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MRC To PBS And NPR: Drop Dead (Of Coronavirus)   


The Media Research Center has a pathological hatred of public broadcasting, most recently demonstrated when chief Brent Bozell demostrated he doesn't know how public radio works by cluelessly demanding that there be as many stations running his buddy Mark Levin's right-wing radio show as NPR stations (which all have their own format and schedule and don't necessarily run every NPR program).

And since the MRC isn't one to let a crisis go to waste, it's seizing upon a miniscule appropriation in the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill going toward public broadcasting as an excuse to resurrect its longstanding demand that President Trump defund public broadcasting. Bozell tweeted out what he thought the money could have Bought instead:

Never mind, of course, that those numbers of tests, masks and ventilators aren't even available, and that -- giving the price-gouging currently going on -- even if they were, they couldn't be bought at pre-pandemic prices.Never mind that the $75 million is only a tiny fraction of a $2 trillion bill -- 0.00375 percent, if our calculations are correct. Never mind that Bozell objected to no other specific provision in the bill, though you'd think there would be plenty of pork to object to in a bill that size. Bozell had his talking point, and the MRC flogged it.

The MRC's NewsBusters blog dutifully repeated Bozell's tweet, adding: "Lobbyists for the public broadcasters claim this money will go to "local news and information," "distributing emergency alerts," and "partnering with local and state educational authorities to provide remote learning services for millions of pre-K to 12th grade students." But they use the same talking points about their everyday funding." That's misleading; the bill itself -- as reported by MRC "news" division -- states that the money will also go to "prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus." Which means at least some of that money will pay for mitigating coronavirus exposure among public broadcasting employees.

In other words: It appears Bozell and the MRC would rather see public broadcasting employees get sick and possible die from coronavirus than receive any federal money, simply because it purports to find "partisan information and misinformation," as viewed by "many conservative Americans."

This was followed by the usual letter from Bozell, this time to President Trump, complaining that the money ewas "wasteful," declaring that thte things in his tweet that nobody can actually buy now even if they had the money "are infinitely better uses of taxpayer money than giving it to left-wing outlets like NPR and PBS, both of which attack you and your administration continuously." Bozell, of course, didn't mention that the money would go in poart to coronavirus mitigation efforts -- that would've shown he cared about people's lives or anything greater than his political agenda. Instead, he ranted:

That is why your proposal to eliminate all federal funding for CPB is completely justified. There will undoubtedly be proposals for more stimulus packages going forward. When that happens, we encourage you to push back hard against funding for such entities as CPB. No amount of classical music, Ken Burns documentaries, or “Morning Editions” is worth one saved human life.

Bozell then laughably stated: " Now more than ever, Americans must pull together in a spirit of unity. " He didn't explain how exploiting a crisis to exploit his hateful agenda advanced that "spirit of unity."

The guy who used to write columns under Bozell's name but now has finally been given the keys to it, Tim Graham, channeled his boss and threw in as well with an April 1 column whining that the public broadcasting is "niche broadcasting by liberals for liberals" and attacking PBS journalist Yamiche Alcindor for asking President Trump tough questions during his coronavirus briefings.

Needless to say, Graham didn't menion that the money helps pay for coronavirus mitigation. So it appears Graham would want public broadcasting employees sick or dead than getting the same help much of the rest of the country is getting under the coronavirus relief bill.


ФИФА перенесет трансферное окно из-за пандемии — Спорт РИА Новости, 07.04.2020   


ФИФА перенесет трансферное окно из-за пандемии — Спорт РИА Новости, 07.04.2020 Регистрация пройдена успешно! Пожалуйста, перейдите по ссылке из письма, отправленного на Отправить еще раз2020-04-07T20:13+03002020-04-07T20:13+0300ФИФА перенесет трансферное окно из-за пандемииСпорт РИА НовостиСпорт РИА НовостиФИФА перенесет трансферное окно из-за пандемии20:13 07.04.2020274© Фото : KEYSTONE/Steffen SchmidtЛоготип ФИФА © Фото : KEYSTONE/Steffen Schmidt Мировая федерация футбола (ФИФА) в ...

Motivating without Micromanaging   

Motivating without Micromanaging

Many business leaders have lost sight of what motivates people at work. In fact, some companies haven’t updated their incentive practices in years, which means they’re probably struggling to create and sustain high-performing teams. 

Companies continue to ignore the obvious: Offering incentives and rewards is less effective than tapping into truly meaningful intrinsic motivation. Leaders operate on old assumptions about motivation despite a wealth of well-documented scientific evidence.

The old “carrot-and-stick” mentality actually inhibits employees from seeking creative solutions, partly because they focus on attaining rewards instead of solving problems. Review the most notorious business failures, and you’ll find that company leaders focused on rewarding short-term results at the expense of sustaining success.

Effective motivation requires you to offer opportunities that satisfy three basic human needs:

    1. Autonomy
    2. Relatedness
    3. Competence

This approach is far from new. Social scientists have grasped what motivates people for more than 60 years. But managers continue to use the carrot/stick model with incentive programs. Regardless of gender, race, culture or generation, the reality is clear: Are you satisfying your people’s psychological needs?

In Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work…and What Does: The New Science of Leading, Energizing, and Engaging by consultant Susan Fowler reminds us that managers must periodically review their motivational techniques to recapture their leadership mojo.

The Motivational Trifecta 


1.      Autonomy


“Autonomy is our human need to perceive we have choices. It is our need to feel that what we are doing is of our own volition. It is our perception that we are the source of our actions.”  ~ Fowler

As adults, we never lose our need for autonomy. Productivity significantly increases for blue-collar workers in manufacturing plants when they are given the ability to stop the line. So does the productivity of white-collar workers in major investment banks who report a high sense of autonomy.

But when managers become too involved in coaching, encouraging and pushing people to be productive, they can actually undermine perceived autonomy. It’s a fine line that requires Goldilocks management: just the right amount.

2. Relatedness


Relatedness is defined as our need to care about, and be cared for by, others. “It is our need to feel connected to others without concerns about ulterior motives,” Fowler notes. “It is our need to feel that we are contributing to something greater than ourselves.”

In 1924, Western Electric conducted one of the first studies on workplace behaviours at Hawthorne Works, a plant located just outside of Chicago. Researchers found that workers were more productive when they knew they were being observed and were included in social interactions. George Elton Mayo described this as a positive emotional effect stemming from workers’ awareness of a sympathetic, interested observer.

We are social animals. When offered opportunities to work together, as in teams, our engagement and productivity increase. We thrive on connection. Think about it: We spend an enormous percentage of our time at work, getting ready for work, preparing for meetings and presentations, and thinking about what we’re going to say or do. Some experts estimate we spend 75 percent of our waking hours focused on work. If our relationship needs go unmet at work, we’re unlikely to compensate outside the workplace.

Leaders have enormous opportunities to help their people find meaning in workplace interpersonal experiences. If you make the mistake of applying pressure to perform without regarding how people feel, they’ll likely interpret your actions as self-serving. This never works. Your staff will instead disconnect and disengage. 

3. Competence: Lessons from Monkeys

“Competence is our need to feel effective at meeting everyday challenges and opportunities. It is demonstrating skill over time. It is feeling a sense of growth and flourishing.” ~ Fowler

In 1949, psychologist Harry Harlow placed puzzles in monkeys’ cages and was surprised to find that the primates successfully solved them. Harlow saw no logical reason for them to do so. So, what motivated them? The answer is threefold:

    • The monkeys’ survival didn’t depend on solving the puzzles
    • They didn’t receive any rewards, nor avoid any punishments, for their work
    • They solved the puzzles because they had a desire to do so.

As to their motivation, Harlow offered a novel theory: “The performance of the task provided intrinsic reward.” That is, the monkeys performed because they found it gratifying to solve puzzles. They enjoyed it, and the joy of the task served as its own reward.

Further experiments found that offering external rewards to solve these puzzles didn’t improve performance. In fact, rewards disrupted task completion. This led Harlow to identify a third motivational drive:

    1. The first drive for behaviours is survival. We drink, eat and copulate to ensure our survival.
    2. The second drive is to seek rewards and avoid punishment.
    3. The third drive is intrinsic: to achieve internal satisfaction.

What Motivates People?

Twenty years passed before psychologist Edward Deci, now a professor at the University of Rochester, followed up on Harlow’s studies.

In 1969, he ran a series of experiments that showed students lost intrinsic interest in an activity when money was offered as an external reward. These results surprised many behavioural scientists. Although rewards can deliver a short-term boost, the effect wears off. Even worse, rewards can reduce a person’s longer-term motivation to continue a project.

Deci and Richard Ryan later expanded on the earlier studies. Their Self-Determination Theory proposed three main intrinsic needs involved in self-determination, each of which is universal, innate and psychological:

- Competence

- Autonomy 

- Relatedness

Deci proposed that human beings have an inherent tendency to seek out novelty and challenges, to extend and exercise their capacities, to explore, and to learn. Unlike drives (for thirst, food and sex), these needs are never completely satisfied. Even after we attain degrees of competency, autonomy and relatedness, we still want more.

Trying to motivate people with the promise of rewards simply doesn’t work. You cannot impose growth, learning and meaning upon people; they must find it for themselves. But you can promote a learning environment that doesn’t undermine people’s sense of competence.

Motivating without Micromanaging

Most managers want to motivate people to peak performance, but their approach often backfires. In their fervent desire to teach people what they know to be true (after all, it worked to get them promoted to management, right?), some managers enthusiastically over-manage.

Over-management can manifest as micromanagement. When you tell staffers what to do, how to do it, when to do it and why your way is better, you undermine their ability to think for themselves. Instead of enjoying some control over the way they work, they begin to feel powerless and controlled. They many even start to doubt their competency. Their relationship with you deteriorates, as it is now based on compliance and conformity.

Managers who micromanage destroy any chance for their people to find meaning and fulfillment at work. Your staff’s basic psychological needs for autonomy, relatedness and competency remain unfulfilled, prompting them to withdraw and disengage.

The Domino Effect

Autonomy, relatedness and competency are interdependent. When you fail to offer opportunities for learning and growth (competency), you thwart opportunities for autonomy and relatedness. Mess with one and the others fall like dominoes.

Don’t make the mistake of believing your people lack motivation. People want to learn, grow, enjoy work, be productive and make a contribution. They want to enjoy relationships at work. It’s human nature.

When our psychological needs are satisfied, we experience positive energy, vitality and a sense of well-being. We strive for more. You’ve likely experienced this with your hobbies. No one needs to tell you to engage in something you enjoy; you do it because you derive pleasure from it.

Motivational Conversations

Boost employee commitment by conducting a motivational outlook conversation. Ask your people to identify what motivates them to do their work. Your goal is to help them identify motivating factors that have maximum impact and create optimum energy.

Most people identify several reasons for working: from the external (money or status) to the internal (finding meaning, acting on one’s values and ideals, aspiring to a higher purpose). Fowler adds the following:

  1. Inherence: I enjoy doing this.

  2. Integration: Work helps me fulfill my purpose as a leader.

  3. Alignment: I value developing people.

She also cites negative motivational outlooks:

  1. Imposition: I have to; it’s my job.

  2. Externalisation: It’s what I’m paid to do.

  3. Disinterest: I’d rather be doing something else.

Start to regard motivation as a skill—one that can be learned, acquired, encouraged and sustained. Each of us can choose our motivation.

Motivational conversations help people discover different reasons for doing their work. Once they pinpoint their current motivations, they can work toward finding their internal motivations—ideally, those that relate to their values.

It may take several conversations for staffers to deliver their best work through values they truly care about. You can help them see the bigger picture and connect the dots to feeling valued.

Remember: People are already motivated. You can provide a culture that encourages higher levels. Don’t succumb to organisational systems that favor driving over thriving. It doesn’t have to be that way.







Part 3: Online Summit Podcast Series – with David Mifsud   

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Purchasing a best and safety Key Cabinet   

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UNIVERSAL CITY, CA – April 6, 2020 – “The Kelly Clarkson Show” continues to keep the syndicated daytime talk train running with new original weekly episodes, all new “Messages from Montana” from host Kelly Clarkson, glimpses of life on her ranch, never-before seen in studio content plus new digital original exclusives. The new content will be included in episodes taped before the show paused production on March 13 for the safety and health of the production team due to growing concerns around the coronavirus.

Clarkson will continue to deliver “Messages from Montana” monologues from the Big Sky State, where she is currently sheltering. Audiences will get inside peeks at Kelly’s life on the ranch. Staying true to our show staples, Kelly will highlight a different Good Neighbor each day to show what everyday citizens are doing to embrace their roles as helpers during the pandemic. Starting today, “The Kelly Clarkson Show” will produce one remote episode per week from Montana. Kelly will conduct virtual interviews with celebrities and people in our communities doing their part during this challenging time. Audiences can also look forward to more “Bathroom Kellyoke” editions:

As an extension of season 1, “The Kelly Clarkson Show” will return this June with a new installment titled “The Kelly Clarkson Show: Summer Studio Sessions,” which will begin production in early summer from a recording studio in Los Angeles. “The Kelly Clarkson Show Summer Studio Sessions” will deliver an intimate experience that will air weekdays over the summer. These episodes will include all new Kellyoke, celebrity interviews and signature show segments that highlight what connects us, such as Good Neighbor, #OBSESSED, Rad Humans and #WhatI’mLiking.

“The Kelly Clarkson Show” is the uplifting daytime destination for humor, heart and connection featuring singer/songwriter and America’s original idol, Kelly Clarkson. “The Kelly Clarkson Show” features the biggest names in film, television and music; as well as emerging new talent and community heroes. Her “weekday hang” includes live performances, games and Kelly’s unfiltered perspective on life, family, kids, relationships, marriage and things that make her laugh her along the way.

“The Kelly Clarkson Show” is produced and distributed by NBCUniversal Domestic Television Distribution with Alex Duda serving as executive producer and showrunner. Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock are also executive producers. The show is taped in front of a live studio audience on the Universal Studios lot in Universal City, CA.

Episodic stills and show information can be accessed here: NBCU Media Village

For information on tickets, visit: “The Kelly Clarkson Show” website

For where to watch: check your local listings


Listings for the week of April 6 and April 13:


Here’s the updated TKCS Air Schedule for the Week of April 6th:


AIR #TKCS_L3115 | TV_G

“Message from Montana” monologue. KELLYOKE: How Could an Angel Break My Heart? (Toni Braxton). MONTANA TOSS: Kelly Sends Love to Rita Wilson. OBSESSED: Good Neighborhood: New York City. MONTANA TOSS: MATT LEBLANC. BELLAMY YOUNG. MONTANA TOSS: Good Neighbor: New York – Bodega Bonanza. “Friends” Game #WhatI’mLiking: Keys Return.


AIR #TKCS_L3106 | TV_G

“Message from Montana” monologue. KELLYOKE: Kelly Clarkson Covers “Tequila” (Dan + Shay). OBSESSED: Scammer Girl. RITA WILSON. SEAN EVANS. “Hot Ones” FOOD CHALLENGE. Lizzo Ballerina. Rita Wilson Performs “Throw Me a Party”. #WhatI’mLiking: Hibachi Love in Florida.



“Message from Montana” monologue. KELLYOKE: Kelly Clarkson Covers “Relating to a Psychopath” (Macy Gray). RETTA. MATT FRASER. MONTANA TOSS: “Best Of” Content: KEVIN HART Wine Tasting, ANNIE MURPHY and Kelly Clarkson Perform “A Little Bit Alexis. A Whole Lotta Texas.” #WhatI’mLiking: Baby Claus.


AIR #TKCS_L3081R REPEAT + Message from Montana| TV_G

“Message From Montana” monologue. KELLYOKE: Kelly Clarkson Covers ‘Finesse’ (Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B.) OBSESSED: Meet the School Officer and Breaking Barriers founder from Chino, CA who went viral for his dance moves. ROB LOWE. MADELAINE PETSCH. LA’s Skid Row Running Club. #WhatI’mLiking: Kid Shovels Snow.



“Message from Montana” monologue. KELLYOKE: Kelly Clarkson Covers ‘Just Sing’ Original Music Video. Zoom Interview: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, ANNA KENDRICK. EVA MENDES. CRAIG MORGAN interview and performance. #WhatI’mLiking: Gum Wrapper Nails.



Here’s the updated TKCS Air Schedule for the week of April 13th:



“Message from Montana” monologue. KELLYOKE: Kelly Clarkson Covers ‘Seven Nation Army’ (White Stripes) with USC Marching Band. OBSESSED: Woman’s Boyfriend Proposes on Last Day of Chemo. MICHAEL EALY. MANNY JACINTO. Good Neighbor: Shopping Angels. Florals with Theodore Leaf. “Baby Buns” NICU Journey. #WhatI’mLiking: Cop Finds Dog.



“Message from Montana” Love Beyond Walls Homeless Handwashing Stations. KELLYOKE: Kelly Clarkson Covers ‘Why Haven’t I Heard from You’ (Reba McEntire). GRANT HARROLD, the royal butler. Downton Abbey Field Piece-Spill the Tea. LESLEY NICOL. Deaf Awareness Documentary, Chance the Rapper Interpreter. #WhatI’mLiking: San Antonio, TX doctor who paints to raise money for patient’s medical bills.


“Message from Montana” Butter & Bakery Small Business Story. AIR #TKCS_L3124R REPEAT + NEW CONTENT | TV_G

“The Way Back” Theme Hour. KELLYOKE: Kelly Clarkson Covers ‘Trampoline’ (Shaed). OBSESSED: Living Wage Experiment. BEN AFFLECK. CAST OF “THE WAY BACK.” Kelly Surprises Single Mom Coach and Mom of 6 with Life-Changing Gift. #WhatI’mLiking: Teacher Brought to Tears by Shoes.



‘DARE TO LOVE’ HOUR: World Premiere of Kelly Clarkson’s New Song ‘I Dare You.’ Mom Takes in Homeless Boy and Reunites Him with His Mom. Kelly’s Virtual Interview with International Artists Who Perform with Her on ‘I Dare You.’ Contractor Hires Squatter to Manage Neighborhood Renovations. #WhatI’mLiking: Farmer Helps Neighbor.



“Message from Montana” From the Bottom of My Heart Hand Sanitizer Mission. KELLYOKE: Kelly Clarkson Covers ‘I Hope You Dance’ (Lee Ann Womack). OBSESSED: ‘All the Feels February’ Love Bomb. Farm Girl Flower Arrangements Based on Personality Type. HODA KOTB. DARCI LYNNE FARMER appearance and performance. Best in Class: Dallas, TX Teacher of the Year. #WhatI’mLiking: Meet the Beyonce Superfan from Chicago, IL with the Beyonce-Themed Wedding


Instagram and IG Stories:



Location tag: The Kelly Clarkson Show







Location tag: The Kelly Clarkson Show





Kelly Kimball |


Work begins in Montana on northern reaches of Keystone pipeline   

Construction got underway over the weekend in northern Montana on the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline meant to be an extension of an existing Keystone line in Oklahoma and Texas. The extension has been bitterly fought by environmentalists and tribal leaders. A spokesman for TC Energy said the work started on the $8 billion project …

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Elton John encabezará un concierto benéfico vía streaming junto a grandes estrellas de la música   


Elton John será también el presentador del programa especial “iHeart Living Room Concert For America” que durará una hora, no tendrá publicidad y se transmitirá por el canal Fox. El show presentará actuaciones de grandes músicos como Backstreet Boys, Billie Eilish, Billie Joe Armstrong de Green Day, Mariah Carey y Alicia Keys, todos desde sus …

La entrada Elton John encabezará un concierto benéfico vía streaming junto a grandes estrellas de la música se publicó primero en RADIOnline.


Keys To Good Language Level 5 Teacher's Edition And Student Workbook   

End Date: Thursday May-7-2020 9:45:50 PDT
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Antes de su lanzamiento, Alicia Keys presentó la portada y anunció la fecha de lanzamiento de su nuevo disco   


Alicia Keys está pronta a empezar su gira “Alicia – The World Tour” pero antes decidió anunciar la fecha de lanzamiento de su séptimo álbum de estudio, simplemente titulado “Alicia”. “#ALICIA The Album 3/20”, escribió la cantante en Instagram junto con lo que parece ser la colorida portada del disco, que presenta a Alicia fotografiada …

La entrada Antes de su lanzamiento, Alicia Keys presentó la portada y anunció la fecha de lanzamiento de su nuevo disco se publicó primero en RADIOnline.


Escuchá el nuevo single de Alicia Keys, “Time Machine”   


La talentosa cantante y compositora estadounidense de R&B y soul lanzó su nuevo single, “Time Machine”, segundo adelanto de su próximo disco. Esta nueva canción tiene inspiraciones en la música funky y fue compuesta por la cantante junto a Sebastian Kole y Rob Knox y producida por Alicia Keys y Knox. Para acompañar el single, …

La entrada Escuchá el nuevo single de Alicia Keys, “Time Machine” se publicó primero en RADIOnline.


The Black Keys estrenaron un nuevo single y anunciaron el lanzamiento de su nuevo disco después de 5 años   


Luegodel estreno de su single “Lo/Hi” hace un par de meses atrás, The Black Keys lanza el “Eagle Birds”, segundo adelanto de su próximo disco. Las dos canciones que lanzó la banda formarán parte de “Let’s Rock”, noveno álbum de The Black Keys que saldrá a la venta el 28 de junio bajo Easy Eye …

La entrada The Black Keys estrenaron un nuevo single y anunciaron el lanzamiento de su nuevo disco después de 5 años se publicó primero en RADIOnline.


Keyscapades Part 3 – Delco Video Productions   


Dad Mr Rob finds out Mackenzie hid her mother’s keys after he had already spanked her for hiding his that morning so the following morning he drives the point home again with his hand and a belting. File Name : Keyscapades Part 3.mp4 File Size : 813.82 MB Resolution : 1920×1080 Duration : 00:11:06 Video …

The post Keyscapades Part 3 – Delco Video Productions appeared first on ataspanking.


Keyscapades Part 2 – Delco Video Productions   


As MaMa Blue promised, Mackenzie Reed gets the bedtime spanking before being sent to bed early! File Name : Keyscapades Part 2.mp4 File Size : 763.64 MB Resolution : 1280×720 Duration : 00:10:23 Video : AVC, 10 000 kb/s, 30.000 FPS Audio : AAC, 215 kb/s (VBR), 44.1 kHz, 2 channels, 1 stream

The post Keyscapades Part 2 – Delco Video Productions appeared first on ataspanking.


Arctic Monkeys anunció que no hará más shows hasta lanzar su próximo álbum   


Luego de su paso por el Lollapalooza Argentina 2019, la banda decidió poner fin a su gira “Tranquility Base, Hotel & Casino”, en el festival Estereo Picnic de Colombia. La noticia de la pausa en los shows de Arctic Monkeys llegó por medio del técnico de la banda, Davey Latter, quien compartió a través de …

La entrada Arctic Monkeys anunció que no hará más shows hasta lanzar su próximo álbum se publicó primero en RADIOnline.


The Black Keys presentó un nuevo single después de 5 años   


Los integrantes de la banda vuelven a juntarse y lanzan una nueva canción llamada “Lo/Hi”. The Black Keys lanzó la canción sin dar más detalles y no se sabe si se trata de un adelanto para un nuevo LP. Escuchá “Lo/Hi” en RADIONLINE:

La entrada The Black Keys presentó un nuevo single después de 5 años se publicó primero en RADIOnline.


Mirá el video que lanzó Alicia Keys de su nuevo single “Raise A Man”   


Alicia Keys presentó el nuevo video de su última canción “Raise A Man” el 22 de febrero. El video muestra a Keys tocando la canción en un estudio cálido e íntimo mientras la cámara se mueve para revelar a una pequeña multitud de algunos de los amigos más cercanos de la artista. Alicia Keys anunció …

La entrada Mirá el video que lanzó Alicia Keys de su nuevo single “Raise A Man” se publicó primero en RADIOnline.


Alicia Keys estrenó su nuevo single “Raise a Man” después de conducir los Grammy   


Poco después de ser la anfitriona de la noche más importante para la industria musical, Alicia Keys lanzó su nuevo single titulado “Raise a Man”. La canción de seis minutos se subió a su canal de YouTube el domingo, después de la emisión de los 61 Premios Grammy. Este es el primer single de Keys …

La entrada Alicia Keys estrenó su nuevo single “Raise a Man” después de conducir los Grammy se publicó primero en RADIOnline.


Alicia Keys será la próxima anfitriona de los premios Grammy 2019   


Alicia Keys será la anfitriona de la 61ª entrega anual de los premios Grammy, que se realizará el 10 de febrero. La exitosa cantante anunció la noticia con un breve video tras bambalinas, donde se ve cuando recibe la llamada telefónica en la que se le ofrece el puesto de anfitriona. El videoclip también captura …

La entrada Alicia Keys será la próxima anfitriona de los premios Grammy 2019 se publicó primero en RADIOnline.


Escuchá “Anyways”, la nueva canción de Arctic Monkeys en Radio Online   


Arctic Monkeys presentó una nueva canción titulada “Anyways”. El single forma parte del lado B del nuevo vinilo de 7 pulgadas de “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino”. Esta nueva canción tiene una sensación de relajación, muy parecida al resto del último álbum de la banda, y es notablemente menos bulliciosa y frenética que sus lanzamientos …

La entrada Escuchá “Anyways”, la nueva canción de Arctic Monkeys en Radio Online se publicó primero en RADIOnline.


Arctic Monkeys presentó un mini documental y anunció el lanzamiento de un nuevo single   


Arctic Monkeys estrenó un mini documental donde se muestra al making-of de su disco “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino”. Junto con este lanzamiento también confirmó que el próximo 30 de noviembre sacará un vinilo con lado B de su placa lanzada el 11 de mayo de 2018. “Warp Speed Chic” es el nombre del documental, el cual está dirigido por el cineasta Ben Chappell y dura 11 minutos. Chappell …

La entrada Arctic Monkeys presentó un mini documental y anunció el lanzamiento de un nuevo single se publicó primero en RADIOnline.


索尼公布 PS5 全新无线手柄 DualSense   

索尼公布 PS5 全新无线手柄 DualSense
导语:今天凌晨,索尼通过其官方社交媒体正式公布了旗下新主机 PS5 的全新无线控制器 DualSense。
今天凌晨,索尼在其官方社交媒体上正式公布了旗下全新世代主机 PS5 的全新无线控制器 DualSense。更多详细功能将稍后公布。
关于 PlayStation®5,我们到达了一个令人兴奋的里程碑,我们将开始为游戏开发者们提供最终版设计的全新无线控制器,开发者们将把新产品的独特功能融入他们的游戏。在那之前,我们想让 PlayStation® 大家庭中的各位先睹为快,并向各位介绍全新 DualSense™ 无线控制器的开发愿景——“与游戏创造的虚拟世界对话”,提供前所未有的感官体验。DualSense 无线控制器的强大功能结合 PS5 的 Tempest 3D 音频技术,将为玩家们带来全新的游戏沉浸感。
当 PS4 在 2013 年推出时,DUALSHOCK®4 无线控制器得到了玩家和游戏开发者的高度评价,它不仅是迄今为止最好的 PlayStation® 控制器,也带来了诸如“Share”键等前瞻性功能。这就引出了下一个问题——我们如何在成功的基础上百尺竿头更进一步?
经过深思熟虑,我们决定最大限度地保留玩家们喜爱的 DUALSHOCK®4 功能特色,并在此基础上增加新功能并进一步完善设计。根据我们和游戏开发者的讨论,我们发现游戏中的“触觉”和音频功能相似,还有非常大的提升空间。PS5 是一个绝佳的创新良机,我们可以通过新的控制器,让游戏开发者找到进一步提升游戏沉浸感的方法。这就是为什么我们采用了 Haptic feedback(触觉反馈),让玩家在游戏过程中体验更加丰富的触感,例如驾车驶过泥泞路面时的沉重感。此外,我们还在 DualSense 无线控制器的 L2 和 R2 键中加入了 Adaptive triggers(自适应扳机),这样玩家可以真正地感受到动作的张力,就像拉弓射箭一样。
在本世代产品的基础上增加新功能、设计出全新的控制器对我们来说是一个激动人心的挑战。例如,在设计 Adaptive triggers(自适应扳机)时,我们必须考虑部件如何安装到控制器上,而不会带来笨重的感觉。我们的设计团队和硬件工程师紧密合作配置 Trigger(扳机)和 Actuators(制动器)的位置。然后设计师画出控制器外观的线条,让控制器握感比实际看起来要小。最后,我们调整了 Trigger(扳机)的角度并对抓握感进行了微调。我们还仔细考虑了如何保持 DualSense 无线控制器可充电电池的长使用寿命,并在增加新功能的前提下尽可能减轻控制器的重量。
关于按键,你可能会注意到 DUALSHOCK®4 上原有的“Share”键不见了,不用担心,它并没有消失。此前我们在业界首创的“Share”键得到了广泛好评,这次我们带来了全新的“Create”键。通过“Create”键,我们将再次引领新的用户体验,方便你将精彩的游戏内容分享给全球玩家或者自己的好友。更多详细功能将稍后公布。
DualSense 无线控制器还增加了一个内置麦克风阵列,使玩家无需耳机就可以轻松地与朋友聊天,非常适合快速沟通。当然,如果你打算长时间聊天,最好把耳机放在手边。手柄顶端的接口也改改了 Type-C,摇杆顶部的凹凸纹路范围扩大,经典的方块圆圈三角叉按键配色也全部统一,L1R1按键的面积扩大。
接下来让我们来谈谈颜色。以往的控制器本体只有一种颜色。如你所见,我们这次采用了不同的方式 — 双色调的设计。此外,我们还改变了光条的位置,让它更容易被看到。在 DUALSHOCK®4 上,光条在控制器的顶部,现在它位于触摸板的两侧,让触摸板整体看上去和感觉上更大一些。
在过去的几年里,我们尝试了多种概念和数百个模型,才最终确定了现在的设计方案。此外,为了符合人体工程学、让不同手部尺寸的玩家都可以舒适使用,我们进行了大量的测试和实验。DualSense 无线控制器希望带给户感觉是,当你把控制器从包装盒里拿出的瞬间,就被传送到游戏世界之中。控制器仿佛成为了你身体的一部分,以至于你会忘记自己还拿着它们。
我们非常高兴可以把 DualSense 无线控制器的最终设计展示给大家,我们已经等不及看到各位拿到控制器的样子。最后让我们以索尼互动娱乐总裁兼 CEO Jim Ryan 的致辞作为结尾:
“DualSense 无线控制器与以往的无线控制器截然不同,展现了我们对于 PS5 将为大家带来的新一代主机的飞跃性体验的强烈渴望。新一代无线控制器,以及 PS5 的众多创新功能,将为游戏带来变革 — 传承 PlayStation 的使命,不断超越游戏的边界,无论是现在还是将来。对于 PlayStation 大家庭的玩家朋友们,我非常感谢你们与我们一起分享这段激动人心的旅程,共同期待即将在2020年假期推出的 PS5。我们将在接下来的几个月中分享更多 PS5 的信息,包括产品的外观设计。”
——Jim Ryan,索尼互动娱乐总裁兼 CEO


还是缺货!任天堂称本周Nintendo Switch无出货   

还是缺货!任天堂称本周Nintendo Switch无出货
4月7日,任天堂发布消息,称Nintendo Switch仍处于缺货状态,本周除已预约的部分,Nintendo Switch(包含动森限定机)及Nintendo Switch Lite均没有出货。下周的预定出货将另行通告。
在2月,任天堂就发布过声明,称由于新冠肺炎疫情影响,面向日本、产地为中国的Nintendo Switch主机、Joy-Con等设备的生产和出货都会延迟。目前,动森限定机在日亚的价格已经高至7万日元。
4月7日,为响应”紧急事态宣言“,任天堂旗下对应地区的宝可梦中心及Nintendo TOKYO 都宣布从4月8日起临时停业。看来,在全世界都面临防疫问题的情况下,Nintendo Switch主机缺货的状态还会持续一段时间。



“紧急事态宣言”的实施区域为东京· 埼玉 ·千叶·神奈川·大阪·兵库·福冈,实施时间为4月8日~5月6日。CERO在声明中表示,由于审查工作需要业务员到机构所在地(位于东京都千代田区)审查,无法在家办公,所以不得不停业。5月7日之后,业务再开时间会在官网公布。
CERO是对家用游戏的表现内容进行审查、评定对象年龄区间的团体。在现有平台如Nintendo Switch、PS4、Xbox One的游戏,基本都需要接受CERO的审查,这回停业无疑将会对还未发售、尤其是预计夏季发售的游戏造成影响。


Accounting, Auditing: Rooms Controller - W South Beach - (20001126) - Hialeah, Florida   

Here's To Your Journey with W Hotels Boldly coloring outside the lines of luxury, W turns the traditional notion of the extravagant hotel on its head. Our irreverent attitude and taste for excess redefine revelry for the modern jet set. Our guests have a lust for a life less ordinary that drives them to demand more, experience it all, and hit repeat. We share our guests passions, providing insider access to whats new and whats next. Moderation is not in our vocabulary and we know that lust for life demands more, not less. W guests soak it in and live each day with a mantra: Detox.Retox.Repeat. If youre ready to create the energetic W scene that is magnetic to everyday disruptors around the world, then we invite you to explore a career with W Hotels. The W South Beach, located at 2201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139 is currently hiring a Rooms Controller. Responsibilities include: Assign room according to guest request and preferences whenever possible. Pre-register designated guests and prepare key packets. Organize and coordinate check-in/pre-registration procedures for arriving groups. Review/Track/Accommodate requests for room/check-out changes when possible; communicate status to appropriate staff. Confirm reservations and cancellations. Review out-of-order rooms daily. Ensure rates match market codes and document exceptions. Verify and adjust billing for guests. File guest paperwork or documentation. Set up/process all guest check-ins/check-outs. Activate room keys. Secure valid payment. Identify any over-commitments. Perform duplicate reservation checks; block rooms. Run daily reports. Follow up with guests to ensure their requests or problems have been met to their satisfaction. Receive, record, and relay messages accurately, completely, and legibly. Follow all company policies and procedures; ensure uniform and personal appearance are clean and professional; maintain confidentiality of proprietary information; protect company assets. Welcome and acknowledge all guests according to company standards; anticipate and address guests'' service needs; assist individuals with disabilities; thank guests with genuine appreciation. Speak with others using clear and professional language; prepare and review written documents accurately and completely; answer telephones using appropriate etiquette. Coordinate tasks and work with other departments. Serve as a departmental role model. Develop and maintain positive working relationships with others; support team to reach common goals. Comply with quality assurance standards. Stand, sit, or walk for an extended period of time. Enter and locate information using computers and/or POS systems. Move, lift, carry, push, pull, and place objects weighing less than or equal to 10 pounds without assistance. Perform other reasonable job duties as requested by Supervisors. To apply now, go to: Marriott International is consistently recognized as an employer of choice globally by FORTUNE magazine, DiversityInc and Great Places to Work Institute, among others. Visit to learn more about our workplace culture and career opportunities. Chat, engage and follow us on social media. @lifeatmarriott on Snapchat So, we ask, where will your journey take you? - Marriott International is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive culture. Marriott International does not discriminate on the basis of disability, veteran status or any other basis protected under federal, state or local laws. ()

12k+ Android apps contain master passwords, secret access keys, secret commands   

Android logo

A comprehensive academic study published this week has discovered hidden backdoor-like behavior -- such as secret access keys, master passwords, and secret commands -- in more than 12,700 Android applications.

To discover this hidden behavior, academics from Europe and the US developed a custom tool named InputScope, which they used to analyze input form fields found inside more than 150,000 Android applications.

More precisely, academics analyzed the top 100,000 Play Store apps (based by their number of installations), the top 20,000 apps hosted on third-party app stores, and more than 30,000 apps that came pre-installed on Samsung handsets.

"Our evaluation uncovered a concerning situation," the research team said. "We identified 12,706 apps containing a variety of backdoors such as secret access keys, master passwords, and secret commands."

Researchers say these hidden backdoor mechanisms could allow attackers to gain unauthorized access to users' accounts. Further, if the attacker has physical access to a device and one of these apps was installed, it could also grant attackers access to a phone or allow them to run code on the device with elevated privileges (due to the hidden secret commands present in the app's input fields).

Some examples of hidden backdoor-like mechanisms

"Nor are such cases hypothetical," the research team said, referring to one particular example.

"By manually examining several mobile apps, we found that a popular remote control app (10 million installs) contains a master password that can unlock access even when locked remotely by the phone owner when [the] device is lost," researchers said.

"Meanwhile, we also discovered a popular screen locker app (5 million installs) uses an access key to reset arbitrary users' passwords to unlock the screen and enter the system.

"In addition, we also found that a live streaming app (5 million installs) contains an access key to enter its administrator interface, through which an attacker can reconfigure the app and unlock additional functionality.

"Finally, we found a popular translation app (1 million installs) contains a secret key to bypass the payment for advanced services such as removing the advertisements displayed in the app.

As can be seen from the examples provided by the research team, some issues clearly pose a danger to the user's safety, and the data stored on the device, while others were just harmless Easter eggs or debugging features that accidentally made it into production.

In total, researchers said they found more than 6,800 apps with hidden backdoors/functions on the Play Store, more than 1,000 on third-party stores, and almost 4,800 apps that came pre-installed on Samsung devices.


The research team said they notified all the app developers where they found hidden behavior or a backdoor-like mechanism. However, not all app devs responded.

As a result, some of the apps that were provided as examples in the team's white paper have had their names redacted to protect their users.

Additional details about the research are available in a scientific paper entitled "Automatic Uncovering of Hidden Behaviors FromInput Validation in Mobile Apps," published by researchers from Ohio State University, New York University, and the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security from Germany.

Since the InputScore tool analyzed input fields inside Android apps, a side-effect of this research was that the academic team also discovered which apps employed hidden bad word filters or politically-motivated blacklists. In total, researchers said they found 4,028 Android apps that featured input blacklists.


Baseus Gamo One-handed Gaming Keyboard fekete (GMGK01-01)   

A termékleírás automata fordítóval lett fordítva, ezért néhol értelmetlen szavak fordulhatnak elő benne. Ha kérdése van a termékkel kapcsolatban, kérem írjon nekünk üzenetet. Magyar nyelvű termékleírás: BASEUS GAMO GK01 egykezes Gaming Keyboard 35 Keys USB interfész A kiválasztott high-tech átlátszó gomb kattintva valódi mechanikus kulcs, megkülönböztető szekcionált érzés, tiszta hangzást 50 millió leütést Az ésszerű elrendezés 35 gombok segítségével játékos nyer játékokat játszani, és szabadon tervezték műholdas tengely, egyenletes nyomóerő, érzékeny és gyors működése Beépített 34 független LED-es lámpák, párosulva lézeres faragott átlátszó keycaps, fokozott hűvös és fantasztikus játékélményt Ívelt szilikon csuklótámasz, kényelmes és a kéz-szerelvény csúszásgátló párna alján Specifikáció: Anyaga: PC + Szilikon Interface: szabványos USB Méret: 245.4x150.2x39mm Kompatibilitás: Support Baseus GAMO mobil játék adapter GA01, WIN 2000 /XP /ME /Vista /7/8/10 /, Android, Linux, IP mobiltelefon-rendszer, IP számítógépes rendszer, stb. A csomag tartalmazza: 1 x BASEUS GAMO GK01 egykezes Gaming billentyűzet 1 x angol és kínai Felhasználói kézikönyv Egyéb tételek nem szerepelnek < /div>Angol nyelvű termékleírás: BASEUS GAMO GK01 One-handed Gaming Keyboard 35 Keys USB Interface Selected high-tech transparent key click real mechanical keys, distinctive sectional feeling, clear sound, 50 million keystrokes The reasonable layout of 35 keys helps players win games and play freely Designed with satellite axis, uniform pressing force, sensitive and quick operation Built-in 34 independent LED lights, coupled with laser carved transparent keycaps, enhanced cool and fantastic gaming experience Curved silicone palm rest, comfortable and hand-fitting With anti-skid pads on the bottom Specification: Material: PC + Silicone Interface: standard USB Size: 245.4x150.2x39mm Compatibility: Support Baseus GAMO mobile game adapter GA01, WIN 2000/XP/ME/Vista/7/8/10/, Android, Linux, iP mobile phone system, iP computer system, etc. Package included: 1 x BASEUS GAMO GK01 One-handed Gaming Keyboard 1 x English and Chinese User Manual Other items not included

Pennsylvania nearing peak of COVID-19 outbreak, projections show   


The Keystone State gets a positive prognosis, while New Jersey’s death toll worsens, in the latest projections.


Shockproofing Canada: Why the Keystone pipeline is just the start of making us energy self-sufficient   

'This is our hedge that we get at least one major project built. That will ensure the flexibility for the future': Alberta Premier Jason Kenney

Twitter Thread Tells The Story Of A Muslim Key-Keeper At A Holy Site In Jerusalem   


For the first time since the Black Death in 1349, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem was closed amid coronavirus fears. Journalist David Videcette took to Twitter to tell the story of the Muslim family that has guarded the keys to the church since the seventh century. 

Scroll down for your history lesson for the day, but if you're craving more educational content, click here for some history memes!


K12 Music Teacher   

Keystone School. Texas (TX), San Antonio
Keystone School has been a haven for bright, motivated students since 1948. A Keystone student is taught to ask questions, to pursue knowledge, and to love learning. We believe that...

Salary: $salary. Date posted: 04/06/20

Pre School and Early Childhood Music Teacher - Part Time   

Keystone School. Texas (TX), San Antonio
Pre School and Early Childhood Music Teacher - Part Time(Maximum 20 hours/week)Keystone School has been a haven for bright, motivated students since 1948. A Keystone student is taught to ask...

Salary: $salary. Date posted: 04/06/20

Professions: Class A CDL Company Truck Drivers - Chattanooga, Tennessee   

CDL-A TRUCK DRIVER JOBSMake Your Move To Milan For PAY, HOME TIME & RESPECT!We are proud to share MILAN celebrated 50 years strong this year and are still rolling!We are here to support those impacted by closures within the transportation industry, and especially those who may even be stranded on the road due to those closures.If you or someone you know is looking for a new company to call "HOME", have them contact our recruiting team today! We are staffed and ready to assist drivers in joining #teammilan !!You want a local truck driver career that offers what you need on the road and off it-- Milan will get you there. With more than 45 years of industry experience as a privately-owned, asset-based truckload carrier, Milan Supply Chain Solutions has developed a strong commitment to delivering world-class service. That means great freight and miles, FAST orientation, and we get our drivers HOME WEEKLY too! We believe that CDL-A company truck driving professionals deserve driving careers that generate success and freedom, and we provide you with the keys to get there- Pay, Home Time, Respect.CDL-A Company Truck Drivers at Milan enjoy:Drivers average $66k to $82K+ annuallyAverage weekly pay is $1200 to $1500+Work MORE EARN MORE - the more miles you drive, the BIGGER the paycheck!One DAY ORIENTATION!Paid layover, stops, detention and breakdownWeekly home time YOU can count on!Bonuses:Safety, fuel efficiency & productivityStrong culture - we value you!We live by SITED - Safety, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence and DiversityDedicated driver retention teamOur EXPERIENCED dispatchers work to get you miles - average of 15 years' experience per dispatcherExcellent benefits:401k match on the first 3%Low-cost healthcare for you and your family (medical, dental, vision and pharmacy)Life insurancePaid Time offRider & pet program Day 1Regional Midwest & Southeast Services ONLYNO NY, NJ or West CoastMilan Is Ready To Support You And Your CDL-A Truck Driver Career - Apply Today! ()

RadioACTive: April 6, 2020   


RadioACTive launches #QuarantineCocktails with City Weekly and Ogden's Own. Dr. Dave on handling fear. Living the Circle of Life reports on Utah tribes and coronavirus. Hectic Hobo's Hasen Cone debuts a new song. Plus, #ShelterInPoems as Poetry STILL Happens, featuring Tacey Atsitty, Trish Hopkinson, Nancy Takacs and Joel Long.

Tonight’s lineup:

RadioACTive launched #QuarantineCocktails with Salt Lake City Weekly’s John Saltas and Steve Conlin of Ogdens Own Distillery. Raise a glass every weeknight during #StaySafeStayHome. Click here for Conlin’s tasty Maple Old Fashioned, featuring Porter's Whiskeys Rye and Salted Cacao Bitters (available at Caputo's Market in SLC.)

Utah Peace & Conflict Studies Director Dr. Dave of #TheRadicalMiddle, who will be reflecting on fear with us all week. Tonight, he talked about making friends with fear and highlighted the advice of 20th Century philosopher and writer Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Coronavirus and Utah Tribes, with Braidan Weeks of Living The Circle of Life, Sundays from 7:00-10:00 a.m. on KRCL, and Poet Tacey Atsitty

April is National Poetry Month. Part 1 of Poetry STILL Happens, our monthly visit with Utah poets, featured:

  • Trish Hopkinson runs the regional poetry group Rock Canyon Poets and folds poems to fill Poemball machines for Provo Poetry. To catch up on all the virtual poetry events, including #ShelterInPoems, and calls for submission this month, click here.

    • Record yourself reading a poem, and share why you chose that work online using the hashtag #ShelterinPoems. Be sure to tag @poetsorg on twitter and Instagram. Email a high0quality audio file to and you just may find yourself on the show this month!

    • Joel Long, CityArtSLC. His book Winged Insects won the White Pine Press Poetry Prize. He also teaches poetry at Rowland Hall in Salt Lake City.

    • Nancy Takacs, recipient of a 2020 Pushcart Prize for her poem “Dearest Water.” She’s also the inaugural Poet Laureate of Helper City.

How YOU doin’? We’d love to share your experience and concerns:

  • Voicemail: Call (385) 800-1899 and tell us your story.
  • Voicememo: Use the built-in audio recorder or download a mobile app to record a short message about your coping strategies, questions you’d like an expert to answer, or anything else you’d like to share. BE SURE to check your general and all settings and use the highest quality audio setting. Then, email it to

Tonight's RadioACTive team included Lara Jones and Community Co-Host Risshan Leak. Views, thoughts or opinions shared by guests are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the board, staff, volunteers or members of Listeners' Community Radio of Utah, 90.9fm KRCL.




Agency didn't tell me they were only getting tenant for private landlord   

Apologies if this is in the incorrect area. When I signed for my flat, I was told on picking up keys that I wouldn't be dealing with agency and basically "here are the landlords details, bye". At no point in the process was I told this would happen. I didn't even know it could happen. I...

Jim McGauhey posted a blog post   

Jim McGauhey posted a blog post

Turbulence damage on flight back from OSH to WA

I’m back from OSH, but had a few seconds of severe turbulence that damaged the plane.  I was flying Zenith 650 about 32 miles south of Big Timber airport (approaching Springtime, MT) in moderate winds and very light turbulence.  Certainly very common in any type flying.  Nothing that bounced me out of the seat.  I was hand flying instead of auto-pilot as the winds were not severe, but enough that it would throw AP off a bit.  About 3,000 AGL with I-90 on my left and flat from there to Rockies off in the distance.  To my right was gently rising terrain, no steep slopes.  I was over farmlands.  All was going OK and I-90 was going northwest to the pass that starts through the Rockies.  Suddenly the plane dropped 6 to 10 ft (estimated).  I was held in by the seat belt and don’t remember even hitting the top of the canopy.  Behind my head, as far forward as could be in the baggage area, was a ~10# battery I used to run my pap machine while camping.  On the other side was a 3 ft solar panel that re-charged the battery during day (that system worked perfectly all week).  Also in the baggage area were my back-up aviation portable radio, a bag with telephoto lens for camera along with chargers, spare batteries, and my keys.  In the far back was bulky but lightweight stuff like pillow and summer sleeping bag.  Estimated less than 30#s in baggage area limited to 40#s.  I had shipped two boxes home with estimated 70#’s of stuff via UPS to save weight and bulk, much of it being stuff I bought at OSH, so returning had less weight and bulk than going.  Heavy stuff like tent, bag with clothes etc was in the front seat. (I UPS’d 2 days before leaving, so still needed all my camping stuff.)  I figured put that stuff in where a person would sit for both weight and balance.  Plane was flying great, as well as could be expected with high density altitude.  Anyway, one episode of severe turbulence, worst in my 37 yrs of flying, apparently made the battery jump up 10 ft, and there’s only about 2.5 ft to top of canopy.  It broke the canopy and exited the plane.  The solar panel also hit top of canopy on pax side, broke the glass covering on the panel, but didn’t exit plane - obviously too long (about 3 ft long).  The handheld radio exited plane, along with the small camera bag with lens and other stuff.  My headset came off and exited out the hole in the canopy.  First, I gained control of the plane.  Next was quick damage assessment.  Next I discovered missing headset.  That was out of the plane, but held in by wire.  I pulled on the wire and brought headset back in, looked it over as much as possible in few seconds while flying, and put it on.  No obvious damage and it works fine.  Aviate, navigate, communicate.  First, fly the plane.  I did.  Next, assess damage and determine if off-airport landing is necessary.  I could fly, but not fast or very well.  Still, plane was controllable just not fast and couldn’t climb well.  OK, now navigate.  I searched Dynon map for Nearest and chose the closest airport that was public (not a farmer’s field strip) and had fuel.  I figured fuel availability would also have other things I might need.  That was Big Timber, MT, about 32 miles along original heading.  I was at about 4,000 MSL (having dropped about 1 or 2,000 ft during the event and while gaining control and flying doing damage assessment), 2,000 AGL, slowly rising terrain, and Big Timber is at 4,400 MSL.  I had things under control so didn’t try to contact anyone as there was nothing they could do to help me in the air.  I did announce on Big Timber Unicom I had a damaged aircraft and was making a straight in for runway 24.  At first I was at 4300 MSL and had trouble seeing the airport, even just 3 miles out.  It sits on a plateau about 400 ft above surrounding terrain.  Winds and turbulence were not a factor, just climbing was hard.  Air was coming in the broken canopy and hitting the back bulkhead of baggage area, acting like a brake.  Note that lot of this I figured out after on the ground, including what was missing.  I rose to about 4,500 MSL and made an uneventful landing.  Steve, a local farmer/investor, was waiting for his ride, a business jet, and said Justin the FBO operator, was out flying and would return shortly.  Justin landed, looked over the plane, and said let’s put in hangar.  He had a large hangar available with lots of room for me to park plane and work.  Next was wheels, the airport courtesy car for $5/day.  I spent the next hour or more inspecting and formulating a repair plan.  Then into town to check for supplies and eventually got a room at Super 8 motel.  I wasn’t going to order a new canopy as I didn’t have tools, installation manual, and wasn’t going to take 2 weeks to get everything.  I’d rather patch, as long it was effective and safe, and take my time and install a new canopy properly at home base.  The back 1/3 of the canopy over baggage area was not damaged.  There was a jagged 14 inch strip missing from the back part of the main canopy.  If I could patch it and seal it, I figured (and turned out properly so), I could safely fly home.  I was just on the east edge of Rockies.  Remember, this is Experimental aircraft and I am the manufacturer, so no A&P required. In town I checked out the Family Dollar store, and the only aircraft parts store, Ace Hardware.  I thought I would cut pieces of plastic from storage containers or trash cans and install with Pop rivets.  I then made a list of tools needed and what I could reasonably expect to borrow from Justin.  Damage was Sunday, about noon or bit after.  I went back and forth to airport 3X or 4X to look at damage, and design a repair plan, into about 9pm.  Tuesday I met Justin at airport and talked things over with him.  Turns out he had a roll of 20 inch wide thin but very strong steel (not aluminum) sheet metal that would work better than plastic.  One issue was metal was flat, but canopy is compound curve, almost part of an egg shape.  Putting a flat plate mated to compound curve would have gaps and buckles.  I would trim canopy Plexiglas and the metal to match closely with only about an inch or two to rivet to eliminate gaps and puckers.  Justin provided tools like a Dremel with cutting tool to clean up the damaged Plexiglas and made a more even hole, relieving stress at the sharp edges.  Also he had Clecos , pliers, snips, and other tools.  At Ace I bought a rivet hand tool, rivets, backing plates (washers), and minor items.  At Family Dollar I bought markers and replacement USB charging cord for my phone.  The suction from open hole during the drop sucked out a pen from my pocket, and at first I thought got my phone.  After the drop and when controlled, instead of suction, the hole let air in to act as a drag.  Turned out my phone was on the floor near my pedals.  It started on the right side on top of bags as I was texting Mary when on AP and checking Google map to be sure I was roughly following I-90.  I had the major road lines on the Dynon, but wanted to double check it was I-90 and not another freeway I was following. Tuesday was a 14 hr work day, cutting the Plexiglass, cutting the metal, installing and removing the patch about 8X to measure and make adjustments.  I wanted patch on the inside as canopy is an airfoil that if intact pulls up.  It was very hard, mostly working from the limited space inside the cockpit, to cut and fit, drill, Cleco, remove, and do it again.  I missed by a bit and had to add another small patch on the pax side.  I had riveted from the inside as I figured I wanted the flat part of the rivet inside cockpit in case I hit my head on canopy.  The stub of the rivets sticking outside would reduce speed and climb performance, but might be safer.  The stubs aren’t very high anyway.  At the end of the day I was exhausted, sore, but happy to have it done.  All in all, I was happy with repair with just rivets, when Justin said I should Gorilla tape all along both inside and outside along edges of the patch.  Can’t hurt, and weight was minimal, so I did as he suggested.  Finished some time after 9 pm Monday.  Returned Tues am, Justin was scheduled to spray and I wanted fuel, had to clean up the mess, and wanted his blessing on the repair.  Turns out am winds were about 10 kts, not bad for flying but too much for spraying.  Justin provided a broom, shop vac, and blessed the repair.  I cleaned up, vac’d the plane, loaded, tested canopy latch, and went flying.  I figured if something wasn’t right I would go around and land, if all was OK, just continue.  Took off at about 9:30 am.  All was OK.  Mild winds over the Rockies and I was through at 12:30.  Rockies is about a 3 hr flight to cross.  Cascades are about an hour or less.  Depends on how often and how slow I have to slow down to maneuvering speed in case winds are a factor.  That’s true even when plane is undamaged.  Turns out the patch was fine.  Speeds seemed OK in level flight, but I had a hard time climbing above 7,000 MSL.  Maybe patch and rivets, maybe density altitude.  I crossed Rockies with max 7,500 ft and then Cascades at 6,700 ft.  I could have netted the back baggage area.  Steve (other pilot who flies this plane) and I have talked about this.  There’s no hooks for this, but could be added.  But this is the 4th time crossing the Rockies, and I wasn’t even crossing yet.  Had there been a net, I doubt it would have prevented canopy breaking as nets have give.  It may have prevented battery from exiting plane, but then there’s a good chance it could have fallen back down and hit me in the head.  Maybe with enough force to knock me out???  Hindsight.  Really, even when loading, and during the flight east, and now west, I thought the light weight stuff might shift, and a 10# battery would be stable.  I did block it to prevent lateral movement, but not movement up.  Who’d a thunk it needed it?? Even commercial jets occasionally have severe turbulence that hurts people and causes damage.  It can happen to any aircraft, obviously at any altitude, without warning.  Winds were 8 to 13 kts with gusts about 6 kts higher.  Nothing severe or enough to land.  Winds can be 10+ kts at 6 am and at 9 pm, as I found out while in Big Timber.  I had used the AP about 70% of the trip east, and about 30% on the trip west.  The gusting winds weren’t severe, but enough that it upset the AP and a couple times, not anywhere near when this event happened, but a couple times, the AP suddenly announced “Auto Pilot disengaged.”  Then it was recover from a minor unusual attitude as each time the plane quickly entered a dive and rolled left; I had to react quickly.  From then on, I always kept a hand on controls even with AP engaged, except when it was calm and then I could take a drink of water or write something down.  Occasionally I would turn off AP and see how controls were, trimming for hands off flying, then engage AP again.  When this event happened I was hand flying. Many thnx to Justin Ferguson of Yellowstone Air Service in Big Timber (6S0) for his help.  Could not have repaired without him.  Now ordering new canopy today.  And back to work so I can pay for this. Jim McGauheyPresident SnoFly Flying ClubPresident EAA Chapter 84Snohomish, WASee More


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Cleantech and Climate Change Podcast: Senior Attorney with Center for Biological Diversity Discusses Environmental Impact of Government Funding TC Energy (NYSE: $TRP) Keystone XL Pipeline

Polio and Routine Immunization Communication Impact - 5 perspectives   

Project number:261394
Opened by:Warren Feek
Opened on:12:53pm Wed Jul 8, 2015
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This group will include the 5 editorials on the relationship and learning between polio eradication and routine immunization. Each of the authors comes at the issue from their own extensive experience with polio and routine immunisation. We very much welcome your critique of these perspectives as a contribution to both the final steps for polio eradication and expanded routine immunization coverage. We invite your review, comment and discussion.


Call for Submissions for Papers on Polio and/or Routine Immunisation (RI) and Communication   

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To the Polio Network,

If you did not receive the email last week, this is a short note to let you know about a great opportunity for academics and practitioners working on polio and/or routine immunisation (RI) communication to write a paper for submission and potential publication in a new peer-reviewed, open access journal called Global Health Communication. A grant of $1,500 is available for successful applications.

The new journal is being published by the editorial team of the Journal of Health Communication: International Perspectives, the Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, and seeks to support the development of a space for the international research community to advance scholarship around the role of communication processes in global public health, policy, and behaviour change.

The Communication Initiative (The CI), together with the Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP), USAID's flagship programme on polio and immunization issues, is working specifically to promote papers on polio and/or routine immunisation (RI) communication and is therefore calling on academics and practitioners working in this field to submit a proposal to write a paper for submission and potential publication in this new peer-reviewed, open access journal.

For more information and to download a short proposal form, go to

Please do send this onto your colleagues and networks working in this field.

Many thanks,

Anja Venth Editorial Director Soul Beat Africa


Washington DC Research Presentation - Polio and RI in Northern Nigeria - Seb Taylor   

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The group for this event in DC - 26 May, 2015 at 2pm


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  • 責任表示: 島田明宏 著,
  • 責任表示: 島田, 明宏,
  • NDC(10): 788.5
  • NDC(9): 788.5



Customer Parking Only Signs   

Customer Parking Only Signs

Customer Parking Only Signs

Customer parking only signs.


Ear Protection Must Be Worn When Operating This Machine Signs   

Ear Protection Must Be Worn When Operating This Machine Signs

Ear Protection Must Be Worn When Operating This Machine Signs

Ear protection must be worn when operating this machine signs. Display this sign where there are noise hazards. Use as part of your ear protection safety policy. PPE signs manufactured with the latest ISO7010 safety signs symbol.


Gents Toilet Signs   

Gents Toilet Signs

Gents Toilet Signs

Gents toilet signs.


Guards Must Be In Position Before Starting Signs   

Guards Must Be In Position Before Starting Signs

Guards Must Be In Position Before Starting Signs

Guards must be in position before starting signs. Use to inform that the adjustable machine guard must be used. Manufactured using the latest ISO 7010 Safety Signs symbol.

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