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Egypt’s Political History and COVID-19   

Podcast here Egypt is a very populous country that is reeling from the COVID-19 crisis. It has the second-highest infection rate in Africa, following South Africa. On Thursday, it decided to shut cafes, shopping malls, sports clubs and night … Continue reading

How to Remodel Your Kitchen in Phases: Part One   


A full kitchen remodel is at the top of many Indiana homeowners’ wish lists; however, many think they don’t have the time or money to get the job done. However, our team at Booher Remodeling Company wants you to consider a different way to make your dreams come true: Instead of trying to budget for a full remodel, do it in phases. Completing a kitchen remodel in phases can be much easier on you and your wallet; all it takes is a little planning and patience. Design Phase The design phase is vital to any kitchen remodeling project, but even more important when you’re planning on spreading the project out over time. Our design team can help you create an overall design concept, so you will have defined what you want your kitchen to eventually look like. This way you can make color choices, choose finishes and flooring, and address … Continued

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Who am I? Character Prompt   


This week instead of doing a story prompt, I decided to do a character prompt. The characters and relationships were created from randomly selected music. Enjoy this character prompt. Character 1: (Song: This is Me from The Greatest Showman) Mid 30’s, divorced, single mom. She has a young daughter and despite struggles, she tries to... Continue Reading →

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near 85 Church End Lane, Reading, RG30 4UN   


Large amount of household waste fly tipped removed. 2man lifted needed to remove washing machine

Edwin muhammad - male - New York, United States   

I'm Edwin, I love reading books, meeting new people and I've found peace in Allah recently.... Looking for a mature lady I will walk together with towards the path of righteousness...

Sebrina - female - Algiers, Algeria   

i am single and searching, i am nice, loving, faithful, caring and honest lady. i love cooking, reading my books and observing my prayers..

Abdul-Shakur - male - Gauteng, South Africa   

I enjoy being active, healthy and staying fit. Cooking, going out (but also staying in) family and learning about the deen of Islam are important to me as well. If you’d like to know more Say “Asalaam”. I didn’t reveal a lot about my Self for you to read on purpose. Rather we chat, talk, engage in conversation to get to know each other instead of us reading through a long page in this section about each other. Also, just because someone looks like a good match, doesn’t necessarily translate in reality.

Coronavirus: Confirmed cases pass one million globally   


More than a million cases of coronavirus have been registered globally, according to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University – another grim milestone as the world grapples with the spreading pandemic. More than 51,000 people have died and more than 208,000 have recovered, according to the university’s figures. The US accounts for the most cases; […]

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Comprehensive List of Section 301 Product Exclusions   

Last Updated on April 2, 2020 List 1 Exclusions Granted December 28, 2018 Cargo Systems Messaging Service (CSMS) Guidance #19-000052 List 1 Exclusions Granted March 25, 2019 CSMS Guidance #19-000155 List 1 Exclusions Granted April 18, 2019 CSMS Guidance #19-000212 List 1 Exclusions Granted May 14, 2019 CSMS Guidance #19-000244 List 1 Exclusions Granted June... Continue Reading

Multinational Companies May Benefit From Chinese Stimulus Programs To Help Mitigate the Economic Impact in China of COVID-19   

The central government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as well as provincial and city level governments across the country have announced numerous incentives and supporting measures to assist companies, including wholly foreign owned enterprises (commonly referred to as WFOEs) and Sino-foreign joint ventures, in resuming production and operations that were adversely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. In China,... Continue Reading

Do your kids like the Gruffalo? They will not want to miss this...    

On international children's book day one local charity is reading the Gruffalo to anyone who wants to join in.

Want good news? Bay Bridge westbound lane rehabilitation completed year ahead of schedule   

Gov. Larry Hogan got to make a positive announcement this morning, and it had nothing to do with a virus pandemic spreading across Maryland.


Purrsday Poetry: Shadow (RIP March 2010)   


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Hi everyone, (feature image used is our default poetry reading image) Today’s entry in Purrsday Poetry comes from Wanda: Shadow (RIP March 2010) Plush coat of dark on light grays In swirls and stripes it lays. Perched upon the patio chair he sits Yellow-green eyes disappearing into gray slits. Pinkish nose twitches at the breeze-borne [...]

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Coronavirus live updates: Global deaths top 52,800 as infection numbers cross a million   

The death toll from the fast-spreading coronavirus rose and at least 52,863 people have lost their lives to the disease.

San Bernardino County recommends covering face in public to avoid spreading coronavirus   

The suggestion follows a similar one by officials in Riverside, Los Angeles and Orange counties

Breaking contracts over coronavirus: Can you argue it’s an ‘act of God’?   

by Andrew Schwartz, University of Colorado Boulder The coronavirus pandemic has prevented countless people from fulfilling their contracts, from basketball players to babysitters. The NBA suspended its season on March 11, citing the coronavirus risk. A force majeure clause in the NBA contract means players could lose money with each canceled game.    Could all of … Continue reading Breaking contracts over coronavirus: Can you argue it’s an ‘act of God’?

Industry insider claims coronavirus caused by rollout of 5G wireless technology.   


In a 32-minute audio message posted on YouTube, an anonymous whistleblower claiming to be the former head of the largest business unit at Vodafone explains the correlation between the coronavirus and the rollout of 5G technology. In the second half of the message, he openly shares his views as a Christian pastor, quotes several scriptures and mentions his recent ministry activities.

I listened to the message and found it very interesting, but still had some questions so I was unsure about sharing it, but decided to go ahead after discovering YouTube has deleted every copy of it, which different people had shared on their channels, all with the same title, FORMER VODAFONE BOSS BLOWS WHISTLE ON 5G:CORONA VIRUS, replacing it with this message, “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s community guidelines.”… [Continue reading...]


“It’s IMPORTANT right now to LISTEN more than you SPEAK.”   


I have been feeling the weight of His presence heavier in the last few weeks than I have ever felt. I am feeling the heart of God drawing His people into a deeper place of intimacy and a deeper place of hearing His voice, the heralding from the heart of the Father to understand the times and the seasons that we are in.

As I sat with the Lord recently, He has been speaking to me over and over about the major alignment that is taking place in the body of Christ right now where He is focusing His people back upon Him and drawing His people deeper into ministering to HIM first and foremost.… [Continue reading...]


Two prophetic insights show a drop in silver prices ahead.   


In a dream today, I was standing beside a downtown street that was on my right side and looking to my left watching a public transportation bus coming towards me. It was white with a large black windshield and some black trim. When I first saw it, it was already close, maybe about a half a block away. Just before it reached me, it made a sharp right turn and crashed hard into a large gray stone building very close to where I was standing.… [Continue reading...]


South Carolina Pastor warned in 2019 dream about a deadly virus coming to our land.   


As shown in the following 16-minute video, South Carolina resident Pastor Kadesha Jenkins received a prophetic warning dream in March 2019. In the dream, she saw a major storm coming upon our land and specifically a deadly virus that would have similar symptoms as the flu. In the dream, she was shown that God wants His people to return to Him.

Kadesha is pastor of New Beginnings Outreach Ministries.


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A Tale of Theft and Guns   


This is a story about Noah. Noah is broke on account of being fired from his job. Now behind on rent and desperate, his friend gives him a job offer that could change his life for better or worse.

Author Note: This story is pretty short, with about 3300~ words. It has 5 endings for you to find, and every choice has an impact on the story. Leave me your thoughts below! Also a BIG thanks to mizal for helping with proofreading.

Switching Languages While Reading Coiling Dragon   

I found this post that I wrote a few years ago in my drafts. I don’t know why I didn’t publish it before. At the time I was reading the English translation of Coiling Dragon it was still freely available, … Continue reading

More Personal Comments on the Coronavirus Crisis   

I want to avoid discussing the coronavirus crisis in my regular weekly blog posts (at least while the crisis is ongoing) – so I’m going to say some things now. *** During shelter-at-home, I’m learning things I never knew about … Continue reading

The Shift with Drex, March 25: #iPad, #MacBookAir, #WorldTheatreDay, #NFB, #DigitalMovies, #CallOfDutyWarzone, #DoomEternal, #AnimalCrossing, #NewHorizons   


On the Corus Radio Network, Blaine Kyllo talks about all the different ways you can spend your leisure time now that you don’t have to commute to the office. Listen in for recommendations on movies and videos, video games, and readings of plays.


Stop the Spread of COVID-19 Corona Virus on Mobile Devices   

UV Tablet Box Nowadays, numerous businesses rely on mobile devices, including tablets, phones and digital pads, during operations. Such establishments include businesses that offer delivery services or curb-side pickup and companies that interact with customers outside of permanent facilities. Unfortunately, mobile devices also prone to spreading dangerous viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19 corona virus, due to direct exposure with potentially contaminated environments and...

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Re-reading Camus’s The Plague in pandemic times   

Philosophy News image
Sometime in the 1940s in the sleepy colonial city of Oran, in French occupied Algeria, there was an outbreak of plague. First rats died, then people. Within days, the entire city was quarantined: it was impossible to get out, and no one could get in. This is the fictional setting for Albert Camus’s second most famous novel, The Plague (1947). And yes, there are some similarities to our current situation with the coronavirus.  First, the denials by those in positions of power. Doctor Rieux, the main character (who turns out to be the narrator) confronts the authorities who reluctantly agree to form an official sanitary commission to deal with the outbreak. The prefect insists on discretion, however, for he is convinced it is a false alarm, or as some would say today, fake news! It is not difficult to hear the echoes of the initial reactions in China and in some parts of the US media landscape regarding the coronavirus.   In between patient visits, Rieux reflects that though calamities are fairly frequent historical occurrences, they are hard to accept when they happen to us, in our lifetimes. This is the story of placid everyday lives lived as routines that are suddenly, brutally disrupted by a virus: an existential reminder of the arbitrariness of life and the certainty and randomness of death.  The temptation of denial is a powerful one, both in the book and today with the emergence of the coronavirus.   With the city gates of Oran closing and everyone collectively thrown into interior exile, the gravity of the situation becomes impossible to deny. Families and couples are separated, food rationed and consequently a black market emerges – this reminds us of the run on hospital masks and sanitizing gel in the US, formerly cheap, readily available products, now increasingly sought-after commodities. As we know, Camus conceived his novel as an allegory for the German Occupation of France from 1940 to 1944, during which families were separated due to the division of. . .

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Donald Trump’s insult politics   

Philosophy News image
Political commentators and satirists love to mock Donald Trump’s verbal gaffs, his simplified vocabulary and vague, boastful speech. But if you judge his oratory by its effect on the audience, Donald Trump’s rhetoric, particularly with large crowds of enthusiastic supporters, is undeniably effective. People have studied the art of rhetoric for millennia – so how does a style that runs counter to all established advice work so well? His use of simple vocabulary and repetition help him connect with listeners. But central to Trump’s style is his use of catchy insults that foster an easy us-them mentality, with Trump and his fans on one side and basically everyone else on the other. Donald Trump’s stylistic loadstar is the nickname, often composed of a target’s first name and an adjective. In 2016 there was Lyin’ Ted and Crooked Hillary. As the Trump administration has gone forward and the 2020 election is on the horizon we find the president tweeting about Crazy Bernie and Sleepy Joe. Biden was also, in the wake of reports of his handsy campaign style, Sleepy Creepy Joe. It’s not just potential candidates who get tagged with adjectives: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is Crazy Nancy and the Senate minority leader is Cryin’ Chuck Schumer. Former aid Steve Bannon gets the alliterative Sloppy Steve and Omarosa Manigault becomes Wacky Omarosa. Barack Obama gets the last-name treatment as Cheatin’ Obama, probably not so much out of deference but out of the difficulty of finding an adjective that works well with Barack. Former FBI director James Comey is referred to as Leakin’ James Comey, Lyin’ James Comey, and of course Leakin’ Lyin’ James Comey. Physicality is also an element of the Trump style. Trump is a big fellow, except perhaps—famously—for his hands. According to his physician, Trump is 6’ 3” and 243 pounds. People who cross him become little or “liddle”: Little Marco Rubio, Liddle Bob Corker or Liddle Adam Schiff or, for Kim Jong-Un, Little Rocket Man (Lil’ Kim. . .

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Hopeloos en verloren gevoel…   

Het is alweer april en ik zou in de tijd voor corona gewoon mijn rugzak weer opgedaan hebben en eropuit getrokken zijn. Andere tijden en gisteren en vandaag voelde het als volstrekt hopeloos. Mijn moeder was gisteren dubbel niet in … Continue reading

Walk to Canter Transitions   

I did this exercise a couple of weeks ago in my lesson to help Phoenix get the hang of walk to canter transitions, and have found it really useful, so thought I’d share it here. Down the long side, ride…

Here's What You Can Do to Avoid Gum Disease   


Here's an alarming statistic: Nearly half of adults over 30—and 70% over 65—are affected by periodontal (gum) disease. It's sobering because if not caught and treated early, gum disease can lead to not only tooth loss but also an increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

Gum disease most often begins with dental plaque, a thin film of bacteria and food particles that builds up on tooth surfaces mainly from poor oral hygiene. Undisturbed plaque can become a breeding ground for bacteria that cause gum infections.

Daily brushing and flossing can remove most of this plaque buildup, but you also need to get professional dental cleanings at least twice a year. This is because any plaque you missed brushing and flossing can interact with saliva and harden into calculus or tartar. This hardened plaque can't be dislodged through brushing and flossing alone, but requires special instruments used by dental professionals to remove it.

You should also be aware of other risk factors you may have that increase your chances of gum disease and take action to minimize them. For instance, you may have a higher genetic propensity toward gum disease. If so, you'll need to be extra-vigilant with personal hygiene and watch for any signs of disease.

Tobacco use, especially smoking, can double your chances of gum disease as well as make it difficult to notice any signs of disease because your gums will not bleed or swell. Quitting the habit can vastly improve your odds of avoiding an infection. Your disease risk could also be high if you have a diet heavy in sugar, which feeds bacteria. Avoiding sugary foods and eating a more dental-friendly diet can lower your disease risk.

Oral hygiene and managing any other risk factors can greatly reduce your risk for gum disease, but it won't eliminate it entirely. So, be sure you seek professional dental care at the first signs of swollen, reddened or bleeding gums. The sooner you undergo treatment for a possible gum infection, the better your chances of avoiding extensive damage to your teeth, gums and supporting bone.

The risk for gum disease goes up as we get older. But by following good hygiene and lifestyle practices, you can put yourself on the healthier side of the statistics.

If you would like more information on gum disease care and treatment, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “How Gum Disease Gets Started.”


More Than Knowing About Him   


I have a question for you - have you been thinking of eternity lately? Continue reading

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Willie says:   

If your main website focuses on one particular product, service or focus. Most sites have four basic pages: Index, About Us, Contact us, and what We Market. Did you feel like staying and reading via? Feel free to surf to my website - scr 888:

Samuel Beket në vendin e frankëve / Nga: Luan Rama   

Samuel Beket në vendin e frankëve  Ndryshe nga shumë anglosaksonë që e bënë Parisin dhe Francën si një atdhe të tyre, Samuel Beckett (Beket) erdhi më shumë për të shpëtuar nga jeta monotone në familjen e tij në Dublin ku … Continue reading

KOHË MURTAJE (2) / Nga: Mihal Gjergji   

KOHË MURTAJE   Nga: Mihal Gjergji 2 Largohem nga muret e akullta dhe dal në oborrin e shtëpisë. Ulem në stolin mes pemëve dhe pi kafen shqeto të mëngjezit. Llampadërt e rrugës ngjasojnë si lot të ngrirë kristali. Përballë meje, … Continue reading

Poezi nga Mihallaq Qilleri   

Poezi nga Mihallaq Qilleri   D I T Ë L I N D J A Ditëlindja jote përkon me rilindjen e hemisferës, Me shpërthimin e bisqeve të bajameve, Ditëlindja jote një qiell i trazuar dyshimesh Mes dimrit që ikën dhe … Continue reading

On the day of earth / Poem by Imen Melliti   

Poem by Imen Melliti     On the day of earth   On the day of earth Humanity is mourning its birth   Greif is drowing the shadaw of death   No one Can imepede Corona growth   On the … Continue reading

ключи от храма / Татьяна Теребинова   

Татьяна Теребинова   ключи от храма твоя душа – ключи от храма тела твоего тебя охраняет пепел небес под куполом любви твоя улыбка смотрят в тебя, улыбаясь, зеркала землицы лица тебя просеят в глубину нам ладаном дано растаять в небесном … Continue reading

Тьму не кормите, кормите огонь / Татиана Вк   

Татиана Вк   Тьму не кормите, кормите огонь Под замком, А как бьется, Как стучит. Мое сердце! А игра такая идёт Два шага назад. Один вперёд. К капищу. День сегодняшний По замыслу тайному Воздух с ядом Оцепенение дает. Мед разливают … Continue reading


Poem by ABAHN LETH (Ba Lethanh)   LET BE DECISIVE HÃY QUYẾT ĐOÁN Quyết đoán là đưa ra quyết định Vừa nhanh, mạnh mẽ và thông minh Để nhằm giải quyết vấn đề khó Đa số người nghe rất thuận … Continue reading

ROJTARI I VARREZAVE / Tregim nga Lumo Kolleshi   

ROJTARI I VARREZAVE   Tregim nga Lumo Kolleshi Një natë si ajo, me hënë dhe këngë bilbilash në korrijen përtej, ia bënin më të lehtë dremitjen. As vet nuk e merrte me mend pse po i këputeshin si copa shkëmbi … Continue reading

Poesie di Anna Cappella   

Poesie di Anna Cappella   ARMONIA DI VITA Gli occhi rincorrono il volo delle farfalle, liberi si posano sui prati fioriti; incantati ammirano lo spettacolo che si ripete, l’interpretazione della Natura, il riaffiorare della Primavera. Mi tuffo nel suo respiro: … Continue reading

Poems by Yolanda Gonzalez   

Poems by Yolanda Gonzalez   YOU STAY IN MY THOUGHT I could never forget, suffered and cried every moment who remembered it It was great torment; little by little the distance covered my soul with nostalgia The discouraged heart for … Continue reading

Poezi nga Fejzi Murati   

Poezi nga Fejzi Murati   MIKESHAT E MIA Kur vadis lulet u flas të gjithave me zemër i përkëdhel e i ledhatoj një për një… edhe kur i plehëroj, i apeloj emër për emër, herë me zë të lartë e … Continue reading

Poezi nga Alma Zenellari   

Poezi nga Alma Zenellari   MESAZH DASHURIE PRINDËRVE TANË Nëse ti e ndjen kaq thellë mungesën time, S’është faji im. Por ti e di, unë çdo ditë gjendem poshtë dritares tënde, shoh pasqyrimin e syve të tu… kuptoj si të … Continue reading

THE SURVIVORS / Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Anand   

Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Anand   THE SURVIVORS The world is shrunk, Boundaries have gone, Look, look, here is an old map Ohh.. so big was America And see this Italy. Place of greatest havoc. We stand on the … Continue reading

Poezi nga Leonora Lokaj   

Poezi nga Leonora Lokaj   Kthehu, hënë e re mbi qiellin tonë Në këte natë marsi me sy hijevdekjesh në ballë t’i prenë flatrat me sqep, korbat e trembur nën çati përrallash. tallazet e ëndrrave mashtruese veç të lartësuan do … Continue reading

Mark Simoni publikon librin “LUMI I VARKAVE TË VOGLA -Ese të shkurtëra për qytetin tim ”   

Mark Simoni publikon librin “LUMI I VARKAVE TË VOGLA -Ese të shkurtëra për qytetin tim ” Libri “LUMI I VARKAVE TE VOGLA -Ese të shkurtëra për qytetit tim ” përmbledh 30 ese për qytetin e tij të lindjes, dhe fëmijërisë … Continue reading

Poezi nga Sevëme Fetiqi   

Poezi nga Sevëme Fetiqi   Koktel “poezie” Ia shton pak vargje kuteliane Pak çajupiane Pak fejsbukiane Një dozë të mirë paftyrësie Pak ndjenja të mbarsura Dhe ia jap me pi Mbretit deledash Ne prag te ngordhjes Ai ngritet me të … Continue reading

Poezi nga Sahit F. Osmani   

Poezi nga Sahit F. Osmani   PRANVERA E ZHGËNJIMIT TË MADH “Kur po më l’shojnē andrrat, po m’kapin dhimbat…”☆ Pranverë me zhgënjimin e shpresës së madhe na erdhe Duke çelur me blerimin e ethshëm e trishtimin e luleve Pritnim të … Continue reading

The story in our heart / Poem by Irina Lucia Mihalca   

Poem by Irina Lucia Mihalca   The story in our heart – When you’re near me, I’m happy, then I get lost, I’m looking to feel you, I’m running after you! – you tell me. Feel the rain, baby? Her … Continue reading
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