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Residential Tenancies Act review 2019   


Your house, My home: Rethinking renting in WA

Did you know that it has been more than 10 years since the rental laws in Western Australia have been reviewed? With the high cost of owning a home, more Western Australians than ever are renting, and tenants are staying in the rental market for much longer periods. Maybe it's time for a change.

Your house My Home logo
Your house My Home logo, by Consumer Protection

It's time to rethink renting in Western Australia to ensure our laws meet the needs of tenants and the landlords who provide their housing, both now and into the future. We are reviewing the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 (WA) and we want to hear from you. 

Your views are important

We encourage you to take the time to read the detailed public consultation discussion paper in full and share your thoughts with us. There are a number of questions throughout the paper for consideration that may help you prepare your feedback.

Download full consultation paper

Short on time but still want to have your say?

Below we've summarised some of the more common topics of interest to tenants and landlords. Click each link to see a brief overview of the issue and possible options for change. Available in English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Korean and Vietnamese.

Before the tenancy

RTA CRIS before icon
RTA CRIS before icon, by Consumer Protection


During the tenancy

RTA CRIS during icon
RTA CRIS during icon, by Consumer Protection

Ending the tenancy

Dispute resolution and offences

RTA CRIS dispute resolution icon
RTA CRIS dispute resolution icon, by Consumer Protection

Prefer all fact sheets in one document? 

We've grouped all fifteen into one PDF for easy downloading.  Download fact sheets complete set

Stories of renting in WA

We want to hear about personal experiences of renting a home in WA and will be showcasing stories throughout the consultation to encourage feedback to the review. Do you have a rental story to tell? Please share it with us. If you would like the information treated as confidential, please let us know. 

Please note the following stories have been generated from information provided to the department and are for the sole purpose of generating discussion on key issues in the rental marketplace. Where necessary, information has been de-identified. 

"Richard is 55 and is renting privately through a property manager. He has been unemployed for a number of years after being made redundant at work. He struggles to afford the rent and his other bills on his Newstart Allowance and his dwindling savings. He has had his name on the waiting list for public housing for the last 2 years.

Because Richard knows he has limited income, when he found an apartment he could afford, he asked for a fixed two year lease. Twelve months into the fixed term, Richard has finally been offered a public housing rental. Unfortunately, Richard still has 12 months to go on his current fixed term lease.

He has explained to the property manager that he has been offered a public housing rental and asked if he could terminate the lease early. The property manager informed him that he could do so, but would have to pay compensation to the landlord for things like advertising the premises, as well as continuing to pay rent on the premises until a new tenant is found.

Richard knows that it is taking a lot longer to find tenants at the moment as there are a lot of vacant properties on the market. Richard knows that he can barely afford the rent on his current rental, let alone afford to pay the rent for both this place and his public housing rental.

He asks for advice from the tenancy network to see if there is another way he can end his fixed term tenancy early. He learns that his only other option is to apply to the court to have the agreement terminated on the grounds of hardship, but it will take quite a few weeks to get a hearing and it is not guaranteed that he will get a favourable answer. Richard cannot risk an outcome where he is legally required to pay rent for both premises and so he feels that he is forced to decline the offer for public housing, leaving him in the private rental market that he struggles to afford."

Has this happened to you? Tell us your story How do you think this problem could be solved?

Read other renting stories

Linda's landlord insurance provider wouldn't pay her claim

"Linda is a landlord whose tenant fell behind in her rent. Linda’s tenant told her she had been sick, and because she was a casual worker, she did not get paid for over a month. This meant she was behind in all of her bills but she promised to catch up. Linda was sympathetic to her tenant and agreed that she could catch up on the rent by paying a bit extra each week over the next two months. Unfortunately the tenant then lost her job and fell even further behind in her rent. After three months of not being employed, it became clear to Linda that her tenant could no longer afford the rental, so she issued the tenant with a breach notice and then a notice to terminate the tenancy. The tenant vacated the premises, but could not pay the rent. Linda made a claim on her landlord’s insurance because she was covered for non-payment of rent. But the insurer would not pay because it said that she had not terminated the tenancy at the earliest possible opportunity and therefore had voided her insurance cover."

As a landlord or property manager, have you experienced this? Tell us your story.

Jane had to move many times

Jane is a single aged pensioner. She has been renting for the last 23 years because after the breakdown of her marriage, she could not afford to purchase another home. In these last 23 years, Jane has had to move rental properties 11 times. Sometimes she has had to move because the landlord wanted the property back for their own purposes. Many times it was because the landlord at the time kept increasing the rent every six months until she could no longer afford to rent the premises. This was despite the fact that Jane had often improved the property out of her own money and had cared for the gardens.

Every time Jane moved, it cost her a lot of money, making it harder each time for her to make ends meet. It also had a significant impact on her emotional and physical health. She said each move was exhausting. It also meant she lost connection with friends that she had made in her community, and as the moves become more common, she found herself reluctant to make strong connections within her community for fear she would lose it all again. Jane reflects back that she never moved by choice. Jane said all she really wanted was the certainty of being able to stay long term in a home without being priced out by frequent rent increases or landlords selling the home shortly after she had moved in.

Has this happened to you? Tell us your story. How do you think this problem could be solved?

John's landlord didn't make repairs

John rented a property through a real estate agent. In January, he noticed a potential gas leak from his stove as he could smell gas and the cooktop would not light properly. He notified the property manager immediately. The property manager attended the property but could not repair the stove as it was too old and parts were no longer available. The plumber prepared a report for the property manager and owner stating that a new stove would have to be installed.

Despite repeated calls from John to the property manager, no further action was taken to replace the stove. John did not have access to any cooking facilities and had to use an outdoor barbeque to cook. It was only in May that year, when John contacted Consumer Protection for assistance and Consumer Protection contacted the property manager that the stove was finally replaced.

Have you had a situation where repairs were not performed in a timely manner? Tell us your story

Gary's tenant stopped paying rent

Gary is a landlord whose tenant has stopped paying rent. When Gary’s tenant missed two payments of rent, Gary gave the tenant a breach notice and 14 days in which to bring his rent up to date. The tenant didn’t pay any rent during this two week period and so Gary issued the tenant with a notice to vacate the premises. The date the tenant was supposed to leave the property was another week after the notice had been given. By this stage the tenant had not paid rent for five weeks.

The tenant did not move out of the premises and so Gary had to apply to the Magistrates Court for a termination notice. After he filed his application with the court, Gary had to wait two weeks for his first court date. This date was before a Registrar of the court who would try to negotiate an agreement between the landlord and the tenant. When he attended the session, Gary was told by the Registrar that if the parties could not reach an agreement on that day, they would have to come back another day to appear before a Magistrate and they could be waiting more than three weeks for this. So at the meeting with the Registrar and the tenant, the tenant said that he did not want to move and could catch up on the rent. Gary agreed to allow the tenant another 28 days to bring the rent up to date and if he did not, the tenant agreed to move out at this time.

After the 28 days, the tenant had not paid any rent and did not move out as he had promised. This meant Gary had to make another application to the court to get an order to have the tenant evicted. This took many more weeks. In all, it took 12 weeks to evict the tenant, during which time the tenant had not paid any rent.

Has this happened to you? Tell us your story Is there a better way to deal with a tenant not paying their rent?

It's easy to have your say

We are keen to hear your feedback, your renting story and any issues you know about that affect your community, even if they're not related to topics addressed in the discussion paper. If it's important to you, it's important to us!

We invite you to submit your feedback by email to

or by post to

Residential Tenancies Act Consultation
Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (Consumer Protection Division)
Locked Bag 100
East Perth WA 6892

Submissions will be accepted up until 5pm, Friday 1 May 2020.

How your feedback will be used

Your feedback will help us understand your thoughts on tenancy in Western Australia and will help us develop policy that may be put into law. Submissions will be treated as public documents, unless explicitly requested otherwise.

If you do not consent to your submission being treated as a public document, you should mark it as confidential, or specifically identify the confidential information, and include an explanation.

Please note, even if your submission is treated as confidential by Consumer Protection, it may still be disclosed in accordance with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (WA), or any other applicable written law.

Consumer Protection reserves the right to delete any content that could be regarded as racially vilifying, derogatory or defamatory to an individual or an organisation.

A summary of feedback will be released publicly after the consultation period has closed.


Enquiries can be made by calling the Consumer Protection Advice Line on 1300 304 054 or by email.


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Brave’s Caroline Paris: ‘Constantly consuming everything online is getting exhausting’   


The global working from home experience, which includes seemingly endless video calls and the constant consumption of content online can be an exhausting experience, according to Brave creative director Caroline Paris.

Speaking during The Drum’s Digital Transformation Festival as part of the What’s on your bookshelf? series, Paris said: “ I’ve never been busier. The very fact I’m working in my living room, which is where I would have my evening later is mentally challenging.

“At Brave we’re being a little bit more stringent with putting in some kind of boundaries, in terms of making sure people aren't putting meetings in over lunch breaks and trying to limit emails after 7 o'clock because otherwise it is just merging into to this 24 hour workplace.”

Paris recommends stepping away from technology, and perhaps not even watching Netflix, “Everyone wants to do a Zoom call in the evening and I love all that and connecting with people because I'm absolutely a people person. But at the same time, it can be quite draining to be having that conversation through a laptop most of the day.”

Getting crafty and “going old school creative” like taking up doodling, colouring or sorting “stuff out methodically” are her other recommendations to help create some space away from technology.

Reading, and listening  

Discussing her favourite books, Paris recommended Mary Portas’ ‘Work Like a Woman: A Manifesto for change’ as a definite read for the industry. “As a creative, if you want  to work in advertising, you are told to read a lot of classic books that are brilliant for ideas, conceptual and lateral thinking.

But as a female creative you need some practical tips - and this book tells lots of brilliant stories about women in this industry and how that can be a superpower. Portas tells you how embracing more female emotional traits can be a really positive thing.”

Talking about her literary experiences, including reading poetry out loud to her husband, Paris added that there’s something quite special about listening to a person tell their own story.

“I was listening to ‘Gotta Get Theroux This’ by Louis Theroux, and the kind of performance that he brings to the audio experience, is brilliant. I listened to Michelle Obama's ‘Becoming’ as well. And I think it gave her whole story a completely different feeling for me, because you hear the way she talks so passionately.”

Here is a list of Paris’ favourite books from her bookshelf.

What shes currently reading:

  • Gotta Get Theroux This by Louis Theroux
  • Becoming by Michelle Obama
  • The Squiggly Career by Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupperware

Her three favourite books:

  • The Luckiest Guy Alive by John Cooper Clarke, illustrated by Peter Blake
  • This is going to hurt by Adam Kay
  • How to be a parent by Philippa Perry

Her recommended reading for the industry:

  • Work Like a Woman: A Manifesto for change by Mary Portas

You can watch the full interview here and view more content from The Drum's Digital Transformation Festival here.


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Made this one entirely in Ableton. Didn't really have an idea of what I wanted to make, so one thing kinda organically lead to another. Listened to it a couple of times and sometimes I think it sounds really cool and other times I wonder if it is just all too ... busy or something ... As if there is too much going on, as if it is all a bit exhausting to listen to ... Hope you're all still safe and all that! Have a great week 2020 CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

Henry J. Austin Health Center offering telemedicine, pharmacy delivery services   


The health center is currently not providing in-office visits besides services that cannot be done remotely

The post Henry J. Austin Health Center offering telemedicine, pharmacy delivery services appeared first on Community News.


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4 PRCC Forrest County Center students named to PTK All-Mississippi Academic team   


HATTIESBURG, Miss. — Four students from Pearl River Community College’s Forrest County Center are Phi Theta Kappa All-Mississippi Academic Team scholars.

 Academic scholars are sophomores Feizal Mjidho of Petal and Lane Anderson of Purvis. On the career-technical side, PRCC representatives are sophomores Alexander (Alex) Province of Hattiesburg and Evan McDonnell of Ocean Springs.

All of the students learned of their honor last month. 

Mjidho, 19, is majoring in computer engineering. After graduation, he plans to further his education at either Mississippi State University or the University of Mississippi.

“As a student at PRCC, I have enjoyed being surrounded by teachers and peers who have challenged me,” Mjidho said. “They have also helped motivate me to be better by supporting me in my journey.”

Mjidho serves as president of the history and humanities club, and vice president in Phi Theta Kappa, the chess club, table top gaming club and the Dr. William Lewis Honors Institute.

Anderson, 20, a pharmacy major, plans to further his education at either Ole Miss or LSU. He serves as president of the chess club and a vice president in Phi Theta Kappa.

“I am proud to be able to say I am a student at the best junior college in the state,” Anderson said.

Province, 30, recently received the Phi Theta Kappa Career Readiness $500 scholarship. He is a student in Electronics Engineering Technology.

“It’s been a thrilling and exhausting ride for me,” Province said. “Kind of like riding a roller coaster. When you get off, the blood going even faster, then you have to sit down. That is how it is every day. I am doing something I want to do my entire life, learning programming, working on the training boards, assisting in building two different trainers. I like the cool stuff, the tinkering. Even the book stuff.

“I would have never thought a community college would have something like this to offer.”

Province is not only a career-technical representative in Phi Theta Kappa, but he also serves as vice president of the National Technical Honor Society at PRCC’s Forrest County Center, vice president of Sigma Kappa Delta English Honor Society, Alpha Epsilon chapter; president of the table top gaming club and a member of the Dr. William Lewis Honors Institute. 

McDonnell, 26, is majoring in Electronics Technology. He serves as president of the National Technical Honor Society at the Forrest County Center and is a member of Phi Theta Kappa. He wants to work in the oil and gas industry.

“One of the more exciting things to me about attending PRCC is that my technical program led me to an internship and numerous resume accomplishments,” McDonnell said.

The All-Mississippi Academic Team scholars program was established by the Mississippi Association for Community and Junior Colleges, the Mississippi Community College Board, and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

Each college campus may put forth the applications of two academic students and two CTE students. Nominations are based on outstanding academic performance and service to the college and community.


 For the latest news on Pearl River Community College, visit us at or follow us on  Twitter (@PRCC_Wildcats) and Facebook (@PRCCMKTG).


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Trump sent personal letter to Assad a#Sking for release of journalist Austin Tice    


President Trump wrote to Syrian President Bashar Assad and asked for the release of journalist Austin Tice, who disappeared in 2012. Trump sent a personal letter to Assad last month to make the ...

#419: Ryan Holiday — How to Use Stoicism to Choose Alive Time Over Dead Time   


Ryan Holiday — How to Use Stoicism to Choose Alive Time Over Dead Time | Brought to you by LegalZoom and Trello.

"Anger is often what pain looks like when it shows itself in public." — Krista Tippett

Ryan Holiday (@RyanHoliday) is one of the world's foremost thinkers and writers on ancient philosophy and its place in modern life. He is a sought-after speaker and strategist and the author of many bestselling books, including The Obstacle Is the WayEgo Is the Enemy, and The Daily Stoic. His books have been translated into more than 30 languages and have sold close to three million million copies worldwide. He lives with his family outside of Austin, Texas. You can subscribe to receive his writing at and Ryan was also the fourth-ever guest on the podcast in the very beginning, and he has written multiple popular guest posts for my blog, which you can find at

His latest book is Stillness Is the Key, which was an instant #1 New York Times bestseller and Wall Street Journal bestseller.

This episode focuses on Stoic philosophy and how to apply it in our current uncertain times.

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A Renaissance Man and a Dream Come True   

Story 375252148

Adolphe Gouhenant was Fort Worth’s first Renaissance man. Born in France in 1804, just five years after the French Revolution, he is remembered today by his anglicized name, “Adolph Gounah.” Gounah made his mark early: He was dead two years before Fort Worth incorporated, dead five years before the first railroad came to town.

Adolph Gounah was an artist, daguerreotypist (photographer), language and music teacher, physician, fencer, winemaker, and Texas’s first state geologist.
And he was a gypsy. Gounah immigrated to Texas in June 1848 in the second wave of members of the short-lived French utopian colony New Icarie in Denton County. The colony was founded on Peters Colony land six years before La Reunion utopian colony was founded in Dallas County by French, Belgian, German, and Swiss immigrants.

When the New Icarie colony failed in 1849, Gounah moved thirty miles south to the Army’s new Fort Worth, where he had a Peters Colony land grant northeast of the fort in today’s Samuels Avenue area. Gounah also befriended fort commander Major Ripley Arnold and gave Arnold’s children lessons in French, riding, and music. Gounah also gave the fort’s soldiers lessons in fencing.

He also may have been the Frenchman of Frenchman’s Well.

This 1850 census lists the Arnold household at the fort. That year two of the Arnold children, Sophia and Willis, died. Gounah had them buried on land belonging to Middleton Tate Johnson. Three years later Major Arnold was killed at Fort Graham (near Hillsboro) in a duel with fort surgeon Josephus Steiner. Two years later friend Gounah again rose to the occasion. He and Johnson and other Masons had Arnold’s body disinterred and returned to Fort Worth for burial next to Arnold’s children. Gounah later bought the land from Johnson’s estate. That land, together with an adjoining parcel donated by Baldwin Samuel, became Pioneers Rest Cemetery. (Streets bordering the cemetery are named for Gounah and Samuel.)

gounah land cert 1850An 1850 General Land Office certificate for Gounah’s Peters Colony land grant in Fort Worth.

Gounah also lived in Dallas. By 1852 he had opened one of the first art studios in Dallas on the courthouse square. In his “art saloon” he painted, made daguerreotypes, taught French and Spanish and a half-dozen musical instruments. The saloon also served as a Masonic lodge hall, dance hall, and Sunday school. Even district court sessions were held there. Gounah was paid $7.50 per court session for the use of his space.

On July 7, 1852 Charles DeMorse of the Northern Standard newspaper of Clarksville (northeast Texas) wrote of his visit to the art saloon: “. . . we proceeded to the Saloon and found a dance in full operation, in which besides the ladies and resident gentlemen, were participating Maj. Arnold, the gentlemanly commandant of Ft. Worth, and Maj. Young, the Sutler for the post. We found the main room of the Saloon large enough for two sets at a time, and in a little recess at one side was an honorable member of the legislature playing the violin assisted by Mons. Gouhenant. The Saloon itself was draped with flesh-colored canvass [sic], and pleasantly lighted, and to the best of my ability, I represented the City of Clarksville upon the dance floor.”

From Dallas Gounah moved on. By 1856 Gounah and wife Elizabeth were living in Pilot Point, Denton County, where they raised cattle and horses. In 1859 Gounah was convicted of dispensing quack medicine. In 1866 he was listed on a federal tax assessment roll as an “apothecary.”

By 1870 Gounah was listed on the census as a “doctor of medicine” in Pilot Point. About that time he was also appointed state geologist.

And it was about that time that he had a dream one night. The dream so affected him that he recorded it in his diary, later found by his family. In the dream Gounah was traveling to Washington, D.C. in his new capacity as state geologist when he fell while boarding a railroad car in some town in Missouri and was severely injured. Gounah dreamed that he was cared for by brothers of the Mystic Tie (a branch of Masonry to which he actually belonged) and by the Sisters of Charity. Gounah dreamed that he died and that the next day his wife Elizabeth wept over his body.

This clip from the Springfield, Missouri Weekly Patriot of April 27, 1871 bears out part of Gounah’s dream.

Local historian Judge C. C. Cummings and Alex W. Robertson wrote about Gounah’s dream in 1900 in The Bohemian, a literary magazine published in Fort Worth from 1899 to 1907.

This clip is from the Dallas Weekly Herald. Gounah died on April 30, 1871 and indeed was buried where he had dreamed he would die. Sometime after 1885 his family provided his grave in Springfield’s Hazelwood Cemetery with a headstone of pink granite left over from construction of the capitol building in Austin.

gounah grave(Photo from Find A Grave.)


From the Git-Go: Of Millers and Merchants   

Story 374804118

They were two from-the-git-goers who helped to settle more than one pioneer community in Tarrant County.

The first of the two men to arrive in Tarrant County was Archibald Franklin Leonard, who moved from his native Pennsylvania to Missouri in the 1830s. In 1845—the year Texas entered the Union—he and wife Mary Ann moved on to Texas with a band of colonists to settle on land in Peters Colony at today’s Grapevine. By 1849, the year the Army established Fort Worth, Leonard was operating a store on his land.

That same year Henry Clay Daggett was the first of the three Daggett brothers to reach Fort Worth from Canada and New York via Shelby County in east Texas. In fact, he was here before there was a here here: Henry Clay Daggett had fought under Middleton Tate Johnson in the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848. After the war he continued to ride with Johnson as Johnson’s Texas Rangers began to patrol the frontier from Johnson’s Station in present-day Arlington. In fact, in 1849 Daggett rode with Colonel Johnson and Army Major Ripley Arnold when they scouted the confluence of the West and Clear forks of the Trinity River and selected a site on which to establish Fort Worth.

In 1849 Leonard and Daggett became partners in a business that would have much historical significance. They built a log cabin under a big live oak tree a mile northeast of the fort and opened Fort Worth’s first business: a trading post. That big live oak lives on in Traders Oak Park on Samuels Avenue.

The location was perfect for a trading post: soldiers for customers, soldiers for protection. Indians also came to the store to trade pecans, furs, and buffalo hides. The trading post became a center of community activity as Fort Worth the frontier military post became Fort Worth the frontier town. Tarrant County’s first election was held at the trading post in 1850.

According to the historical marker at his grave Leonard was elected as first county clerk in that election. (According to historian Julia Kathryn Garrett, Benjamin Patton Ayres was the first county clerk.)

daggetts 1850The 1850 census shows Henry Clay’s brothers Ephraim Merrell and Charles Biggers still in Shelby County. All three brothers were veterans of the Mexican-American War.

1850 census daggett leonardHenry Clay Daggett and Leonard are listed in the first Tarrant County census in 1850.

After the Army vacated the fort in 1853, Daggett and Leonard moved their trading post into a barracks. Ox freighter John White hauled pecans and pelts to Houston for the two merchants and returned in six weeks with flour, sugar, garden seeds, cloth, hardware, and other frontier necessities. But Leonard soon moved back to Grapevine to operate a store, and Daggett continued to operate the trading post, taking Charles Turner as his new partner. Turner, like Daggett, had moved to Tarrant County from Shelby County and had ridden with Arnold and Johnson in 1849.

Daggett later was county tax assessor-collector. He also was among the original members of Fort Worth’s first Masonic lodge in 1854.

daggett 77 cdBy 1877 Daggett had partnered with R. Hatcher on the public square to sell wholesale groceries. Oh, and gunpowder made by the American Powder Company of Massachusetts. Henry Clay Daggett remained in business until 1884.

leonard 85 hapIn northeastern Tarrant County the community of Leonardville had grown up around Leonard’s first store. Leonardville became Grapevine. In 1854 Leonard helped lay out the town and secure a post office. The A. F. Leonard survey appears on an 1885 map. (Map detail from Pete Charlton’s “1000+ Lost Antique Maps of Texas & the Southwest on DVD-ROM.”)

By 1856 Leonard embarked on a new venture: He dammed the Trinity River and built a grist mill just west of where Precinct Line Road now crosses the river in east Fort Worth. When farmers did not have the cash to pay him for grinding grain, he kept a portion as payment. Water from the river powered the mill, a circular saw, and a cotton gin.

leonard gaz 70

In 1870 Leonard was elected to the Texas House of Representatives from Tarrant County’s District 21. Clip is from the Austin Tri-Weekly State Gazette.

Like trading posts, mills, whether they sawed wood or ground flour, were valuable enterprises on the frontier. Leonard’s mill became a community center and voting place. During abolition violence in 1860, the mill was burned. Leonard rebuilt it in 1862. In the late 1860s H. B. Alverson and J. H. Wheeler owned the mill after Leonard moved to Birdville. (Photo from Tarrant County College Northeast.)

In 1876 Robert Andrew Randol bought the mill. The mill and the small community that grew up around it appear on this 1895 map. (Map detail from Pete Charlton’s “The Lost Antique Maps of Texas: Fort Worth & Tarrant County, Volume 2” CD.)

randol 1910Randol listed himself as a farmer, miller, and merchant in the 1910 census.

These Star-Telegram clips are from 1909 and 1916. The mill, like the school, closed in 1916.

Robert Andrew Randol deeded one-acre Harrison Cemetery in east Fort Worth and buried his brother John there after John was killed in an accident at the mill in 1894.

R. A. Randol died on December 27, 1922. Clip is from the December 28 Star-Telegram.

daggett 85 mapHenry Clay Daggett, like Leonard, resettled in Birdville. An 1895 map shows the H. C. Daggett home. (Map detail from Pete Charlton’s “1000+ Lost Antique Maps of Texas & the Southwest on DVD-ROM.”)

henry daggett obit 1897Leonard died on February 22, 1876; Daggett died on October 29, 1887. Note that Daggett’s obituary in the Dallas Herald says that Daggett’s wife Sarah in 1852 gave birth to the “first white child born in Tarrant County.”

Archibald Franklin Leonard and Henry Clay Daggett, two miller and merchant from-the-git-goers, are buried in Birdville Cemetery.


Project Manager I, Rail Systems | Capital Metro   

Austin, Texas, Bachelor’s degree in Business, Project Management, Civil Engineering, or related field. Additional relevant experience may be substituted on a year-for-year basis for up to four years. Minimum 1 y

Vice President of Banker Education & Events | Texas Bankers Association   

Austin, The Texas Bankers Association is seeking an INNOVATIVE, STRATEGIC THINKER to lead our team in meeting the professional development and educational needs of our members throughout every stage in their

This Austinite Called 2,000 Times In One Day For Unemployment. She Ended Up Going In Person.   

Phone lines and the website to apply for unemployment benefits in Texas have been jammed for more than two weeks now. The Texas Workforce Commission says it has already processed more jobless claims since March 14 than it did in all of 2019.

Majority Of COVID-19 Cases In Austin-Travis County Are Hard To Connect, Health Official Says   

As Austin tries to track down those who’ve come in contact with the 502 people who have tested positive for the coronavirus, the interim health authority and public health medical director said it’s hard to draw a clear line between many of the cases.

Estudiantes De Austin ISD no Recibirán Calificaciones de A-F Este Semestre   

Los estudiantes del Distrito Escolar Independiente (ISD, en inglés) de Austin recibirán calificaciones de aprobada o incompleta para sus clases este semestre pero no calificaciones A-F, según decidió la junta escolar el lunes por la noche. La junta de directores aprobó una resolución que aborda cómo tratar las calificaciones a medida que las clases se dictan a través de Internet debido a la pandemia del coronavirus. La junta aprobó las siguientes medidas : la clasificación de las clases para los estudiantes de último año de secundaria se calculará con las notas de hasta el tercer trimestre, es decir, las primeras seis semanas de este semestre de primavera. Las clases en las que los estudiantes estén inscritos en este semestre no obtendrán calificaciones de A a F. En su lugar, su expediente académico mostrará que han aprobado las clases o que las mismas están incompletas. El promedio de las calificaciones (GPA) de los estudiantes de secundaria no incluirá este semestre de primavera.

Texas State Parks Closed Until Further Notice   


AUSTIN—At the direction of Gov. Greg Abbott, Texas State Parks will be closed to the public effective at the close of business Tuesday, April 7 in order to maintain the safest environment for visitors, volunteers and […]

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Ex-Liverpool star claims Okocha was denied best player of all time for 1 reason   

Ex-Liverpool star claims Okocha was denied best player of all time for 1 reason

Two-time African footballer of the year El hadji Diouf has claimed that Nigeria's Austin Jay Jay Okocha would have been the world's best player of all time if he was not African. The Senegalese legend and the ex-Super Eagles captain were teammates at...

>>> Read on Here

ER Veterinarian in Austin, TX (Full-Time, Part-Time, Relief) | Compassion-First Pet Hospitals   

Austin, Texas, Austin Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center (AVES) is seeking a full- or part-time Small Animal Emergency Doctor for its rapidly growing emergency and specialty hospital in Austin, TX.  AVES de

Texas Values Announces New Director of Policy   


Austin, Texas – Texas Values announced today their new Director of Policy, Jonathan Covey. Jonathan Covey is a veteran at the Texas Capitol with an extensive background and experience in law, policy, and advocacy having served for three years as the Senior Policy Advisor for State Senator Bob Hall; and previously as the Chief of […]

The post Texas Values Announces New Director of Policy appeared first on Texas Values.


Veterinarian - Westlake Animal Hospital | Pathway Vet Alliance   

Texas, Westlake Animal Hospital is seeking a full time veterinarian to join their incredible team. We are a large multi-doctor hospital located in Austin, TX. We have been in the community for 50 years

Ripple-Compatible Chip: Making Or Breaking XRP?   

As the crypto market seems to start a new phase of bull rally, the XRP community might get something extra to spur up their happiness. This after Solari Inc. President, Catherine Austin Fits, said in an interview that a year ago the US Navy hired a Danish tech company to develop an implantable…

Amyr Rocha-Lima on the psychology of retirement part 1: The six stages of retirement   

Amyr Rocha-Lima on the psychology of retirement part 1: The six stages of retirement

In the first of a three-part series, Chartered financial planner Amyr Rocha-Lima explores the six stages of retirement…

Creating a financial plan for our clients is fundamental in helping them achieve the lifestyle they dream of during retirement. And just as important as the financial products we recommend is our clients' understanding of how their retirement might look when the time comes.

The transition to retirement after spending, thirty or forty years at work, isn't necessarily smooth or straightforward. Retiring means a significant lifestyle change, not least a new environment and an impact on relationships.

We can help our clients get into the right mindset for retirement by giving them an insight into what they can expect during the transition into this next chapter of their lives. In this article, the first in a series about the psychology of retirement planning, I'd like to cover the six stages of retirement.

Stage 1: Imagination

A client in the prime of their working life may see retirement as a long way off. Most likely, they will be consumed with meeting the day-to-day challenges of business, striving for career progression, or juggling work and family life together.

At some point, perhaps when the client turns a certain age, or after a stressful day at work, the client will start to think about what life might be like during that next phase. If the client is happy and relaxed in their job, the thought of retirement could be an unwelcome one. If the client is finding work exhausting or emotionally taxing, they might see their golden years as a long-awaited holiday and anticipate spending their days travelling the world and playing golf.

Either way, in the imagination stage, retirement could be decades or months away. This gives the client time to decide how they want to spend their days as a retired person.

Stage 2: Anticipation

This stage can be filled with mixed emotions, as the client measures their time to retirement in days, not years. It's exciting in that the client can, at last, devote more time to family, hobbies and all the home jobs they haven't yet had time to get done.

But it can also be unsettling: the client's transition to retirement is perhaps the most significant lifestyle change they've faced since entering the workforce many decades ago. In this stage, the client must carefully consider how they'll fill the days and years to come. And the client needs to ensure they'll have enough money in retirement to make sure they can live comfortably and enjoyably.

Stage 3: Liberation

The time for retirement has arrived. This stage is a major life milestone, and the client may mark the occasion with a special dinner or ceremony. Work colleagues will undoubtedly come together to wish the client well as they shift towards the next phase of life.

The client will likely feel liberated and free from the shackles of the daily grind. The honeymoon period can last for days, weeks or months as the client rejoices in being able to spend their time as they please.

Stage 4: Disenchantment

However, for some clients, the honeymoon phase fades into feelings of disappointment, frustration, boredom and even loneliness. Away from the hustle and bustle of work, daily life can seem mundane and empty.

Retirement no longer feels like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, or the carrot dangling from a stick. After bucket list trips have been taken, and home and garden jobs completed, disenchantment can set in - even if the client is more than comfortable financially.

Stage 5: Reorientation

For clients who experience disenchantment, this stage can be very challenging. Yet it's essential to get through. The client must redefine their purpose; their reason for getting out of bed every day so that they can make each day as productive and satisfying as possible.

Rather than hankering after the good old days, the client should make an effort to adjust to their new way of life and make changes that present them with new and fulfilling opportunities.

Stage 6: Reconciliation

In this stage, the client accepts and feels more comfortable with their new environment. Life begins to feel familiar and less hostile than before. Contentment in retirement can take several years and largely depends on the client's ability to accept and adapt to their change in circumstances.

Mentally preparing our clients for retirement

Not everyone is comfortable with change. We see that all around us right now as many people struggle to adapt to the social distancing and stay-at-home guidance amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The transition to retirement, and the change in lifestyle and environment that it will bring, will present a challenge for some of our clients. By offering psychological retirement planning and preparation as part of our service, we can help clients reach the reconciliation phase quickly, and move through the other stages with ease.

Further tips on the psychology of retirement planning will be outlined in the next post in this series:

The second part to this series - 8 Tips to Help Our Clients Adjust to Retirement - will be published on 14 April.

Amyr Rocha-Lima is a Chartered financial planner and partner at Holland Hahn & Wills


Comment on by Theo Burkitt    

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Community Assistant - Market Rate - SOCO   

TX-Austin, Overview NRP Investments, LLC, founded in 1994, is a full-service developer, general contractor, and property manager of multifamily, senior, and student housing throughout the United States. From start to finish, every development NRP Group works on is carefully contemplated and executed to maximize investment return cost efficiency, productivity and satisfaction. NRP Investments, LLC is recogniz


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Microsoft Messaging Admin   

TX-Austin, Microsoft Messaging Admin Job Number: 20-02768 Eclaro is looking for a Microsoft Messaging Admin for our client in Austin, TX. Eclaro’s client is a major technology firm with a prominent presence in large and fast-growing markets, providing products and services that enable businesses and economies to thrive. If you’re up to the challenge, then take a chance at this rewarding opportunity! Responsi

ER Veterinarian in Austin, TX (Full-Time, Part-Time, Relief) | Compassion-First Pet Hospitals   

Austin, Texas, Austin Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center (AVES) is seeking a full- or part-time Small Animal Emergency Doctor for its rapidly growing emergency and specialty hospital in Austin, TX.  AVES de

Watch Matthew McConaughey host virtual #Bingo for seniors    


Bingo night got a little more interesting at a senior living facility outside Austin, Texas, when actor Matthew McConaughey virtually hosted the game for all the residents.

04/15/2020 - Becoming The Best Version Of You - Education Event - April 15, 2020    


Tennessee Christian Chamber of Commerce


Becoming The Best Version Of You


Bill McCleskey 
Entrepreneur | Speaker | Author

Author of Get Off Your Assets

Bill In The News

Bill serves as Founder and CEO at Mitech Partners, LLC - a tech company based in Nashville, Tennessee - that helps IT Consultants and Tech Sales Professionals earn money on business telecom/cable services like internet, phone and TV service by providing a white label platform to sell these services to end users. Clients include Holiday Inn Express, Farmers Bank & Trust and Nashville Electric Service.

Mitech Partners is currently the 16th largest minority-owned company in Nashville according to the Nashville Business Journal.

Bill is also an in-demand speaker, author and coach to entrepreneurs, business groups and schools. His recent book - GET OFF YOUR ASSETS - has attracted attention from multiple organizations throughout the Southeast. His engagements have ranged from keynote speaker at Vanderbilt University, Hume-Fogg High School and Fisk University to training entrepreneurs at Austin Peay State University. Past events have also included The Momentum Conference and the Corner2Corner Entrepreneurs Graduation.

Bill is a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) and serves on the Board of the Nashville Black Chamber of Commerce.


Austin Daboh leaving Apple for senior role at Atlantic Records UK   


Former Spotify exec hired in EVP position at major record company

The post Austin Daboh leaving Apple for senior role at Atlantic Records UK appeared first on Music Business Worldwide.


WhatsApp limits forwarding to slow misinformation, SeaWorld CEO resigns, and measuring PR in a crisis   


Also: Matthew McConaughey joins senior living facility’s bingo game, Disney offers virtual magic, CBS drama focuses on pandemic, and more. Good morning, communicators: Austin-area assisted living facility The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living recently spiced up its bingo night with a special virtual guest: Matthew McConaughey. Virtual Bingo with Matthew McConaughey! Ever play virtual […]

The post WhatsApp limits forwarding to slow misinformation, SeaWorld CEO resigns, and measuring PR in a crisis appeared first on PR Daily.


耳朵怀孕单曲循环系列, 谁将烟焚散,散了纵横的牵绊   


歌名:We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

原唱:Taylor Swift


I remember when we broke up


The first time Saying this is it


I’ve had enough

我受够了 分手吧

Cauz like We hadn’t seen


each other in a month

一个月没有见面了 对吧

when you said you needed space( what?)

当时你对我说 你需要私人空间(??笑)

Then you come round again and say


Baby,I miss you and

亲爱的 我想你了

I swear I’m gonna change Trust me

我发誓 这一次我一定改 相信我

Remember how that lasted for a day

我一直记得 你这一种状态持续了最多一天

I say I hate you

我说 我恨你

We break up You call me

我们再一次分手 你打电话对我说

I love you Ooooh~


We called it off again last night


But oooh


This time I’m telling you


I’m telling you


We are never ever ever


getting back together


We are never ever ever


getting back together


You go talk to your friends


Talk to my friends


Talk to me

一次次的苦苦哀求也好 软磨硬泡也好

But we are never ever ever ever


getting back together


Like… ever


I’m really gonna miss you


picking fights


And me Falling for it screaming


that I’m right


And you Would hide away

而你倒是一个字都没听进去 躲得远远地

and find your piece of mind


With some Indie record


that’s so much cooler than mine



You called me up again tonight


But woooh this time


I’m telling you,


I’m telling you


We are never ever ever


getting back together


We are never ever ever


getting back together


You go talk to your friends


Talk to my friends


Talk to me (talk to me)

一次次的苦苦哀求也好 软磨硬泡也好

But we are never ever ever ever


getting back together


Oooh (yeah)

Oooh (yeah)

Oooh (yeah)

Oh oh oh

I used to think


that we were forever, ever


And I used to say


Never say never

永远都不要说 没有永远

(Uhh So he calls me up and hes like


‘I used to love you”

我爱你 一如既往的爱你

I mean like.. I’m just..

额 我觉得 你知道的

this is exhausting you know


We are never getting back together


Like ever )


We are never ever ever


getting back together


We are never ever ever


getting back together


You go talk to your friends


Talk to my friends


Talk to me

一次次的苦苦哀求也好 软磨硬泡也好

But we are never ever ever ever


getting back together


We woooh

You go talk to your friends


Talk to my friends


Talk to me(talk to me)


But we are never ever ever ever


getting back together


时长: 03:07



The amount of time that smartphone users in Orlando, San Jose and San Francisco spend connected to Wifi has risen by more than 17%   


Hardik Khatri (Technical Analyst), Sam Fenwick (Senior Analyst)

The amount of time that smartphone users spend on Wifi connections has increased in many of the U.S.’s top fifty metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs).

The U.S., like many other countries around the world, is now facing a COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, with an array of medical, social and economic challenges. Opensignal is analyzing the changes in mobile user behavior and network experience that are happening during this crisis. We plan to share our data and findings to help mobile operators, telecom regulators and governments to prepare for, and respond to, the challenges the virus presents in these exceptional times.

An early indicator of change is the average percentage of time smartphone users spend connected to Wifi (Time on Wifi). As people are spending more and more time at home, this is increasing. Normally, people spend more of their time connected to Wifi on weekends and during public holidays — demonstrating that it is a good indicator of increased time spent at home. We also saw it rise in many Italian northern provinces during the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak, even before official quarantine measures were imposed. 

In this analysis, we look at how both Time on Wifi and 4G Download Speeds have changed in the fifty largest MSAs by population in the U.S. on a weekly basis between the second week of January and the third week of March. In the vast majority of MSAs, we observed a significant week-on-week increase in the percentage of time smartphones users spent on Wifi in the third week of March (starting March 16).

However, we detected a significant increase above the median value one week earlier in six MSAs:

  • Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA
  • San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA
  • Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, CA
  • Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA
  • San Diego-Carlsbad, CA
  • Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, CT

The MSAs where we observed the largest percentage week-on-week change in the third week of March were:

  • Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, FL – 18.2%
  • San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA – 17.4%
  • San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA – 17.1%
  • New Orleans-Metairie, LA – 16.9%
  • Austin-Round Rock, TX – 16.2%

Smartphone users in the New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA MSA, which is one of the worst hit areas in the U.S. affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, increased the average amount of time they spent connected to a Wifi network from 53.4% to 60.1% between the second and third weeks of March — an increase of 12.4%

To see how the amount of time that smartphones users spend connected to Wifi has increased at the national level and how it compares to users in other countries, see our previous analysis on this topic here.

We have also been monitoring these same 50 MSAs in terms of their average 4G download speeds. Our users have observed little change in this regard across these MSAs between the last week of February and the third week of March. They include some of the areas that have been worst hit by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, such as Los Angeles and as previously mentioned, New York.


Forum Post: RE: given the clear but still need the support   

Hey, I know I am a bit late to this post but I am new to the group after being diagnosed with a second melanoma at age 27. I joined the group because I am struggling with feeling very alone in this experience. I am lucky because the two melanomas were found early and excised with wide local margins and no further treatment had to be performed. I’m so sorry that both your surgeries were so extensive, the recovery must’ve been so tough. I am now looking at 3 monthly checks of my skin for the next 5 years and then every 6 months for the rest of my life because I am almost definitely going to get more cancer. This gives me incredible anxiety because I don’t know when the cancer is coming back and I don’t know where on my body. I am also very stressed about the doctor missing a melanoma because I have lots of weird looking moles so it is very hard to detect. The only way they can detect them is by performing biopsies and getting them sent to pathology and the wait times almost kill me! I am also at an elevated risk of getting melanomas on my that’s horrible because there’s no way to detect them until they are late stage. Anyway, none of my friends have been through anything like this and they don’t understand it...their reactions are either “oh but they got it early so you’re good/so lucky” or “oh my gosh, can you check this mole, I’m worried about it.” I learnt this the first time I got a melanoma so I didn’t even tell them the second time. My family the first time weren’t very good at dealing with it, my mum just couldn’t stop crying and my dad kept on telling me that “stop crying, it’s all going to be ok”. This time though they are better at letting me process all the emotions and supporting me through the anxiety and sadness. I feel like the most helpful thing for other people to do when someone is dealing with cancer is not to rush the grieving process and to check in a lot. This is strangely hard for people to do. A lot of people in my experience try to cheer you up and are falsely positive and kind of dismiss your sad/anxious feelings. This isn’t helpful! People also forget to see how you are doing after they have asked how you are once. It makes me feel like I need to pretend that I’m happy and fine, which is exhausting. I have a new boyfriend who has been very supporting but I can tell that my sad moods and anxiety is affecting him and I feel like such a burden! Like, he could be dating a ‘normal’ person. Anyway, it all just makes me feel very alone in the experience. I have been seeing a psychologist again this time who helps and essentially tells me to feel all the feelings and not rush myself. The first time the hardest part was accepting that I have cancer at such a young age and accepting that I have absolutely no control about whether I’m going to get it again. I am better at accepting it this time and not spending hours asking ‘why me’, which I’ve found is not helpful. Just wondering if you guys are experiencing similar things?

5 Trends We Can’t Wait to Steal From the Austin Proper #Hotel    


Now, the queen of maximalism is back at it Austin Proper Hotel, a 244-room stunner with rich autumnal tones, piec ...

Don't miss the open house this weekend !   


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Newly renovated, spacious 1100SF two bedroom apartment with all utilities included!!!!

Custom closets, including master bedroom walk in closet, new dark hardwood flooring, granite kitchen with stainless steel appliances including dishwasher, and lots of cabinet space. Plenty of closet space for all your needs.

The apartment is on a high floor with beautiful open views of the city, Flushing meadows, with big windows letting in lots of light. Built-in ac/heating units controlled in each room. Pre-wired with cat6/rg6 for internet/cable tv in every room.

Located in the most sought after, well maintained, luxury co-op building in Forest Hills, the Birchwood Towers. The building allows pets under 35 lbs, has doorman, courtyard with playground, pool and gym for an additional fee, and garage on a waiting list. It is 5 minutes walk from the train at 67th avenue stop. Area is quiet and friendly, next to many restaurants, stores, NYSC one block away, parks, 10 minute walk to Forest Hill stadium and one stop to to Rego Park Center or Austin Street. Close to some very good schools including PS 175, JHS 175, and Forest Hills High School.

Please, call, text, email Adriana Floarea to schedule an appointment.

Don't miss the open house this weekend !

Birchwood Towers, Kyoto
102-10 66th Road
Forest Hills


    “3.5 მილიონი პრეზერვატივი მაქვს”   

    ,,პრეზერვატირების დეფიციტი არ იქნება, 3.5 მილიონი მაქვს” – ამის შესახებ ინგლისური ნიუკასლის, ყოფილი კოლუმბიელი ფეხბურთელი ფაუსტინო ასპრილია ,,ტვიტერის” გვერდზე წერს. კორონავირუსის გამო, მსოფლიო პრეზერვატივების დეფიციტის ზღვარზეა. COVID-19-ის გავრცელების შესაკავებლად დაწესებული შეზღუდვები სხვადასხვა ქვეყანაში უმსხვილეს მწარმოებლებსაც შეეხო. მალაიზიური კომპანია Karex Bhd-ის სამი საწარმო, რომლებიც მსოფლიოს პრეზერვატივების 20 %-ს აწარმოებენ, ერთი კვირის განმავლობაში არ მუშაობდნენ და გეგმას […]
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