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Tuzla Belediyesi Koronavirüs mücadelesi kapsamında saha çalışmalarını sürdürüyor.

İstanbul elektrik kesintisi! 4 Nisan Cumartesi İstanbul’da elektrikler ne zaman gelecek? BEDAŞ Planlı kesinti   

İstanbul elektrik kesintisi! 4 Nisan Cumartesi İstanbul’da elektrikler ne zaman gelecek? BEDAŞ Planlı kesintiDiriliş postası

Kanal İstanbul projesinde tarihi eser ve sit önemsenmemiş   

Kanal İstanbul projesinde tarihi eser ve sit önemsenmemişPatronlar Dünyası

My Top 10 Things To Do In Istanbul, Turkey   


Looking for the top 10 things to do in Istanbul, Turkey? Look no further. Here are my favourite spots, drinks and treats I managed to do in 2 days...

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* Local Network Coordination Specialist (CBI)   

UNDP: * Local Network Coordination Specialist (CBI) in Istanbul, Turkey. Closing date: 2020-04-01

* Administrative Assistant   

UNDP: * Administrative Assistant in Istanbul, Turkey. Closing date: 2020-04-03

İstanbul’da toplu taşımayı kullananlara maske dağıtılıyor   


Kocaeli-İstanbul sınırında kilometrelerce araç kuyruğu oluştu   


İstanbul çıkışı kapatıldı; polis denetim gerçekleştiriyor   


İstanbul KESK Şubeler Platformu: İnfaz düzenlemesi eşitlik ilkesine göre olmalıdır   

İstanbul KESK Şubeler Platformu: İnfaz düzenlemesi eşitlik ilkesine göre olmalıdır

İstanbul KESK Şubeler Platformu, Mecliste tartışmaları devam eden infaz düzenlemenin eşitlik ilkesine göre yapılması çağrısında bulundu.


İmamoğlu'dan hükümete çağrı: İstanbul’da sokağa çıkma yasağı tek önlemdir   

İmamoğlu'dan hükümete  çağrı:  İstanbul’da sokağa çıkma yasağı tek önlemdir

Salgının hızla yayıldığına işaret eden ve hükümete bir kez daha İstanbul için sokağa çıkma yasağı ilan edilmesi çağrısında bulunan İmamoğlu, "İstanbul'da sokağa çıkma yasağı tek önlemdir" ifadelerini kullandı.


Session: Twilight Struggle:: 'Russian juggernaut' or 'how the Middle East embraced Lenin'   


by Alterno

It’s May 1945: World War II has ended. The world as we knew it, has been shattered. The (former) European superpowers France and Great Britain are licking their wounds and Germany has been split and is struggling for life on the IC. The new world order consists of two new giants, the USA and the USSR, who commit themselves to game ‘Who has the biggest …?’.

I played the USSR and my opponent, which happened to be the AI-player on Steam, represented the USA.

Lets rewrite history….

USSR: East Germany 0/4*, Poland 0/4*, Yugoslavia 0/1
USA: West Germany 4*/0, Italy 3*/0

Translation: 0/4* means that the USSR has 4 influence, the USA has none. The asterisk means that there is control of the country.
Comment: both players seem to have a pretty standard hand of cards and hence the opening setup is equally pretty standard. The USSR overprotects East Germany and Poland to 'East European unrest', the USA overprotects against 'Socialist governments'

Turn 1

Plan: it doesn't happen too oftly, but my hand of cards is actually too good to be true. 'Decol', 'Destal', 'Mid-East score' and 'Arab-Israel war' are shining in my hand and there is just one foul spot ('CIA created').
I deceide to go for a complete erasure of the USA in the Arabian world and (if that doesn't succeed) I'll go for 'Decol' to contest Thailand and create a foothold in Africa. I decide to forego 'Destal'.

Turn 1, headline
USSR: Arab-Israel war (success). Israel 0/1, VP -2.
USA: East European unrest. Poland 0/3*, Finland 0/0, Yugoslavia 0/0.
David Ben Gurion's founding speech of Israel has hardly been broadcasted or Egyptian, Syrian T34-tanks cross the border and occupy big parts of the newfounded state. By the skin of their teeth the Israelian government averts total annihilation, but at a cost: American advisors are dissmissed and replaced by Soviet party commissionars. In Europe meanwhile people revolutions swipe through Poland, Finland and Yugoslavia. Only Poland retains a communist government.
Comment: part 1 of my Middle-eastern plan succeeded. I don't quite understand the move of my opponent. Maybe he is afraid of 'Destal'; anyway I would have taken an influence out of East Germany. And of course: I'm pretty satisfied with my profetic setup.

Turn 1, round 1
USSR: Socialist governments. Coup Iran: Iran 0/0.
USA: Nuclear test ban. North Korea 1/3, South Korea 3*/0.
A young ayatollah calls for arms against the government of the shah and his USA backed prime minister Mossadeq. His name is Khomeiny and he succeeds in founding an islamitic theocracy in Iran. Needless to say he hates the Americans, but he also breaks the ties with Moscow. Meanwhile in Korea the disgust of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs leads to a ban of any developments in nuclear technology.
Comment: Splendid! My strategy in the Arabian world worked out perfectly. The only way the USA can enter the Middle East now is by couping Syria or Iraq, which no sane opponent would do: Iraq is a 3-country and Syria is a non-battleground. The move of my opponent is a scholar example how NOT to contest Asian influence: the damage in North Korea can easily be repared and South Korea is threatened by 'Korean war'. USA better fights Asia going through Malaysia to Thailand; Korea can wait.

Turn 1, round 2
USSR: CIA created: North Korea 1/4*. USA coup in Syria due to event (failure).
USA: Special relationship. Coup in North Korea (failure).
American president Truman founds a new espionage organization, the CIA. The new institute likes to be taken serious and secretly organizes a capitalistic coup in Syria which fails miserably. Meanwhile another force that likes to get its place back in the limelight (British MI6), tries to assasinate Kim Il Sung. The plot is discovered and assasin James Bond is executed. As a reaction North Korea receives funcding by Stalin.
Comment: the AI opponent has a strange taste for North Korea. My tactic to get rid of my only problem this turn works out as hoped: couping a 2-country with an 1-point-card was a risk I was willing to take.

Turn 1, round 3
USSR: Vietnam revolts. Coup Panama: Panama 0/0.
USA: Defectors. Angola 1*/0, Philippines 2*/0.
Comment: I wanted to have DEFCON on 2, so I couped Panama which emptied. Nice. USA again chooses the second best path to contest Asia: Philippines aren’t bad, but I would strongly recommend establishing entrance to the South East Asian breadbasket by entering Malaysia.

Turn 1, round 4
USSR: Destalinization. Syria 0/2*, Iran 0/2*.
USA: Fidel. North Korea 2/4. Cuba 0/3* due to event.
Comment: I scooped Syria because a) in time it would give dominance in the Middle East and b) I wanted to mitigate the risk that a USA-coup would succeed. My opponent boneheaded kept on putting influence into North Korea which started to annoy me to high heavens.

Turn 1, round 5
USSR: Decolonization. North Korea 2/6*.
USA: Warsaw pact, cancelled by UN intervention. France 3*/0.
Former colonial superpowers Great Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium deceide to abandon their plans to build colonies in backlands of North Korea. Seeing that Western financial aid ceased to exist Pyongyang focusses completely on the communist cause. A Soviet plan of far reaching cooperation between the USSR and their European satellite states is torpedoed by the newfounded and USA led United Nations meeting in Marseille, France. Massive French student riots are the result.
Comment: That will contain the American obsession for a while. Too bad he grabs France, but there was not really anything to be done about.

Turn 1, round 6
USSR: Middle East scoring. VP -8.
USA: Formosa resolution. Space race (failure).
”Hi mom. Yes, I’m fine. The Middle East is fine this time of the year. I’ll take picures.” Scoring couldn’t almost be better. The American move befuddled and bewildered me … and still does. Why, I repeat WHY, use United Nations on a USSR event and on top of that, send a USA-event to space??? In my opinion this is a beginners move made by someone who doesn’t get the game at all. Personally I would have used Warsaw Pact and swallowed the pill of USSR influence in Eastern Europe. Apart from that I would also use the 2 points from Formosa in a complete different way, for example influence in Asia or even Mexico or South Africa.

State of the world
The Arabian world is firmly in the Soviet hands. Europe tends to the American, thanks to the move of grabbing France. Asia seems like a wash to me, although the USSR has a highway into Pakistan and India (which can be countered by an American move to Thailand.
My opponent has wasted a lot of influence points by trying to destabilize North Korea. Not my problem.

Turn 2

Plan: I’ve bribed the dealer, so I see ‘Suez crisis’ in my hand. That will be my headline to crumble the USA position in Europe. Apart from that I will put DEFCON back on 2, fortify my position in the Midde East and start walking into Central Asia. My only weakness lies in my position in Europe, but you can’t have it all.

Turn 2, headline
USSR: Suez crisis. France 1/0, Great Brittain 3/0.
USA: Indo-Pak war. VP -6 (success).
Tensions in the former British Indian empire rise to boiling point with a civil war and a division in the empire into a muslim (Pakistan) and a hindu (India) state. Great Britain doesn’t interfere, because it has it’s hands full with the developments concerning the Egyptian nationalisation of the Suez channel.
Comment: I announced Suez in my plans, but I fell completely silent when I saw the American headline. Personally I would have chosen a different headline (which one? Check turn 2, round 6) and use this one later or use it for points. This is pure playing the scoreboard, not the world map.

Turn 2, round 1
USSR: Independent reds. Coup in Angola: Angola 0/4*.
USA: Red scare: Japan 4*/0, Mexico 1/0.
Angolan communist guerilla movement MPLA calls for arms and overthrows the colonial Portugese government, establishing the People’s Republic of Angola. Fear of the worldwide spread communist ideas (Mexico) and the remembrance of the American might during WWII (Japan) increases capitalistic influence in both countries.
Comment: funny thing about the fact that ‘Eastern European unrest’ emptied Yugoslavia is that I could play ‘Independent reds’ for free. For the DEFCON-2-coup I could have used a bigger card (read 3- or 4-card), but I didn’t actually wanted Angola. But the bonus is nice. The American play again is not the smartest: Japan will come in USA hands automatically (‘US Japan mutual defence pact’, anyone?). Insult to injury: I possessed the card.

Turn 2, round 2
USSR: NATO. Afghanistan 0/2*, Pakistan 0/2*
USA: NORAD. France 3*/0. Guatamala 1*/0.
Comment: continue as planned. Perhaps grabbing Afghanistan was superfluous, but having a non-battleground in Asia can’t harm. Concerning the USA moves I quit to condemn them. That the USA repairs the damage in France I can understand, but what kind of business he has in Guatamala???

Turn 2, round 3
USSR: US Japan mutual defence pact. India 0/3*, Iraq 0/2.
USA: Blockade. Realign Cuba: Cuba 0/0. Discards De Gaulle leads France.
Comment: still continuing as planned. Nice feature that I could play this one for free. My opponent gets a slice of luck and realigns me out of Central America in one realignment move. Pity, but at this moment I’m not too concerned, because think I can win this game by collecting 20+ points in a very early state.

Turn 2, round 4
USSR: Korean war. Turkey 0/2*.
USA: Romanian abdication. El Salvador 1*/0. Romania 0/3* due to event.
Peace negotiations between North and South Korea in Istanbul lead to a – for North Korea – favourable treaty. Meantime communists topple the autocratic rule of King Michael I of Romania. He flees to San Salvador.
Comment: I choose to use the breaks a little bit and grab a non-battleground in Europe to avoid American dominance in Europe (I’ve got the score card). Nice gesture form my opponent to give me an extra non-battleground there. His eyes meanwhile still are fixed on Central America. Lesson one can learn from this game is that the Early Cold War is fought in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The other continents are just secondary goals (that is: in turn 1 and 2. In turn 3 one can start putting some influence there to obtain a favourable position in the Mid War).

Turn 2, round 5
USSR: Duck and cover. Space race, VP -8 (success).
USA: Asia scoring. VP -9.
Comment: Duck and cover is DEFCON suicide card, so needs to be sent into orbit. Another lesson one can learn from this game is that if you happen to have score card of a certain regio none should not neglict it. Right now it delivers me a free victory point.

Turn 2, round 6
USSR: Europe scoring. VP -8.
USA: Captured Nazi scientist. VP -7 due to event.
Comment: American dominance of Europe has been prevented. My opponent surprises me again with a potential headline card. Why not playing this one and Indo-Pakistan war the other way around?

State of the world
The Arabian world is red, period, exclamation mark. Europe is balanced and so is Asia, but if the USA keeps on playing the way he’s doing the Soviets will enter South East Asia with devestating consequenses (read: Soviet dominance and an early end of the game due to the 20 points mark). That Central America (Eisenhower’s backyard) has a blue shade is acceptable. For now. Africa will be a battleground in the Mid War (and maybe even next round). South America is still sleeping like a baby.

Turn 3

Plan: DEFCON to 2 asap to avoid playful American actions in the Middle East. Furthermore I have Containment, ideally played in the last round to mitigate effect. I also have Cambridge Five to check if the USA has a score card. You never can tell ….

Turn 3, Headline
USSR: Cambridge Five. USA show Middle East scoring. Iraq 0/3* due to event.
USA: Marshall plan. Denmark 1/0, Sweden 1/0, Norway 1/0, Benelux 1/0, West Germany 5*/0, Canada 3/0, France 4*/0 due to event.
In Cambridge a group of foreign Iraqi students has been exposed as a USSR led spy ring. Meanwhile American Secretary of State George Marshall develops a plan for financial aid to countries in Europe. Especially the countries surrounding the North Sea are interested.
Comment: call it a hunch, call it a sharp nose, call it sheer dumb luck, but my opponent shows the Arabian score card (I heard some grumbling; he heard some chuckling). Well, good to know, let’s shore up the rest of the Middle East. The use of Marshall plan again is suboptimal: I personally would have put something in the 2-countries Greece and Spain/Portugal, which are more easily obtained, instead of the Scandinavian states.

Turn 3, round 1
USSR: Comecon. Coup in Mexico. Mexico 0/3*.
USA: Five year plan. Indonesia 1*/0, Denmark 3*/0.
Comment: this move proves the downside of the last American move. If he had taken the 2-countries, he would controlled them both now and also controlled Indonesia. Meanwhile I put DEFCON on 2. Mexico is nice, but if I lose it later on it’s not exactly a disaster. I hope.

Turn 3, round 2
USSR: Nasser. Egypt 0/2* due to event.
USA: NORAD. Cuba 1/0, South Africa 3*/0.
[Comment: Egypt: check mark. Bucket list: Libya, Israel, Saudi-Arabia. USA starts with preperations for the Mid War by grabbing South Africa. I wonder: isn’t NORAD pretty nice with the common DEFCON?

Turn 3, round 3
USSR: Arab-Israel war. Libya 0/2*.
USA: Formosa resolution. Realign Mexico 0/0.
New installed Supreme Leader of the Libyan Empire Khadaffi joins the anti-Israelian coalition. Meanwhile the American United Nations resolution according tot he Sino-Formosa-conflict surprisingly lead to an expellation of both (yes, both: there were two of them) Soviet advisors out of Mexico.
Comment: logical moves by both players. My opponent’s realignment of Mexico went too good: he had an attempt left and used it on Angola. Unsuccesfully.

Turn 3, round 4
USSR: Decolonization. Zaire 0/1*, Nigeria 0/1*, Thailand 0/1, Algeria 0/1 due to event.
USA: Truman. Canada 4*/0.
Several colonies seperate from their former oppressors and declare independancy. Several of them get influenced by communist ideas and anti-Western sentiments. Ex-president Truman brings an official visit to his neighbouring country.
Comment: opening two fronts, an African and an Asian, in one move. Chew on that, Yankees!

Turn 3, round 5
USSR: Special relationship. Algeria 0/2*, Thailand 0/2*.
USA: Middle East scoring. VP -16.
Comment: thank you, dear opponent, by neglecting the fact that Great Britain isn’t yours, I could play Special relationship without consequenses. Pity he chooses to play Middle East scoring in this round and not the next one, else (spoiler alert) I would have played Containment to obtain Israel or Saudi Arabia.

Turn 3, round 6
USSR: Containment. Burma: 0/2*, Laos/Cambodia 0/1*.
USA: Socialist governments. Space race (success).
Comment: work in the Levant has been done, next project: (South East) Asia.

VP -18 due to missing military operations.

State of the world
South America: dormant. Central America: capitalistic. Europe: whitewash, maybe light blue. Middle East: Bordeaux red, almost purple. Asia: red. Africa: red.
My fellow Americans, I do believe in miracles and it will be a d**n big one if you snatch this one from me.

Turn 4

Plan: dealer gave me OPEC. Sic transit gloria mundi (translated: Thus passes the glory of the world).

Turn 4, Headline
USA: Europe scoring. Too late, much too late ….

This game once more shows that Twilight Struggle is a game of priorities: in the Early War the three most important regions are: Asia, Europe and the Middle East (in random order). Neglecting or changing priorities (like USA did by fixing his eye on Central America) is most unwise.
I’m pretty satisfied that I managed to exile the USA from the Middle East: Arab-Israel war and/or Suez crisis followed by a coup in Iran cuts the deal.

But maybe I’m too fond of myself and did I make some irresponsible moves or outrageous lemons. Comments on this game are welcome, most welcome.


İstanbul'da yeni dönem   


İBB Başkanı Ekrem İmamoğlu, bugünden itibaren metro istasyonlarında termal kamera uygulamasına geçildiğini ve ateşi yüksek olan yolcuların araçlara alınmayacağını açıkladı.


İstanbul ve Ankara'da azaldı, İzmir'de arttı   


İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi Öğretim Üyesi Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Toros, korona virüs tedbirlerinin ardından İstanbul, Ankara ve Bursa'da hava kirliliğinin büyük ölçüde azaldığını, İzmir'de ise arttığını açıkladı.


Kocaeli-İstanbul sınırında araç kuyruğu oluştu   


30 büyükşehire ve Zonguldak'a seyahatlerin korona virüs önlemleri nedeni ile kısıtlanması kararı uygulanmaya başlandı. Sabah saatlerinde işlerine gitmek için yola çıkan vatandaşlar İstanbul girişinde yoğunluk oluşturdu.


Marmara’da tespit edildi!.. 500 metre yakınına gemilerin demirlemesine izin verilmeyecek!   


Marmara Denizi üzerinden İstanbul, İzmit ve Yalova bölgesinin doğalgaz arzının sağlandığı boru hatlarının üzerinde moloz yığınları belirlendi.


Galata House Restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey   


You can find the Galata House Restaurant on a dimly lit side street in Istanbul, hidden away in the shadow of the tall, unwavering silhouette of the famed Galata Tower.

But while the queue for the tower stretches many times around its base, there’s no queue for the Galata House Restaurant. Perhaps that’s because a restaurant in an old British jail, serving up cuisine that would be more at home in the former Soviet Union isn’t exactly high on most tourists’ eating lists.

Ring the doorbell and you’ll be met by one of the owners, Nadire or Mete Göktuğ. For the rest of the evening, you’ll be proudly regaled with stories of the old British jail and the history of Istanbul’s Galata neighborhood, as your hosts provide both dinner and entertainment. You’ll become so engrossed talking about the history of Istanbul as you drink Georgian wine that you’ll forget you even placed that order for Russian-style pelmeni dumplings.

The Göktuğs are Turkish, but somehow they’ve accumulated a unique menu with an Eastern European flair. Mete’s family has strong ties to the Black Sea and the far east of Turkey, where Georgian-inspired khinkali can be as commonplace as a Turkish breakfast. Over time, they’ve added Ukrainian borscht, Russian beef stroganoff, and Turkish classics such as dolma (stuffed vine leaves) to the menu.

And what does the Eastern European food have to do with the British history of the jail? Not a lot really. The Göktuğs, though, are avid historians as well as restaurateurs, and they couldn’t resist the temptation of such a historic building when it came on the market.

As you dine on soups from the Russian steppes and sip on wine from the Caucasus, the Göktuğs will delve into local history. How many centuries back you go will simply depend on how much time you have and how many other customers ring the doorbell.

As far as the historic building goes, it was commandeered by the British Consulate in the early 1900s. They needed a prison for unruly British sailors causing trouble in Galata. The prison passed into French hands, then eventually the Göktuğs purchased it in 1990, opening the Galata House Restaurant in 1999. Despite all the changes, the building has always been unofficially known as the Old British Jail, even today.

In many ways, the Galata House Restaurant is more representative of local history than a traditional Turkish restaurant might be. Despite its seeming peculiarities, this is a restaurant that fits well into the narrow, winding maze of steep streets that make up Galata.

Originally founded by the Genoese, before the Turkish had conquered what was then known as Constantinople, Galata evokes the multicultural nature of a city built at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The Galata House Restaurant evokes this same feeling, too, and the menu has as many culinary layers as the streets of Galata have layers of history.


Il Coronavirus, visto da Istanbul   


“Ho sentito che in Italia la situazione è drammatica. Secondo lei il virus è già anche qui, in Turchia?”. Sono alla stazione degli autobus di Edirne, città turca sul confine con la Grecia dove nelle scorse settimane migliaia di migranti si sono ammassati tentando, vanamente, di entrare in Europa
[ vai all'intervento completo]


İstanbul için 'turuncu' alarm!   

Gelen son dakika haberine göre, Meteoroloji Genel Müdürlüğü, İstanbul'da kuvvetli fırtına beklendiğini belirtip yarın sabah 06.00'dan salı günü 21.00'e kadar geçerli olmak üzere 'turuncu uyarı' yayınladı.

Corona virüs nedeniyle İstanbul'un sahilleri boş kaldı    

Corona virüs salgını nedeniyle alınan tedbirler ve yapılan uyarıların ardından bugün de Caddebostan Sahili ve Salacak sahili boş kaldı. Vatandaşların sahillerde gezmek yerine evlerinde kaldığı gözlendi.

İstanbul'da Vefat Edenlerin Cenazesi Kaymakamlık İzniyle Memleketlerine Gönderilecek   

İstanbul'da Vefat Edenlerin Cenazesi Kaymakamlık İzniyle Memleketlerine Gönderilecekİstanbul'da Vefat Edenlerin Cenazesi Kaymakamlık İzniyle Memleketlerine Gönderilecek
İSTANBUL (AA) - İstanbul Valisi Ali Yerlikaya, yeni tip koronavirüs (Kovid-19) tanısı dışında diğer nedenlele vefat eden vatandaşların, cenaze aracı...


 istanbul - Vali Yerlikaya'dan Koronavirüsten Ölenlerin Cenazeleriyle İlgili Açıklama   

 istanbul - Vali Yerlikaya'dan Koronavirüsten Ölenlerin Cenazeleriyle İlgili Açıklama istanbul - Vali Yerlikaya'dan Koronavirüsten Ölenlerin Cenazeleriyle İlgili Açıklama
İstanbul Valisi Ali Yerlikaya, koronavirüsten ölenlerin cenazesinin memleketlerine sevkinin kaymakamlıklardan alınacak seyahat izni ile sağlanacağını açıkladı.


 istanbul - İstanbul'a Fırtına Uyarısı   

 istanbul - İstanbul'a Fırtına Uyarısı istanbul - İstanbul'a Fırtına Uyarısı
Meteoroloji Genel Müdürlüğü'nden yapılan yazılı açıklamada, "Bu gece saatlerinden itibaren Trakya, İstanbul, Yalova ve Çanakkale ile Balıkesir'in kıyı...


İstanbul'a Fırtına Uyarısı   

İstanbul'a Fırtına Uyarısıİstanbul'a Fırtına Uyarısı
Meteoroloji Genel Müdürlüğü'nden yapılan yazılı açıklamada, "Bu gece saatlerinden itibaren Trakya, İstanbul, Yalova ve Çanakkale ile Balıkesir'in kıyı...


Bedelli Askerliği Tamamlayanlar Terhis Belgesiyle İstanbul'dan Ayrılabilecek   

Bedelli Askerliği Tamamlayanlar Terhis Belgesiyle İstanbul'dan AyrılabilecekBedelli Askerliği Tamamlayanlar Terhis Belgesiyle İstanbul'dan Ayrılabilecek
İSTANBUL (AA) - İstanbul Valisi Ali Yerlikaya, bedelli askerlikten terhis olacakların kentten ayrılmalarında kısıtlama yapılmadığını, bunun için terhis...

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