St. Mark’s bell tower to the Carnival stage.

In 2019 was Arianna Fontana, champion of Short Track with eight Olympic medals. She attracted everyone’s eyes on the Olympic colors. With her honest and pretty face, the prestigious palmares and the passion for sport, Arianna was an extraordinary testimonial of Milan-Cortina’s candidacy at Tokyo for the 2026 Winter Olympic Games.

Year after year, this second flight is filled with new ideas and fascination to confirm the choice made years ago to include this event in the Carnival celebrations, which over the years has been performed by Fabrizia D’Ottavio, Francesca Piccinini, Carolina Kostner, the talented Giusy Versace, Saturino Celani Melissa Satta, and Renzo Rosso (Diesel CEO).



To attend the show, we  recommend you arrive well ahead of time. We advise against the more crowded areas to those who have reduced mobility or use wheelchairs or pushchairs, etc. One-way routes may be set up or other modifications made to pedestrian traffic.

At the end of the parade we invite you to move away in order to allow other people to attend the next show.


Virus-hit cruise ship passengers to start disembarking in Japan   

Around 500 passengers on the virus-hit cruise ship quarantined off Yokohama near Tokyo were set to disembark on Wednesday, although those sharing a room with people testing positive would have to stay on board longer, media and officials said.


3 in 1 from New York! Singapore, Japan and India in one trip from only $520 with 5* ANA and 5* Singapore Airlines!   

Amazing 3 in 1 across Asia! 5* ANA and Singapore Airlines are offering a great price for flights from New York, USA to Singapore, Tokyo & Delhi Book a ticket from only $519!

5* Qatar Airways cheap flights from Milan to Tokyo, Japan for €384!   

Qatar Airways are offering a good rate on flights from Milan to Tokyo for only €384 for a roundtrip!

2020.2.18 ACLグループステージ第2戦 FC東京 1-0 パース・グローリー~リフレクションではなさそう~   















にほんブログ村 サッカーブログ FC東京へ


PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村

【速報】2020.2.18 ACLグループステージ第2戦 FC東京 1-0 パース・グローリー   





にほんブログ村 サッカーブログ FC東京へ


PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村

Microsoft has a subdomain hijacking problem   


Image: ZDNet

A security researcher has pointed out today that Microsoft has a problem in managing its thousands of subdomains, many of which can be hijacked and used for attacks against users, its employees, or for showing spammy content.

The issue has been brought up today by Michel Gaschet, a security researcher and a developer for

In an interview with ZDNet, Gaschet said that during the past three years, he's been reporting subdomains with misconfigured DNS records to Microsoft, but the company has either been ignoring reports or silently securing some subdomains, but not all.

Researcher: Only 5%-10% got fixed

Gaschet says he reported 21 subdomains that were vulnerable to hijacks to Microsoft in 2017 [1, 2], and then another 142 misconfigured subdomains in 2019 [1, 2].

Further, the researcher also privately shared with ZDNet another list of 117 subdomains that he also reported to Microsoft last year.


Image: ZDNet

Of all the reported misconfigured subdomains, Gaschet told ZDNet that Microsoft only addressed a few. The researcher puts the number at somewhere between 5% and 10% of all the subdomains he reported.

Blame DNS misconfigurations

Gaschet told ZDNet the OS maker usually fixes big subdomains, like and, but leaves the other subdomains exposed to hijacks.

The researcher said that most of the Microsoft subdomains are vulnerable to basic misconfigurations in their respective DNS entries. The researcher says this 2014 blog post from Detectify explains the problem in depth.

"The root cause/mistake is a forgotten DNS entry pointing to something that doesn't exist anymore, or never existed, like a typo in the DNS entry content," Gaschet told ZDNet.

Subdomain hijacks lead to spam on

But until now, these misconfigurations have never caused Microsoft any problems or headaches, despite being an attractive attack surface.

In a hypothetical scenario, an attacker could hijack one of these subdomains and host phishing pages to harvest login credentials for Microsoft employees, business partners or even its end-users.

The scenario is not something that has not been seen before.

Luckily, no dangerous threat groups have noticed this problem.

Sadly, others have.

Today, Gaschet pointed out on Twitter that at least one spam group has figured out they could hijack Microsoft's subdomains and boost their spammy content by hosting it on a reputable domain.

Gaschet says he spotted ads for Indonesian poker casinos on at least four legitimate Microsoft subdomains. These include,,, and

The spammy ads are still live at the time of writing.

ZDNet has reached out for comment to Microsoft and asked the company to comment on a series of issues raised by Gaschet in a Twitter thread today. We have not heard back before this article's publication time.

On Twitter, Gaschet guessed that one of the reasons why Microsoft is not prioritizing fixing these issues is because "subdomain takeovers" are not part of the company's bug bounty program, which means any reports are not getting prioritized, even despite the severity of the issues being reported.

Gaschet, who is a developer for, the official registrar for the Guadeloupe .gp top-level domain, urged Microsoft to revamp how it manages its DNS records, which he said are the source of most of these misconfigurations.


"United by Emotion" revealed as official Tokyo 2020 motto   

Tokyo 2020 have revealed that the official motto of this year's Olympic and Paralympic Games will be "United by Emotion".…


Tokyo 2020 chief dismisses "irresponsible rumours" of Olympics cancellation   

Tokyo 2020 chief dismisses
Tokyo 2020 chief executive Toshirō Mutō has labelled suggestions this year's Olympics and Paralympics could be cancelled because of the…


#Restaurant #Review: Tuck into sea#Food soup and simple sashimi at cozy Tokyo Sushi   


There’s something appealingly personal about a public restaurant built into a space where people used to live their private lives. By this stage in Madison’s culinary evolution, we’ve seen plenty of ...

Pakistan: Japan’s support for Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Pak/Afghan Development: Firm Commitment for the regional stability   

Source: Government of Japan
Country: Afghanistan, Japan, Pakistan

On the occasion of the “International Conference on 40 years of Hosting Afghan Refugees in Pakistan” from February 17 to 18, 2020 at Islamabad, the Embassy of Japan wishes to share Japan’s support for Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Pak/Afghan Development.

Pakistan has been hosting the largest Afghan refugees population in the world in the past four decades. Moreover, Pakistan is playing an important role in the ongoing efforts to achieve a peace settlement in Afghanistan. Understanding Pakistan’s hardship and its geo-political importance in this region, Japan has continuously supported the host communities of Afghan refugees in the northwest region of Pakistan especially in the fields of health, education, and water and sanitation. The total assistance in Pakistan provided through UNHCR amounts to USD 160 million for the past 36 years. People especially in the northwest region of Pakistan have suffered from polio in many years. It is necessary to tackle this problem from both of sides of Pakistan and Afghanistan, aiming for its earliest eradication. Japan has provided approximately USD 229 million to Pakistan for its polio eradication program since 1996.

Stability and reconstruction in Afghanistan is desperately needed for the safety and voluntary return of Afghan refugees. Japan has provided USD 6.7 billion in total since 2001 for various projects in Afghanistan, such as a total of 700 km highway construction and the construction of terminal building and runway of the Kabul International Airport. In addition, a total of 613 students have studied in postgraduate schools in Japan since 2011. In July 2012, Japan hosted “Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan” with the participation of 55 nations and 25 international organizations, which marked a milestone of the international solidarity to support Afghanistan. It is widely known that the late Dr. Nakamura of Peshawar-Kai has greatly supported the people of Afghanistan. His remarkable efforts and contribution are recognized and appreciated by the people of this region and many others. His famous project of greening desert known as “the miracle of Gamberi” becomes a leading model for future assistance in Afghanistan.

Peace in Afghanistan and development in Pakistan is closely linked and affects the stability of the whole region. Japan will continue to support Pakistan in its efforts to attain eternal stability and sustainable development. (END)


Buddhist Leader Urges Nuclear Weapons Free Common Security   


By Ramesh Jaura

Photo: SGI president Daisaku Ikeda. Credit: Seikyo Shimbun

BERLIN | TOKYO (IDN) – An eminent Buddhist philosopher and nuclear disarmament advocate has tabled four critical initiatives to "contribute to the creation of a sustainable global society where all can live with dignity and a sense of security". The initiatives cover four major areas: building support for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW); multilateral negotiations for nuclear disarmament; climate change and disaster risk reduction (DRR); and education for children in crisis. [2020-02-13]


Japonya'da karantinaya alınan gemide bekleyiş sürüyor   

Yeni tip koronavirüs (Kovid-19) salgını nedeniyle Japonya'nın başkenti Tokyo yakınındaki Yokohama Limanı'nda 4 Şubat'ta karantinaya alınan ve 3 bin 500'den fazla kişinin bulunduğu "Diamond Princess" adlı yolcu gemisinde bekleyiş sürüyor.

Renesas Electronics and Panthronics Announce Collaboration for Wireless Charging and Connected IoT Solutions   

TOKYO, Japan and GRAZ, Austria – February 13, 2020 – Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, and Panthronics AG, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in high performance wireless products, jointly announced they are collaborating to bring best-in-class solutions to the consumer, industrial, and Internet of Things (IoT) markets. The collaboration realizes technical leadership in … Read More → "Renesas Electronics and Panthronics Announce Collaboration for Wireless Charging and Connected IoT Solutions"

TOKYO BEETHOVEN / カラフルトーキョー FEAT.もも / 宇宙は大ヘンだ!FEAT.もも / 7" / ¥1,650   

★お一人様2枚までのご注文とさせていただきます。2枚以上のご注文いただいても最大2枚のみで対応させていただきます。ご了承ください。★ ★予約受付中。この商品の入荷は3月4日予定です。この商品を含むご注文の発送は、この商品の入荷に準じます。★

Olympic Tokyo 2020 và nỗi lo của vận động viên trong mùa dịch Covid-19   


Hướng tới Olympic Tokyo 2020, Phạm Thị Hồng Lệ và nhiều vận động viên ở Trung tâm huấn luyện thể thao Quốc gia Hà Nội cho biết ngoài lo phòng chống dịch bệnh Covid-19, còn một nỗi lo nữa lớn hơn.

Tianjin 125 cases 125th 9 years old boy    


TIANJIN: 125 Coronavirus Cases

As of February 17, 06:00, Tianjin has confirmed 125 cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

014The 125th patient, male, 9 years old, was a close contact of the 93th confirmed case in Tianjin, the son of the 119th and 121st confirmed cases, and now lives in Lintingkou Town, Baodi District, Tianjin City, without Wuhan travel History, the history of shopping at Wubaocheng Department Store.





Death toll rises to 1,775 globally

016A total of 105 people were killed by the coronavirus in mainland China on Sunday. One hundred of the 105 deaths yesterday were in Hubei province, the epicenter of the outbreak. More than 1,933 additional cases of the virus were confirmed Sunday. That brings the total number of cases in Hubei to 58,182.

017A total of 2,048 cases were confirmed in mainland China on Sunday. Authorities said 10,844 patients have recovered and been discharged from hospital.

018The novel coronavirus outbreak continues to spread worldwide. Japan now has the highest number of cases outside China, with at least 412 total cases - 356 of which are on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, docked in quarantine in Yokohama.

019Numbers rising: There have been more than 71,334 cases of the virus recorded worldwide, 70,548 of which are in mainland China. The global death toll now stands at 1,775, with the vast majority of those deaths in mainland China, concentrated mostly in Hubei province, where the outbreak began.

040Deaths outside China: There have been two more deaths outside mainland China - one in Taiwan, and one in France. That brings the total number of deaths outside China to five; the other three happened in Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Japan.

Cruise ship evacuation: Two airplanes chartered by the US government to evacuate American passengers from the Diamond Princess have departed Tokyo, with more than 300 on board. They will head to military bases in Texas and California.

Japan 2 more cases: Two more people in Japan have tested positive for coronavirus. One patient is an administrative assistant with the ministry who had been working on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, where hundreds of infections have been confirmed. The other is a nurse in her 40s who had been treating a woman in her 80s infected with the virus in Kanagawa prefecture. The elderly woman later died, becoming the first person in Japan to be killed by the virus. The nurse didn’t come into close contact with others and is undergoing treatment in hospital.

Apparent improvement in CoViD-19 trends
See below charts

041There were just 118 new reported cases of covid-19 infections in China outside Hubei yesterday, the lowest since prior to the Wuhan quarantine.

042The number of people under medical observation (those who have had close contact with confirmed infections) is now under 79,000 outside Hubei, down by more than 40,000 since early February

043County in Henan extends quarantine period
to 21 days for travellers from Wuhan

The county of Xinxian in Henanprovince is extending the quarantine period for travellers returning from Wuhanto 21 days.

Free Vehicle Tolls around China

010From February 17 to the end of the epidemic prevention period, All toll roads are exempt from vehicle tolls in China. Specific deadlines will be announced separately.

This toll-free scope is all toll roads (including toll bridges and tunnels). Among them, the connected toll expressway is based on the time when the vehicle leaves the toll lane at the exit, and the open toll expressway and ordinary toll road are based on the time that the vehicle passes the toll lane of the toll station.





Woman dons an inflated giraffe costume to hospital

030A Chinese woman has shown up at a hospital dressed up a giraffe to avoid catching the novel coronavirus.

The woman, known by surname He, had to resort to the full-body outfit after failing to get hold of any face masks.

031She was picking up medicine for her family members when she was spotted in the unusual costume.

She said that she bought the puffed-up outfit, along with another alien costume, due to the shortage of face masks.

She said her old masks had passed their best before date and she couldn't get any new ones.

In a video, Ms He is fully covered from head to toe, with only a small window of clear plastic film for her to see through.

Ms He's father had been a regular patient at the hospital's department of respiration before the deadly coronavirus broke out.

As the healthiest person in her family, Ms He took on the tasks of grocery shopping and running errands to prevent her parents from catching the virus.







Статусный марафон отменили из-за коронавируса   

Токийский марафон в этом году не состоится. Фото: Один из шести главных марафонов мира, Tokyo Marathon, отменили из-за угрозы распространения коронавируса, сообщает По этому поводу 38 тыс. бегунов со всего мира получили соответствующее известие, отмечает издание. В Японии, в том числе и в Токио, были подтверждены случаи заражения COVID-19 (коронавирус). В связи с этим организаторами мэйджора было принято непростое решение о частичной отмене марафона с целью обесп...

Analisa Teknikal Sesi Eropa   

Laporan Pasar dibuat 3 kali sehari sebelum pembukaan pasar di Tokyo, London dan New York. Laporan ini memberikan gambaran tentang pandangan teknikal pasar sebelum dibukanya pusat keuangan utama. Gerakan pasar menunjukkan perubahan dalam harga dari laporan yang sama 24 jam sebelumnya.Mendukung RSI dan Rata-rata Pergerakan 34 lilinTB: Titik Balik Terakhir – digunakan untuk mengidentifikasi Tingkat Dukungan […]

Analisa Teknikal Sesi Asia   

Laporan Pasar dibuat 3 kali sehari sebelum pembukaan pasar di Tokyo, London dan New York. Laporan ini memberikan gambaran tentang pandangan teknikal pasar sebelum dibukanya pusat keuangan utama. Gerakan pasar menunjukkan perubahan dalam harga dari laporan yang sama 24 jam sebelumnya.Mendukung RSI dan Rata-rata Pergerakan 34 lilinTB: Rilis Data Ekonomi Berdampak Kuat Mendatang Claimant Count […]
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